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A hideous mouth opened and a thick stench filled the air. Qin Xue’s petite figure was stuck in the snake’s mouth, as if she would be swallowed at any moment.

The long sword in her hand blocked the Snake King's fang at the critical moment, and with a violent burst of speed, she flew backwards, quickly pulling away from the Rock Snake King.

The huge snake’s body twisted as it charged forward at a speed that didn’t match its form. Monster Qi surged as the trees fell like a pile of straw along the way, causing a loud rumbling sound.

As soon as Qin Xue stabilized herself, a violent force came from behind her and she swung her sword, pouring her Emperor Qi into, protecting her back.

With a loud bang, a thick snake tail lashed out, nearly destroying Qin Xue’s protective Emperor Qi. Qin Xue’s figure couldn’t help staggering a few steps forward as a dark green poisonous fog rushed towards her.

Qin Xue was shocked. Although she knew that these Monster Kings were not to be trifled with, it wasn’t until they fought that she understood just how powerful her opponent were.

Originally, she had only wanted to stop the Rock Snake King, but now she knew that if she didn’t go all out, she wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“Snake King, please forgive me for offending you!” The long sword shook repeatedly as a number of sword flowers blossomed, dispersing the poison in front of it and transforming into a large sword curtain that enveloped the massive snake.

However, she had already pushed her cultivation to the limit.

“Very good!” The Rock Snake King was obviously thoroughly enraged. It allowed the sword rain to fall on its body and cut its hard skin, causing fresh blood to flow out as it roared towards the sky, “The Agreement has been broken, why haven’t you come yet!?”

Qin Xue’s expression suddenly changed, “Snake King, you…”

The Rock Snake King smiled grimly, “This was the first time your Human Race broke the agreement. If you were to be exterminated, you can’t blame our Monster Race.”

Hundreds of years ago, that Lord passed down the Monster Race’s ancient technique and established an agreement with the Big Monsters of that time. The two races were not allowed to harm each other for no reason, so for the past several hundred years, they had lived in harmony.

However, the Myriad Monster World was originally ruled by the Monster Race.

More and more humans appeared, and although their existence didn’t affect the survival of the Monster Race much, the abundant vitality and extraordinary cultivation of the Human Race made many powerful Monster Race drool over them. If they could devour these humans with high cultivation, it would greatly benefit the Monster Race’s growth.

Many Monster Kings wanted to treat these human race as food, but unfortunately, they were unable to do so.

However, now that several hundred years had passed, the Monster Race was able to discard this alliance.

Only now did Qin Xue know that tonight’s Rock Snake King had come to interfere with Shadow’s ascension, not just because of a personal grudge, but also because of a conspiracy against the Human Race.

A powerful Monster Qi suddenly rose from all directions, all of them Monster Kings and none of them weaker than the Rock Snake King.

On this rainy night, these Monster Kings all gathered together.

Qin Xue’s heart was in chaos.

How could people from the Qinghong Pavilion not be able to hear the movements of these figures?

“Mother is over there!” In the crowd, a young girl who looked somewhat similar to Qin Xue cried out in panic.

The few Second Order Open Heaven who had been guarding Qinghong Pavilion all year round also wore solemn expressions.

With their strength, they didn’t need to fear these Monster Kings. No matter how powerful a Monster King was, it still wasn’t strong enough to break through the universe world's shackles, and although their grades weren’t high, they were still Open Heaven Stage cultivators, not on the same level as the Monster Kings.

However, they couldn’t act on their own. Once they did, the peace that had lasted for hundreds of years in the Myriad Monster World would be broken, and the entire Myriad Monster World would fall into chaos.

This responsibility was not something they could bear.

“Qin Xue is a fool, how could she dare to attack the Monster King?” A Second Order master scolded as he took a step forward, “I’ll bring her back.”

How could the Human Race interfere with the internal affairs of the Monster Race?

However, just as this Second Order Open Heaven took two steps forward, a figure blocked his path. It was the young girl who looked similar to Qin Xue. Her cultivation wasn’t high, so she opened her arms and firmly blocked his path, “Elder, you can’t go. The Shadow Leopard is breaking through and the Snake King has a grudge with it. If Elder brings Mother back, the Shadow Leopard will definitely die.”

“If I don’t bring your mother back, your mother will definitely die. If she is killed by the Monster King, Qinghong Pavilion won’t even have the ability to avenge her,” The Second Order Elder looked at the young girl.

The young girl’s expression immediately became hesitant.

“Move!” The Elder shouted.

The young girl didn’t know what to do, tears welling up in her eyes.

With a sigh, a middle-aged man walked out from the crowd, “I’ll go.” He was also an Emperor Realm.

The young girl shouted in surprise, “Father!”

The middle-aged man patted the young girl’s head lovingly and looked towards the Second Order Open Heaven, “Elder, look after Shuang’er.”

The Elder frowned and said solemnly, “Don’t act rashly.”

The middle-aged man smiled, “Rest assured.”

Saying so, he turned into a streak of light and flew out.

A moment later, at the place where Qin Xue and the Rock Snake King were fighting, the huge jungle had completely disappeared, and a thick poisonous fog filled the air. Within the poisonous fog, there were faint flashes of sword light, indicating that the battle between the human and snake had reached a critical moment.

