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According to ancient times, Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer were the ancestors of all Holy Spirits, and it was because of these two that the various Holy Spirits were born, leading to the ancient era where the Holy Spirits ruled the Heavens.

In that era, the 3000 Worlds were filled with Holy Spirits of various races.

Unfortunately, the war that had lasted for countless tens of thousands of years had caused countless Holy Spirits to perish and continue until now. In the entire vast universe, the number of Holy Spirits could be counted on one hand. Even the few remaining Holy Spirits were on the verge of extinction. The only undeniable fact was that the Holy Spirits were extremely powerful. Each mature Holy Spirit was comparable to a human race Seventh Order Open Heaven master, and as long as they continued to improve their bloodline, they would be able to grow to the Ninth Order.

However, according to the information Yang Kai had personally obtained from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, the so-called ancestral relationship was nothing more than a false rumor. From ancient times until now, the two of them had always been entangled with each other over who was older and younger. Yin and Yang were insoluble, so how could they have produced so many Holy Spirits?

With the help of the Sun and Moon Marks, he could combine the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer and transform it into a purifying light. This was the most effective method for the Human Race to suppress the Ink Force.

Before the Light of Purification appeared, the only thing that could restrain the Ink Force was the Holy Spirit Force. Of course, the Holy Spirit Force’s restraint was not as obvious as the Light of Purification, but it was still quite extraordinary.

This was especially true for the Ancestral Qi in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, which could be regarded as the restraining force of the Holy Spirit Force. At the end of the Ancient Era, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was sealed in the Black Ink Sealing Land by the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress using the Sacred Objects of the various races and half of the Ancestral Land’s power. As time passed, even the Ink Force inside the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body was constantly being dispersed by the Ancestral Qi.

When Yang Kai had broken into the Black Ink Sealing Land, the Ink Giant Spiritual God had only been an empty shell. If it hadn’t been occupied by Black Ink’s Soul Clone, it would have been impossible for it to wake up.

That First Light was the opposite of the darkness, separating the Yin and Yang energies and transforming them into Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. This was why Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s combined strength was able to perfectly restrain the Ink Force.

So how could the Holy Spirit Force suppress the Ink Force?

Did the Holy Spirits have nothing to do with that First Light?

At this moment, the number of living Holy Spirits was extremely small, but even so, some of them were still alive, and the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land still exists. Even if Big Sister Lan did not remind him to come here, Yang kai would also go to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, there might be some clues here.

The Shattered Heaven was originally the land of these 3000 Worlds, but it was exiled.

Back then, if anyone wanted to break through to the Seventh Order and not come from the Cave Heaven Paradise, they would choose to break through in the Shattered Heaven because even the Cave Heaven Paradise will have a hard time to manage it.

They could safely advance to the Seventh Order without worrying about being summoned by the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Of course, looking back now, it wasn’t that the Cave Heaven Paradise didn’t have the ability to clean up the Shattered Heaven, but that this world always needed a place like the Shattered Heaven to hide evil.

Even though the 3000 Worlds is vast and boundless, there was no such thing as an absolute Pure Land. Everything had a positive and negative side to it.

In the depths of Shattered Heaven, there was a Divine Ability Sea, which had been set up by an ancient Supreme Expert. Surrounding the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, which is both a natural barrier and an invisible cage.

But now, as Yang Kai stood outside this Divine Ability, he could clearly see a huge and safe passage leading directly to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

This passage was actually the one the Ink Giant Spiritual GOd had used to kill its way out of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

This also made things easier for him, so he didn’t have to spend too much effort exploring the Divine Ability Sea.

Step by step, he walked forward, his figure like flowing water, his Space Principle fluctuating wildly, each step crossing a hundred thousand kilometers.

Soon, Yang Kai passed through the passageway and arrived at the Ancestral Land.

This was a vast world filled with an ancient aura. If the Myriad Monster World was still barely able to retain the aura of the Ancient Era, then the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land had maintained the environment of the Ancient Era, never changing because of the passage of time in the outside world.

Counting this time, Yang Kai had visited the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land three times.

The first time was when he was being chased by Bright Sun Divine Monarch and escaped with a Seventh Order woman named Xia Linlang, and inadvertently broke into it. Perhaps it was because he had the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, but at that time, he was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator.

The second time was to stop the Human Race’s Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple from resurrecting the Ink Giant Spiritual God. Unfortunately, he had arrived a step too late and had no choice but to personally kill Lu An, who he had some friendship with, and had even personally witnessed the resurrection of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

This Ink Giant Spiritual God was none other than the one who had slaughtered his way out of the Black Ink Sealing Land, passed through the Shattered Heaven, and arrived at thee Spatial Territory Battlefield.

This was his third time here.

The first time he had come here, although he had a Dragon Vein, he was not a pure Dragon Clan cultivator. The second time, he had focused all his attention on the Ink Giant Spiritual God, so he did not feel much.

