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The Dao of Time was incomparably profound. Since ancient times, very few cultivators had cultivated this Dao, even fewer than those who cultivated the Dao of Space.

That is, the Dragon Clan, the Heaven's genius child, who takes the Dao of Time as their Natural Talent Dao.

Outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel had broken through the seal of space and time, allowing him to see the future. What happened next proved that the future he had seen had really happened.

It was just a coincidence after using the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he never have the intention to see the future.

However, that experience had taught him that if he could cultivate the Dao of Time to its peak, it was not impossible for him to see the future. This kind of prophetic ability was definitely the best way to avoid danger.

In fact, when a cultivator reached a certain level of cultivation, they would instinctively have some kind of prophetic ability. Often, before a crisis occurred, they would sense a crisis, but without the Dao of Time to rely on, they would not be able to see what would happen in the future. This was just a vague feeling, a kind of whim.

Since the Dao of Time could see the future, it could naturally see the past. From the unknowns, the invisible River of Time had flowed from the Ancient Times all the way to the ends of the vast universe. If one followed the River of Time, they would see the future. If one looked back at the River of Time, they would see the past.

In terms of Dao of Time, Yang Kai’s attainments were not low. In this vast world, with the exception of a few Dragon Clan masters, there was probably no one more proficient in this Dao than him.

However, with regards to the past and the future, this was a level that involved the most profound mysteries of Time Principle, so he only had a vague understanding of it.

Just like this time, he had somehow managed to reverse the flow of time in the Ancestral Land.

This kind of reversal was not a true reversal in the sense of the word. The flow of time on the Ancestral Land had not changed. It was more like after he had merged with the Ancestral Land, he had used his identity as a spectator to see the changes in the Ancestral Land.

This strange experience had something to do with his Dragon Clan physique, and it had something to do with the Ancestral Land’s love and affection for him. The combination of these two factors led to this miraculous change.

Yang Kai should have been overjoyed to encounter such a situation, but he didn’t feel any emotional fluctuations at all. Now, it was as if he had truly become the Ancestral Land.

However, this did not stop him from obtaining benefits.

As time flowed backwards, Yang Kai’s understanding of the Dao of Time became deeper. This kind of understanding was different from when he had refined the River of Time in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, which was filled with the Dao of Time. Absorbing it and integrating it into his Small Universe would naturally enhance his own mastery of the Dao of Time, but in the end, it was only refining external forces.

However, Yang Kai’s memories of this place were similar to his own, it was as if he had been able to dig out his own memories. Of course, this was only an illusion. What truly possessed these memories was the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. The current situation was more like he was digging its memories, but it didn’t stop him from obtaining what he wanted.

Yang Kai silently comprehended all of this, his mind becoming completely silent, no longer caring about the changes in the outside world.

Inside the Ancestral Land, the extremely rich Ancestral Qi continued to surge and flow towards a certain direction.

On the periphery of the Ancestral Land, a million Black Ink Clan soldiers were stationed, twenty Innate Territory Lords and several Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples standing guard, maintaining the operation of the Great Array and sealing off the world.

Time passed, and after a full two years, an extremely fierce aura swiftly flew over from the depths of the void, causing the group of Innate Territory Lords to turn their heads and look over with shocked expressions.

Di Wu had finally arrived!

It had taken him quite some time to devour the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and the power of the thirteen Territory Lords who had fallen.

Fortunately, there was a Great Array sealing this place so Yang Kai couldn’t escape, so he wasn’t in a hurry.

This could be considered the first Pseudo-Royal Lord born from the Black Ink Clan’s Fusion Technique, so the Territory Lords were all very curious about his current situation.

After a brief examination, their expressions all changed.

This was because Di Wu’s aura was as deep as the sea, and just from his aura alone, Di Wu seemed to be stronger than even the true Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, but all the Territory Lords knew that this was just a facade.

The stronger Di Wu’s aura seems, the more unstable his condition is.

The reason why the Royal Lord’s aura was not visible was because they could perfectly control their own strength. This kind of aura leaking out was obviously a sign that he could not control his own strength.

This was also understandable. No matter how powerful an Innate Territory Lord was, there was still a limit to their strength. After suddenly obtaining a strength far beyond their own, even if they spent two years, it would still be difficult for them to fully grasp it. Perhaps they would never be able to grasp it in their entire lives, otherwise they wouldn’t have been called a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but a true Royal Lord.

Even so, many Innate Territory Lords were extremely envious. When they were born, their strength was already fixed, who wouldn’t want to become stronger?

In particular, the final decisive battle between the Human and Black Ink Clans was unavoidable. In the face of this great calamity that swept through the entire universe, every bit of strength they possessed was more than enough to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, this was not something they could be envious of. The birth of a Pseudo-Royal Lord meant the destruction of a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and the return of more than ten Innate Territory Lords. Unless it was absolutely necessary, the Black Ink Clan could not mass produce a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

A moment later, a dark mass of darkness appeared in front of them. Even the Innate Territory Lords couldn’t see Di Wu’s true appearance at this moment. His entire body was wrapped in a thick ink-like aura, causing all the Territory Lords’ hearts to palpitate.

Originally, Di Wu was a relatively steady person amongst the Territory Lords, but now he was like a vicious beast that had been trapped for countless years, wanting to devour others.

“Where is he?” Di Wu’s hoarse voice came from within the ink-like aura.

