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A moment later, the countless Black Ink Clan on the Ancestral Land had all been wiped out, leaving behind only large and small Ink Nests.

Even after leaving the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, the Black Ink Clan didn’t dare to stay any longer. Who knew if the Human Race’s Killing Star would suddenly appear and kill them all?

Under the leadership of the two Innate Territory Lords, the large group of Black Ink Clan cultivators fled into the distance.

In the sky above the Ancestral Land, Yang Kai rode the wind and silently felt the subtle changes in the world.

When he first came to the Ancestral Land, it was like he was a wanderer returning to his homeland, but now, this world seemed to recognize him.

Was it because he had driven away the Black Ink Clan who had committed such atrocities here? Yang Kai didn’t know, but the sense of recognition he felt from this world couldn’t be faked. With his current Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation and and his seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon Dragon Vein, no matter how subtle these changes were, he could still clearly feel them.

If the Ancestral Land was a mother, then all the Holy Spirits would be its children. In ancient times, this world had given birth to generations of Holy Spirits that had once ruled the Heavens.

Because of this, the number of children of this mother in the Ancestral Land was quite high, and the variety was also quite large.

When the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, the Ancestral Land was not spared. All of the Holy Spirits were forced to leave this place, leaving the Ancestral Land alone to defend itself. [MSN: That's sad for some reason.]

The Black Ink Clan who lived in the Ancestral Land were the evil invaders who had invaded this place. They had incubated many Ink Nests here in an attempt to convert this world, which had been passed down since ancient times, into the territory of the Black Ink Clan. This might allow them to unravel the secrets of the Holy Spirit Force’s ability to restrain the Ink Force, allowing them to target it.

The old and lonely Mother was powerless to stop them and could only silently resist until Yang Kai rushed over and beat away all the Black Ink Clan members.

The Ancestral Land’s Will recognized Yang Kai’s actions.

Yang Kai came from an unorthodox background and was originally just an ordinary human race. It was only by chance that he obtained a portion of the Golden Divine Dragon’s Source. Coincidentally, this Golden Divine Dragon was also the Third Generation Dragon Emperor.

After so many years of constantly improving his bloodline and cultivating in the Dragon Pond, he had managed to purify his bloodline and transform into a true Dragon Clan. Even the Dragon Race's Dragon Record, he had the qualifications to leave his name there.

However, to the mother of the Ancestral Land, Yang Kai was at most a stepson. Compared to her own children, he naturally didn’t receive much love. This was the same for human race, no matter how useless their biological children were, they were still their own.

However, after Yang Kai’s actions today, this stepson of her had become somewhat similar to her own son.

At this moment, when the Ancestral Land was at its most isolated and helpless, it was difficult for even the Holy Spirit to do anything to help it, yet Yang Kai had managed to drive away all the evildoers from the Black Ink Clan.

After all of the Black Ink Clan had left, Yang Kai immediately noticed that there was a subtle change in the world around him. This world had become even more friendly to him, and Yang Kai could even feel the omnipresent Ancestral Qi pouring into his body.

This caused Yang Kai’s brow to furrow slightly. It seemed that this old mother of many Holy Spirits was quite realistic.

Driving the Black Ink Clan out would result in such a change, but what if he could pull out all of the Ink Nest and disperse the Ink Force?

Yang Kai couldn’t help but look forward to seeing the world’s will. It's best to go straight.

Not to mention, even if the Ancestral Land didn’t favor this matter, he would still have dealt with the Ink Nest and Ink Force here.

With a flash, Yang Kai picked up all of the Ink Nests root and threw them into his Small Universe to seal them, and urge the Light of Purifcation to cleanse the Ink Force.

Yang Kai’s diligence and filial devotion had not been in vain. As the Ink Nest and Ink Force dissipated, Yang Kai’s connection with this world became stronger. When all of the Ink Nest and Ink Force were cleared, Yang Kai felt that he had surpassed the level of biological son and become the beloved son of the old mother!

The old mother of the Ancestral Land had almost transformed into a kind smile to praise him as a good child.

The entire world suddenly became clear as the invisible Ancestral Qi from all directions rushed towards Yang Kai, causing his Dragon Vein to stir.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat happy, thinking that his efforts had not been in vain.

Originally, he had been thinking about finding an opportunity to go to the Dragon Pond in the future to continue improving his Dragon Vein, but now it seemed that there was no need to go through so much trouble. Cultivating in the Ancestral Land was the same.

The Ancestral Qi in the Ancestral Land was the most primitive Holy Spirit Energy. All Holy Spirits could refine and absorb it, just like how a cultivator could refine the World's Spiritual Energy.

This was also the reason why the scattered Holy Spirits wanted to return to the Ancestral Land back then, because here, their strength would greatly increase, especially for some young Holy Spirits. Living in the Ancestral Land could greatly shorten their growth period.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate. His main purpose in coming here was not to purify his Dragon Vein, but to find information related to the World's First Light.

However, although he had come here now, he had no idea how to search.

It was impossible for him to dig three zhang into the ground of the entire Ancestral Land, any information related to the World's First Light was not something he could see.

