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There were also two big bumps on his forehead, as if something was trying to crawl out, even his butt was itching.

Yang Kai did not activate the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, but his body showed signs of taking the initiative to transform into a Dragon. This kind of situation had not occurred even when he had entered the Dragon Pond to cultivate.

The Dragon Pond was, after all, a secret place of the Dragon Clan and was useless to other Holy Spirits who weren’t from the Dragon Clan, but the Ancestral Qi was beneficial to all Holy Spirits.

In comparison, the Ancestral Qi was undoubtedly more primitive and violent.

A loud Dragon Roar rang out and a golden light burst out. From where Yang Kai was standing, a giant Golden Dragon appeared. Since he couldn’t suppress it, he could only let nature take its course.

In an instant, the influx of Ancestral Qi became fiercer. The Golden Dragon shook its head and tail, its dragon scales trembling as it felt its entire body itch. It could clearly feel the growth of its body, and as it grew, a great sense of joy filled its heart.

Ever since he had entered the Dragon Pond to cultivate and obtained the body of an Ancient Dragon, his Dragon Clan’s bloodline had been progressing slowly over the years. Now, after nearly three thousand years, it had only grown to less than a thousand zhang. This was mainly because he didn’t have time to purify his Dragon Vein. Moreover, after cultivating the Dragon Vein to his current level, it was extremely difficult for it to grow again, unless he entered the Dragon Pond to cultivate.

However, Fu Guang had been healing his injuries in the Dragon Pond, and after Fu Guang came out of seclusion, Yang Kai had also been cultivating in seclusion, so he had no time to go to the Dragon Pond.

But now, with the power of the Ancestral Land pouring in from all directions, Yang Kai’s Dragon Body was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye, just like when he was cultivating in the Dragon Pond.

This was useless for his Open Heaven Stage cultivation, but the increase in the Dragon Vein’s power was also a result of his own strength.

Yang Kai suddenly felt that this trip had not been in vain, so he completely gave up thinking about that First Light.

In the Ancestral Land, as the winds and clouds raged and the Ancestral Qi surged, the two Innate Territory Lords who had escaped from the Ancestral Land led a large group of Black Ink Clans back to the No-Return Pass.

On the tall throne, the only Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan sat upright, his face pale as he listened to the reports of the two Territory Lords below.

These throne were built from massive bones, each of which had a beautiful light flowing through them.

This was not an ordinary bones, but a Holy Spirit Bone.

After countless years of war, there were also casualties. Some of the dead Holy Spirits were collected by the Human Race’s allies, while others were seized by the Black Ink Clan to build the throne.

Such a huge throne. The bones used are probably no less than ten thousands. It is conceivable how many Holy Spirits have been killed in these years, especially when the No-Return Pass was breached. Many Dragon and Phoenix Clan also died at that battle.

In the last battle of the Spatial Territory, the current Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had also died in battle.

Although the Royal Lord didn’t release any pressure and only listened quietly, the two Territory Lords below him were like in a thorny road. Fleeing without a fight was a crime. They were responsible for guarding the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, and after an Innate Territory Lord was killed, they didn’t even fight with Yang Kai before hurriedly fleeing and abandoning their precious Territory Lord-level Ink Nest. Such a crime was enough to condemn them to eternal damnation.

Of course, to the Black Ink Clan, an Innate Territory Lord was also a precious talent. Over the years, many Innate Territory Lords had died in battle and their numbers had greatly decreased, so the Royal Lord would not casually kill them. The greatest possibility was that they would be sent to the battlefield where the masters of the two races fought in the Six Great Domains Battlefields.

On both sides of the hall stood two rows of Territory Lords, all of them Innate Territory Lords. Although the Black Ink Clan now had many Promoted Territory Lords, these Promoted Territory Lords were either fighting with Human Race masters on the battlefield to improve themselves or were cultivating in the Ink Nest to absorb the Ink Force.

Only an Innate Territory Lord’s strength was fixed when they were born, so they seemed to have nothing to do.

At this moment, most of the Territory Lords wore sympathetic expressions. All these years, they had all heard of Yang Kai’s name. It was already good enough that they had come back alive after encountering the Human Race’s Killing Star. Of course, it was also because he was concerned about the agreement between the two races and didn’t dare to easily break it, otherwise, these two would likely be dead.

After explaining what had happened, the two Territory Lords anxiously waited for the order from above.

After a long time, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord asked, “Did Yang Kai enter the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land?”

“Yes,” A Territory Lord with a pair of wings on his back like a giant bat replied respectfully.

“What is he doing there?” The Royal Lord asked again, recalling the appearance of the human race who had escaped from his hands two thousand years ago.

The Territory Lord lowered his head in a trembling voice, “I don’t know.”

The Royal Lord frowned. Speaking of which, he had met Yang Kai twice.

The first time was when Yang Kai led the remnants of the Human Race’s army to attack the No-Return Pass. At that time, he had relied on the Azure Void Pass’s Old Ancestor’s corpse and Monster Ox’s strength to carve a bloody path through the Black Ink Clan’s masters, sending many of the Human Race’s remnants into the Spatial Territory.

The other time was when he had rushed back from the Ink Battlefield alone, but this time, he had destroyed six Rotal Lord-level Ink Nests and killed several Innate Territory Lords before finally escaping.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was furious, but there was nothing he could do.

