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Outside the Ancestral Land, the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Formation, heaven sealing earth locking continued to operate.

Inside the Ancestral Land, Di Wu recklessly used his strength to vent his anger.

It had been three hundred years, he had been waiting here for three hundred years, but Yang Kai was still nowhere to be seen. Although the No-Return Pass did not urge him, the fact that he hadn’t been able to capture Yang Kai after such a long time showed just how incompetent he was.

If he was still a Territory Lord, it would have been fine, but he was now a Royal Lord. Although his status as a Royal Lord was somewhat vague, it still represented the face of the Black Ink Clan.

The reason he hadn’t dared to enter the Ancestral Land before was firstly because he hadn’t fully familiarized himself with the massive power he had suddenly obtained, and secondly, the extremely rich Ancestral Qi in the Ancestral Land had greatly suppressed him.

At that time, if he provoked Yang Kai, he really didn’t have full confidence in taking him down.

The many years of waiting had not been in vain. Since two hundred years ago, the Ancestral Land’s Ancestral Qi had been continuously declining, becoming thinner.

Until today, a balance had been maintained.

Although the Ancestral Land was still filled with Ancestral Qi, it was not as rich as it was three hundred years ago, so it was still acceptable to Di Wu.

Of course, the most important thing was that after such a long time, he had gained more control over his own strength.

It was impossible to completely control the power he had obtained from the Ink Nest. If he could really achieve this, he would no longer be a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but a real Royal Lord.

It could be said that with the help of the Fusion Technique, Di Wu’s current strength wasn’t inferior to a true Royal Lord’s, but his control was much weaker.

The change in environment and his own strength gave Di Wu the courage to take the initiative.

Boundless Ink Force surged out, each strike causing the Ancestral Land to tremble violently. If it was an ordinary Universe World or a continent, it would have been impossible for them to withstand the violent attacks of a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

However, the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was different from the ordinary Universe World. This continent, which had been passed down since ancient times, was the source of many Holy Spirits. Whether it was in terms of toughness or many Great Dao Principle, it was extraordinary.

Yang Kai had witnessed a civil war between the Holy Spirits in the past. In that battle, countless powerful Holy Spirits had participated, many of whom were as strong as the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix. As a result, the fallen Holy Spirits were difficult to calculate. It was definitely one of the most powerful battles in the world since ancient times. Such a fierce battle was rarely seen throughout history.

Even though such a war had swept through the entire Ancestral Land, it had not destroyed it, only reducing the size of its territory. How could a Pseudo-Royal Lord do such a thing?

Under this barrage of attacks, Di Wu couldn’t help feeling somewhat dumbfounded. The strangeness of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was beyond his imagination, and most importantly, his actions had caused this world to become even more hostile towards him.

The world had its own consciousness. The Star Boundary also has its own will back then, not to mention the Ancestral Land. After the World's First Light fell into the Ancestral Land and turned into myriad of colors, the Ancestral Land has its own will, and the will of the Ancestral Land was far more pure than the general Universe Worlds.

Otherwise, it wouldn't have shown so much care towards Yang Kai, because the Ancestral Land could sense that the Golden Divine Dragon Source in Yang Kai’s body was one of the myriad of colors.

However, Di Wu’s efforts were not in vain. At the very least, he had nearly interrupted Yang Kai from his strange state.

If he was really interrupted, Yang Kai would vomit blood.

He had spent such a long time to witness the changes in the Ancestral Land and had finally reached the most critical juncture, so how could he fail?

Fortunately, after noticing this anomaly, Yang Kai calmed his mind.

“Get the hell out here!” Di Wu’s roar resounded throughout the Ancestral Land. Following the direction where the Ancestral Qi was pouring in, he could roughly determine where Yang Kai was hiding, but if he couldn’t break through the Ancestral Land, there was no way he could find him.

He had waited here for long enough and was no longer willing to delay any longer. He had made up his mind to force Yang Kai out and kill him no matter what.

A loud Dragon Roar suddenly rang out from the depths of the ground, filled with anger. Di Wu immediately felt a powerful aura rapidly approaching from below.

Di Wu was not surprised, but rather happy. To him, forcing Yang Kai out was the most troublesome matter. As for killing him, it shouldn’t take much effort, so he immediately focused his attention.

Just as he prepared himself, the powerful aura closed in on him, and soon after, a giant golden dragon head emerged from the ground.

The dragon head had two horns on its head, dragon scales on its body, and a dragon beard on its chin. It opened its mouth wide enough to bite off a mountain peak and bit down fiercely towards Di Wu, seemingly wanting to eat him up.

With the flow of the Time Principle, even someone as strong as Di Wu couldn’t help feeling dazed. Fortunately, he quickly reacted and retreated.

The dragon head pursued him relentlessly, its huge eyes spewing flames of rage, seemingly wanting to burn this entire world.

In the blink of an eye, one ball of ink and one dragon had already leapt a thousand kilometers into the sky. It was only now that Di Wu saw the true appearance of this giant dragon.

