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The Battleship was one of the Human Race’s greatest reliance in resisting the Black Ink Clan. Whether it was the Ink Battlefield or the Great Domain Battlefield of today, the Human Race had always fought with fewer people.

The reason they were able to remain strong was firstly because they were stronger than the Black Ink Clan in terms of overall strength, and secondly because theyrelied on external forces like the Battleship.

Each Battleship was a large-scale artifact with many offensive and defensive properties. If the Human Race didn’t have a Battleship, it was likely they would have long since ceased to exist. Without a Battleship, it would be difficult to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force without sufficient strength or injuries, but Battleships could provide such a safe defense.

Over the years, the resources the Human Race had spent on refining and repairing Battleships had been difficult to calculate, almost more than the resources required for the cultivation of the Human Race.

Every time a great battle broke out, a Human Race squad’s Battleship would be destroyed. Once the Battleship was damaged, the Human Race’s soldiers would have to face the Black Ink Clan’s assault and the erosion of their Ink Force. At this time, the survivors’ battle formation would greatly increase their chances of survival.

Three people can form a formation, which is a three-people formation, one more is a four-people formation, add one more and it's a five-people formation.

Under normal circumstances, the more people there were, the more powerful the battle formation would be.

Back in the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai had also led the Dawn Squad’s Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators to form a Nine Directions Formation to kill their enemies.

However, a battle formation was not something that could be easily formed. It required constant practice and mutual trust, because once a battle formation was formed, the several people would become one, and if one was damaged, the other was damaged. If one did not have enough trust in others, it would be difficult to display the full power of the battle formation.

In the past, the number of Eighth Order Open Heaven masters in the various Great Domain Battlefields was far fewer than the Territory Lords. The reason why they were able to resist the Black Ink Clan’s repeated attacks was because of this.

The Black Ink Clan basically wouldn’t form a formation because they couldn’t trust each other like the Human Race’s cultivators, so instead of wasting time and energy to form a battle formation, it would be better to fight alone and display their strength.

Yang Kai had never encountered such a situation before, but he didn’t expect to see it today.

On top of that, there were four Innate Territory Lords who had set up the battle formation. It seemed that in order to deal with him, the Black Ink Clan’s side had also made a ruthless decision. The immense pressure from the outside world caused these four Territory Lords to let go of their personal desires and join forces to resist the enemy.

The auras of the four Territory Lords were connected, and although Yang Kai could tell at a glance that their formation wasn’t very tight, he didn’t want to get too entangled with them.

With a flick of his spear, he stabbed out several dozen times in the direction the four Territory Lords had come from, slightly blocking their momentum before quickly falling down and flying off to the side.

The four Territory Lords immediately changed directions and chased after him.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord quickly changed direction, attempting to intercept Yang Kai, but their speed was not too far apart. Yang Kai was also proficient in Space Abilities, so it was not easy for him to intercept him.

After flying around the Ancestral Land several times, the Black Ink Clan’s masters discovered to their dismay that although they had taken advantage of Yang Kai’s cultivation to seal him here, if Yang Kai didn’t fight them head-on, they really wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. On the contrary, Yang Kai was constantly probing the situation of the Black Ink Clan.

Di Wu was furious.

At this moment, a voice rang out in Di Wu’s ears. It was the voice of the Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple who had set up the Great Array. When Di Wu heard this, his face lit up and he nodded slightly.

As Yang Kai flew around the Ancestral Land, the killing array in the periphery of the Great Array did not stop for even a moment, constantly bombarding him with lightning. Unfortunately, the main function of the Great Array here was to seal and lock the heaven and earth. Although it was embedded with killing array, its power was not very strong, so Yang Kai could easily avoid it.

What’s more, with his current cultivation, unless a master who was truly proficient in the Dao of Arrays were to set up a Spirit Array to deal with him, the Spirit Array set up by a few Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples would naturally not be profound enough to stop him.

As they chased and flee, the Ancestral Land suddenly became shrouded in fog. At first, the fog wasn’t very strong, but as time passed, the fog became thicker until one couldn’t even see their own hands. Even when they stretched out their Divine Sense, it was suppressed within a few dozen meters.

However, the Spirit Array changed again. The Killing Array did not succeed and instead became a Confinement Array.

Yang Kai’s speed couldn’t help but slow down as he listened carefully. The surrounding wind was rustling, and there was the faint sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling. Knowing that this was an interference from the Spirit Array, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing.

Everyone in the world, including the Black Ink Clan, knew that he was proficient in the Dao of Time and Space, but no one had ever known that he was also proficient in the Dao of Arrays.

Of course, Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Arrays weren’t high, most of them came from the harvest he had obtained from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. In the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, there was a great river of Great Dao flowing through it. Yang Kai had absorbed and refined an unknown number of Great Dao rivers, allowing his Small Universe to refine these Great Daos and leave many Dao Marks flowing in it, creating a flourishing era for the Small Universe's cultivators.

If it was just this, Yang Kai might not have been able to break through the Confinement Array in front of him, but this was not all he could rely on.

As his eyes closed, a golden light flashed from his left eye and a golden cross appeared.

