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The current Qin Xue was no longer the innocent young girl of the past. At the very least, she had the cultivation of an Emperor Realm master and had lived in the Myriad Monster World for hundreds of years, so she knew many secrets.

This vast universe had experienced three Ancient Eras. These were the Holy Spirits, Monster Beasts, and Human Race’s eras.

In each Era, the Heavenly Dao had a special favor for its rulers.

In ancient times, the Heavenly Dao favored the Monster Race, so it was much easier for the Monster Race to cultivate. With the decline of the ancient era and the arrival of the recent ancient era, the Human Race gradually rose to prominence, and the Heavenly Dao favor for the Monster Race gradually shifted to the Human Race.

In other words, the Human Race was now the favored children of this vast universe. Among them, there might also be some who had undergone great changes to the Heavenly Dao, but although Qin Xue was already an Emperor Realm, it was difficult for her to make her own judgements about these things.

The only thing she was certain of was that the current era was not very friendly to the Monster Race. The Monster Race’s cultivation was much more difficult than the Human Race’s.

The ancient cultivation methods of the Monster Race had long been lost. The Monster Race’s advancement mainly relied on the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method to transform into a human form and break through their shackles.

The Myriad Monster World was an ancient world. It was said that when the Star Boundary’s Lord came here, not only had the Big Monsters lost their ancient Cultivation Techniques, but even the Human Race had never seen them before, so how could they transform into human race form and use the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method to break through their limits? As a result, the Big Monsters of the Myriad Monster World were unable to break free from the shackles of this world. Once their cultivation reached the Monster King level, they would be unable to advance any further.

It was also the Star Boundary's Lord who had planted the World Tree Subtree, pitied them and passed down ancient techniques to the Myriad Monster World, allowing the Big Monsters to continue cultivating.

As such, in the current Myriad Monster World, the Monster Race cultivated two different methods. One was the Ancient Technique passed down by the Star Boundary’s Lord, while the other was the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method. These two methods had their own advantages and disadvantages. It was impossible to say which one is good and bad, it was up to the Monster Race.

There were many Monster Beasts who became close to the Human Race when they were very weak, and after being raised by the Human Race, they would naturally choose this path.

However, Monster Race cultivators like Shadow Leopard, who had always maintained their beast form, would generally choose the ancient technique.

The last time she had met with the Shadow Leopard, Qin Xue had felt that the Shadow Leopard had been on the verge of breaking through, but there had been no sign of it.

Unexpectedly, on this stormy night, she felt the movement of its breakthrough.

Qin Xue had also read many ancient books about the Monster Race’s Ancient Technique, the danger they will face is far greater than those relying on the Human Race Open Heaven method.

The stronger the Monster Race was, the more unpredictable it was.

Qin Xue’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. After spending hundreds of years together, she had long regarded this Shadow Leopard as her friend. In her heart, this Monster Race was no less important than her beloved partner and child.

Now that the Shadow Leopard had reached a critical juncture, how could she not be nervous?

Another beast roar resounded through the sky.

Accompanied by the roar of the beast, a thick Monster Qi filled the air, and a thick layer of fog seemed to cover the peak of the mountain.


Seemingly responding to the Shadow Leopard’s roar, the Heavenly Power once again descended like a bolt of lightning.

Qin Xue vaguely saw a round object emerge from the Shadow Leopard’s mouth and float above the mountain peak.

The Monster Race’s Core!

The lightning struck down from the sky like a long whip, ruthlessly lashing the small Core.

Qin Xue’s body trembled as if she had been whipped, her eyes widening as she focused her eyes, not moving an inch.

The Core, which had been quietly floating, suddenly began to rotate after eating the Heavenly Thunder. The originally black Core began to emit a faint trace of the power of thunder, and the lightning constantly swam across its surface, causing cracks to appear on its surface.

The Shadow Leopard roared as its Monster Qi surged, repairing the damage to its Core.

Just like when human race cultivators broke through a Great Realm, they would undergo the baptism of Heaven and Earth, the same was true for the Monster Race, but the current situation was far more dangerous than the baptism of Heaven and Earth that human race cultivators faced.

Currently, the Heavenly Dao favored the Human Race more. If the Monster Race relied on the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method to break through, they would be able to follow the Heavenly Dao. By borrowing the power of the Ancient Technique, they would be able to defy the Heavens. The Heavenly Thunder was not a baptism of Heaven and Earth, but a Heavenly Tribulation.

In other words, the Myriad Monster World still maintained its ancient environment and aura. If one were to go to any other Universe World, with the Monster Race’s breakthrough, they would definitely suffer an even more violent blow.

Under the Heavenly Tribulation, all living things were like eggs. If the Shadow Leopard couldn’t withstand it, it would definitely suffer the fate of egg being destroyed and dying. If it could withstand it, there would be many benefits.

Kacha! Another bolt of lightning struck down, seemingly slightly more powerful than before, and the speed at which his Core spun grow even faster.

