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From the moment the Heavenly Tribulation's lightning descended, it had not stopped. Bolts of lightning struck down mercilessly onto the rotating Core.

Every bolt of lightning was a manifestation of the world’s terrifying destructive power.

When the lightning fell, it would always crack open the Core, and the Shadow Leopard will use its Monster Qi to repair it. If the rate at which it was repairing the Core was faster than the rate at which it was being destroyed, it would be able to successfully break through.

On top of that, this cycle of destruction and repair allowed his Core to become stronger and purer, even allowing him to absorb the power of the thunder.

Generally speaking, breaking through to the Monster King Realm wasn’t too dangerous, just like breaking through to Open Heaven from the Emperor Realm. As long as one’s foundation was solid enough, they could naturally break through.

Since the Star Boundary's Lord had passed down the Monster Race’s Ancient Technique to the Myriad Monster World, none of the Monster Kings of the Myriad Monster World had failed to break through their limits. The only difference was their strength after breaking through.

However, the Shadow Leopard was different. Compared to the Monster Race’s long cultivation, the time it had cultivated was far too short.

It had only been a few hundred years, but it had already reached the peak of the Monster King Realm. This was because it had swallowed a large number of other Monster Beasts, which was why it had offended so many Monster Kings.

Putting everything else aside, the Rock Snake King’s descendants had almost been eaten by it, so how could the Rock Snake King not hate it to the bone?

To grow from a small Monster Beast to a Peak Monster King in just a few hundred years also meant that one’s strength was extremely varied.

The Heavenly Tribulation was a crisis, but it was also an opportunity. The Heavenly Tribulation had the ability to expel the impurities in one’s Core and purify their strength.

If it were any other Monster King, they would have already broken through after such a long time, but the Shadow Leopard was still using the Heavenly Power to purify its body, it had long gained sentience and knew that this was a rare opportunity. If it didn’t properly temper its Core this time, even if it managed to break through to the Monster King Realm, its future prospects would be limited.

As lightning struck down, the number of cracks on his Core increased, reaching its limit.

However, things like limits were meant to be broken!

It had always had great ambitions and would never be satisfied with being a king in the Myriad Monster World. Perhaps this was also the reason why it had been in contact with Qin Xue for so many years. It had learned about the strength of the Human Race from Qin Xue’s mouth, the Open Heaven Stage of the Seventh Order, Eighth Order, and even Ninth Order.

The instant Qin Xue turned her head, she saw the crack in his Core and the flash of lightning.

It was as if his Core could be broken at any time, and most importantly, it seemed like the Shadow Leopard's Monster Qi was exhausted.

From the beginning of the tribulation, his body had been bent down, and his tough bones had also been broken.

“Shadow Leopard it's enough,” Qin Xue exclaimed.

At this moment, if the Shadow Leopard were to forcibly break through, there was still a high chance he could succeed. If he continued to delay, the situation would only become worse.

“You should take care of yourself first,” The Rock Snake King’s cold voice rang out as he opened his mouth, his fangs flashing with a cold light.

The storm seemed to become even fiercer.

Another bolt of lightning struck down, and the Shadow Leopard seemed to finally be unable to hold on any longer. Its vigorous and smooth body half-knelt on the ground as its skin split open and blood flowed out. The Core floating above its head looked like it had been destroyed, and bolts of lightning shot out from the cracks.


A low shout rang out as a giant figure suddenly shot out from the shadows below the mountain peak, its big hand ruthlessly slapping towards the Shadow Leopard’s head.

Under the light of the lightning, this giant figure was actually an ape covered in white fur. Its physique was extremely majestic, and most importantly, no one had been able to detect its aura before it had attacked. Obviously, it had its own method of concealing its aura.

The Monster Qi in the giant palm that was about to slam down on the Shadow Leopard’s body began to fluctuate. Not to mention that the Shadow Leopard was almost completely exhausted, even if it was at its peak, it would definitely die without a burial place.

“White Hair Ape King!” Qin Xue exclaimed, her heart sinking.

Similar to the Rock Snake King, this White Hair Ape King’s territory was close to the Shadow Leopard’s territory. Since they were neighbors, there was naturally no lack of friction between them. Many of the Rock Snake King’s descendants were eaten by the Shadow Leopard, and this White Hair Ape King’s descendants were similar.

Since the Snake King had appeared, how could the Ape King not come?

However, it had been hiding in the shadows and was even more sinister than the Rock Snake King, waiting for a suitable opportunity to strike. When the lightning bolt struck, the Shadow Leopard’s aura suddenly dropped drastically, and it thought that its opportunity to attack had arrived.

The giant hand that was strong enough to break a stone fell, but the expected scene of head being shattered did not appeared. The giant hand actually passed through the Shadow Leopard’s head.

At that moment, the Shadow Leopard seemed to be between reality and illusion…

“What’s going on?” The White Hair Ape King wore an extremely puzzled expression, but before it could figure out what was happening, its eyes met with the Shadow Leopard’s deep amber eyes.

His eyes were filled with disdain.

Oh no, I've fallen into a trap!

The White Hair Ape King’s heart was filled with great fear. Although he didn’t understand what kind of Divine Ability the Shadow Leopard had just used, it was obvious that the other party had been hiding this Divine Ability in preparation for this moment.

