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The Space Teleportation was indeed mysterious and unpredictable. Yang Kai had used this Secret Technique to escape many times before, but with the Black Ink Clan’s current arrangements, this Secret Technique had no doubt lost its ability to display its full potential. Under the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking, this Great Array’s area of effect had become its own. Without breaking the Great Array, it was impossible to escape.

Wanting to break the array was easier said than done. Not to mention the fact that there was a Royal Lord watching over him, this great array not only had the effect of sealing the heavens and locking the earth, but also had other variations. The lightning strike just now was obviously a variation of the great array, the Black Ink Clan could not use such a method.

Facing such an awkward situation while venting his anger, Yang Kai couldn’t care less about his anger. On top of that, his mind had witnessed the changes in the Ancestral Land over a million years, so he was still somewhat in a daze. At this moment, he naturally couldn’t afford to be entangled with this situation. At the very least, he needed to understand his own situation first.

With this thought in mind, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, his figure flashing as he disappeared.

However, he did not teleport away, but instead dove into the depths of the Ancestral Land, retracting his aura and remaining silent.

The Ancestral Land was sturdy, and even if Di Wu, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, personally took action, it would be difficult to damage the Ancestral Land’s territory. So, Yang Kai was able to escape without any resistance.

This was because this world had long since shown him an extremely doting attitude, just like how he was the Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, a single thought from him could bring him to any corner of the Star Boundary. On the Ancestral Land’s side, although he wasn’t a Great Emperor recognized by the Ancestral Land’s World Will, he was actually close.

As his Divine Sense spread out like a tide, he soon discovered that the space outside the Ancestral Land was indeed wrapped up by an inexplicable great array, sealing off this entire world and isolating it from the outside world.

Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy. The Black Ink Clan actually dared to attack him, so this was obviously a bit abnormal. However, just by looking at the Black Ink Clan’s arrangements, they were completely confident that with a Royal Lord in charge, a heaven sealing and earth locking array, and who knows how many Innate Territory Lords hiding in the shadows, this kind of arrangement was enough for the Black Ink Clan to take a risk.

How many years had it been since he came to the Ancestral Land?

Yang Kai’s heart relaxed slightly.

Only three hundred years had passed!

When he had first met the Royal Lord, he had thought he had spent thousands of years in the Ancestral Land, but he had never imagined that it would only be three hundred years.

Although three hundred years wasn’t a short time, it wasn’t a long time. He had even spent 1700 years cultivating in seclusion.

In such a short time, the situation between the Black Ink Clan should not have changed much.

Where did this unfamiliar Royal Lord come from? Logically speaking, in such a short time, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to have a Territory Lord who had grown to the level of a Royal Lord. Could it be that the Black Ink Clan always had two Royal Lords, and one had always been hiding in the shadows?

However, it seems unlikely. If there is such a Royal Lord hidden in the dark, it is impossible for the Black Ink Clan to keep it a secret. Judging from the performance of the Black Ink Clan in the major battlefields, if the Black Ink Clan have another Royal Lord taking action, the human race will at least lose a few large-scale battlefields, and its unknown how many Eighth Order masters will die in battle.

What he couldn’t understand was that Yang Kai was worried about another matter. Since there was such a second Royal Lord in the Black Ink Clan, would there be a third or more?

If this was the case, then the Human Race would be in trouble.

For the time being, Yang Kai decided to try drawing out the World Tree’s power to escape his current predicament.

If he could succeed, he would be able to reach the old tree in an instant. This was what he had done back in the Yearning Territory. The Black Ink Clan still hadn’t figured out why Yang Kai was able to leave the Yearning Territory with tens of thousands of human race, even though they had sealed several Domain Gates.

With the help of the thousands of Universe Worlds he had refined in the past, Yang Kai’s connection with the World Tree was unbreakable, even in a place like the Ink Battlefield.

However, although there was a connection, Yang Kai’s plan to use the World Tree’s power to escape was not feasible. Under the heaven sealing earth locking array, unless he could break through that restriction, there was no way he could go to the Great Ruins Boundary.

Regarding this, Yang Kai had somewhat expected it, so he wasn’t annoyed.

After confirming his current situation and time spent, Yang Kai was no longer in a hurry. From the looks of it, this situation wasn’t something the Black Ink Clan had planned for a long time, but rather an impromptu decision. His experiences in the Ancestral Land had provided them with this opportunity.

If he hadn’t stayed in the Ancestral Land for such a long time, and if his mind hadn’t been completely immersed in witnessing the time reversal in the Ancestral Land, he wouldn’t have been completely unaware of the changes in the outside world.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t careful enough, but in this world, there were always some things that weren’t planned.

Moreover, compared to the benefits he had gained from witnessing all these changes, being trapped was nothing.

That dazzling light… Even if he thought about it now, Yang Kai still couldn’t help feeling shocked. In this world, there was no such dazzling light anymore.

This was the First Light since ancient times, and also the most dazzling!

At the end of the time reversal, the First Light fell into the Ancestral Land and exploded, causing thousands of streams of light to disperse and merge into this ancient and desolate land, transforming it into a land filled with mysterious power.

