Fortunately, the interference came and went quickly, disappearing after a moment.

At this time, thousands of years had passed in the Ancestral Land memories, and the scenes Yang Kai had seen were also from thousands of years ago.

He once again saw his own figure in the Ancestral Land.

This was the first time he had come to the Ancestral Land. Under the coercion of the Kun Clan, he had opened the Black Ink Sealing Land that had been sealed for countless years and seen the dead Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Everything was falling back as time quickly reversed. Yang Kai, as a spectator, slowly witnessed everything that had happened in the Ancestral Land.

At the same time, the omnipresent Ancestral Qi in the Ancestral Land continued to flow into his Dragon Body. The Dragon Vein’s power continued to increase, and the changes occurring to his body indicated that his Dragon Body was growing.

Originally, his Dragon Body was more than seven thousand zhang long, and the Dragon Clan’s bloodline was extremely pure. In this state, it would be difficult to refine the Dragon Vein purely through the passage of time, after so many years since he enter the Dragon Pond, his dragon body had only grown abound a hundred zhang.

Only by entering the Dragon Pond again would he have a chance to improve.

However, under the continuous absorption and refinement of the Ancestral Qi, the Dragon Body had undergone some changes, and as the Dragon Vein became stronger, the Dao of Time also became more profound, causing the flow of time to become faster.

In the first two years, only three or four thousand years had passed in the Ancestral Land memories, but in the next two years, four or five thousand years had passed. In the next two years, the amount of time that had passed was six thousand years…

He had witnessed one historic moment after another in the Ancestral Land and had even once again witnessed the scene of the late third generation Dragon Emperor and that generation’s Phoenix Empress sacrificing their lives to seal the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Yang Kai’s mind became more tranquil.

This experience was far longer than the time he had spent cultivating in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. In the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, he had only spent a few thousand years, but in this journey to witness the change of time in the Ancestral Land, he had already spent a hundred thousand years, possibly even more!

Outside of the Ancestral Land, the Black Ink Clan's Four Gates and Eighth Palaces Formation continued to operate. Without external forces, the Territory Lords only needed to maintain the Great Array, so they didn’t need to pay too much.

However, they didn’t dare relax their vigilance even for a moment. It has been decades since they deployed the Formation here, and there is still no trace of Yang Kai. Only the Ancestral Qi movement that shows Yang Kai is still cultivating inside.

Di Wu had been familiarizing himself with his own strength ever since he had arrived in this place. After causing a huge ruckus in the Ancestral Land, he no longer dared to rashly set foot inside.

Under the suppression of the Ancestral Qi, he found it difficult to display his Pseudo-Royal Lord strength. He was truly afraid of facing Yang Kai, so he could only continue to delay, hoping that one day the Ancestral Land’s Ancestral Qi would be exhausted.

Although he did not personally investigate in the pas decades, he made the other Territory Lord enter the Ancestral Land to investigate the situation many times. Over the past few decades, there is no sign of the Ancestral Qi in the Ancestral Land decaying, as if this mysterious force was inexhaustible.

In the No-Return Pass's side, the Royal Lord had sent people to investigate the situation several times, Di Wu didn't dare to lie, only saying that Yang Kai would be killed in the Ancestral Land. For this reason, even if he had to wait a few more days, it wouldn’t hurt.

After receiving a reply from the Royal Lord, Di Wu’s heart calmed down and he became even more determined to wait.

A hundred years later, the situation in the Ancestral Land remained the same. Yang Kai had gone back hundreds of thousands of years. During this period of time, the number of Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land was enormous, and there were many different kinds of Holy Spirits. Yang Kai had never even seen or heard of many of them before. This was the era when the Ancient Monster Race ruled the Heavens, and the glory of the Holy Spirits had begun to fall. Even so, the Ancestral Land was still a paradise for the Holy Spirits.

After going back a few years, he witnessed an unimaginable battle in the Ancestral Land. It was a civil war between the Holy Spirit Races, with many massive figures appearing in the Ancestral Land. The Ancestral Land of that era was far larger than the current Ancestral Land.

That battle had led to the extermination of many Holy Spirits and the destruction of many Holy Spirit Sources. Even the Ancestral Land itself had been greatly reduced.

Time had returned to the end of the ancient era.

This was the era when the Holy Spirits united the universe, and also the best era for the Holy Spirits. They were powerful and invincible. If it weren’t for their own struggles, the Monster Race wouldn’t have risen to prominence.

Yang Kai suddenly had a strange feeling, as if he was witnessing something incredible. At first, this feeling was vague, but as time passed, it became more intense.

