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“Sir Yang Kai, what is the meaning of this?” A majestic will came from the depths of the void. Although it was a question, it didn’t dare act too presumptuously. This was the Innate Territory Lord who was guarding this place.

1700 years ago, more than a dozen Innate Territory Lords had died under Yang Kai’s hands, all of them killed in a single exchange. Although Yang Kai had relied on external forces at that time, it also showed how powerful he was.

Now that 1700 years had passed, no one knew what kind of changes had taken place in this Killing Star's strength, but from the time he took to kill the three Promoted Territory Lords, it seemed to be much stronger than before.

The fear he had been immersed in for nearly two thousand years ago surged up again, enveloping the Innate Territory Lord.

This person… was about to start a massacre again?

If that was the case, the situation that had lasted for more than a thousand years would be broken again.

“Sir, are you trying to break the agreement between the two races?” The Innate Territory Lord asked again, his voice drifting as if he was intentionally concealing his whereabouts, making it difficult for others to determine his location.

Yang Kai curled his lips, feeling somewhat uncomfortable. These Innate Territory Lords’ reactions weren’t slow at all, and he was secretly annoyed that he had killed the enemy too quickly just now. He should have taken it slow, perhaps he could have killed a few more ignorant Territory Lords.

It was just that he had not taken action for nearly two thousand years and had encountered a suitable opportunity, so how could he restrain himself?

Turning his gaze around, he seemed to ignore the obstruction of space and looked towards a certain direction in the void. As if bored, he yawned and waved his hand, “I’m just passing by, you guys can continue.”

Suddenly, the fierce beast withdrew its fangs and claws.

The Innate Territory Lord who was hiding in the shadows suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. He had clearly sensed a sharp aura coming from a distant place and had locked onto him, but in the blink of an eye, this aura had disappeared.

Knowing that his position had been exposed, the little trick he had used to conceal himself was nothing in the other party’s eyes. If Yang Kai really wanted to kill him, he would be able to reach him in an instant, but he didn’t have the slightest confidence he could stop him.

Yang Kai’s answer made many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords feel their chests tighten.

Passing by…

Just by passing by, he had already killed three of the Promoted Territory Lords…

However, there was no way to get involved in this matter. It was the three Territory Lords who had first attacked Yang Kai that had led to their death.

In the past, there was an agreement that no one was allowed to attack, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t fight back. Not to mention, the masters of the Black Ink Clan, didn’t dare to fight back.

“I hope so!” The Innate Territory Lord barely managed to maintain his appearance before quickly sending out a voice transmission.

A moment later, the Azure Sun Territory suddenly became lively, and the Feudal Lords and Territory Lords who were close to the Black Ink Clan’s main camp quickly gathered around the main camp. Even those who were far away quickly found a place to hide.

Energy fluctuations could be seen everywhere.

How could the Human Race’s Seventh Order and Eighth Order Masters let such an opportunity slip by? In an instant, the originally tranquil Azure Sun Territory became extremely lively.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense slowly swept across the void, and not far from him, several Seventh Order Open Heaven was teaming up to besiege several Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord. Originally, the Human Race’s side had only taken a slight advantage, but when Yang Kai swept past them, the several Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords immediately felt intimidated and their strength drop by thirty to forty percent.

After Yang Kai passed through, the situation that could barely be maintained had completely fallen into disadvantage, so it was only a matter of time before the Human Race’s Seventh Order kill them.

A moment later, Yang Kai arrived at another battlefield and stopped.

On this side, there were three Eighth Order Human Race masters besieging an Innate Territory Lord. Although it was three against one, there was no overwhelming advantage.

On one hand, the strength of an Innate Territory Lord was great, but on the other hand, these three Eighth Order Human Race masters had just recently broken through, so their foundations weren’t too solid.

However, the three of them cooperated extremely well, using all kinds of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques at the same time. They had long since reached a mutual understanding with each other, so although they were unable to gain the upper hand in this fierce battle, they were still able to firmly bind the Innate Territory Lord within their encirclement.

Space distorted, and time in the battlefield seemed to be in a state of chaos. Shocking spear lights shot out, filled with murderous intent.

Yang Kai’s arrival naturally attracted the attention of the three people and Black Ink Clan master. The Innate Territory Lord couldn’t help feeling a bit frightened and shouted, “Is Sir Yang Kai going to take action?”

Yang Kai chuckled, “I just want to see how you fight.” His face sank as he reprimanded the three Eighth Order cultivators, “These three little bastards have cultivated for so many years in vain, how could they fight like this in a three-on-one fight? If word got out, I would lose face!”

The young man with honest expression suddenly said with a bitter expression, “Honored Master, it’s only been three hundred years since we broke through to the Eighth Order, this guy is an Innate Territory Lord.”

If it had been an ordinary Territory Lord, they wouldn’t have had such a difficult battle, but an Innate Territory Lord was twice as powerful than the Promoted Territory Lord.

Yang Kai’s face sank, “You still dare to talk back? Honored Master has raised you for so many years in vain!” Raising his head slightly, he sighed, “Didn’t I tell you that when Honored Master just broke through to the Eighth Order, he even killed a Royal Lord?”