The Innate Territory Lord closest to him quickly pointed, “He should still be in the Ancestral Land.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the ink-like aura flew straight down. A moment later, a violent vibration seemed to come from below, accompanied by Di Wu’s roar, “Get out here!”

The earth shook and the violent shockwaves caused the surrounding void to ripple. The great array was also affected, causing many Territory Lords to quickly stabilize themselves.

Inside the Ancestral Land, Di Wu was like a tireless child, recklessly venting the immense power he had suddenly obtained.

But soon, Di Wu, who was inside the ink-like aura, noticed something was wrong.

He could clearly feel a strong sense of malice coming from all directions, as if the entire world was rejecting him.

If this was all there was to it, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but the strange force in this world was actually suppressing him greatly!

Ancestral Qi! The most primitive power of the Holy Spirits, Di Wu was naturally aware of this. However, he had never been to the Ancestral Land before, so he had never known that the Ancestral Qi in this world was so rich.

With his status as a Pseudo-Royal Lord, even if he couldn’t display his full strength, dealing with Yang Kai, an Eighth Grade Open Heaven, was no longer an issue.

However, under the suppression of the rich Ancestral Qi around him, his strength was greatly suppressed, only slightly stronger than before.

This kind of strength was not enough to deal with the infamous Yang Kai.

Originally full of confidence, he had rushed down here, but now he suddenly felt somewhat nervous, making him feel quite awkward. In this kind of situation, not to mention killing Yang Kai, it would be good if he didn’t get killed.

Looking left and right, he waited carefully for Yang Kai to appear.

Fortunately, nothing happened.

Frowning slightly, he scanned his surroundings.

Sensing that the Ancestral Qi in this place was converging towards a certain direction.

'Is that guy still cultivating?' Di Wu pondered for a moment before coming to this conclusion.

If it was any other time, he would have interrupted him while he was cultivating. As an enemy, he naturally couldn’t sit back and watch him grow stronger. This Human Race’s Killing Star was already strong enough, so if he continued to grow stronger, it would only become worse.

However, the current situation gave him another plan.

Since Yang Kai was absorbing the Ancestral Qi to cultivate, maybe he can let him act as he pleased. The Ancestral Qi in this world couldn’t be endless, so every time Yang Kai cultivated for a while, the Ancestral Qi would decrease slightly. When the Ancestral Qi in this world completely disappeared, the suppression on him would no longer exist, allowing him to exert his full strength.

Although Yang Kai would also become stronger because of this, as long as he did not break through to the Ninth Order, Di Wu was confident he could defeat him.

Could Yang Kai break through to the Ninth Order?

Naturally, this was impossible. This guy was already at his Eighth Order limit, the Black Ink Clan definitely wouldn’t make a mistake with this information, otherwise they wouldn’t have agreed to negotiate peace with the Human Race.

Having made up his mind, Di Wu didn’t stay any longer and flew back out of the Spirit Array.

Seeing so many pairs of eyes staring at him, Di Wu couldn’t help feeling somewhat embarrassed. Fortunately, he was hiding in the ink-like aura so the Territory Lords couldn’t see him.

“I still haven’t fully comprehended all of my strength yet, so I’ll let him remain here for a few more days. Once I have fully integrated my strength, I’ll kill him!”

These words made it seem like he was trying to conceal something, so how could the Territory Lords not know what Di Wu was thinking? Although they were secretly laughing in their hearts, they didn’t dare show any disrespect on their faces, “Sir Di Wu can make the decision, we will monitor Yang Kai’s movements closely.”

Di Wu nodded slightly, “If there is anything unusual, inform me immediately!”

Saying so, he turned around and flew to the side, silently familiarizing himself with his own strength. Although he had spent two years absorbing the power of the Ink Nest and the thirteen Territory Lords, he had not cultivated it himself after all, so the various forces in his body were somewhat conflicting, which was one of the reasons why he was unable to display his full strength.

If he allowed Yang Kai to continue cultivating, he could also slowly polish the strength that did not belong to him and become stronger.

At this moment, in the depths of the Ancestral Land, Yang Kai was still using his connection with the aura of the Ancestral Land to trace back the past of this world, but in that moment, there seemed to be some external force interfering with his state.


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 03, 2023

Are we gonna ignore the fact that supposedly his level in time principle is equal to his level of space... But we only see him use the time one with the moon and sun attach (space ansd time) and not even once did he use time alone... While his sister and Yang Xiao could literally reverse time... Or make someone age instantly... Whyyyyy??

Replying to

His level of space is higher than his time principle... level and comprehension of a certain skill in a particular Doa is different YK is focus on many Doa which he normally use in conjunction with space or his spear Doa, Yang Xiao Only focuses on time while their level is Lower their comprehension on the usage of time Doa is higher since that's all they focus on Yang Xiao have been using time since the day he was born and his sister since she was a toddler. They condense time as their Doa seal YK condense space so they have a natural advantage. Also I dont think understand what his sister and Yang Xiao does is not rewind …


Erik Bakker
Erik Bakker
Apr 03, 2023

Okay… so they started this elaborate plan to finally stop yang kai because he might get as strong as the white dragon that once passed by that was stronger then a 9th order. But now as they see he’s just cultivating they just let him be because they know he cannot reach 9th stage anyway…

makes sense…

Apr 07, 2023
Replying to

I think the black ink clan just doesn't know that his dragon vein and the 8th order restriction have nothing to do with each other😂

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