In the places where these lights had dissipated, after the passage of time, the Dragon Clan, Phoenix Clan, and various other Holy Spirits were slowly born. In the end, this place became a paradise for these Holy Spirits.

This was also the reason why the Holy Spirit Force could suppress the Ink Force to a certain extent.

The Holy Spirits themselves were similar to Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, born from that First Light, all of them from the same source. The so-called rumor about Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer being the Holy Spirits ancestors is nothing but a rumor. In fact, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer was the older brother and sister of all the Holy Spirits because they were the first two to be born from that First Light.

Since ancient times until now, their strength had been pure and hadn’t changed much, but after generations of inheritances, the characteristics of the Holy Spirits had undergone some slight changes, so their resistance to the Ink Force was not as obvious as the Light of Purification.

When he saw the final outcome of that First Light, Yang Kai knew that it was impossible for him to find it again. It no longer existed, so how was he supposed to find it? Unless he could truly go back in time to the ancient times and intercept it before it disappeared.

But that was obviously not something a human race could accomplish.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had long since given up on that First Light. If he wanted to completely resolve the Black Ink calamity, he would have to rely on the Human Race’s own strength.

Since they had become the favored child of this era, they naturally had to bear the heavy responsibility of protecting the vast universe! If they couldn’t even bear this small responsibility, they wouldn’t have the qualifications to roam the world.

Yang Kai had basically figured out what had happened with that First Light, but there was one thing he cared about.

As time passed, after the First Light fell into the Ancestral Land and exploded, he vaguely saw a blurry and distorted figure…

However, at that time, the afterglow of the light was too strong, so he was unable to clearly see what it was.

Was that First Light related to the Human Race?

But what did this have to do with the Human Race?

If one were to say that the Monster Race was a race that the Holy Spirit Race had raised and enslaved for the sake of war, then the Human Race was the embodiment of the Heavens and Earth's will, born from the evolution of the world. In ancient times, there were traces of human race activity, but at that time, the Human Race was too weak, so whether it was the Holy Spirit Race or the Monster Race, they were like ants to them, not worth paying attention to.

It wasn’t until the ancient times when Cang and the other nine people used the World Tree’s power to create the Open Heaven Method for the Human Race that the Human Race was able to produce batch after batch of masters who could compete with the Monster Race and the Holy Spirit, gradually gaining dominance over this world.

Human Race were born weak, even weaker than ordinary monster beasts, but this race had more possibilities than any other living creature.

However, Yang Kai quickly stopped thinking about this matter. Since he had already decided not to get involved with the matter of the First Light, there was no point in thinking about it. Right now, the most important thing was to solve this problem.

With the Great Array restrictions, he could not escape, so he could only kill his way out.

Even if he was facing a Royal Lord, he would still need to fight. With his current methods, the Soul Shattering Spike was still the best weapon to deal with a Royal Lord. The last time he had killed a Royal Lord outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, the Soul Shattering Spike had made a great contribution.

At that time, he had activated four Soul Shattering Spike consecutively, causing his consciousness to become muddled. Now, with the strength of his Soul, he could activate five Soul Shattering Spike consecutively and barely maintain his consciousness.

These five Soul Shattering Spike, no matter how vigilant the Royal Lord was, it could still shake his Soul.

Not to mention, Yang Kai’s current strength was already at the peak of the Eighth Order. Compared to when he had first emerged from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, he was far stronger. At that time, Yang Kai had only just broken through to the Eighth Order.

That time he had been able to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord because he was lucky, but this time he had no way to take advantage of the situation.

However, Yang Kai soon became happy.

He discovered that his Dragon Vein had grown significantly over the past three hundred years.

Although he had used his Dragon Body to resist the Royal Lord for a moment, he had not noticed the changes in the Dragon Vein. Now, from what he had observed, his Dragon Vein had reached a bottleneck, the bottleneck between the Ancient Dragon and the Divine Dragon!

If he could take this step, he would be able to advance from Ancient Dragon to Divine Dragon!

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling excited.

The Divine Dragon was an existence on the same level as the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and the Ninth Order Human Race. Moreover, because it was a Holy Spirit Body, under normal circumstances, it was even stronger than the average Ninth Order Human Race.

When he had met Fu Guang in the depths of the Dragon Pond, Fu Guang had been in this state, but now he was a White Divine Dragon.

Yang Kai didn’t even need to transform into a Dragon to know that his dragon body was now at least 9999 zhang long. As long as he could cross this threshold, he would be able to become a ten thousand zhang long Divine Dragon and restore the glory of the Third Generation Dragon Emperor.


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Ok so the 1st light is the fusion of all living things and Blue and Yellow was the 1st existence from that light with Majority of its power then the holy spirit, then monster race and the Human who is probably the catalyst YK was looking and who was actually the weakest after all its power was stripped away into all the other races. Therefore Wu Kuang theory was right in order to reach true creation aka 1st light the realm that 1st light is at you have to have the body or essence of all races which also means all cultivation are incomplete and will never reach realm of creation without the body or essence of the other races.

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Hiroki Sluope

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