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At the very least, he wouldn't bring shame to the late Third Generation Dragon Emperor.

His Golden Divine Dragon Source came from the Third Generation Dragon Emperor. Of course, the Third Generation Dragon Emperor’s body was definitely not just a ten thousand zhang long Dragon Body, ten thousand zhang long was only a treshold of the Divine Dragon. Only the strongest among the Divine Dragons had the qualifications to become the Dragon Emperor and lead the Dragon Clan.

During the era of the Third Generation Dragon Emperor, there had been more than one Divine Dragon in the Dragon Clan, and the strength of the Third Generation Dragon Emperor was obvious.

However, even such a powerful master had to pay a huge price, even sacrificing himself with the Phoenix Empress of that generation in order to seal the Ink Giant Spiritual God, further demonstrating its power.

With just the cultivation speed of the Dragon Clan, Yang Kai wasn’t slow.

Looking at the current Dragon Clan, he could be said to be the number one Dragon Clan under Fu Guang.

The purity of the Dragon Vein was within his expectations. Over the past three hundred years, the Ancestral Qi in the Ancestral Land had continuously poured into his body, making it difficult for the Dragon Vein to not improve.

At this moment, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the Ancestral Qi in the entire Ancestral Land had become much thinner because he had swallowed it.

The advancement of the Dragon Vein had caused his Dragon Body to rise from more than seven thousand zhang to 9999 zhang.

As for the growth of his Dragon Body, although it couldn’t bring about any significant changes to his cultivation, the increase in his strength was real. At the very least, his physical strength, and even his ability to resist attacks had all risen to a new level, which would play an important role in the upcoming battle with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

The benefits were far greater than this.

The Dragon Clan's Natal Great Dao is the Dao of Time. The purer the Dragon Vein was, the higher one’s attainments in the Dao of Time would be. This was the benefit of having a Bloodline Inheritance. There was no need to have a strong comprehension ability, as long as one’s bloodline purity reached a certain level, they would naturally be able to comprehend things that ordinary people could not.

Yang Kai clearly felt that his attainments in the Dao of Time had greatly improved.

When he had walked out of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, his Dao of Time had reached the seventh stage.

Over the past few years, he had constantly digested the various harvests he had gained from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, allowing him to travel a great distance.

Now, with the growth of the Dragon Vein, the Dao of Time had completely crossed the Seventh Stage and reached the Eighth Stage!

Barely equal to his achievements in the Dao of Space.

All this time, Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Space had been much higher than his Dao of Time. This was not because he cultivate it longer than the Dao of Time, but because of his compatibility with the Dao of Space.

If he didn’t have the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, there was a high chance Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything in the Dao of Time.

Now that his attainments in the two Great Daos were basically equal, it had a huge impact on him.

First of all, the flow of time in his Small Universe has increased again.

If the flow of time in the past was seven times faster than the outside world, then the current flow of time was ten times faster. This meant that the growth of his foundation will also become faster. Of course, there is not much meaning in it, since he will soon reach the peak of his Martial Dao. Once he reach the limit, no matter how his foundation was improved, his strength and realm will not change.

However, if he could break through the Eighth Order Shackles, it will be of great significance. The Ninth Order realm is equivalent to a new starting time, with ten times the flow of time rate. It will save many years of hard work.

If the Small Universe's change in the flow of time was the direct influence of the Dao of Time, then there was also a more direct influence.

This was his strongest trump card, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

A long time ago, Yang Kai had noticed that because his attainments in the Dao of Time and the Dao of Space were somewhat different, when he used the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he always felt like he had yet to use its full strength.

The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was powered by the Space and Time Great Daos, forming a completely new Secret Technique of Space and Time. The attainments of these two Great Daos varied, one strong while the other weak. With some imbalance, it was difficult to fully display the power of these two Great Daos.

He had once guessed that when his two Great Dao attainments were equal, he might be able to display the full power of the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

But after so many years, even he couldn’t force the balance between his two Great Daos until today!

The Dao of Space and Time had already reached the eighth stage, so if he used this Great Dao to activate the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, what kind of power would it have? Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little excited, secretly deciding that this trump card must have a decisive effect.

With the growth of his Dragon Body and the advancement of his Dragon Vein, Yang Kai’s Dao of Time had reached a whole new level. In these three hundred years, Yang Kai’s strength had undergone a new change.

So what if he was facing the Royal Lord? Since he couldn’t escape, he would kill his way out!

However, he still had to investigate the arrangements of the Black Ink Clan first. When he had fought with the Royal Lord just now, he had been in a hurry, so Yang Kai hadn’t had the time to carefully investigate. The only thing he could confirm now was that there was a great array sealing off the surrounding area. A Black Ink Clan Royal Lord was quietly searching for an opportunity, but he didn’t know how many Innate Territory Lords were secretly watching!

[MSN: If i was the RL, i would make another PRL in that 300 years time as insurance. These BIC are really incompetent.]

In the sky above the Ancestral Land, Di Wu’s expression was filled with shock and doubt, no longer as arrogant as before.

After becoming a Pseudo-Royal Lord, his strength had skyrocketed and he had been full of confidence in his ability to kill Yang Kai, but after just a few exchanges, he had become quite frightened.

Yang Kai was almost a Divine Dragon, so when he saw the Golden Dragon True Body, Di Wu almost turned tail and ran. Fortunately, Yang Kai ran faster, otherwise he would have been humiliated.

Now that he thought about it carefully, although Yang Kai’s aura was powerful, it shouldn’t have reached the level of the Divine Dragon. He had once felt the aura of the White Divine Dragon in the No-Return Pass, and it was far more dignified than the one Yang Kai had displayed before.

