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In the distance, Qin Xue and Hou Qinghai stood together atop a tree, circulating their Emperor Qi to resist the aftershocks of the battle, their faces slightly pale.

They didn’t know if the Shadow Leopard could win this time, but after hearing what Shadow Leopard said just now, they were certain that tonight’s events had something to do with this Ox Head Monster Emperor.

In the Myriad Monster World, not all Monster Race members were willing to abide by that agreement. There were always some Monster Race members who believed that the Myriad Monster World was the territory of the Monster Race and that all human race should be exterminated or become food for the Monster Race.

However, even if they wanted to, they could not afford to act rashly because of the agreement.

The Ox Head Monster Emperor was the leader of this type of Monster Race. Many times, it had shown hostility towards the Human Race, especially the few Human Race Sects in its territory. Their lives had been quite miserable, and occasionally, disciples would mysteriously disappear.

Although it did not openly act against the Human Race, it was impossible for those Human Race Sects to gather herbs as casually as the cultivators of Qinghong Pavilion.

The few Human Race Sects that lived in its territory had limited range of activity, they were afraid that their disciples would not be able to return.

There were several other Monster Emperors like the Ox Head Monster Emperor, but none of them were as obvious as this one.

After listening to the Shadow Leopard's words, Qin Xue and her husband immediately concluded that tonight’s matter was definitely the work of this Ox Head Monster Emperor.

Qin Xue and the Shadow Leopard had been together for hundreds of years, so their friendship was no secret. Tonight, the Shadow Leopard was undergoing its breakthrough tribulation, and once the Rock Snake King and White Hair Ape King, who had a grudge against it, took action, Qin Xue would definitely not sit back and do nothing. If she interfered in this matter, it would be akin to breaking the agreement, and by then, the Monster Race would have no problem taking action.

It was difficult to imagine that a Monster Race would have such a vicious plan, especially the honest-looking Ox Head Monster Emperor, but in reality, when one’s cultivation reached the level of a Monster Emperor, their wisdom was no less than that of a human race’s.

In the darkness, everywhere in the Myriad Monster World, there seemed to be a pair of eyes watching the battle between the two Monster Emperors.

It wasn’t the Monster Kings who were spying on them. The battles between the Monster Emperors were no longer something that the Monster Kings could interfere with. Only the Monster Emperors of the Myriad Monster World could observe the battle under such circumstances.

A single promotion had shaken the entire Myriad Monster World, causing Qin Xue to become worried. If this Shadow Leopard were to lose, then the entire Myriad Monster World would be affected.

She also didn’t know if the Shadow Leopard could achieve victory. Although Shadow Leopard’s aura was close to that of a Fourth Order Monster Emperor, under the Heavenly Tribulation, no one knew how much strength he could display.

On the other hand, although the Ox Head Monster Emperor was only a Third Order Monster Emperor, he had been promoted to a Third Order Monster Emperor for more than three hundred years, so to the Shadow Leopard, he was a strong enemy of life and death.

The Shadow Leopard’s roar and the Ox Head Monster Emperor’s roar pierced through the clouds.

The two giant figures fought from the sky to the ground, causing the surrounding ten thousand kilometer radius to collapse.

The heavenly tribulation lightning continued to fall, causing the Shadow Leopard’s body to be riddled with wounds. At this moment, it was facing the greatest crisis of its life.

However, the more the Ox Head Monster Emperor fought, the more frightened he became. The heavenly tribulation lightning was not only striking the Shadow Leopard, but the residual power of the heavenly tribulation also hit him. Although it was a Third Order Monster Emperor and the residual power of this heavenly tribulation was not enough to pose a fatal threat to it, it could not be underestimated.

What shocked it even more was that not only did the Shadow Leopard’s aura not show any signs of falling, it instead continued to rise.

“Why haven’t you died yet!” The Shadow Leopard roared.

The Ox Head Monster Emperor was both frightened and angry, already regretting using its break through today to implement his plan to deal with the Human Race. It had thought that the biggest change would be the Open Heaven Stage cultivators of the Human Race, but it had never imagined that the plan would end up like this with the Shadow Leopard.

Another bolt of heavenly tribulation lightning fell, seemingly responding to the Shadow Leopard’s question.

The Ox Head Monster Emperor’s eyes went wide, because in that instant, the Shadow Leopard’s aura had reached the level of a Fourth Order Monster Emperor!

It was unheard of.

Generally speaking, when Monster Kings became Monster Emperors, they would break through to several grades, something like the Shadow Leopard, who had already broken through to the Monster Emperor Realm and had even broken through another grade during the Heavenly Tribulation was simply unimaginable.

Originally, both of them were Third Order Monster Emperors, so the Ox Head Monster Emperor could rely on the fact that he had advanced a few hundred years to fight against the Shadow Leopard, but the moment the Shadow Leopard became a Fourth Order Monster Emperor, the Ox Head Monster Emperor knew he was doomed.

What made it even more uneasy was that the glorious momentum of the entire Myriad Monster World seemed to be gathering towards the Shadow Leopard. At this moment, its Heavenly Tribulation was no longer from going against the Heavens, but instead following the World Great Dao of the Myriad Monster World!

The Ox Head Monster Emperor suddenly realized that this was the way of the Monster Race.

If it could escape this calamity today, it would not be long before it broke through to the Fourth Order, and with time, its achievements would not be too low.

But could it escape this calamity?

Being able to comprehend something like this only at this time was simply laughable.

“Good, good!” The Shadow Leopard seemed to have gone mad, its amber eyes filled with joy as it suddenly retreated.

