Yang Kai had traveled far and wide, so he was quite knowledgeable. The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was definitely the most powerful technique he had ever seen.

After all, this was something one of the Martial Ancestors had deduced. The Mysterious Techniques stored in the Cave Heaven Paradise were incomparable to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Of course, the drawbacks of this cultivation technique were also extremely obvious. This cultivation technique was known to be able to devour anything and everything, and it had the boldness of a hundred rivers flowing into the sea. However, a cultivator’s physical body was not like the sea, and the spiritual objects that were swallowed were not like the flowing rivers.

Absorbing external forces without any scruples would allow one to obtain great strength in a short period of time, but it would also affect one’s temperament because of the accumulation of various kinds of strength. This kind of cultivation technique would easily lead to Qi Deviation.

Wu Kuang had the Stainless Golden Lotus which could dispel this kind of influence, so he could safely cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law while others couldn’t. Since ancient times, there had only been one Heaven Devouring Great Emperor.

The one that is truly suitable for cultivating this cultivation technique was the Stone Puppet Clan. The Stone Puppet Clan’s physique was special, and they possessed the ability to purify impurities. Cultivating this cultivation technique was a perfect complement.

Yang Kai had taken back his Embodiment from the Demon Realm and cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Compared to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, although the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture didn’t have so many drawbacks, its limitations were much greater. This Evil Art could only devour the Blood Essence.

Yang Kai’s mastery of these two techniques allowed him to deduce the Heaven Devouring Blood Shine Scripture. In terms of profoundness, this technique might not be comparable to either the Heaven Devouring Battle Law or the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture, but it was definitely the most suitable for his Monster Race Body.

The growth of the Monster Race was accompanied by a bloody storm. After a great battle, the victor would often swallow the flesh and blood of the loser.

This kind of devouring was an instinct, but Yang Kai had only converted this instinct into an Innate Divine Ability, greatly accelerating the growth of his Monster Race Body.

Because it only consumed the power of the Monster Race’s flesh and Core, its drawbacks were not as great as the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. The power of the flesh and Core was not beyond the scope of the Monster Race. With the Monster Race’s physique, even without the Stainless Golden Lotus, it could purge the foreign impurities and refine all the power for its own use.

The Blood Shine Scripture's method could also strengthen this type of refinement and devouring.

The result was obvious.

In just five hundred years, the Monster Race Body had become a Monster Emperor and a Great Emperor.

The only thing that Yang Kai felt regretful about was that in the future, the Monster Race Body would no longer be able to kill other Monster Race and devour their Core, Flesh, and Blood Essense.

After all, it was now a Great Emperor, and the entire Myriad Monster World was its territory, all the Monster Race relied on it, if he were to kill and devour them recklessly, he would be abandoned by the Myriad Monster World.

However, it didn’t really need to use this method to increase its strength. There weren’t many Monster Emperor in the Myriad Monster World, so even if all of them were killed, it wouldn’t be able to grow much.

Currently, he was the only Great Emperor in the Myriad Monster World, so he could easily borrow the power of the world and it could be said that all the forces in the Myriad Monster World could be used for him, no one else could. Unless there was a second Great Emperor, he would definitely be able to reach the Sixth Order, Seventh Order, and Eighth Order at an extremely fast speed!

Its growth speed was definitely faster than Zhan Wuhen and the others.

On the other hand, the Human Race Body has the World Tree Subtree in his Small Universe, while on the other hand, the Monster Race Body had the Great Emperor Body. Although there was no Small Universe, he could still use the power of the World Tree Subtree to cultivate his two Clones.

Time wait for no one, although the situation between the two races is still in balance because of the peace treaty. Except for the six Great Domains that remained in their original state. Neither the Eighth Order nor the Territory Lord intervened in the war, but no one knows when this balance will be broken.

Counting the time, it had been almost a thousand years since the Human Race’s armies had left the Spatial Territory. During these thousand years, the Human Race had produced many outstanding talents, and so had the Black Ink Clan.

Although Yang Kai had always been cultivating in seclusion in the World Tree, it didn’t mean that he didn’t pay attention to the outside world. He is the Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, and with a single thought, the entire Star Boundary’s matters could not escape his eyes.

Many pieces of information were sent back from the front lines of the battlefield. Over the past few years, the Human Race had produced many rising stars who had displayed their brilliance on various battlefields. There were also many highly anticipated Human Race juniors who had died on the battlefield, their corpses completely destroyed.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, a new batch of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had been born. Although these Territory Lords weren’t as powerful as the Innate Territory Lords, they represented limitless possibilities and could be promoted to Royal Lord.

With the territory the Black Ink Clan currently occupied and the resources they controlled, as long as they were willing, they could definitely raise many Royal Lord.

The two races were both accumulating strength for the future, and the current balance was just an illusion. Once one side accumulated enough strength to destroy the other, the final battle would definitely begin.

How many years had it been? Two thousand years? Three thousand? No one knew.

Yang Kai only knew that time was running out.

Judging from the accumulation of their respective strengths, the Human Race didn’t have much of an advantage. Many of the good seedlings on the Human Race’s side were able to directly advance to the Sixth or Seventh Order, saving them a lot of time to cultivate, but growing from the Sixth Order and Seventh Order to the Eighth Order and Ninth Order required a lot of time.

