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On the Skeleton Throne, the Royal Lord gently tapped his fingers, seemingly hesitating. After a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked down, “Di Wu, you go.”

It was directed towards the first Territory Lord to announce his willingness.

Di Wu’s expression was filled with joy as he thanked the Royal Lord for his kindness. Clasping his fists together, he solemnly declared, “I will not disappoint the Royal Lord's trust!”

Turning around resolutely, he strode out of the hall.

The remaining Territory Lords glanced at each other and smiled wryly, but none of them could stop him, nor would they blame the Royal Lord for being unfair.

When the Royal Lord first asked who was willing to return to the Ink Nest, Di Wu was the first to step forward. He was far more responsible and courageous than the other Territory Lords. The Royal Lord also greatly admired such a Territory Lord. Obviously, from that moment on, the Royal Lord had decided to let Di Wu obtain the final results.

All the Territory Lords who had gone to perform the Fusion Technique had only been paving the way for him.

Now that the Royal Lord had allowed Di Wu to go, it undoubtedly meant that even the Royal Lord felt that the time had come. If he didn’t allow Di Wu to go now, there would be no chance.

One after another, they use their Divine Sense to sense the situation of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. After entering, Di Wu did not delay and quickly used the Fusion Technique to allow the Ink Nest to swallow his body, leaving only his aura.

However, this time, his aura did not weaken and instead continued to fight against the Ink Nest, lasting longer than any of the previous Territory Lords.

The Territory Lords looked around with mixed feelings, hoping Di Wu would succeed and hoping he would fail at the same time.

If he succeeded, this would be the first Black Ink Clan Pseudo-Royal Lord to be born from the Fusion Technique, and it would be of great significance to the entire Black Ink Clan. If he failed, it wouldn’t matter, at least the other Territory Lords would have a chance.

A few days later, the battle between the two auras suddenly stabilized, and the Royal Lord sitting on the throne raised his brow and smiled, “Success!”

The Territory Lords below quickly congratulated.

It was indeed a success. Di Wu had undoubtedly swallowed the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, along with the strength of the thirteen Territory Lords sacrificed before. As long as he was given a little more time, he would be able to break through the shackles of Innate Territory Lord and become a Royal Lord-level powerhouse.

It shouldn’t take too long.

For a Pseudo-Royal Lord, they had sacrificed one Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and 13 Innate Territory Lord. Whether it is a profit or a loss, no one can tell.

However, if they could use this brand new power to kill Yang Kai, then the Black Ink Clan would profit greatly.

With the overall situation settled, it was time to make some arrangements.

While the Royal Lord's Divine Sense surged, several Human Race Black Ink Disciple quickly walked in from outside the hall, all of whom had the strength of Seventh Order Open Heaven. When they arrived in the hall, they all bowed down.

The Royal Lord leaned forward slightly and looked at one of the people, an old man, “How is the Four Gates and Eight Palace Formation that you have been asked to deduce?”

The old man quickly replied, “It has long since been completed and many of the Spirit Array Foundation and Flags have been refined.” His expression changed slightly, “Does Royal Lord want to use this Spirit Array?”

Over the years, the number of Black Ink Disciple inked by the Black Ink Clan is not small, but there were only a few who were proficient in the Dao of Arrays. These few people in front of him were already the few most proficient in the Dao of Arrays.

For more than two thousand years, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had placed them in the No-Return Pass. sheltered under his wings, allowing them to create a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array, in case of emergency.

Although the Royal Lord hadn’t said who this array will be used to deal with, these Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples weren’t fools and could still obtain some information that wasn’t classified.

This kind of Spirit Array that could seal the Heavens and lock the Earth, it is not enough to jsut deduce it. In the early stages, just refining these Spirit Array Flags would require a massive amount of resources, and it would require a master to control them.

After paying such a great price, the person they were dealing with was naturally no small matter, and he was definitely one of the most troublesome characters to deal with.

Among the many Eighth Order Human Race masters, only one person could make the Black Ink Clan treat him so seriously.

However, it wasn’t easy to set up this Spirit Array. Once they alerted the enemy, he would easily be able to escape before the Spirit Array was fully formed.

Therefore, although they could control this Spirit Array and had prepared it well, they had not been able to use it.

Unexpectedly, the Royal Lord had summoned them today.

Listening to the old man’s question, the Royal Lord lightly said, “That’s right, Yang Kai is now trapped in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, seemingly immersed in cultivation. This is a good opportunity to deal with him.”

“The Holy Spirit Ancestral Land!” The old man’s face turned pale, “The Royal Lord wants to use this Spirit Array to seal off the world there.”

“Is it possible?” The Royal Lord stared at the old man with a dignified expression.

The old man didn’t dare to say no. Looking at the Royal Lord’s stance, if he were to utter a single word of refusal, he was afraid his blood would spurt out.

He quickly replied, “Yes, if he is truly immersed in cultivation, there is still a great chance. However, the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land is vast, so if we want to seal the heavens and lock the earth, I’m afraid we won’t be able to do so with just the few of us. We will need Sir Royal Lord to dispatch some Territory Lords to assist us in controlling the Great Array.”