Qin Xue’s heart relaxed slightly. She had known Shadow Leopard for so many years and more or less knew of its abilities. If the Heavenly Tribulation was only at this level, it shouldn’t be a problem for Shadow Leopard to survive, but now it all depended on how far Shadow Leopard wanted to go.

Qin Xue secretly prayed that this guy wouldn’t be too greedy. If she had known this would happen, she would have found him and tried to reason with him.

But thinking about the Shadow Leopard’s temper, no matter how many reasons she had, he probably wouldn’t listen.

This little beast had always acted on its own… just like how it was just a little beast that had left Qinghong Pavilion after recovering from its injuries, not even bothering to greet her.

The lightning struck down again, but the Shadow Leopard’s figure remained motionless, only responding with a fierce roar, as if it was trying to break through the heavens.

“Who is it?” Qin Xue’s expression suddenly became cold as she rushed towards a certain direction. In mid-air, a long sword suddenly appeared in her hand.

“Blue Moon Sword Art, three thousand swords!”

Three thousand sword lights rained down like a storm, each and every trees is instantly riddled with holes, but the light in that instant caused Qin Xue’s heart to sink.

A violent Monster Qi surged up from below like a swamp, and the sword light disappeared as soon as it entered.

Of course, this was because she hadn’t used her full strength, but it also showed how powerful her opponent was.

Qin Xue finally knew who was lurking nearby.

It was not a human race, but a Monster King!

A hissing sound rang out as a snake head that was even larger than a house slowly emerged from the thick Monster Qi. The snake head seemed to be carved from a piece of rock, its sharp edges and sharp scales appearing incomparably solid. Its two snake eyes stared coldly at Qin Xue who was standing on the treetop, a cruel light swirling within them.

“Rock Snake King!” Qin Xue’s eyes narrowed, but she quickly composed herself, “Snake King, please withdraw!”

In her heart, she cursed, Shadow Leopard’s breakthrough really won’t be so smooth.

In the Myriad Monster World, the Star Boundary’s Lord had made an agreement with many Big Monsters. The relationship between the Human Race and the Monster Race was actually quite peaceful, but the Monster Race was filled with bloody battles with each other. Every Monster King that lived was famous for stepping over the corpses of countless other Monster Race masters.

There was no need to mention the Shadow Leopard. When she first met it, Qin Xue had thought it was cute, but in reality, it was the most vicious Monster Race she had ever known, and its temperament was quite arrogant.

Such a Monster Race usually had no lack of enemies.

It was only because Qin Xue had saved Shadow Leopard’s life that he had not shown much of his Monster Race side to her.

This Rock Snake King was one of Shadow Leopard’s enemies, and their territories were close together. When Shadow Leopard was weak, he seemed to have been bullied by it, so he had long ago decided to take revenge.

How could the Rock Snake King allow its enemy to grow peacefully? If it allowed Shadow Leopard to break through to the Monster King level and successfully survive this calamity, it would be beyond redemption.

Therefore, when he noticed that Shadow Leopard had broken through today, he had quietly crossed his territory and snuck over, waiting for an opportunity to deliver a fatal blow to Shadow Leopard, but he had not expected Qin Xue to discover his whereabouts.

The Rock Snake King’s strength was extremely strong, and its snake skin was like it was cast from copper, giving it an unparalleled defense. The Shadow Leopard had fought with it several times, but they were evenly matched. Although Qin Xue was an Emperor Realm, she didn’t have the confidence to win against such a Snake King, she is not even confident that she could protect herself.

Although it was difficult for the Monster Race to cultivate, in the same realm, human race were generally no match for them. This was the accumulation of resources over the years.

“Human Race, you dare attack me?” The Rock Snake King stared coldly at Qin Xue, its tongue flickering as it spoke.

Qin Xue frowned and cupped her fists, “I didn’t know that it was the Snake King who had arrived, please forgive me if I have offended you.”

The agreement between the Star Boundary’s Lord and the many Big Monsters had to be kept. This was the fundamental reason why the Human Race had been able to survive in the Myriad Monster World for so many years. Without this agreement, the Human Race would find it difficult to survive in such a world.

The Rock Snake King snorted coldly, “Scram, this King has no interest in wasting time with you.”

Saying so, its huge body began to slither forward towards the Shadow Leopard.

How could Qin Xue retreat? If she retreated, Shadow Leopard’s advancement would definitely be disrupted. At that time, not to mention breaking through to the Monster King level, he might even lose his life.

A look of struggle flashed across her eyes as she slashed down with her long sword, sending out a stream of sword light towards the path that the Rock Snake King had to pass through, causing a crack to appear on the ground.

“Please withdraw, Snake King!”

In the rainy night, the woman’s figure was not tall, but she stood firmly on the big tree in front of the Rock Snake King.

The two eyes on the giant snake’s head became more sinister, and the snake tongue in its mouth began to spit out more rapidly. Soon after, it revealed an extremely human-like smile, “Very good, this King has never eaten a human race before, so today I will eat you first before dealing with that stupid leopard!”

The moment the last word was spoken, the giant snake head suddenly appeared in front of Qin Xue, its bloody mouth seemingly capable of swallowing Qin Xue whole.


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