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After swallowing three Monster King Cores that were not inferior to his own, the Shadow Leopard’s aura had unknowingly reached its peak.

As the invisible shackles were unlocked and the shackles on its body were broken, under the Shadow Leopard’s painful roar, its aura finally underwent a qualitative change.

Thunder rumbled incessantly as the power of the Heavenly Tribulation poured into its body, damaging it and refining its strength.

At one point, with the Shadow Leopard at the center, a wave of energy that was visible to the naked eye suddenly swept out in all directions. An unprecedentedly powerful aura spread out from the Shadow Leopard’s body.

“Success!” Qin Xue, who had been nervously watching the Shadow Leopard’s movements, cried out in joy, completely unaware that her nails had already dug into her clenched fists.

Originally, she had thought that the Shadow Leopard would die without a doubt, but who would have thought that he would be able to escape from death and even obtain a blessing in disguise?

“Incredible.” Hou Qinghai stood beside her, shocked by Shadow Leopard’s unyielding will. If he were to face such a situation when breaking through, he would only be able to wait for death.

After silently sensing the Shadow Leopard’s aura, Hou Qinghai said, “Third Order Monster Emperor.”

A Monster King breaking through the next realm was equivalent to a Monster Emperor. This grade was also an imitation of the Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage, corresponding to the Human Race’s rank.

In other words, the Shadow Leopard of a Third Order Monster Emperor was now equivalent to a Third Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Such strength was naturally nothing in the Human Race’s eyes. If Shadow Leopard had used the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method to advance, his future limit would only be Fifth Order.

Looking at the various Great Domain Battlefields, there were many Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

However, it had used an Ancient Technique to advance, so there were endless possibilities. As long as it continuously refined its Core and absorbed enough energy, it could slowly rise to the Ninth Order.

Of course, this would take a long time. Among the Monster Emperors who came from the Myriad Monster World, the strongest was only a Fifth Order.

Inside the dense forest, many Monster Kings were rushing over from all directions, but seeing the White Hair Ape King, Iron Wing Eagle King, and Rock Snake King who had fallen one after another, all of them slowly retreated.

Originally, they had planned to use today’s events to hold the Human Race accountable, and had even planned to destroy the Human Race’s headquarters and expel them from the Myriad Monster World. But now, all of the Monster Kings who had acted as the instigators had died, so why would they still remain?

[MSN: These monster races didn't know that the agreement was only because they didn't want to massacre them. LOL]

“Not enough!” The Shadow Leopard roared.

Qin Xue also finally noticed the abnormality. Logically speaking, since the Shadow Leopard had successfully broken through, his aura should have stabilized quickly, but the aura of the Shadow Leopard was not only unstable, it was actually still rising.

As the lightning flashed, the Shadow Leopard suddenly reappeared.

Soon, a miserable roar came from the distance, mixed with the angry voice of a Monster King, “Why!?”

Accompanied by the tragic death of the Monster King, the Heavenly Tribulation's Cloud that had been slowly dissipating suddenly became thick again, and a faint Heavenly Power began to brew within it.

Another beast roar rang out and soon came to a halt.

In an instant, the silent forest turn into a pan with hot oil that had been poured with salt. The Monster Kings who had been lying low all this time seemed to have sensed some kind of danger and no longer bothered to conceal themselves, quickly pushing their Monster Qi to retreat into their own territory.

A Monster King roared, “Shadow King, you’ve already broken through to the Monster Emperor Realm, why are you still trying to kill us!”

There was no answer, only slaughter and devouring!

Qin Xue’s face paled once more as she stared at the thickening Heavenly Tribulation Cloud in the sky and the bolts of lightning that continued to fall, “What does the Shadow Leopard want to do?”

This tribulation had already passed, and the Shadow Leopard had already become the Leopard Emperor, but it still continued to hunt and kill these Monster Kings, showing no intention of letting them go.

Even though it was just a breakthrough, the difference in strength between a Monster Emperor and a Monster King was unimaginable, not to mention that the Leopard Emperor was still fighting against the Heavenly Tribulation's lightning. When the Heavenly Tribulation lightning struck, it was an indiscriminate attack, and as long as the Leopard Emperor approached, no Monster King could withstand it.

One powerful Monster King aura after another was annihilated, and in the blink of an eye, four or five Monster Kings were killed. Shadow Leopard’s speed was originally extremely fast, but now that he had broken through to the Monster Emperor Realm, he was much faster than before. If one were to look down from high up in the sky, they would be able to see a leopard-shaped bolt of lightning constantly flashing through the forest, like a lightning dragon swimming across the ground. The lightning that was flowing about was actually from Shadow Leopard’s ruined body.

Its injuries weren’t light, but it had never felt so good before, so it immediately knew that its choice was correct.

A mere Third Order Monster Emperor was far from the end point of its breakthrough!

Hou Qinghai was also stunned, but he quickly remembered something and called out, “Great Emperor!”

“What?” Qin Xue was stunned for a moment before reacting, “Husband, you mean it wants to become the Great Emperor of the Myriad Monster World?”

“Other than that, there is no other possibility,” Hou Qinghai nodded firmly, “Did you tell it about the Great Emperor?”

