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After nearly two thousand years of turmoil in the Azure Sun Territory, the situation of the entire territory had changed.

Originally, in the Azure Sun Territory, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s armies had fought non-stop, big and small battles never stopping, but as time passed, such battles became rare.

This place had already become a battlefield between the two races’ masters. Ordinary Human Race soldiers and Black Ink Clan soldiers had long since withdrawn from this great domain, the weak had no right to participate in the confrontation between the strong.

Now, those who dared to remain active in this Great Domain were at least Feudal Lord-level masters from the Black Ink Clan, and many of the Human Race’s Seventh Order Open Heaven had come here to seek stimulation and break through their shackles.

Almost at every moment, in every corner of this great domain, there was the sound of the two races’ masters fighting. The sound was extremely loud and could often be heard from a great distance. Moreover, this kind of confrontation would not last for long, and after one side obtained some benefits, they would immediately withdraw, lest they attract reinforcements from the other side.

The quiet void was like a sleeping beast that would suddenly wake up and devour the two races’ masters.

A figure casually walked through the void. Although he was alone, he was calm and composed. Such a dangerous battlefield was like his own backyard.

His Divine Sense carefully swept through every inch of the void, as if he was searching for something, but he was unable to find anything, making him look somewhat helpless.

At some point, three giant black ink clouds had formed a triangle and surrounded him.

However, the man didn’t seem to notice and continued to look around.

When he arrived at the center of the three black ink clouds, three figures suddenly emerged from them, each of them exuding a powerful aura, all of them clearly at the Territory Lord-level.

One of the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords in front of him who had a single horn on his head had a vicious look on his face as he sent out his Ink Force and ruthlessly slapped the human race, shouting, “Die!”

Behind him, a female Territory Lord’s figure flickered as she rapidly approached the Human Race cultivator, her hand reaching out and accurately stabbing towards the enemy’s back, her nails sharp as blades.

On the other side, the third Territory Lord followed closely behind. His figure was not as tall and sturdy as the first Territory Lord’s, but when he shook his arms, the Ink Force surged and covered the entire sky. The rich Ink Force was like a strong wind from the Nine Heavens, causing cracks to appear in space.

The combined attack of the three Territory Lords transformed into a vortex of death and enveloped the figure.

No Eighth Order could resist such a deadly attack.

The Territory Lord who was attacking from the front had a sinister grin on his face, as if he could see the fear on his opponent’s face.

No one knew where this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator had come from, but he dared to walk alone in the Azure Sun Territory, destined to pay the price for his ignorance.

However, what he saw stunned him.

The Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who was supposed to be in a state of panic was actually cheering excitedly, “You’re asking for this!”

It was as if he had encountered some great event.

Something is wrong…

However, it was impossible to reverse the situation. The three Territory Lords had already formed a pincer attack, so how could they care about anything else? They had to kill this human race Eighth Order first.

In the blink of an eye, the three Territory Lords arrived in front of the Human Race’s Eighth Order. The burly Territory Lord threw a punch and a violent Ink Force surged out.

In the next moment, his face went stiff, his expression filled with shock and horror.

This was because the Eighth Order Human Race master had also thrown a punch at him, seemingly weak and powerless, but this punch had easily shattered his attack. He could clearly see his own fist collapsed under the impact of the other party’s punch, and as the overwhelming force of the punch came towards him, his arm exploded into dust and the violent force of the punch swept towards his head.

Like a watermelon exploding, the burly Territory Lord instantly became a headless corpse.

The Eighth Order Human Race cultivator suddenly turned around, his pair of spirited eyes coincidentally meeting the female Territory Lord who was attacking from behind.

When they were almost face to face, the female Territory Lord’s body trembled. In that instant, she felt as if she was not facing an Eighth Order Human Race, but an ancient vicious beast that had been imprisoned for countless years. This terrifying killing intent caused her entire body to go cold and her heart to sink. Her Ink Force condensed on her fingertips and her long nails turned black as she stabbed out with all her strength.

Her wrist was suddenly squeezed, and gripped by the enemy.

A voice that made her heart palpitate rang out, “The second one!”

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen as a violent energy erupted from her body like a volcano. She felt as if her entire body had been punched through and her backbone was completely broken. The violent energy transformed into a shockwave that crashed into her powerful physique, turning her into a rain of blood in the next instant.

It wasn’t until the two Territory Lords had died that the Ink Force, which had been activated by the third Territory Lord, enveloped the void. This powerful Secret Technique which had originally been used to create an environment for his companions had now become his life-saving straw.

Two Territory Lords whose strengths were not inferior to his own had actually been killed by two fists from a random guy, so how could he dare remain in place?

Frightened, he quickly retreated, but the surrounding space suddenly became distorted, giving him the illusion that space was being stretched endlessly. No matter how he tried to retreat, he was unable to leave this place.

