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Space and Time suddenly became chaotic as the entire battlefield became filled with a strange light. The Innate Territory Lord’s stunned and frightened expression froze on his face as the spear thrust back and forth eighteen times.

At this moment of life and death, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord couldn’t care less about Yang Kai. His Ink Force surged out like a tsunami and struck out in all directions.

The chaotic space around them shattered and three figures were sent flying, each of them vomiting blood.

At the same time, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord’s body was riddled with eighteen wounds and he was covered in blood.

He didn’t dare to remain in place any longer. Turning around, he transformed into a black ink cloud and prepared to flee.

“Whishful thinking!” Zhao Yebai roared. The three fellow disciples had finally managed to seriously injure their enemy, if they let him escape like this, then all their years of cultivation would be wasted.

What’s more, their Honored Master was watching from the side.

He didn’t expect his Honored Master to take action, and Yang Kai really didn’t have any intention of doing so, only watching with interest.

As he spoke, his flying figure suddenly came to a stop and he took a step forward, his afterimages still lingering in the air as his main body suddenly appeared in front of the fleeing Territory Lord. Unknowingly, a strange object had appeared in his hand. This object looked like a sword but also like a snake, twisting in his hand as if it could bite him at any moment.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly and couldn’t help feeling somewhat gratified. He hadn’t paid any attention to these disciples of his for so many years, but now he realized that the naive little boy from back then had grown to such a level.

The sword in Zhao Yebai’s hand wasn’t a sword, nor was it a snake, but rather a Space Crack. Using this Space Crack as a weapon, he slashed towards the Territory Lord.

“Go away!” The Territory Lord roared as he sent out a palm strike towards Zhao Yebai.

The Space Sword didn’t actually slash down, instead nimbly drawing an arc and cutting into the black ink cloud. At the same time, Zhao Yebai lowered his body and avoided the Territory Lord’s punch, revealing Xu Yi who was hiding behind him.

He had used his Space Principle to intercept the enemy just now and had brought his Third Junior Brother along.

The Innate Territory Lord was so focused on escaping that he didn’t notice the two people in front of him.

Xu Yi placed his palms together, with a solemn look on his face as a thick Time Principle surged around his body, gently pushing out with his palm.

All of his strength had been condensed into this palm strike. In this vast void, it was as if he had experienced countless cycles of life and death. When the Territory Lord’s fist struck Xu Yi’s palm, it only had fifty percent of his strength left.

Xu Yi’s body trembled as Zhao Ye Bai’s Space Sword also flew out.

The Territory Lord’s figure was once again revealed, and this time, it wasn’t just a simple wound, but look like it was bitten by a fierce beast.

Without waiting for the Territory Lord to stabilize himself, a fierce killing intent appeared behind him and the spear in Zhao Ya’s hand transformed into countless spear images that enveloped the heavily injured Territory Lord.

At this point, this Innate Territory Lord no longer had any chance to escape.

“Kill him!” Xu Yi shouted as he rushed forward together with his Eldest Senior Brother. He no longer acted rashly, instead steadily fighting with the Innate Territory Lord for half an hour before finally managing to capture him.

When Zhao Ya blew up the Innate Territory Lord’s head and pulled back her spear, the three fellow disciples were all gasping for breath, their faces pale, but when they looked at each other, they could feel an indescribable joy surging in their hearts.

This was the first time they had killed an Innate Territory Lord!

In the past, they had fought many Territory Lords, but most of the time they had suffered a loss. Under the leadership of their Eldest Senior Brother, the three fellow disciples had fled in panic, and in a few instances they had suffered heavy losses while fighting with their enemies, but none of them had ever thought they could kill an Innate Territory Lord.

Although it was because of Yang Kai’s presence, in the latter half of the battle, the Innate Territory Lord had already given it his all and no longer held back.

This kind of life and death struggle was undoubtedly extremely useful to them. As long as they could completely digest this battle’s experience, the three of them were confident that if they were to encounter an Innate Territory Lord again, they wouldn’t be in such a miserable state.

“Many thanks for Honored Master's teaching!” After taking a few breaths, Zhao Yebai turned to Yang Kai and cupped his fists respectfully.

Yang Kai smiled, “Honored Master open the door for you, cultivation depends on the individual. Honored Master has nothing more to teach you, he can only say that you have done well.”

Although from his height, the battle between the three little brats was somewhat rough and many of their opportunities were not perfect, how could such things be perfect. Even he himself had not been able to display his full potential. The situation on the battlefield was constantly changing, and only by constantly breaking through his own limits could he grow.

What’s more, all of them had their own unique ways of utilizing their respective Dao, especially when Zhao Yebai and Xu Yi’s Space and Time Principle fused together to form the power of space and time.

Yang Kai was able to use the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel to display the power of space and time because he controlled the Dao of Space and Time, just like a person’s left and right hand, when combined together, it was naturally flawless. However, Zhao Yebai and Xu Yi were two separate entities, one with his left hand and the other with his right hand. If they wanted to cooperate so perfectly, not only did they need to grasp the timing, they also needed to trust each other.