Among the three Eighth Order masters, the youth with the crew cut curled his lips and said, “ Honored Master is boasting too much.”

If it was about killing a Territory Lord, they would naturally believe it. They had also heard of their Honored Master’s strength, but killing a Royal Lord was something even his three direct disciples wouldn’t believe.

They all muttered in their hearts, they had never known that their Honored Master had a habit of bragging…

“You dare to be distracted while fighting an enemy, are you tired of living?” Yang Kai cursed again.

The female Eighth Order immediately released a flurry of spear images, the grievance and anger in her chest bursting forth as she shouted, “Kill!”

Yang Kai clapped his hands and said, “Yebai, learn from your Junior Sister. How can a man not have any killing intent! If you fight against an expert, either you die or they die. If you don’t gamble everything you have, how can you have the final laugh?”

“Yes!” Zhao Yebai’s expression became solemn as his killing intent soared.

The Innate Territory Lord who had been besieged was already trembling with fear, afraid that Yang Kai would suddenly attack him. Listening to their conversation, his heart immediately went cold.

Honored Master?

Yang Kai was actually these three newly promoted Eighth Order Honored Master?

What should he do?

If it were three ordinary Eighth Order masters, he might have killed them, but these were Yang Kai’s disciples. If he really wanted to kill them, how could Yang Kai just sit back and watch?

If he was killed by Yang Kai because of this, the Black Ink Clan would never use the treaty against him, pretending it had never happened.

For a moment, he was at a loss.

The three disciples were also experienced in battle, so how could they be soft-hearted when they had such a good opportunity? In an instant, the Innate Territory Lord was only able to block, unable to fight back, unleashing a series of exquisite Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques that illuminated the sky.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “It’s barely comparable to one or two of Master’s past achievements.”

The veins on Zhao Ya’s forehead bulged as she couldn’t bear it any longer. As she thrust out her spear, she said, “Honored Master, why don’t you go somewhere else to take a look?”

The three of them were fighting a life and death battle here! It was one thing if the old man couldn’t intervene, but now he was standing here and making sarcastic remarks.

Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked her on the head, “What? Do you despise me?”

Zhao Ya felt extremely aggrieved, but at the same time, she was secretly shocked by her Honored Master’s strength. Although she had not taken any precautions and was fully focused on fighting with the Innate Territory Lord, she was still an Eighth Order, when her Honored Master attacked, she had not even reacted.

She couldn’t help sighing in her heart. Sure enough, the older the ginger, the spicier it was. Bragging was probably a man’s common trait. It hadn’t been easy for this old man for so many years, let him brag…

She immediately shut her mouth.

“How come it’s just the three of you? Where’s Yang Xiao, that little bastard?” Yang Kai asked curiously. If he remembered correctly, his three disciples should have been together with Yang Xiao. It seemed that they had established a team called Shifang Wuji and had made a name for themselves.

Now, there were only the three of them here and Yang Xiao was nowhere to be seen.

Xu Yi used the Time Laws to interfere with the perception of the Innate Territory Lord as he quickly replied, “These past few years, us fellow disciples have been advancing to the Eighth Order, so it is no longer suitable for us to form a team to kill enemies, so the three of us separated from Senior Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai understood.

In the past, they had formed a team to kill enemies because their strength was not very strong. Although there were many Seventh Order masters, they had ventured deep into the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan and had encountered many dangers. Naturally, they had banded together.

Now, many of these little brats had broken through to the Eighth Order, so why would they need to do that?

This was also a wise choice, and only in this way could they continuously break through during this crisis.

These three disciples of his had all reached the Seventh Order directly back then, and now that they had reached the Eighth Order, as long as they accumulated enough resources, they would be able to break through to the Ninth Order. At that time, they would definitely become the cornerstones of the Human Race.

Yang Xiao was the same. He is a pure-blooded Dragon Clan with his own bloodline inheritance, so breaking through only depended on his Dragon Vein and no other shackles.

Yang Xue, on the other hand, was the same as this big brother of her. In this lifetime, she had reached her limit, the Eighth Order.

“Die!” A tender shout suddenly rang out as Zhao Ya’s spear stabbed into the Innate Territory Lord’s chest, causing a violent shockwave to spread out as a huge hole appeared in his chest.

Originally, with her strength, it would have been impossible for her to succeed so easily. Today’s battle would most likely result in both sides suffering heavy losses, or both sides retreating.

However, Yang Kai’s constant chattering forced the Innate Territory Lord to divert some of his attention to guard against him. Considering that Zhao Yebai and the others were Yang Kai’s disciples, he didn’t dare kill them.

Unable to escape, unable to fight, there is nothing he could do wholeheartedly, what awaited him would naturally not end well.

“Senior Brother!” Xu Yi shouted. The three of them had known each other for many years and had fought side by side countless times. The moment Zhao Ya succeeded, Xu Yi seized the opportunity.

Zhao Yebai roared, “Coming!”

The Space and Time Principle circulated in their hands, interweaving with each other and forming a mysterious force.


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