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Along with the activation of the array flags, the various array foundations began to intertwine with one another, forming an invisible force that passed through the positions of the Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple and the twelve Innate Territory Lords.

After a series of earth-shattering explosions, the Great Array was formed.

In an instant, the space where the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was located was completely enveloped by the great array, isolating it from the outside world.

It was only at this moment that the Seventh Order Array Master let out a long sigh of relief. What he feared the most was that Yang Kai would be able to detect him before the Array was fully formed. Now that the Array had been formed, no matter how proficient Yang Kai was in the Space Principle, no matter how good he was at escaping, it was impossible for him to escape.

The only way was to break through the Spirit Array, but now that the Spirit Array had appeared, it was easier said than done.

With a solemn look on his face, he used the array flag in his hand to send out a voice transmission, “The Great Array has been completed and the void has changed. That thief must have noticed something, so please be careful.”

If anyone else had fallen into the Four Gates and Eighth Palaces Formation, they might not have noticed anything. This time, to be safe, they had mobilized a total of twelve Innate Territory Lords to completely seal off the Ancestral Land.

However, Yang Kai was different. This guy was proficient in the Space Principle. This kind of disturbance would definitely not escape his senses.

Therefore, after the old man’s reminder, the group of Territory Lords all became nervous and focused, their Divine Senses scanning their surroundings, fearing that Yang Kai would suddenly appear.

However, after waiting for an entire day, nothing happened.

After waiting for another day, there is still no movement.

With the help of the array flag in their hands, the group of Territory Lords continued to communicate with each other through voice transmissions, not knowing what Yang Kai was up to.

One of the Territory Lords questioned, “Is that guy really here?”

He couldn’t be blamed for being so suspicious. If Yang Kai was really here, how could he not have made any movements? According to his arrogant and overbearing attitude towards the Black Ink Clan, if he really found out that the world he was in had been sealed off, he would definitely make a scene.

Even if he didn’t make a big fuss, he would at least show his face and not be so silent.

There was more than one Territory Lord who suspected this.

The voice of another Territory Lord quickly came from the Array Flag, “He should be here. When I went to investigate before, he is obviously the one causing the anomaly in the Ancestral Land.”

“Have you seen him with your own eyes?”

“Of course not.” Because he didn’t dare to expose his whereabouts, the Territory Lord had been very careful when he came to investigate. He didn’t dare to look too closely because if his investigation alarmed Yang Kai, he couldn’t bear the responsibility.

“Let’s wait a bit longer, perhaps he’s secretly investigating.”

The Territory Lords continued to wait.

After a few more days, Yang Kai was still nowhere to be seen. All of these signs indicated that Yang Kai was no longer in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. If so, what have they worked so hard for here?

After another series of voice transmissions, they decided to send someone to investigate the situation carefully. Previously, they didn’t dare to expose themsleves because they were afraid that Yang Kai would notice something, but now that the Great Array was already formed, even if they didn’t expose themselves, it was already exposed, so it didn’t matter if they investigated it or not.

However, no one was able to come up with an answer.

Yang Kai was known for his viciousness. In the past, when Territory Lords encountered him, if they didn’t take the initiative to attack, they would still be able to survive. But now, they had even used the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Great Array, obviously wanting to deal with him. If they were to encounter him again, they would definitely suffer.

As such, the Territory Lords all tried to refuse, none of them willing to enter the Ancestral Land.

Fortunately, at this moment, the million strong Black Ink Clan army that had followed them from the No-Return Pass also arrived, so the Territory Lords selected a Feudal Lord and led a group of three thousand soldiers towards the Ancestral Land.

The unlucky Feudal Lord felt depressed, but there was nothing he could do, so he could only obey.

Moving forward carefully, it didn’t take long for them to arrive above the Ancestral Land. Before they even landed, the Feudal Lord felt a suppressive force coming from all directions.

He had never felt this kind of power before, but under the suppression of this power, the Ink Force in his body actually began to circulate in a sluggish manner, causing his Feudal Lord aura to slip slightly.

This change startled him, causing him to immediately stop and look around.

The three thousand Black Ink Clan he had brought with him all wore ugly expressions.

Was this the suppression of the Ancestral Qi? This Feudal Lord’s expression became extremely solemn.

He was aware that there was Ancestral Qi in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. After all, there were many Black Ink Clan stationed on this piece of land. It was said that the Ancestral Qi in the Ancestral Land had a certain degree of suppressing effect to the Ink Force. The lower the strength of the Black Ink Clan stationed here, the more uncomfortable they felt.

However, he hadn’t expected this kind of suppression to be so obvious. This was only the periphery, and he hadn’t even entered the Ancestral Land yet, what if he was inside?

Although he felt uneasy, he didn’t dare disobey the Territory Lord’s orders, so he could only brace himself and lead the many Black Ink Clan soldiers down.

Sure enough, the closer they got to the Ancestral Land, the more obvious the suppression became. This Feudal Lord’s aura was constantly weakening, as if there was some kind of invisible force suppressing his strength.

When he finally stepped onto the Ancestral Land, this Feudal Lord’s expression had become extremely solemn, and with a slight push of his strength, he discovered that he was no different from a High Rank Black Ink Clan master. The rich Ancestral Qi around him actually suppressed his strength by a level.