He couldn’t help but sigh. The young eagles had grown up and now had the qualifications to fly.

He suddenly understood the feelings of Ouyang Lie and the others in the past. Every generation, there would be a new generation of talents, and each new generation would surpass the previous! When the old Eighth Order Open Heaven look back at their young and active selves, they probably felt the same way.

“For so many years, Honored Master hasn’t taught you anything. Since we’ve met today, I’ll give you one last lesson!” Yang Kai smiled kindly.

The three disciples all wore solemn expressions, feeling somewhat sad for some reason. Their Honored Master didn’t look old, and compared to the other veteran Eighth Order masters, he could even be said to be very young, but all three of them knew that Eighth Order was their Honored Master’s limit.

This was undoubtedly a cruel punishment for a cultivator who had spent his entire life pursuing the pinnacle of the Martial Dao. Their Honored Master’s appearance may never age, but his heart of pursuing the Martial Dao would never become younger.

Zhao Ya’s eyes turned slightly red as she couldn’t help recalling the care and love her Honored Master had shown her when she was young. For so many years, it seemed that these fellow disciples had never shown their filial piety in front of their Honored Master. She secretly made up her mind that if there came a day when all the troubles were resolved, she would serve her Honored Master well.

Yang Kai clenched his fists and coughed lightly before suddenly shouting, “This King’s three direct disciples are here. If you want revenge for your Territory Lords, if you don’t like me, feel free to fight them. If you can kill them, it’s up to you. This King will not settle accounts later!”

The three disciples slowly opened their eyes wide, the bitterness and sadness in their hearts instantly melting away as they all stared at their Honored Master in confusion.

Yang Kai winked at them, “The content of this last lesson is that Honored Master can’t protect you for the rest of your life, so you must walk your own path.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t care about their reactions and took a step forward, flying a million kilometers away. From afar, he let out a loud laugh, “A great roc rising with the wind, soaring ninety thousand kilometers high!”

He seemed to be in an extremely good mood.

A moment later, his aura disappeared from the Azure Sun Territory, obviously passing through the Domain Gate.

In an instant, Divine Sense from all directions converged towards Zhao Yebai’s group of three, and in the darkness, it was as if countless pairs of eyes were staring at them.

“Run!” Zhao Yebai called out to his Junior Sister and Junior Brother before turning around and rushing towards the Human Race camp.

“How could there be such a Honored Master? How could there be such a Honored Master? Ahh! I want to betray my Master Sect!” Xu Yi was about to go crazy.

In this world, there were many people who knew that these three were Yang Kai’s direct disciples, but not many. After all, before Yang Kai left for the Ink Battlefield, he had placed them in High Heaven Palace. It had been three thousand years since then, and at that time, the three of them were still very weak. Ordinary people only thought that the three of them were ordinary High Heaven Palace disciples, but they had never imagined that the three of them actually have Master and Disciple relationship with Yang Kai.

Naturally, they wouldn’t wantonly announce this matter.

They were well aware of what their Honored Master had done to the Black Ink Clan. If the Black Ink Clan were to learn of their relationship with Yang Kai, they would definitely target them.

The Human Race’s upper echelons knew about this and had never mentioned it.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai had taken the initiative to expose their relationship today.

With so many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords dead at Yang Kai’s hands, the Black Ink Clan had no way to deal with Yang Kai, but how could they not deal with these three disciples?

It was foreseeable that the dangers the three of them would face in the future would far exceed what they had faced before. Perhaps once they appeared in a Great Domain, an Innate Territory Lord would set their sights on them.

Zhao Ya bit her lip as her eyes turned even redder!

He secretly made up her mind that when her Honored Master grew old and could no longer walk, she would definitely do her best to show filial piety!

Moreover, after thinking about it carefully, the old man had never taught them anything in all these years. Besides when they were weak and protected by his wings, ever since they left the Void World, it was difficult for these three disciples to even see him, so how could they receive any guidance?

This old man still had the nerve to talk about his last lesson!

“Eldest Senior Brother, run! They’re chasing us!” Xu Yi shouted in panic. In just a short time, several powerful auras had surrounded them from all directions, clearly all of them Innate Territory Lords. In addition, in the darkness of the void, there were several dozen weaker auras that had followed them, all of them clearly treating them as targets.

“All of you, come over here!” Zhao Yebai shouted as he used his Space Principle to wrap around his Junior Sister and Junior Brother, his figure flickering.

He finally rushed into the Human Race camp after his strength was almost completely exhausted, falling to the ground and not even having the strength to move a finger. Looking up into the pitch-black void, he only had one thought in his mind.

Honored Master is too much.


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 01, 2023

Hum... Xu Yi received a cultivation technique that is meant to create a special kind of universe world, where time is X times faster than outside. But this cultivation technique is not suitable for combat... Plus, YK was very curious about his perception of the technique, but now that he meets him, he didn't even ask a thing? 😅

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Plus YK can be an ahole not a good master trick his disciple and dissapear smh 😐

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