At this moment, the speed of time reversal was extremely fast, and many scenes flashed by as if they were passing by on a horse. If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s fusion with the Ancestral Land and the Ancestral Land’s ability to reverse time, he wouldn’t have been able to see these scenes clearly.

At one point, the Holy Spirits on the Ancestral Land completely disappeared, and the entire world was filled with an extremely ancient and wild aura. Soon after, a dazzling light flashed and the world fell silent.

Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he suddenly felt a sense of urgency. This was the first time he had taken the initiative to activate the power of the Time Principle and influence the vast Ancestral Land.

The speed at which time was reversed suddenly slowed down and then completely stagnated.

Only then was Yang Kai able to carefully observe this piece of land.

The Ancestral Land of this era was completely different from the one he lived in. This was the most primitive Ancestral Land without any Holy Spirit or Ancestral Qi.

The Ancestral Land of this era was only a vast and boundless wild continent. Looking across the vast universe, such continents could be seen everywhere.

He didn’t see that dazzling light and knew that the flow of time had crossed that era, so he couldn’t help feeling somewhat anxious, faintly feeling that he had missed something important.

There was no point in continuing to travel back in time. The current Ancestral Land was just an ordinary continent, so there was no point in going back.

How this continent became the Ancestral Land of the Holy Spirit was the most important thing, as well as the flash of light from before…

Yang Kai immediately used his Time Principle to influence the Ancestral Land, stopping this time to dig out the memories that had been branded into its depths.

Slowly, the frozen time began to flow. This time, it wasn’t a reversal, but start at the key point in the primordial era where time began to flow towards the future!

The primitive world was completely silent, without any signs of life, only a vast forest.

Suddenly, a dazzling light appeared in the sky, illuminating the entire Starry Sky and illuminating the entire Ancestral Land.

It was the First Light!

When Yang Kai had turned back time, he had seen this rays of light, but because it was too fast, even he had not been able to grasp its true appearance, so he had used some methods to see it clearly.

He had never seen such a bright and colorful light before. It was as if all the colors in this world were mixed together, yet they did not fuse together, each of them releasing its own light.

Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about the First Light he was looking for!

At the moment, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had spent hundreds of years traversing one great domain after another, trying to find clues about that First Light, but to no avail. It wasn’t until he came to the Ancestral Land that he decided to stop thinking about this First Light, that he had unexpectedly encountered the existence of this First Light!

Unintentionally planting a willow tree will yield a shades?

However, after thinking about it carefully, this was an inevitable result.

This First Light was closely related to the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, as well as all the Holy Spirits. When the Ancestral Land’s time was reversed, scenes related to this First Light would naturally appear.

This was also the original opinion of Yang Kai to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, but he hadn’t expected this relationship to be so direct, allowing him to see the true appearance of that First Light when reversing the time.

This was definitely the most critical moment in this vast universe. Yang Kai focused his mind and observed carefully, not daring to miss a single detail.

He had a feeling that he might be able to solve this mystery.

However, right at this moment, an external force suddenly rushed towards him, causing his heart to tremble and nearly escape from this strange state.

Yang Kai was startled, quickly stabilizing his state of mind and focusing even more on activating the Time Principle to speed up the flow of time.

He didn’t know what was happening outside, but in the beginning, he had seen a Black Ink Clan master setting up a great array outside the Ancestral Land, so the impact of this external force was likely related to the Black Ink Clan.

If he couldn’t move faster, his current state would most likely be interrupted, a result he could not accept.

It wasn’t easy for him to reach this point, so he couldn’t let his efforts go to waste.

Suddenly, he felt a little angry, who would have thought that after immersing himself in this state for so long, this wonderful state of mind would become further away from him, causing him to quickly abandon all distracting thoughts.

As he looked around, a dazzling light shot out from the void, thousands of lights swirling about, beautiful and magnificent. This was originally a flawless light, the first light in the world, the beginning of everything.

However, Yang Kai found that this First Light was extremely unstable, and the countless colors flowing through it were constantly conflicting, even showing signs of collapse.

After staring at it for a moment, Yang Kai came to a sudden realization. That’s right, this is the light that had stripped away the power of Yin and Yang. It was already damaged and not in a perfect state!

Before coming here, this First Light had already lost the Yin and Yang forces. After countless years of ignorance and silence, these two most fundamental forces had transformed into Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. These two forces had mutually suppressed each other and formed the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Without these two fundamental forces, how could the First Light stabilize?

A distance of millions of kilometers was covered in the blink of an eye as the First Light struck the most primitive continent that is the Ancestral Land. In an instant, the First Light enveloped every corner of the Ancestral Land, causing thousands of colors to splash out.


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