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“The One-legged Bill Clan congratulates Thunder Shadow Great Emperor. In the future, my clan will follow the Great Emperor’s orders!”

In the southwest, a loud voice rang out. It was a Monster King under the Ox Head Monster Emperor. The death of their Monster Emperor was originally a blood feud, but to the Monster Race, only the strong had the qualifications to lead them. The dead Monster Emperor was not worth mentioning.

“The Ice Frog Clan congratulates Thunder Shadow Great Emperor, The Great Emperor will unify the Myriad Monster World for generations to come!” A voice came from the northeast.

“Snow Sable Clan congratulates Thunder Shadow Great Emperor…”

This time it was from the Southeast…

Many Monster Emperors and Monster Kings shouted in unison.

It wasn’t just the Monster Race, but even the Human Race Sect’s Open Heaven Stage masters were congratulating him.

The Shadow Leopard succeed, and congraatulations came from all directions.

A mere Fifth Order Monster Emperor might not be worthy of the Human Race’s attention, in all the major battlefields, is there a lack of Fifth order, Sixth Order, and Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage there?

A mere Great Emperor weren’t anything special. Every Universe World had its own Great Emperors. These Great Emperors might have some ability in their own territory, but if they were to join the vast Void, they would only be a drop in the ocean.

However, if the identity of the Great Emperor was combined with the Myriad Monster World, it would be no small matter, especially since Thunder Shadow Great Emperor was a Monster Race!

The Human Race couldn’t be more clear about what the current Great Emperors of the Star Boundary were like. Not to mention Yang Kai, whose name shook the entire universe, even people like Zhan Wuhen, Duan Hongchen, and Mo Huang were now famous, displaying their own brilliance on various battlefields and wantonly slaughtering Black Ink Clan masters.

When they had advanced to Open Heaven Stage back then, they had only been Sixth Order, but now? Most of them had reached the Eighth Order, with only two or three of them remaining at the Seventh Order. However, it wouldn’t be long before they also broke through to the Eighth Order.

How long had it been since they had broken through?

It had only been two thousand years.

In two thousand years, an ordinary person might be able to break through from the Sixth Order to Seventh Order, but if they wanted to break through to the Eighth Order, that was simply a fool’s dream. No matter how many resources they had, it was impossible for them to do so. Refining resources also required a lot of time.

What they relied on was the Great Emperor’s name, and the World Tree Subtree of the Star Boundary had greatly reduced their cultivation time, allowing these Great Emperors from the Star Boundary to create one miracle after another.

However, each world had its own limit, and the World Bottles of the Star Boundary were already saturated. The position of the Great Emperor was a pit, and with the current Great Emperor alive, it was impossible for more Great Emperors to be born.

Perhaps the capacity of the Star Boundary in the future would continue to increase, but it would take a long time to accumulate enough energy to compete.

At the beginning, the Star Boundary could only accomodate ten Great Emperor, but not it has increase to twelve spot.

And now, in addition to the Star Boundary, there is another Myriad Monster World!

Today, the Myriad Monster World has given birth to it's first Greaat Emperor and its from the Monster Race, but no matter who it was, this Thunder Shadow Great Emperor would definitely grow at a speed that ordinary people could not.

If it had relied on the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method to advance, the limit of a Fifth Order would only be a Seventh Order, but it had relied on the Monster Race’s Ancient Technique to refine its own Core to advance, allowing it to become an Eighth Order or even Ninth Order Monster Emperor!

If it really became a Ninth Order Monster Emperor, with the strength of the Monster Race, perhaps not many Ninth Order Open Heaven would be its opponent.

Such a rising star, how could any human race dare not take it seriously? Not to mention, since it was the only Monster Great Emperor in the Myriad Monster World, the entire Universe World was its territory. In the future, if they wanted to live under its nose, they naturally had to rely on it.

For a time, many people turned their attention to Qinhong Pavilion.

Many people knew about the close relationship between this Monster Great Emperor and a woman from the Qinghong Pavilion. The Monster Race wasn’t easy to get along with, but how could the Human Race not be? If they could use Qinghong Pavilion to establish a relationship with the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor, it would be extremely beneficial to their Sect’s development.

Currently, the ones who would establish their Sects in the Myriad Monster World were all small and medium-sized forces. Those large forces had long since settled in the Star Boundary, and with the size of these small and medium forces, they were destined to not dare ignore the influence of a Great Emperor.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night, so the various forces quickly began to make plans to contact Qinghong Pavilion. For a time, the originally insignificant Qinghong Pavilion became the center of attention in the Myriad Monster World.

The stars and moon filled the sky as the clouds dispersed.

The Heavenly Tribulation had passed, and the Heavenly Tribulation Clouds had dispersed, but the newly promoted Thunder Shadow Great Emperor had fallen into a deep sleep. Tonight’s battles had exhausted him, not to mention resisting the Heavenly Tribulation’s might.

Although it had now become a Fifth Order Monster Emperor, its mind was still extremely exhausted.

Two figures flew over together, it was Qin Xue and her husband, who had been paying attention to it, who heard its soft snores from afar. The couple immediately stopped and looked at each other, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

At this moment when the Myriad Monster World was undergoing a world-shaking change, Shadow Leopard, the instigator of all this, was actually enjoying a rare moment of peace.

“Husband, you should go back first, don’t let Shuang’er and the Pavilion worry,” Qin Xue whispered, “I’ll stay behind to look after it.”

Hou Qinghai nodded, “Good.”

There was no need to say anything. Shadow Leopard had a good relationship with his wife, and now that he had become a Great Emperor, no one in the entire Myriad Monster World could harm his wife.