But this time, as soon as he arrived at this Ancestral Land, he felt a sense of comfort and intimacy, as if he had returned to his home and thrown himself into his mother’s embrace, causing his Dragon Blood to stir and he couldn’t help wanting to roar out and vent his emotions.

Although he was from the Human Race, the current him was basically a pure-blooded Dragon Clan, so he naturally felt a great sense of belonging to this land.

But soon, he frowned.

Because on this Ancestral Land, there were many large and small Ink Nests, most of which were Feudal Lord-level Ink Nests. There were three Territory Lord-level Ink Nests, but none of them were Royal Lord-level Ink Nests.

The Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was located in the No-Return Pass and guarded by the only Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan.

Although he had long anticipated that the Ancestral Land’s side would not be safe and sound, when he saw this scene with his own eyes, he couldn’t help but feel his heart boil with anger.

This feeling was as if a thief had broken into his house, and not only did this thief want to steal his belongings, but they also wanted to seize his home.

How could Yang Kai tolerate this?

However, although these thieves wanted to occupy the Ancestral Land, the result was not very good. If it was any of the Universe Worlds in the outside world, with just a single Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest, they would be able to cover the entire Universe World and turn it into the territory of the Black Ink Clan.

However, in this place, although the Ink Force in the Ink Nest was surging, the range it could cover was limited. The power of a Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest could only cover a radius of a hundred kilometers, and the further away it was from the Ink Nest, the thinner the Ink Force became until there was nothing left.

The Territory Lord-level Ink Nest was slightly stronger, but it could only cover a thousand kilometers.

It was as if an invisible force was suppressing the Ink Force.

This was the power of the Ancestral Land, the ability of the Ancestral Qi to suppress and dissolve the Ink Force! This kind of suppression and dissolving was not as effective and direct as the Light of Purification, but with the entire Ancestral Land supporting it, it was able to continuously resist the erosion and expansion of the Ink Force.

From the scene in front of him, Yang Kai felt that the Holy Spirits were somehow related to that First Light.

It was also because of the confrontation in the Ancestral Land that there were so many Ink Nest here. Otherwise, how could the Black Ink Clan have arranged such a place?

“Human Race?” A surprised voice called out.

Yang Kai looked down and saw a Feudal Lord of the Black Ink Clan looking up from a Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest.

He didn’t deliberately conceal his aura, so as soon as he arrived here, the Feudal Lord noticed him.

Their eyes met, and after confirming the identity of the other party as a Human Race, the Feudal Lord grinned and shouted, “Capture him!”

A human race who had appeared out of nowhere actually dared to show up here, simply ridiculous.

The Black Ink Clan had occupied this piece of land for many years, but they had never seen anyone from the Human Race come here. After all, this place was too far away from the Great Domain that the Human Race was currently guarding, and it was also close to the Ink Battlefield. Even if it was a hunter, they would not easily enter such a place.

On this land, all the Black Ink Clans lived uncomfortably. The entire world was filled with a strange power that restrained the spread of the Ink Force and repelled them. If they had a choice, the Black Ink Clan here would rather fight the Human Race on the battlefield than stay here for long.

There was once a Territory Lord who wanted to destroy this land, but even if an Innate Territory Lord were to attack, they would only have twenty to thirty percent of their strength left, unable to shake this land.

It was for this reason that the Black Ink Clan felt that there was a great secret hidden in this land, which was why they had put so much effort into arranging so many Ink Nest, wanting to thoroughly ink this land and explore its interior.

Unfortunately, after so many years, progress was still slow.

Now that a human race had suddenly appeared here, the Feudal Lord was naturally overjoyed and decided to capture him and turn him into a Black Ink Disciple to serve him.

As soon as he said this, within a hundred kilometer radius of the Ink Nest, many of the Black Ink Clan masters rushed forward, many of them being Feudal Lords. These Feudal Lords did not have their own Ink Nest and could only serve under the command of the Feudal Lord with Ink Nest.

In the blink of an eye, numerous figures rushed towards Yang Kai and surrounded him.

The Feudal Lord stood atop the Ink Nest and watched this scene with a frown, suddenly feeling uneasy. The other party seemed to be too calm.

Moreover… he hadn’t noticed the other party’s cultivation at first glance.

As soon as this thought flashed through his mind, a light suddenly flashed from the encirclement and all of the Black Ink Clan cultivators who had gathered there felt as if they had been struck by lightning and their bodies went stiff.

The sound of blood splattering rang out as each of the Black Ink Clan masters, regardless of their strength, were instantly reduced to countless pieces.

The Feudal Lord’s eyes instantly narrowed as he dove into his Ink Nest.

The moment the other party attacked, he knew that this human race’s cultivation was at the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage!

Although he didn’t know how this guy had come to this place, it was definitely not something he could afford to provoke.

However, just as he turned around, a powerful force suddenly appeared above his head, as if a mountain was pressing down on him, causing him to be unable to move. He barely managed to raise his head to see a giant palm descending from the sky before his vision went black and he lost consciousness.


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