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Inside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, countless Black Ink Clan were staring at their Territory Lord trying to withstand Yang Kai's three moves, making them feeling both helpless and angry.

Unfortunately, their strength was insufficient, so they had no way of interfering in this matter. When Yang Kai slaughtered Black Ink Clan just now, he had already displayed his tyrannical strength, which was not something they, the strongest of the Black Ink Clan at the moment, who were only at the Feudal Lord-level, could resist.

What was even more infuriating was that even if he was the world-shaking Yang Kai, saying that he would spare his life after taking three moves from him was too arrogant.

No matter how powerful he was, if he wanted to kill an Innate Territory Lord in three moves, he was simply too arrogant.

The other two Territory Lords were also watching nervously, secretly communicating with each other with their Divine Senses. With their understanding of the Black Face Territory Lord, they secretly estimated his chances of survival after three moves, each of them coming to a satisfactory conclusion.

Just as the Black Face Territory Lord thought, no matter how strong Yang Kai was, as an Innate Territory Lord, he would be able to withstand three moves. As long as he didn’t die on the spot, he could enter the Ink Nest to rest and heal. This was the confidence of an Innate Territory Lord.

However, no matter how they interacted, none of them had any intention of interfering in this matter. Originally, they would be thanking the heavens if they didn’t attract trouble, so how could they dare to casually interfere?

If they really pushed Yang Kai too far, they wouldn’t have an easy time either.

In the blink of an eye, the Black Face Territory Lord had already finished protecting his Soul. The black ink cloud spread out and covered a radius of a thousand kilometers, using the massive black ink cloud to conceal his aura. At the same time, the black ink cloud also rolled and squirmed towards Yang Kai.

He had actually taken the initiative to attack!

As Innate Territory Lord, he also had his own pride and dignity. Facing the aggressiveness of his enemy, it was impossible for him to just sit back and wait for death. He understood the principle of striking first to gain the upper hand.

The thick black ink cloud that radiated for a thousand kilometers were enough to cause a great deal of disturbance to the enemy. This was a black ink cloud powered by an Innate Territory Lord. If Yang Kai wanted to kill him, he had to find him in this black ink cloud first!

The distance between them rapidly shortened.

Hiding in the black ink cloud, the Black Face Territory Lord was still on guard against Yang Kai’s strange Soul attack, but in the void, Yang Kai squatted down and formed a fist with his right hand.

It was a simple and ordinary posture.

However, no matter how ordinary this attack was, when it was displayed by an Eighth Order Open Heaven, it was still extremely powerful.

Not to mention, this Eighth Order was the strongest amongst the Human Race Eighth Order!

In an instant, the atmosphere of the entire Ancestral Land changed, and the world seemed to transform into a ferocious ancient beast, filled with murderous intent.

The countless Black Ink Clan felt their skin turn cold, as if a sharp blade was hanging over their heads, ready to cut down at any moment.

The two Innate Territory Lords who were watching from afar suddenly straightened their bodies, their expressions becoming extremely stern. At this moment, they suddenly felt a strange sense of fear, as if they had been targeted by a ferocious beast. Even the slightest movement could cause a violent blow.

This was only the deterrence of the aftershocks.

It was difficult for them to imagine just how much pressure the Black Face Territory Lord was facing right now. Originally, they had secretly estimated that the Black Face Territory Lord had a high chance of surviving, but now, they suddenly lost all confidence.

In fact, at this moment, the Black Face Territory Lord really did have the illusion that a great catastrophe was about to befall him. Even though he was hiding in the black ink cloud and constantly changing his position, he was still unable to dispel this feeling.

He pushed his strength even more fiercely and increased his speed.

At this moment, Yang Kai made his move. His right hand, which was clenched tightly by his side, slowly moved forward. Every time he moved an inch, it seemed as if he would pause for a moment. Countless times, he would push his fist forward, causing the void around him to tremble and overlap.

As soon as this fist appeared, the world began to tremble.

The rapidly approaching black ink cloud suddenly came to a stop a hundred kilometers away from him, transforming from an extreme movement to an extreme stillness. The originally roiling and violent black ink cloud completely froze, as if the surging water had suddenly turned into ice, even the smallest of waves still retaining its previous form.

“Haa!” Only now did Yang Kai let out a low shout.

This shout was like a catalyst, causing the ice to shatter and the black ink cloud to collapse, revealing the Black Face Territory Lord who was hiding inside.

What collapsed was not the black ink cloud, but rather the entire void. Yang Kai’s punch contained the Space Force.

It was like a mirror had been shattered and the fragments had cut into the Black Face Territory Lord’s body, causing him to be covered in wounds. It was all thanks to his tyrannical strength that he was not cut into pieces by the countless space cracks.

Although he had managed to preserve his life, he was now in a miserable state.

Looking at Yang Kai from across the void, the Black Face Territory Lord’s eyes were filled with fear and unwillingness. With a roar, he tried to break free from the shackles of the Space Force, but like a lost man trapped in a swamp, he struggled to move towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai slowly withdrew his right fist, his expression relaxed.

Just like before, his left fist slowly struck out.

This punch was extremely fast, so fast that even the other two Territory Lords who were watching the battle didn’t notice how it had been thrown.