But soon, he heard news about Yang Kai from the frontline battlefield. Over the years, countless Territory Lords had died at his hands, and this fellow had become a great threat to the Black Ink Clan.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this person was destined to be unable to break through to the Ninth Order, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would have killed him no matter what. As an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, he was already capable of causing such a ruckus. If he had a chance to break through to the Ninth Order, what would happen? At that time, even he wouldn’t be his opponent.

It was also because they knew that Yang Kai was destined to be unable to break through to the Ninth Order that the Black Ink Clan had slightly suppressed their desire to kill him and maintained the peace agreement with the Human Race. Both races needed time to settle down and accumulate their strength.

As long as enough Royal Lords were born on the Black Ink Clan’s side in the future, no matter how much trouble Yang Kai caused as an Eighth Order, it would not affect the overall situation.

Of course, if there was a chance to kill Yang Kai, the Black Ink Clan would not miss it.

So when he heard that Yang Kai had entered the Black Ink Clan’s Ancestral Land, this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord realized that this might be an opportunity.

Over the years, Yang Kai had been searching for something, passing through one Great Domains after another, but whether it was the Black Ink Clan or the Human Race, none of them knew what he was looking for.

No matter what his goal was, it was destined to be detrimental to the Black Ink Clan.

If they could surround and kill Yang Kai in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, all of his plans would be for naught, and the Black Ink Clan would no longer have any constraints. They would be able to break the agreement between the two races and restart the war in the various Great Domain Battlefields! By suppressing the movements of the Human Race, they would no longer have the energy to accumulate strength. One day, the Black Ink Clan would be able to completely annihilate the Human Race.

No matter how powerful an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was, he was destined to be no match for a Royal Lord. The key was that this guy was proficient in the Space Principle and was proficient in escaping. If he couldn’t defeat the enemy, he could just run.

This was how he escaped from him last time.

In order to deal with such a person, one had to seal the heavens and lock the earth, completely blocking all of his escape routes. Only then would there be a chance to kill him!

With this thought in mind, the Royal Lord looked down at the two Territory Lords and said, “Go back and see what he is doing.”

The two Innate Territory Lords’ mouths were filled with bitterness. Although they were terrified and uneasy, they didn’t dare disobey the Royal Lord’s orders, so they could only grit their teeth and retreat.

A month later, outside the Ancestral Land, the figures of the two Territory Lords appeared, their expressions bitter as they hesitated.

Secretly praying that Yang Kai had already left the Ancestral Land, otherwise how could they explain themselves if the were to bump into Yang Kai? Could it be that they were here to visit the killing star?

However, although they were nervous, they weren’t too frightened. If Yang Kai wanted to maintain the agreement between the two races, he wouldn’t take the initiative to attack them, so although this trip was somewhat dangerous, there was no danger to their lives.

Carefully approaching the Ancestral Land, the two Territory Lords soon noticed that something was wrong. This Holy Spirit Ancestral Land seemed to have undergone a massive change compared to when they had been guarding it. The entire Ancestral Land seemed to be filled with an inexplicable power that was surging violently.

Originally, they had been carefully concealing their figures and auras so as not to expose themselves, but after seeing the Ancestral Land’s appearance, they became much bolder. Releasing their Divine Sense to investigate, they felt the changes in the Ancestral Land.

All of the energy was converging towards a certain direction, where a faint golden light could be seen. It was as if a giant creature was slumbering in the clouds.

Through the clouds, one could vaguely make out the figure of a Dragon Clan.

Yang Kai!

According to the intelligence gathered by the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai being able to transform into a Dragon Clan was not a secret. After all, there were many hidden Black Ink Disciple currently serving the Black Ink Clan.

The two Territory Lords glanced at each other, a look of ecstasy appearing on their faces as they suddenly realized why the Royal Lord wanted them to return here.

Silently retreating, they quickly rushed back to the No-Return Pass.

This time, in less than a month, they had returned to the No-Return Pass and once again knelt before the Royal Lord in the throne, reporting what they had seen this time.

The Black Ink Clan Royal Lord sneered, “As expected!”

Previously, when he heard that Yang Kai had gone to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, he had made many associations, but now it seemed that Yang Kai really was cultivating there. It was said that the power of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was extremely beneficial to the Holy Spirit.

“Have you been exposed?” The Royal Lord asked again.

The bat-like Territory Lord quickly shook his head, “No, Yang Kai seems to be completely immersed in his cultivation and has yet to perceive his surroundings.”

“Very good.” The Royal Lord nodded with satisfaction, gently tapping the back of his chair with his fingers before raising his eyes to look down, “Qing Fu, Mu Yu, don’t say this Royal Lord won’t give you a chance to redeem yourselves. The two of you will soon enter the Ink Nest, for a fusion!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of all the Territory Lords changed.

The two Territory Lords below, Qing Fu and Mu Yu, trembled as they looked up at their Royal Lord in horror. Mu Yu immediately cried out in horror, “My Lord, please spare us!”

It was as if the so-called fusion was a hopeless situation.

Although Qing Fu didn’t say anything, his face was filled with sadness.

The Royal Lord didn’t get angry and simply looked down indifferently, “If you can survive, it will be your fortune. If you can’t survive, it’s your fate. Go!”


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