If he was already like this, the reaction of the three thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers was even more obvious.

Moreover, the lower one’s strength was, the more obvious the suppression would be. Some of the Black Ink Clan soldiers could no longer bear the pain and roared.

The Feudal Lord was secretly shocked. How could he not know that this land was somewhat abnormal?

Enduring the discomfort, he looked around for a while but found nothing, then led his troops away.

It wasn’t until they had left the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land that the feeling of being suppressed gradually faded away. After reporting the discovery of this expedition, the Territory Lords all frowned.

The Holy Spirit Ancestral Land’s suppression was so strong? Then how did Qing Fu and Mu Yu manage to stay here?

Unfortunately, these two had already been devoured by the Ink Nest, otherwise if they had called them over to take a look, they would definitely have found something.

“They’re dead, but their Feudal Lord is still alive, just call them over to ask,” A Territory Lord said.

This was also a good idea. Among the million strong army that had come with them, one of the Feudal Lords who had previously been stationed in the Ancestral Land was immediately summoned and asked about the situation before. After comparing it with the current situation in the Ancestral Land, the Territory Lords finally confirmed that although the Ancestral Land had Ancestral Qi before, it was definitely not as rich. Now that the Ancestral Land had obviously undergone some kind of change, it was very likely that this change was caused by someone.

In other words, Yang Kai was still in the Ancestral Land, but no one knew where he was hiding.

Should they search for him?

Now that there were a million Black Ink Clan soldiers, if they were to scatter them into the Ancestral Land, there was a great chance they could find Yang Kai hiding in the dark, but how would they deal with him after they found him?

After another round of discussion, the Territory Lords decided to wait and see.

In any case, what they could confirm now was that Yang Kai was still in the Ancestral Land. As long as he was there, he would not be able to escape.

What’s more, before setting out, the Royal Lord had also ordered that when Di Wu came, he would take charge of the situation here, it would be best to wait for him to come. Di Wu had successfully fuse himself with the Ink Nest and become a Pseudo-Royal Lord. As long as he could completely digest the power of the Ink Nest and the thirteen Innate Territory Lords, it would be enough to deal with Yang Kai.

With this decision made, all the Territory Lords relaxed and quietly waited.

At this time, Yang Kai had already sunk deep into the ground of the Ancestral Land. This was not something he had taken the initiative to do. Originally, the position of stepson has been changed to biological son, but now he had become the beloved son of this Ancestral Land old mother. As if sensing his thirst for power, the Ancestral Land old mother had finally shown her affection for him.

He transformed into a seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon and began absorbing and refining the Ancestral Qi on the Ancestral Land, purifying his Dragon Vein, completely forgetting himself as his body involuntarily sank into the Ancestral Land, seemingly about to fuse with it.

This was naturally not like the Black Ink Clan’s method of assimilating and devouring one another, but rather because the Ancestral Land old mother had opened her arms to him and was pouring a massive amount of energy into his body.

The Dragon Vein was constantly purified, and its effects were far more outstanding than cultivating in the Dragon Pond.

Yang Kai was completely immersed in this matter. Not to mention the Four Gates and Eighth Palaces Formation the Black Ink Clan had set up outside, even if the Black Ink Clan came to the Ancestral Land to investigate, he would not have noticed.

As time passed, the feeling of merging with the Ancestral Land became more obvious, as if he had become the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and his will had suddenly become ancient and magnificent.

As the Dragon Vein progressed, a mysterious power began to spread from his body, gradually resonating with the entire Ancestral Land.

This is the power of Time Principle.

The Great Dao Natural Talent of the Dragon Clan is Time Principle. When a Dragon Clan’s bloodline purity reached a certain level, they would naturally be able to utilize the Time Principle. The reason Yang Kai was able to achieve such accomplishments in the Time Principle was most likely because he possessed the Dragon Vein.

But now, this trace of Time Principle seemed to have triggered some kind of miraculous change.

His will is still there, but because of the fusion with the Ancestral Land, it had become empty and boundless, and his originally rich emotions had gradually become indifferent and empty.

He suddenly saw a strange scene.

Many Black Ink Clan were currently investigating something on the Ancestral Land before quickly leaving. What surprised him was that these Black Ink Clan’s actions were extremely strange, as if they were retreating…

As his consciousness spread out, he saw a strange array suddenly form in the void outside the Ancestral Land, sealing off the vast void. He also saw a few Black Ink Disciple busy with many Territory Lords following them.

Two more Territory Lords suddenly appeared outside the Ancestral Land’s perimeter, and after a quick investigation, they hurriedly fled. These two Territory Lords seemed to be the two he had let go earlier.

He also saw another Territory Lord who was resurrected from the dead, whose head was broken by his finger thrust, dying on the spot. Immediately after that, he saw the scene where this Territory Lord came back to life and fought him.

As the scenes changed, Yang Kai’s mood remained calm, as if he was a bystander witnessing everything that had happened in the Ancestral Land. Even when he saw himself killing the Territory Lord, his mood remained unchanged.

He suddenly realized that time was reversing.


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