The Ox Head Monster Emperor, who was enduring a storm of attacks, finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although it didn’t know why the Shadow Leopard had suddenly retreated, it finally saw a glimmer of hope.

Gasping for breath, he looked towards the Shadow Leopard and was just about to say a few polite words when he saw the Shadow Leopard lower its body slightly, its smooth figure becoming more vigorous. One of its front paw in front, and the other was behind it, and its two hind legs were arched.

The huge leopard body seemed to transform into a powerful bow.

The Ox Head Monster Emperor only felt a chill from his tail bone to the top of his head. He was too familiar with this Shadow Leopard's position.

This is a posture that showed the Monster Race was preparing to hunt!

“Leopard Emperor, if you have something to say, say it!” The Ox Head Monster Emperor no longer cared about face and shouted in panic.

Shadow Leopard remained unmoved, “Block this move of mine and I’ll spare your life!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the lightning around his body suddenly converged and the lightning leopard disappeared into the darkness.

The Ox Head Monster Emperor, however, didn’t feel the slightest bit of joy, only feeling the aura of death approach him. Being stared at by that pair of beast eyes, his entire body went stiff.

As the lightning bolt descended, the Shadow Leopard’s figure appeared once more. It leapt into the air and pounced towards the Ox Head Monster Emperor, opening its bloody mouth and spitting out a lightning bolt.

Thunder Bite!

The moment the lightning flashed, a terrifying roar of an Ox resounded throughout the Myriad Monster World, causing all the Monster Race masters who heard this sound to shiver and hide in their caves, not daring to make a sound.

The powerful aura was instantly extinguished.

After nearly eight hundred years of the Myriad Monster World opening, the first Monster Emperor had finally fallen.

Under the Thunder Bite, the Ox Head Monster Emperor didn’t even have the strength to resist and was frozen by the violent lightning. The Shadow Leopard bit off its neck, took out its Core, and swallowed it whole.

The Core of a Third Order Monster Emperor was a great supplement for it.

The power of the Heavenly Tribulation seemed to become more violent as nine thick lightning pillars struck down at lightning speed. The mountain peak where the Shadow Leopard was standing was directly split into a valley.

It seems to be only for a moment, but it felt like years had passed, the roiling heavenly tribulation clouds still gathered, but no more tribulation lightning fell.

Inside the mountain valley, the Shadow Leopard dragged his broken body up and roared towards the sky.

The heavenly tribulation clouds retreated!

In the void, the figure of a vigorous shadow leopard appeared. This figure was vivid and lifelike, just like the Shadow Leopard's, not even a single strand of hair on its body was missing.

In the entire Myriad Monster World, whether it was the Human Race or the Monster Race, as long as one looked up, they would be able to clearly see this peerless figure.

The World Great Dao buzzed and the entire world seemed to be filled with joy.

The Shadow Leopard’s figure slowly twisted and transformed, transforming into two profound characters. These characters did not belong to the Human Race, nor did they belong to the Monster Race. They were the evolution of the Heavenly Dao and represented the Heavenly Dao, so everyone could understand the meaning of these two characters.

Thunder Shadow!

The billions of living beings of the Myriad Monster World understood that from today onwards, this world would have a new Great Emperor who was recognized by the World Great Dao, and Thunder Shadow was its title.

The Human Race were shocked and the Monster Race is excited.

The words ‘Great Emperor’ had been passed down from the Human Race, but throughout the many years in the Myriad Monster World, many people had broken through to become Monster Emperors, but there had never been a Great Emperor. Originally, the Monster Race and the Human Race might be different, but the Heavenly Dao of this era favored the Human Race more. The Monster Race was the favored child of the Heavens and Earth in the last era, and with the passage of time, it was likely that it would be difficult to produce a Great Emperor.

However, the birth of the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor had given the Monster Race hope. It seems, the Heavens and Earth had not cut off their hopes of becoming a Great Emperor. After all, this was the Myriad Monster World, and it still retained its ancient environment and aura, an extension of the last era.

Now that the Shadow Leopard had become a Great Emperor, the other Monster Kings would also have a chance.

In comparison, what was the loss of a dozen Monster Kings and a Third Order Monster Emperor?

Originally, Shadow Leopard’s performance had worried many veteran Monster Emperors, and they had planned to wait for this matter to pass before joining forces to pressure him so that he would not wantonly slaughter the Monster Race in the future.

But now, as the only Great Emperor of the Myriad Monster World, they should be thankful if the Shadow Leopard didn’t find trouble with them, so how could they dare show up in front of him?

This guy had been killing and eating his way up to this point. If one day they were to become an eyesore to him, killing a few Monster Emperors to nourish its body wasn’t a big deal.

In an instant, the two complex characters transformed into a stream of light and poured into the Shadow Leopard’s body, branding themselves into its soul.

Receiving the acknowledgement of the World Great Dao of the Myriad Monster World and obtaining its title, the Shadow Leopard’s aura, which had been on the verge of death, suddenly began to burn like hot oil. From all directions, the World Strength gathered towards it like a tide, and its battered body seemed to be greatly nourished. Blood no longer flowed, and its wounds gradually began to close up. Even its Core, which had been struck by the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning and was on the verge of collapsing, became increasingly hard and round.

His aura grew rapidly and his original Fourth Order aura actually rose to the Fifth Order in an extremely short time before slowly stopping.

This was a gift from the World Great Dao, and it futher illustrates this World's love for it.

Countless living beings were dumbstruck, but they also couldn’t help feeling envious.


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