Qin Xue nodded, “It asked me about these things. Those Monster Kings also know about the existence of Great Emperors. When they became Monster Emperor, how could they not want to become Great Emperor? It’s just that for so many years, there has never been a Monster King who was acknowledged by the World Great Dao of the Myriad Monster World, so for so many years, there has never been a Great Emperor in the Myriad Monster World…”

Hou Qinghai sighed, “Seems like it has found a way to become a Great Emperor.”

Perhaps it was not intentional, but simply following the will of this world’s Heavenly Dao. The Monster Race was originally disorderly, and compared to the Human Race, they were more inclined to slaughter. Moreover, this Myriad Monster World was in an ancient atmosphere, so no matter what the Shadow Leopard did, it had undoubtedly touched upon the World Great Dao of the Myriad Monster World.

If it succeeded this time, it had a great chance of becoming a Great Emperor, but if it failed, it would naturally be beyond redemption.

This was a huge gamble.

Originally, after the Shadow Leopard broke through to the Monster Emperor Realm, the Heavenly Tribulation Cloud had shown signs of dissipating, but as its aura continued to rise and as it continued to slaughter and devour, the Heavenly Tribulation Cloud continued to expand.

Thunder lashed down from the sky like whips, whipping the Shadow Leopard while also increasing its aura.

Shadow Leopard, who was originally only a Third Order Monster Emperor, was now almost a Fourth Order Monster Emperor.

Killing these Monster Kings became easier.

A fox-like Monster King had already fled back to its own territory, converging its aura and hiding in its cave, shivering. But in the next moment, the earth was lifted up and a giant figure covered in lightning appeared above its head, its scarlet eyes looks like two blood moons as it stared down at the Fox Monster King.

“Monster… Monster!” In its panic, the Fox Monster King spoke in the human tongue, its voice soft. If it had taken human form, it would be a character that could charm the people. At the moment of life and death, its mind was in a state of chaos and it couldn’t even think straight.

“Frick, this Emperor is a monster!” The Shadow Leopard grabbed it out of its nest and opened its bloody mouth to swallow it.

“Leopard Emperor, stop!” An angry roar rang out, like the roar of a cow. From the horizon, a giant figure flew over and landed in front of him, transforming into a monster with the head of a cow and the body of a man. It had two horns on its head and an astonishing might, and its nose exuded a scorching hot aura. At its level of strength, it already had the ability to transform, but normally, it was too lazy to do so. Now, it was only able to transform into a half-human and half-ox, making it easier to move.

“My lord, save me!” The fox called out.

“It’s finally here!” The Shadow Leopard opened its mouth and stuffed the entire fox into its mouth. After chewing for a while, blood spurted out from its fangs, merciless and cruel. Its pair of beast eyes were indifferent, as if it was not biting a powerful Monster King to death. The heavenly tribulation lightning continued to strike its body, causing it to tremble violently.

The Ox Head Monster Emperor was both shocked and enraged, “You dare kill it!”

The fox was its favorite concubine and it was proficient in all kinds of tricks, bringing it a lot of joy in its boring life, yet it was killed right in front of it.

Shadow Leopard’s voice seemed to be sneering, “Killing a slutty fox, what are you going to do about it?”

The hot breath from the Ox Head Monster Emperor’s nostrils almost solidified, manifesting the anger in his heart, but soon he forced himself to calm down and nodded, “Leopard Emperor, you are now a Monster Emperor, so you should obey the rules of this world and not kill Monster Kings recklessly.”

This rule was not established by anyone, but rather by a tacit agreement passed down from ancient times.

It had thought that since it had stepped forward, Shadow Leopard would give it some face no matter what, but who would have thought that this fellow didn’t put it in his eyes at all? If it was an ordinary Monster Emperor, the Ox Head Monster Emperor wouldn’t be willing to give up. The Monster Race was aggressive, and it had already been a Monster Emperor for three hundred years, so it wasn’t afraid of anyone in the Myriad Monster World.

However, the Leopard Emperor’s aura was obviously close to that of a Fourth Order Monster Emperor, and with the heavenly tribulation lightning surrounding him, he didn’t want to have any conflict with him.

Let this guy be struck to death by the heavenly tribulation lightning!

“You should first transcend the tribulation and wait for it to pass before we talk about anything else.”

“What’s the point of talking so much nonsense! Don’t think that this Emperor doesn’t know that you’re the one behind all of today’s events. I’m afraid that this slutty fox must have played some tricks on you. If you hadn’t come, I would have gone to find you. Since you’ve come, you’ve saved me a lot of trouble.”

“You still want to find me?” The Ox Head Monster Emperor’s eyes widened as he stared at the Shadow Leopard in disbelief.

Shadow Leopard laughed cruelly, “Hand over your Inner Core and I’ll spare your life!”

As soon as he finished talking, it transformed into a bolt of lightning and shot towards the Ox Head Monster Emperor.

The Heavenly Tribulation was still continuing. It was not stupid enough to think that a single word from it could force others to submit.

The Ox Head Monster Emperor was shocked, never having thought that this crazy leopard would attack him so easily without any room for negotiation. He was extremely annoyed, why did he run out to this place for?

Monster Qi surged as the two Monster Emperors clashed. This was not like the previous battle between the Monster Kings. Monster Emperors were the strongest forces in the Myriad Monster World, so the destruction caused by these two masters fighting to the death was unimaginable.

Mountains collapsed one after another as the river flowed in reverse. Amidst the wind and rain, the Heavenly Power grew stronger and the rumbling of thunder grew louder, as if it wanted to support this battle.


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