It was a giant dragon that was almost ten thousand zhang long. The dragon’s head was right in front of him, but the dragon’s tail seemed like it was about to fall to the ground. The Dragon Prestige was like a fierce wind, causing the void to tremble.

Di Wu’s heart sank. This guy… was Yang Kai?

He couldn’t help wondering if the information he had received was wrong. It wasn’t any Dragon Clan, but a Divine Dragon!

According to the intelligence obtained by the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai had the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, but there was still a huge gap between him and the Divine Dragon, a powerhouse comparable to a Royal Lord. It seemed he only had seven thousand zhang long dragon body.

But this one in front of him… was almost ten thousand zhang long?

Ten thousand zhang long is a Divine Dragon, a powerhouse on the same level as the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and the Human Race’s Ninth Order. Not to mention the Pseudo-Royal Lord Di Wu, even a true Royal Lord like the one in the No-Return Pass has to deal with it carefully.

However, the Dragon Clan only had one White Divine Dragon now, and it had entered the Ink Battlefield more than a thousand years ago. Even now, it had disappeared without a trace, so how could there be a second Divine Dragon?

Combined with what he had seen in the past three hundred years, Di Wu immediately understood that this fellow was Yang Kai, but his years of cultivation had allowed him to grow greatly.

This is troublesome!

He had thought that with his strength as a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he could easily crush Yang Kai, an Eighth Order Human Race master, but now, Yang Kai had transformed into a Divine Dragon…

It was hard to say who would bully who.

Just as Di Wu’s heart was filled with distracting thoughts, Yang Kai’s heart was also filled with horror, the anger in his eyes quickly dissipating.

Royal Lord? How could there be a Royal Lord here?

The interference from the outside had nearly caused his many years of hard work to go to waste, so Yang Kai was naturally furious. After witnessing the various changes that had occurred after the light fell into the Ancestral Land, he rushed out from the depths of the Ancestral Land in a fit of rage.

He had been too easy to talk to these past few years and had strictly adhered to the agreement between the two races, never taking the initiative to kill any of the Black Ink Clan’s masters. The Black Ink Clan had probably already forgotten the fear of being dominated by him, so he had made up his mind to let them know the consequences of provoking him.

If it were any other time, Yang Kai wouldn’t have acted so rashly. Instead, he would have investigated the situation first before making a decision.

It was just a bizarre experience that had allowed his mind to travel back a million years at an extremely fast pace. His consciousness was still a bit muddled, and his actions were completely based on instinct, allowing him to be controlled by that instant of anger.

It wasn’t until he was close enough to feel the aura of this Black Ink Clan master that he suddenly came to his senses.

If the Black Ink Clan didn’t have absolute confidence, why would they take the initiative to provoke him? This Royal Lord in front of him was undoubtedly the Black Ink Clan’s trump card.

Is it the one from the No-Return Pass who came personally?

No! The one in front of him is not from the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai had at least interacted with that Royal Lord a few times, so he naturally recognized his appearance, but this person in front of him was a stranger from the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan actually had a second Royal Lord! Yang Kai was shocked. If there was a second Royal Lord, did that mean there was a third and fourth?

For a moment, he didn’t know how many years he had spent in the Ancestral Land. Could it be that he had stayed here for thousands of years? Otherwise, how could the Black Ink Clan have a new Royal Lord?

However, no matter what the situation was, he could not afford to waste time here!

The ball of ink and dragon, who had been chasing after each other, were both shocked and quickly recovered from their shock. In the next moment, from the giant dragon’s mouth, a majestic dragon breath burst out, transforming into raging flames that nearly split the sky.

Di Wu, on the other hand, threw out a few punches with all his strength, his Ink Force surging wildly.

A loud rumbling sound rang out as the dragon breath was destroyed and the Ink Force dissipated.

Yang Kai and Di Wu flew out at the same time.

The giant Golden Dragon suddenly shrank and transformed back into its human form. Yang Kai didn’t even look back as he rushed towards the sky, showing no intention of fighting the Royal Lord.

With his current strength, it would still be difficult for him to kill a Royal Lord. What he wanted to know the most was how many years he had been delayed here and how the situation on the Human Race’s side was.

Unexpectedly, after flying for a short distance, he heard an angry shout from the depths of the sky, “Go back!”

In the next instant, a thick bolt of lightning descended from the sky towards him.

The power of this lightning was not too strong, but it was definitely not weak.

Unexpectedly, there was still an ambush waiting for him. Yang Kai looked over and saw a Territory Lord holding an Array Flag pointing at him from afar, his expression both nervous and somewhat calm.

Yang Kai coldly snorted and activated his Space Principle, preparing to leave.

Unexpectedly, his teleportation technique didn’t have the slightest effect. With this delay, the lightning struck him, causing his body to tremble and his hair to stand on end.

Heaven sealing Earth locking!

Yang Kai’s face went cold as his buried memories flooded back. He vaguely remembered seeing a group of Territory Lords setting up some kind of great array outside the Ancestral Land, but now it seemed that this world had been completely sealed off.

No wonder the Black Ink Clan dared to attack him, it was because of this!


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