The two Monster Kings were close at hand.

The Shadow Leopard’s aura, which was originally weak, suddenly erupted with a shocking aura as its sharp claws accurately pierced into the White Hair Ape King’s abdomen, causing blood to spurt out.

Under normal circumstances, it was almost impossible for the Shadow Leopard to kill the White Hair Ape King, not to mention that it had consumed a great deal of energy. However, the White Hair Ape King thought that the Shadow Leopard would die without a doubt, so it didn’t take much precautions against its sudden attack.

Life and death only lasted a moment.

As the Shadow Leopard pulled out its claw, a fist-sized Core was pulled out. Without hesitation, the Shadow Leopard stuffed the Core into its mouth and swallowed it.

“You…” The White Hair Ape King hadn’t died yet, his Core had been lost, and ninety percent of his cultivation had been lost, but he was still a Monster Race with a tenacious vitality. If he could escape and recuperate, he might be able to recover, but if he wanted to become a Monster King, he would need a long period of cultivation.


Lightning struck again.

A look of panic finally appeared on the White Hair Ape King’s face. The Shadow Leopard had no time to kill it, but the power of the Heavenly Tribulation was not something it could resist at this moment.

As the lightning flashed, the White Hair Ape King exploded, not even leaving behind a corpse.

The Shadow Leopard also seemed to have reached the most critical juncture. Originally, it had little Monster Qi left, but after swallowing a Monster King's Core, it had been greatly replenished.

This kind of swallowing process was bound to be extremely wasteful, and it was far from being able to slowly absorb and digest it, but at this moment, he couldn’t care less. He pushed his violent strength to the limit and tried his best to repair his Core, causing more cracks to appear on it.

The Shadow Leopard also felt a life or death crisis, so without hesitation, it swallowed the Core floating in front of it.

In an instant, his entire body was covered in lightning, and from the wound on his body, lightning shot out, turning him into a lightning leopard.

“It’s not enough, it’s not enough!” The Shadow Leopard roared, his amber eyes bloodshot as he turned his head towards the battlefield between the two Emperor Realm and the two Monster Kings.

With just a glance, whether it was the Rock Snake King or Iron Wing Eagle King, both of them couldn’t help feeling a chill.

In fact, the White Hair Ape King’s death just now had shocked them greatly, and they had all thought that the Shadow Leopard would die without a doubt, but who would have thought that this fellow had actually been concealing his true strength all this time? The Divine Ability he used to conceal his physical strength was not something the Monster Race could grasp, but rather a secret technique of the Human Race.

The White Hair Ape King’s death was simply too unjust.

Now that they had been targeted by the Shadow Leopard, the two Monster Kings were terrified.

“Snake King, I must thank you for today’s matter. This King will have to refuse your hospitality!” Shadow Leopard’s voice rang out as his figure suddenly disappeared from the mountain peak.

Frick you! The Rock Snake King cursed in its heart. If it had known this would happen, it would never have come to find trouble with Shadow Leopard.

The White Hair Ape King was also a fool to have been killed so easily by the Shadow Leopard. It was certain that the Shadow Leopard had been completely spent just now. The White Hair Ape King only needed to delay for a moment and didn’t even need to kill it. The Shadow Leopard would also die under the Heavenly Tribulation.

Now, the Ape King’s Core had become the source of Shadow Leopard’s power.

Run quickly!

The Rock Snake King no longer had any thoughts of taking revenge for its descendants. Its huge head shrank back as it quickly retreated towards its territory.

The Iron Wing Eagle King was the same, but compared to the Snake King’s panic, it was much more relaxed. It was a bird-type Monster King, and its hatred for the Shadow Leopard wasn’t too great. If Shadow Leopard wanted to kill the Snake King, it could easily escape.

Before he could even think about it, a figure appeared high up in the sky.

The Iron Wing Eagle King was shocked. He couldn’t understand why the Shadow Leopard would target him instead of finding trouble with his enemy, the Snake King.

At the same time, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky.

The two Monster Kings trembled.

Unlike when he spat out his Core to withstand the power of the Heavenly Tribulation just now, now that the Shadow Leopard had taken back his Core, the power of the Heavenly Tribulation had firmly landed on his body. This situation was far more dangerous than before.

But Shadow Leopard couldn’t care less.

If he failed to overcome the tribulation today, only death awaits.

The two Monster Kings were struck by the Heavenly Tribulation and their bodies went stiff as they couldn’t help falling from the sky. However, Shadow Leopard had, after all, endured a great deal of the power from the Heavenly Tribulation's thunder, so he was the first to recover. His sharp leopard claws tore open the Eagle King’s back, took out the Core, stuffed it into his mouth, and swallowed it.

Boom! The huge figure landed on the ground, lightning flashing all over its body as the Shadow Leopard turned its head towards the direction the Snake King had fled towards and roared, “Since you’ve come, don’t leave!”

His figure flickered like a bolt of lightning, and in the blink of an eye, he had caught up to the Snake King. His two leopard claws pressed down on the Snake King’s body as he lowered his head slightly, “Snake King, how could you run so fast!”

“I… no…” Accompanied by a scream, another Monster King Core was taken out.


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