After wandering around for a month, Yang Kai had almost walk through the entire Ancestral Land, but he had found nothing of value.

Thinking about it, if there really was some kind of special information, it was impossible for the Holy Spirits who lived here to not notice it.

He couldn’t help feeling somewhat discouraged, wondering if the direction he was looking for was wrong.

After walking around for a while, Yang Kai arrived at a large open space where the Ancestral Qi was the densest. It seemed to be the center of the entire Ancestral Land, and this center was not a geographical location, but the center of strength.

Back then, the third generation Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had sealed the Ink Giant Spiritual God in this place, sacrificing more than half of the Ancestral Land’s territory in order to use the Holy Spirit’s Sacred Objects to set up a Spirit Array and seal it.

The Sealing Black Ink Land continued to extract the power of the Ancestral Land in order to dissolve the Ink Force of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Therefore, this place could be considered the center of the Ancestral Land, and only here could the Sealing Black Ink Land be set up.

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and began considering whether he should place his hopes of dealing with the Black Ink Clan on the World's First Light.

According to the information he had gathered, Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer was definitely related to that First Light. There was a high chance that the Yin and Yang energies was separated from that First Light. The Holy Spirits may also had something to do with that First Light, but it was impossible to know what exactly it was.

This First Light was no longer the same as it had been in the beginning. Now that Burning Shine and Nether glimmer is separated from it, it was impossible to tell what was left of that First Light.

Yang Kai speculated that he needed to find something similar to a catalyst in order to fuse Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan together again and reconstruct that First Light.

Not to mention whether or not he would be able to find the catalyst that he didn’t even know existed, even if he did, would he be able to use it to fuse Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan together?

After doing so, would Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan still exist?

This doubt had existed since he left the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had helped him a lot, and now that the Human Race was able to resist the Black Ink Clan, the Light of Purification had played a huge role in helping them. The Small Stone Race army they had cultivated had also provided great assistance to the Human Race.

Although these two had lived in the Chaotic Dead Territory for a long time and had never left seclusion, to the Human Race, they had contributed greatly.

If he had to sacrifice the two of them in order to destroy Black Ink, Yang Kai would never agree.

He hadn’t thought too deeply about this matter before, or perhaps he had subconsciously avoided thinking about it. Now that he had calmed down and thought about it carefully, he suddenly felt a sense of guilt of betraying Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.

Could it be that these two couldn’t have imagined their own fate after he found the catalyst?

When Yang Kai went over, he saw the two of them trying to fuse. Although it seemed like they were playing around, if these two really didn’t have any intention of fusing, why would they do so?

They had done a great service to the Human Race, but they did not ask for anything in return. How could Yang Kai kill them after they had outlived their usefulness? If he didn’t do something like repaying kindness with enmity, how could the Human Race continue to exist?

As these thoughts flashed through his mind, the knot in his heart that had been bothering him for so long suddenly opened up. Indeed, relying on external forces to resist this great calamity was a sign of weakness.

Even without the World’s First Light, was it really impossible to completely destroy Black Ink?

Cang and the other nine were able to use the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to seal Black Ink, meaning that Black Ink was not invincible. Now that they were helpless in the face of Black Inkn, it was simply because their strength was insufficient!

If he had enough strength, he wouldn’t need to worry about the first light or darkness.

Therefore, in the end, it was all about strength!

Eighth Order wasn’t enough, and Ninth Order wasn’t enough. At the very least, he had to reach the Creation Realm like Black Ink before he could fight against it. Cang and the other nine hadn’t reached this point, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t.

[MSN: I will use Creation Realm for now, I think i've spoiled you guys. Oopsie, i did some reading yesterday and it turns out they don't know about World Creation realm yet, they just thought of it as Creation Realm.]

There would always be geniuses in every generation, and although the achievements of the ancestors were indeed worthy of admiration, their descendants could not stop at the foot of the mountain.

Although Yang Kai’s thoughts were in turmoil, all of his previous worries had disappeared, and the matter of searching for that First Light had been pushed to the back of his mind.

Seemingly sensing her beloved son’s thirst for power, or perhaps it was the will of the Heavens who knew that there would be no more eggs left in the nest, this old mother of the Ancestral Land, who treated all Holy Spirits equally, finally showed her affection after Yang Kai became her beloved son.

The entire Ancestral Land suddenly began to tremble as an unimaginable amount of Ancestral Qi gathered towards Yang Kai from all directions, pouring into his body.

Yang Kai’s body trembled, but after a moment of surprise, he calmed down and opened his mind, accepting the gift of the world.

He was now an Eighth Order Open Heaven who was about to break through to the Ninth Order, so the Ancestral Qi was not of much use to him in terms of grade and realm, nor could he break through the shackles of the Eighth Order to reach the Ninth Order. However, the power from the Ancestral Land was extremely beneficial to any Holy Spirit.

Yang Kai could clearly feel his Dragon Vein surging, and with the infusion of the Ancestral Qi, his Dragon Force began to show signs of not being able to be suppressed, and a thin layer of Dragon Scales slowly appeared on his skin.


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