In an instant, Yang Kai already punched out.

Their hearts couldn’t help jumping to their throats. The power of that punch just now had shocked them greatly, and they didn’t know what was so special about it.

However, after observing for a while, this punch was actually weak and without any strength. Even the Black Face Territory Lord who was trapped in the void swamp was not injured in the slightest.

However, they soon realized that something was wrong. Originally, when Yang Kai launched his first punch, although the Black Face Territory Lord was in an awkward situation, he was still pushing his strength to escape.

In fact, with his strength as an Innate Territory Lord, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to escape this predicament. In just a few breaths of time, he would be able to break free from the void swamp.

However, Yang Kai obviously didn’t give him this chance. In a battle between masters, life and death was only a hair’s breadth away, let alone one or two breaths.

After sending out his second punch, the Black Face Territory Lord froze in place, not moving at all. In the void he was standing in, there was a faint flash of a colorful river, and time seemed to flow endlessly inside it.

“Haa!” Yang Kai exhaled.

After finishing his work, Yang Kai straightened his body, turn his fists into palms, pressed his hands against his dantian, and slowly exhaled.

The Dao of Space and Time was the two most powerful Great Daos he had ever grasped, and it was also the most mysterious and unfathomable power. With his current strength which almost reach the peak of Eighth Order, it was much easier for him to control these two Great Daos.

He had gained a lot from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea and had yet to fully digest it.

If this Black Face Territory Lord hadn’t accept the three moves deal, he wouldn’t have been in such a miserable state. If he really wanted to fight to the death, Yang Kai was confident he could take his life within ten moves, but the other party was intimidated by the three move pact and rushed towards him, giving him space to freely display his strength. Although it seemed like he was brave and fierce, in reality he was extremely stupid.

What’s more, this is the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. Yang Kai was now a pure-blooded Dragon Clan member, an extremely powerful Ancient Dragon amongst the Dragon Clan. In the Ancestral Land, all the Holy Spirits were protected by this world, so his two fists not only contained his own strength, but also the power of this world.

Just like how Yang Kai was able to borrow the power of the Star Boundary to fight his enemies in the Star Boundary, he was also able to borrow the power of the Ancestral Land.

As such, the Black Face Territory Lord could only take three moves!

Having the heart to attack the enemy is understandable. This was not something to be blamed for, but this Black Face Territory Lord's luck was bad.

Yang Kai stepped forward and arrived in front of the Black Face Territory Lord.

The space here was frozen, and time was in a state of chaos. Anyone who entered this place would have their thoughts and bodies frozen, but Yang Kai was naturally not affected.

It was quite difficult to bind an Innate Territory Lord with just the power of Time and Space. With the strength of an Innate Territory Lord, they would soon be able to escape the interference of these two forces and regain their freedom.

However, in this void, the power of Space and Time had already fused together, forming a completely new Space and Time power. Even an Innate Territory Lord would have to spend some effort to escape.

When their eyes met, the Black Face Territory Lord’s face had already turned completely black, his eyes flashing with a desperate desire to live.

Yang Kai raised his finger and gently tapped his forehead.

“Spare…” As the Black Face Territory Lord spat out this word, Yang Kai had already poked his forehead.

Suddenly, his head shook, and by the time Yang Kai stopped, a bloody hole had appeared on his forehead. The light in the Black Face Territory Lord’s eyes quickly dimmed, and a rich Ink Force leaked out from the wound, but it was suppressed by the surrounding Space and Time power, unable to be released.

Yang Kai’s expression was indifferent, and there was even a hint of boredom in his eyes.

The two Innate Territory Lords who were watching from afar were now scared out of their wits. Their understanding of Yang Kai came from various sources, and they knew that this man had killed many Territory Lords and was most reliant on that strange Soul artifact, so every time he attacked, there would be a weak fluctuation of Soul Power.

However, this time, this guy didn’t even use any Soul Artifact. With just two seemingly ordinary punches, he was able to easily kill an Innate Territory Lord who was no weaker than them.

This person was far more powerful than the information they had obtained!

It was the Black Ink Clan’s misfortune that the Human Race had such a powerful master!

In the future, once the decisive battle began, it was unknown how many Black Ink Clan masters would die under this man’s hands.

“I’ll give you a cup of tea time to scram, otherwise, this King doesn’t mind keepin you here forever!” Yang Kai looked around and shouted softly.

As soon as these words left his mouth, the many Black Ink Clan who were still in a state of shock instantly panicked and flew into the air. The two Territory Lords also trembled as they hurriedly flew towards their own Ink Nest.

Ordinary Black Ink Clan could leave as they pleased, but they couldn’t. Their Ink Nest was still here, so if they lost it, they wouldn’t be able to heal their injuries in the future.

Not to mention, a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest was extremely important to the Black Ink Clan.

The Feudal Lords who have their own Ink Nest also thought so.

Yang Kai shouted again, “Everything on the Ancestral Land is mine, do you dare take it away?”

With a loud rumble, a Feudal Lord who had pulled away the Ink Nest hurriedly released it.

The two Territory Lords glanced at each other helplessly. This time, the Ink Nest was completely lost.


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