Although Qin Xue had already begun condensing her Dao Seal, facing such a powerful Monster King who was only a step away from breaking through, her strength was still insufficient. Moreover, she was trapped in the poisonous fog and had consumed a great deal of her Emperor Qi. At this moment, she was in a precarious situation.

At this moment, a figure rushed into the poisonous fog without hesitation. With a long sword in hand, he instantly joined the fray and joined forces with Qin Xue to block the Rock Snake King’s violent attacks.

“Another one? Good, very good!” The Rock Snake King couldn’t stop laughing. It knew that humans were stupid creatures. As long as it could open up a way out, what happened next would be easy to handle. It wouldn’t be in vain for it to persuade the other Monster Kings to act together.

The middle-aged man wrapped his arm around Qin Xue’s waist and quickly retreated a few thousand meters before finally escaping from the poisonous fog’s range and saying loudly, “Snake King, how about we call it a day?”

“No,” The Rock Snake King rushed out from the poisonous fog, its giant body nimble as it roared, “If you dare attack, don’t even think about leaving alive.”

“Alright,” The middle-aged man smiled bitterly. He also knew that today’s matter would not end peacefully, so he had only tried. Now that he had failed, he was not disappointed.

Raising his long sword high, he activated his Emperor Qi and shouted, “Today’s matter, I, Hou Qinghai, will bear full responsibility for it. It has nothing to do with anyone else, so I ask all Monster Kings to abide by the agreement and not allow any delinquents to ruin their future.”

As the sound spread out, the Monster Kings who were crossing various territories paused for a moment, but soon dismissed it.

Inside Qinghong Pavilion, the Second Order Open Heaven Elder let out a long sigh. When Hou Qinghai wanted to leave, he had already anticipated such an outcome, but he was unable to stop him.

On the other hand, the young girl cried out, “Father, Mother!” Just as she was about to rush out, the Second Order Open Heaven Elder gently patted her head and the young girl collapsed.

“Take her away,” The Elder ordered.

A disciple who was familiar with the girl picked her up and carried her into the pavilion.

Several Second Order Elders looked towards the battlefield and sighed.

“I’m afraid today’s matter will be difficult to resolve.”

“With the few of us here, Qinghong Pavilion should be fine, and those Monster Kings won’t be stupid enough to attack the Sect.”

“I’m afraid it will affect the entire Myriad Monster World’s situation. If the Monster Race becomes hostile towards the Human Race, then my Qinghong Pavilion will die ten thousand times over.”

“We need to report this matter to High Heaven Palace and ask them to send someone to handle it.”

“Qinghai and Qin Xue, are we just going to ignore them?”

“There are still Monster Emperor in the Myriad Monster World. If we were to act, how could those Monster Emperor remain idle, unless you are prepared to fight the Monster Race?”


Letting out a long sigh, after what had happened today, they were helpless. After all, they were only Second Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, far from being able to suppress the entire Myriad Monster World. It was just a pity for the elite disciple of the Sect, whether it Hou Qinghai or Qin Xue, both of them were able to directly break through to the Fifth Order. Now that both of them had condensed their Dao Seals, as long as they cultivated step by step, they would probably be able to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage in less than a hundred years.

Although they were somewhat annoyed, there was nothing they could do to stop it. They knew the relationship between Qin Xue and the Shadow Leopard. Since the Shadow Leopard had broken through today, Qin Xue would definitely protect him.

On the battlefield, Hou Qinghai and Qin Xue combined their swords to suppress the Rock Snake King.

However, the couple didn’t show the slightest bit of joy, because the other powerful Monster Qi was getting closer.

“Husband, I’ve implicated you,” Qin Xue said apologetically.

Hou Qinghai replied, “What are you talking about? Since we’re husband and wife, we should live and die together. How can we implicated the other? Not to mention, today’s situation may not necessarily be unsolvable.”

“Husband means…”

Hou Qinghai turned to look at Shadow Leopard, “If the Shadow Leopard can successfully break through, he will be able to protect us.”

Qin Xue’s eyes lit up. She had been too concerned and had not thought of this point, but after her husband’s reminder, she suddenly understood.

Indeed, if Shadow Leopard could successfully break through and become a Monster King, he would have a great chance of protecting the two of them.

In the blink of an eye, a huge shadow suddenly covered the earth and a sharp cry rang out. In the sky, a thick Monster Qi rapidly approached.

Hou Qinghai’s expression changed as he looked up, only to see a giant shadow approaching.

“Iron Wing Eagle King!”

The Monster Kings rushed over from all directions, so it would take some time. The Iron Wing Eagle King was the fastest and was the first to arrive. Seeing that the Rock Snake King was being besieged by two people, he immediately rushed over to help.

When the two Emperor Realm faced off against the two Monster Kings, their advantage instantly disappeared.

The Rock Snake King couldn’t stop laughing, “Hahaha, the Eagle King came at just the right time. These two human race, we’ll each take one, we’ll finish off that stupid leopard after we’re full!”

The Eagle King didn’t respond, but his attacks became fiercer.

In just a short period of time, Qin Xue and her husband were once again in a precarious situation. In the midst of this fierce battle, Qin Xue stole a glance towards the Shadow Leopard and instantly felt her entire body go cold.


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