Amidst the rolling Ink Force, a figure rushed out, tearing through the fog and appearing in front of him in the blink of an eye, casually reaching out a hand and grabbing the Territory Lord’s head, his expression relaxed as if he was pinching a bug, “Aren’t you too weak?”

Weak? When the remaining Territory Lord heard this evaluation, he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

Were they weak?

Since they were already Territory Lords, they naturally weren’t weak. With the three of them joining forces, although they weren’t invincible in the Azure Sun Territory, it was difficult for them to find an opponent. Over the years, they had killed a number of Human Race masters, so they had thought that no matter how strong the other party was, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. It wasn’t until now that he understood that some people’s strength couldn’t be judged by common sense.

It wasn’t that they were weak, but that the enemy was too strong.

However, was there such a powerful Eighth Order Human Race master in this world? Perhaps it was because of his good fortune before his death that this Territory Lord suddenly remembered a name that had disappeared for nearly two thousand years.

“You are…”

“Alright, alright, you shut up!” Yang Kai didn’t wait for him to finish speaking before he crushed his head with his hand, causing blood to rain down, but his body was completely clean.

He felt refreshed!

The 1700 years of secluded cultivation had not been in vain. The current him was much stronger than before.

However, the reason he was able to kill these three Territory Lords so easily was because these three weren’t Innate Territory Lords, but rather a Promoted Territory Lord.

When he was in the Ink Battlefield, he had already known that under normal circumstances, a Territory Lord’s strength was slightly weaker than an Eighth Order, but this was mostly because the Human Race’s Eighth Order had accumulated more strength.

He had killed many Innate Territory Lords before, let alone these newly promoted Promoted Territory Lords.

With his current strength, it was like punching a child, just like when he was at the peak of the Seventh Order, no Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord could withstand a single blow from him.

If he really encountered those powerful Innate Territory Lords, it wouldn’t have been so easy. However, with his reputation, those Innate Territory Lords wouldn’t dare to come looking for trouble. Only these Promoted Territory Lords who had broken through to their current level had long since forgotten the terror of being ruled by him.

Although the Azure Sun Territory was vast and boundless, the sudden disappearance of the auras of the three Territory Lords had attracted the attention of many masters.

Numerous Divine Senses swept over from all directions, including the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord and the Human Race’s Seventh and Eighth Order. Over the years, the two races had constantly fought on this battlefield. Although both side had suffered losses, there had never been a battle that ended so quickly, and three Territory Lords had even fallen.

Feeling the probing of these auras, Yang Kai didn’t reject them and secretly sighed. After all these years of secluded cultivation, the two races had indeed gained many masters.

The Black Ink Clan was one thing, with the help of the Ink Nest, their strength had grown rapidly. As long as they had enough resources and the Ink Nest had enough resources, it wouldn’t be surprising for more Territory Lords to appear.

However, for the Human Race to be able to produce so many Seventh and Eighth Order masters in such a short period of time was quite surprising. Logically speaking, in less than two thousand years, it would be difficult for the Human Race to produce so many Eighth Order masters, especially those who had just risen to prominence.

However, in reality, the speed at which the younger generation of the Human Race advanced was not slower than that of the older generation of Open Heaven Stage cultivators. Some of the more talented cultivators even advanced to the Seventh Order earlier.

Perhaps this was the will of the Heavens.

Just as the will of the Heavens had arranged for him to act as a chess piece in order to resist the invasion of the Black Ink Clan, all of the Human Race’s soldiers who fought against the Black Ink Clan were acting in accordance with the will of the Heavens, receiving the blessings of the Heavens.

Such a person could be called a heaven’s proud son, often having endless opportunities and heavenly luck.

However, there weren’t many people like this.

But now that the Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds and the Human Race was trapped in more than a dozen Great Domains, they urgently needed to improve their overall strength. The efforts of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors and Yang Kai's hard work had created a relatively safe space for them to grow, while the will of the heavens had shortened their growth.

Heaven’s will was difficult to predict, but in reality, it was everywhere.

In a daze, Yang Kai seemed to have thought of something and his eyes flickered.

But soon, his thoughts were interrupted by a flurry of Divine Sense.

Most of the newly Promoted Territory Lords didn’t know Yang Kai’s name, but who among the Innate Territory Lords didn’t? In order to guard against Yang Kai, almost all of the Innate Territory Lords had obtained his image and memorized his appearance.

After 1700 years, the masters of the Black Ink Clan gradually broke free from the shadow Yang Kai had cast upon them, and according to the intelligence sent by the Black Ink Disciple, this fellow should be cultivating in seclusion in the Star Boundary.

No one had expected him to suddenly appear in the Azure Sun Territory and announce his return by killing three Territory Lords!


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