Realization suddenly dawned upon him. Although this fellow had grown greatly in the Ancestral Land, he had yet to cross that threshold, so he should still be an Ancient Dragon.

Having understood this point, Di Wu couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief. As long as it wasn’t the Divine Dragon, it would be easy to deal with. If Yang Kai really had the body of a Divine Dragon, he would have no choice but to flee.

He was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and Yang Kai was also a Pseudo-Divine Dragon. Both of them were equal in strength, and neither of them was the real deal. In comparison, his Pseudo-Royal Lord status was much higher than Yang Kai’s. At the very least, his strength had reached the level of a Royal Lord, but it was just difficult to control.

Now that Yang Kai had gone into hiding, it was difficult for him to find him. With his current strength, if he couldn’t destroy the Ancestral Land, it would be difficult for him to find any trace of Yang Kai. It could be said that although the Black Ink Clan’s heaven sealing and earth locking array had cut off Yang Kai’s chances of escaping, as long as Yang Kai entered the Ancestral Land, he would be invincible.

This was what gave Di Wu the biggest headache. Before coming here, he had not expected the Ancestral Land to be like this.

In the void, he could sense Yang Kai’s Divine Sense fluctuations, but Di Wu was unable to accurately determine his location, so he could only wait.

Just as he was considering how to lure Yang Kai out, Yang Kai’s aura suddenly appeared from a certain location in the Ancestral Land.

Over there!

Di Wu suddenly turned his head and saw Yang Kai’s figure soaring into the sky. His figure flickered as he rushed over and shouted, “Stop him!”

He absolutely could not allow him to escape into the depths of the Ancestral Land!

As soon as he finished speaking, several thick bolts of lightning fell from the sky. These were the action of the Innate Territory Lords who were in charge of the Spirit Array.

The lightning bolts were like lightning dragons tearing through the sky, instantly striking Yang Kai. Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he easily dodged them, but the lightning dragons seemed to have a mind of their own as they chased after him, and even more lightning bolts fell from the sky.

Yang Kai dodged several waves of lightning before finally reaching the edge of the Great Array. Holding the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand, he thrust it forward.

The void shattered.

The Great Array also shook, revealing the figure of an Innate Territory Lord who was hiding outside the Great Array. The lightning just now was summoned by him when he waved the array flag.

As their eyes met, the Innate Territory Lord’s face was filled with fear, unable to conceal the fear he felt towards Yang Kai.

In the entire Human Race, there weren’t many Human Race masters that the Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lords feared, but there was only one that made them feel fear.

It couldn’t be helped, too many Innate Territory Lords had died at the hands of this man. If two or three of them encountered him, they would undoubtedly die.

Now, although there was a great array blocking him, this Innate Territory Lord didn’t feel safe at all. If it weren’t for the fact that he needed to control this great array, he would have fled first.

However, if he wanted to control the Great Array, there was no way he could leave so easily, so he could only use his strength fiercely and wave the array flag in his hand to borrow strength from the other Territory Lords.

Fortunately, Yang Kai only stabbed out once before immediately flying away, having no intention of stabbing again.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it was just that he couldn’t. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had quickly arrived. If he delayed for even a moment, he would be doomed.

However, from the probing of that spear, he knew that this heaven sealing earth locking array was not very strong. If no one interfered, with his strength, he would be able to break it in less than half a cup of tea.

However, the Black Ink Clan masters obviously wouldn’t give him such an opportunity.

As the Territory Lords in charge of the Great Array continued to activate the formation, more lightning bolts struck towards Yang Kai until he had almost no room to dodge.

Yang Kai could only use his Space Ability to Exile himself to the void.

The moment his figure became illusory, many bolts of lightning struck his body, avoiding most of the power and preventing the remaining lightning from harming him.

This was one of the benefits of having a Dragon Vein Body. The Dragon Clan’s defensive capabilities were extremely outstanding, and they had an extremely strong resistance to Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities, so even if they suffered some attacks, it wouldn’t matter.

However, before Yang Kai could recover, four figures suddenly appeared in the air in front of him, each of them exuding a fierce aura as they rushed forward.

There were four Innate Territory Lords hiding nearby. These four Innate Territory Lords’ auras were secretly linked together, forming a battle array that Yang Kai was extremely familiar with!

Yang Kai raised his brow and shouted, “Four Directions Array!” Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, or nine people could all form a battle array. This was also a battle array that the Human Race’s soldiers would use under certain circumstances in the Ink Battlefield.

For example, when the Battleship was destroyed.


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 04, 2023

Is it just me or his lvl in time was already equal to space (lvl8 both) when he got out of the astral phenomenon (hence his wheel of time thing had miraculous effects on the royal lord, like showing the future), and now author tells us that it was still lvl7... Come oooon..

Replying to

No they were never equal the lvl of time just got stronger it was always like 2 level behind until the celestial phenomena and the moon wheel effect got stronger after it rose a level closer to space.


Secondly not to even mention that no one knows when YK will come out. He took 300 years but there was no way PRL knows this and prepare May be he orders to make one more PRL but YK comes and bust their plan RL will die out of Anger LOL 😆


MSN: If i was the RL, i would make another PRL in that 300 years time as insurance. These BIC are really incompetent.

Well I have a different opinion on that, as

Firstly price of producing PRL is too much for ink clan!

Secondly not to even mention that no one knows when YK will come out.

He took 300 years but there was no way PRL knows this and prepare

Manybe he orders to make one more PRL but YK comes and bust their plan

RL will die out of Anger LOL 😆

Replying to

Dont forget or at least from my understanding the success rate is 10% they got lucky there is a higher chance it may fail completely and 13 Royal lord and the lost RL ink nest lost for nothing.

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