After Hou Qinghai left, Qin Xue walked forward and sat down next to the Shadow Leopard, gently stroking its soft fur. She couldn’t help thinking back to the first time she had seen it hundreds of years ago, when had she ever thought that this little brat would have such a glorious future?

She also had to hurry up and break through to Open Heaven Stage, she couldn’t be left too far behind.

As for the agreement between the two races, there was no need to worry too much about it now. The Ox Head Monster Emperor had died, so his scheme had naturally been for naught. Moreover, the Shadow Leopard had already become a Great Emperor, so as long as he was willing to maintain it, the alliance that was originally only a verbal agreement would be strictly enforced.

No Human Race or Monster Race dared to defy a Great Emperor of the Myriad Monster World at this time.

Shadow Leopard, on the other hand, had never shown any hostility towards the Human Race over the years. In fact, many times, he had even opened his gates to the disciples of the Qinghong Pavilion and allowed them to freely enter his territory to collect herbs. The Monster Race in his territory had never harmed the Human Race before.

The Shadow Leopard’s soft snores continued as it adjusted its position slightly.

Suddenly, it opened its eyes and looked up into the sky, but there was nothing there.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Xue asked.

“It’s nothing,” Shadow Leopard replied casually, a trace of doubt could be seen in his eyes. Just now, he had clearly felt that someone was spying on him, but when he looked around, he found nothing.

In such a situation, it was either his perception was wrong or the strength of this prying eyes was too high.

It is a Monster Beast with extremely sharp senses, so naturally it couldn’t be the former. In other words, this person’s strength far exceeded its own.

There was a high chance it was a Seventh or Eighth Order Human Race master. Only such a master could hide from its keen eyes.

He wasn’t too worried, because he didn’t feel any malice from the prying eyes, but instead, he felt a sense of scrutiny.

Closing his eyes again, he soon fell into a deep sleep.

In the void, Yang Kai hid himself and looked down, smiling slightly. His Monster Race Body’s perception was indeed sharp.

It had been about five hundred years since he had opened his cave mansion in the Star Boundary's World Tree Subtree and cultivated in seclusion. During these years, he had been refining all kinds of cultivation resources and strengthening his Small Universe’s foundation.

If it weren’t for his sudden impulse tonight and his sudden sense of crisis, he wouldn’t have come out so easily.

He had been cultivating in seclusion in the World Tree, so it was naturally impossible for any kind of crisis to occur. The only explanation for this situation was that his Human Race Body or Monster Race Body had encountered some kind of accident.

These two Clones could already be regarded as another individuals, not even knowing the existence of his true self, but after all, they were still connected to him.

After a brief deduction, Yang Kai realized that it wasn’t a personal problem, so he immediately rushed from the Star Boundary to the Myriad Monster World.

With his strength, it would only take him some time to travel from the Star Boundary to the Myriad Monster World.

Arriving here just in time to see the Shadow Leopard begin resisting the Heavenly Tribulation, even if he was mentally prepared, he couldn’t help feeling surprised at the Shadow Leopard’s cultivation speed.

In just five hundred years, he had grown from a weak cub to a Monster Emperor. This was not something the Monster Race could achieve.

Although the Monster Race was powerful, compared to the Human Race, the efficiency of their cultivation was very low. Often, they would need to spend more time to possess the same strength as the Human Race. It was also because of this that many of the Monster Race had taken human race form early on and had given up on using the ancient techniques to temper their Monster Core.

However, the Shadow Leopard had completely broken this common sense. Its cultivation speed was something even an ordinary human race could not match.

Everything else aside, when it first met Qin Xue, it had only been two years since it was born and Qin Xue had already reached the Separation and Reunion Stage, but now, it had already become a Great Emperor and Qin Xue had just begun condensing her Dao Seal.

Qin Xue’s cultivation speed was not considered fast among the Human Race, but it was definitely not slow either.

Shadow Leopard’s growth could be said to have broken the commons sense, even some of the Human Race’s cultivation geniuses paled in comparison.

Of course, this wasn’t the Shadow Leopard Race’s own ability, but rather because of an outstanding technique.

Heaven Devouring Blood Shine Scripture!

This was the combination of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture. Yang Kai had cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law before, and he had also comprehended the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture. With his current strength as an Eighth Order Cultivator and two heaven-defying Evil Arts, deducing a new technique was not difficult.

This Cultivation Technique was specially prepared for the Monster Race Body.

When he split his Monster Race Body, he had branded this Cultivation Technique into the Shadow Leopard’s small body and transformed it into its Natal Divine Ability.

This was also the main reason why the Shadow Leopard had become the enemy of all four directions for so many years. If he wanted to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Blood Shine Scripture, he would need to kill a large number of Monster Beasts and constantly devour their flesh, blood essence, and Core to increase his strength.

Now, it seemed that it had done a good job.


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
Apr 30, 2023

Oh yeah, YK casually deduces a perfect technique from the 2 most difficult and evil techniques known to man... And of course it's perfect for a Monster because he can't turn evil I guess? And it's not even Tuesday... Author is not taking shortcuts anymore, he's using warp speed, bending time and space, creating a wormhole... 😭

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Well it's not the 1st he has create a divine ability, he has done it more than once, sun and moon wheel combining space and time is perfect example and before that he created the blood technique from his golden blood and this ability that he got back on shadow moon so this is well within his capabilities especially now that he is a 8th order. Plus the blood extinguishing scripture is evil but unlike heaven devouring it doesn't make you evil so it he is using that as basis and apply heaven devouring principle to it, it should not affect your personality/ temperament like heaven devouring battle law... Cang and the other use it without being affected so th…


Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
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