“How much do you need?”

“Eight, no, ten Territory Lords!”

The Royal Lord lightly said, “I’ll give you twenty Innate Territory Lords, this trip can only end in success, you must not fail!”

The old man was shocked. Twenty Innate Territory Lords attacking together just to deal with one person? This was truly a big deal, but from this, it could be seen just how much the Black Ink Clan feared this person.

Yang Kai’s name was well known to him, but although he was strong, if he were to fall into the Great Array, he wouldn’t be able to stir up any trouble, so the old man immediately complied, “Yes!”

The Royal Lord then pointed out twenty Territory Lords from the Territory Lords below, “All of you follow and coordinate with the Great Array. Before Di Wu arrives, do not act rashly. When Di Wu arrives, he will take charge of the situation.”

The Territory Lords all complied, “Yes!”

“Go.” The Royal Lord waved his hand, and the twenty Territory Lords and the several Seventh Order Array Masters immediately left the hall.

Looking out of the hall, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s face became gloomy. Although he couldn’t personally kill Yang Kai to appease his anger, compared to the Black Ink Clan’s great plan to unify the Heavens, his slight dissatisfaction was nothing.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had lost more than ten Territory Lords after using the Fusion Technique, he wouldn’t have only sent out twenty Territory Lords this time, but thirty!

When dealing with someone like Yang Kai, it was fine if he didn’t take action, but once he did, they had to kill him in one blow.

After this battle, the Black Ink Clan would no longer have any scruples, and the so-called agreement between the two races would become meaningless.

The group of Black Ink Clan masters left the No-Return Pass, and not long after, an army of a million Black Ink Clan masters was led out by a group of Feudal Lords.

They also wanted to go to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, but their speed was quite slow, so the Territory Lords took the lead. After all, no one knew how long Yang Kai would remain in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. If they were late and Yang Kai left, it would be a waste of time.

In just over twenty days, the group of masters passed through the Divine Ability Sea and arrived at the periphery of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

Although there were many of them, none of them dared to easily expose their whereabouts or auras, lest Yang Kai discover them, so a Territory Lord who is proficient in concealment will first check the situation.

Not long after, the Territory Lord returned and explained what he had seen. Inside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, strange phenomena appeared one after another, causing a great disturbance. Obviously, Yang Kai was still immersed in his cultivation.

This caused the other Territory Lords to heave a sigh of relief.

The Seventh Order Old Man chuckled lightly, “This child is really seeking his own death, causing such a ruckus while cultivating, which is what we need to conceal our arrangement.”

“Enough nonsense, quickly tell us what to do,” One of the Territory Lords said impatiently.

An existence like Black Ink Disciple didn’t have much status in front of the Black Ink Clan, not to mention the fact that all of them were Innate Territory Lord masters. These Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple weren’t worthy of their attention, but if they were to set up a great array, it wouldn’t be enough without them.

The Black Ink Clan was completely ignorant of the Dao of Arrays.

“Yes, yes, yes.” The Sseventh Order old man immediately bowed and politely said, “Please follow me.”

Saying so, he flew forward.

On the way here, he had already told the various Territory Lords about the basic information about the Great Array and even distributed a jade slip to each of the Territory Lords so they could comprehend it. However, although these Territory Lords were strong, comprehending the Spirit Array Formation was a bit difficult for them, so even though more than twenty days had passed, the Territory Lords still had a vague understanding of the Four Gates and Eighth Palace Formation.

If possible, the old man would rather find some Sixth or Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple to assist him in setting up the Spirit Array than these Innate Territory Lords.

However, relying on their powerful strength to increase the power of the Spirit Array was difficult.

For now, he could only teach them step by step, hoping that these Territory Lords’ temper wasn’t too bad.

Under the guidance of the Seventh Order Old Man, the various Territory Lords stood in the position the old man had arranged for them, each of them holding an Array Flag. The old man also arranged many Spirit Array Foundations along the way, allowing the other Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples to occupy more important nodes.

This side had been busy for more than ten days, so the old man was also quite exhausted, secretly rejoicing that the Royal Lord had sent him twenty Territory Lords.

He had thought that at most ten Territory Lords would be enough, but now that he was here, he realized he had underestimated the vastness of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

In order to completely seal off this world, a total of twelve Innate Territory Lords and several Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples had been mobilized.

Fortunately, Yang Kai, who had been cultivating in the Ancestral Land these past few days, had not noticed the changes in the outside world and was still immersed in his cultivation.

After everything was prepared, the old man secretly breathed a sigh of relief and stood in the air, at an important node of the Great Array. With a solemn look on his face, he took out an Array Flag and poured his strength into it, causing it to shake violently.

In an instant, the power of heaven and earth surged.

All around the void, the various nodes and array foundations began to resonate. The Territory Lords who had been waiting anxiously all this time also began to pour their power into the array flags in their hands.


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