The Demon Eye of Annihilation was an eye technique inherited from the Myriad Demons Heaven. It had the ability to break through illusions and was rumored if cultivated to the extreme, allowing one to see the past and the future.

Observing the past and prying into the future was not something Yang Kai could count on. Although he had spent quite a bit of time and effort on cultivating this eye technique, it is not as goog as the Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor's. Even the Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor hadn't reach that level, how could he do it.

However, the Demon Eye of Annihilation’s ability to break through illusions was an excellent combination for breaking through Spirit Arrays.

Under the influence of the Cross Golden Eye, he was able to see through the fog and clear his vision. Although he was not completely unaffected, it was enough to deal with the current situation.

If the Black Ink Clan were to rely on this Confinement Array to deal with him, they made the wrong calculation.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to expose himself. Instead, he put on a solemn expression and acted slowly, using this opportunity to probe the strength of the Black Ink Clan.

Soon, he saw that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had landed on the edge of the fog, seemingly following some kind of guidance as he stared in his direction with a murderous look on his face.

However, this Royal Lord didn’t immediately rush in, causing Yang Kai to be somewhat surprised, not knowing what he was afraid of.

Di Wu was indeed somewhat afraid.

Although he had already confirmed that Yang Kai was not a true Divine Dragon, in that brief exchange just now, he had deeply experienced Yang Kai’s strength. Coupled with the invisible suppression and malicious intent this Holy Spirit Ancestral Land had towards him, he wasn’t confident he could kill Yang Kai without injury.

For the Black Ink Clan’s masters, being injured was a very troublesome matter. They could endure minor injuries, but if they were seriously injured, they would have to enter the Ink Nest to rest.

He couldn’t accept the situation where he had to rest and recuperate soon after becoming the Royal Lord.

What’s more, Yang Kai also had a strange method that targeted the Soul. He has to force him to use this method so that Di Wu can take it easy. Otherwise, Di Wu wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed.

Therefore, under Yang Kai’s observation, four figures quickly descended beside Di Wu, the four Territory Lords who had formed the Four Directions Array.

Soon after, another four Territory Lords appeared.

Yang Kai was shocked. He had never seen the other four Territory Lords before, so he couldn’t help sighing in his heart. The Black Ink Clan really has a big handiwork!

Just now, after circling the Ancestral Land several times, he had discovered that there were at least ten Innate Territory Lords controlling the heaven sealing earth locking array.

Counting the eight people in front of him, there might be others he hadn’t seen yet. Didn’t this mean that in order to deal with him, the Black Ink Clan had sent out a Royal Lord and nearly twenty Territory Lords?

With such a lineup, even a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator would feel uncomfortable, let alone an Eighth Order.

This was not the end. The eight Territory Lords and the Royal Lord stood in place for a moment before another large army of the Black Ink Clan descended from the sky.

Immediately after, under the orders of the Black Ink Clan’s masters, the Black Ink Clan’s army braced themselves and rushed into the Great Array, obviously wanting to first exhaust Yang Kai’s energy while at the same time making other arrangements.

Inside the fog, Yang Kai pretended to be trapped and wandered around, but no matter where he went, he was always shrouded in fog, like a headless fly.

Even if he flew high into the sky, it would be difficult for him to escape from the fog, and even the entrance to the Ancestral Land would be blocked.

This Spirit Array was truly extraordinary. Those Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples had some attainments in the Dao of Arrays, otherwise they wouldn’t have received the attention of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

Just as Yang Kai was feeling dizzy, the Black Ink Clan army that was pouring into the fog had already surrounded him. Immediately, the leaders of the forces followed the instructions of the Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples who were in charge of the formation and swarmed towards Yang Kai.

In an instant, a great battle broke out.

A long spear flew back and forth, filling the sky with a storm of spear images. Ink blood flew everywhere and bones shattered.

With Yang Kai’s current strength, how could these Black Ink Clan master, who were at most at the Feudal Lord-level, deal with him? To put it bluntly, if there was enough time, Yang Kai alone would be able to wipe out this million strong army.

Batch after batch of Black Ink Clan members died, and the rate at which their lives withered was beyond imagination. On the ground, the ink blood converged into a stream, forming a river, and the corpses piled up like small mountains.

Yang Kai fought from the sky to the ground, not feeling the slightest bit annoyed.

Since the Royal Lord was willing to send these Black Ink Clan to their deaths, Yang Kai was naturally happy to oblige. If he killed more Black Ink Clan here, the Human Race’s main battlefield would have fewer Black Ink Clan.

Ten thousand, twenty thousand, fifty thousand, a hundred thousand…

The spear didn’t stop moving for even a moment. At first, Yang Kai was still rushing back and forth, but in the end, he couldn’t be bothered to move and simply stood in place, allowing the Black Ink Clan army to attack him from all directions. From the looks of it, it was like a stream of water crashing into a boulder blocking the river, a magnificent sight.

Under Yang Kai’s feet, a mountain of corpses gradually piled up. As time passed, the mountain of corpses grew larger, and Yang Kai stood higher.

This kind of slaughter and death, if it weren’t for the Territory Lord and the Royal Lord standing guard, the million strong Black Ink Clan army would have long collapsed.


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