On the other hand, with the help of the Ink Nest, the Black Ink Clan’s rate of growth was much faster than the Human Race’s.

It was foreseeable that when a new Ninth Order master appeared on the Human Race’s side, the Black Ink Clan would also have a new Royal Lord.

Returning to the Star Boundary, Yang Kai entered his cave mansion and once again went into secluded cultivation.

Year after year, spring and autumn come and go in the Star Boundary.

Yang Kai had completely lost track of time, and the outside of the cave mansion was also covered by a thick layer of green leaves. If the Open Heaven Stage cultivators who came and went didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t have noticed that there was actually a cave mansion on the tree trunk.

A full 1200 years later, the sealed cave mansion opened again and Yang Kai stepped out.

A secluded cultivation for more than a thousand years, including the time he had been interrupted by the Monster Race Body situation, was a thousand and seven hundred years.

This was not the first time Yang Kai had cultivated for the longest time. The longest time he had spent cultivating was in the Celestial Phenomenan Sea. In that River of Time, he spent thousands of years.

After such a long time, the resources Yang Kai had accumulated had all been used up. It had to be known that the resources he had accumulated in the past were difficult to calculate, and all kinds of precious materials had piled up like mountains, but now, they had all been refined and absorbed by him.

He had paid a great price, so his gains were naturally not small.

Although the foundation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master had yet to reach its limit, it was not far off. His Small Universe had countless living creatures that constantly provided him with benefits. Even if he did not refine the resources now, it would not be long before he reached the peak of the Eighth Order, and this was the limit of his life.

Feeling the power of his Small Universe, Yang Kai gently clenched his fists.

If he were to encounter those Innate Territory Lords now, he could kill them within ten moves without even using the Soul Shattering Spike.

This was something impossible in the past.

After nearly two thousand years of secluded cultivation, Yang Kai really wanted to find an Innate Territory Lord who didn’t have eyes, but unfortunately, he could only think about it and couldn’t put it into action, otherwise he would have broken the agreement they had made.

The Human Race is not ready yet for a decisive battle with the Black Ink Clan, and neither did he.

A figure flashed in front of him and a graceful figure landed in front of him, a look of pleasant surprise on her face, “Palace Master!”

The one who had been paying attention to his situation has always been the High Heaven Palace’s Head Manager.

Looking at this familiar face, Yang Kai nodded slightly, “You have work hard.”

Hua Qing Si was already a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. After all, so many years had passed and High Heaven Palace didn’t lack cultivation resources, so it wasn’t too difficult for her to break through from the Sixth Order to the Seventh Order. However, the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was her limit. Back then, Hua Qing Si’s aptitude was neither good nor bad, and she had broken through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage directly.

“This subordinate is only doing her duty,” Hua Qing Si quietly observed Yang Kai, discovering that after so many years, Yang Kai had not changed much, but his aura had clearly become more condensed. Presumably, after this period of secluded cultivation, his strength had greatly increased.

“There’s something I need you to do,” As Yang Kai spoke, he waved his hand and in an instant, seven or eight hundred people appeared in front of him.

These people, whether they were men or women, were all at the peak of the Emperor Realm, and judging from their auras, it was clear they had condensed their own Dao Seals and refined various resources. Now, they were only a step away from breaking through to Open Heaven Stage.

These people were all disciples accumulated in the Void Dojo over the years.

Seeing this, Hua Qing Si understood. After all, this was not the first time she had seen such a thing, so she immediately nodded, “Palace Master can rest assured, I will arrange everything.”

Saying so, she turned to the Emperor Realm masters and said, “Follow me.”

The Emperor Realm masters respectfully bowed to Yang Kai before following Hua Qing Si away.

After the Head Manager distributed the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill, the many Emperor Realm scatter in the void and begin their promotion to Open Heaven Stage, causing quite a stir.

Yang Kai stood in place without moving, his thoughts spreading to the entire Star Boundary. In an instant, the thousands of thoughts and conversations of the entire Star Boundary gathered in his ears.

Using the communication between the Star Boundary cultivators, Yang Kai quickly understood the situation of the various Great Domain Battlefields.

In general, the agreement between the two races was still being maintained, and it seemed like it would continue for a long time. Except for the six Great Domain Battlefields that maintain its original state, the Territory Lords and the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters have mantained their restraint.

However, there were now very few ordinary soldiers in the six Great Domain Battlefields, which were basically the places where the Territory Lord and the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters fought.

The Black Ink Clan had produced many Territory Lords, and the Human Race had also produced many new Eighth Order masters, all of whom had poured into the six Great Domain Battlefields that maintained their original state. Both sides intended to weaken the other’s forces and kill the other’s masters, so it could be said that the intensity of the battles in the six Great Domain Battlefields far exceeded that of other places.

From time to time, Eighth Order and Territory Lord would fall, resulting in a tragic scene.

After 1700 years of secluded cultivation, Yang Kai had become somewhat restless. Not to mention, he had already planned to search for traces of the World's First Light after this retreat. After all, it was the only method he knew to completely destroy Black Ink, so after compiling some information, he soared into the sky and quickly left High Heaven Territory.


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