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In this vast universe, there were countless Sects and forces, and each of the Cave Heaven Paradise had been passed down for a long time. Their heritage was deep and profound, allowing them to look down on the entire universe.

Below the Cave Heaven Paradise, those who have Mid Rank Open Heaven are considered second class force.

A force that didn’t even have a Mid Rank Open Heaven could only be considered a third class force.

Logically speaking, the lower the rank of a force, the greater the number. However, in reality, the largest number in this 3000 worlds is the second class force.

A Fourth Order Open Heaven was equivalent to a Mid Rank Open Heaven cultivator. As long as one’s aptitude wasn’t too low, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to break through to the Second or Third Order directly. With enough time to refine and consolidate, they would eventually break through to the Fourth Order.

Therefore, no matter which Great Domain they were in, the ratio of Fourth or Fifth Order Open Heaven is the largest, and Sixth Order is the smallest.

However, even if they're all second class forces, their foundations were vastly different.

In the Sect, there will be a second class force with Fourth Order Open Heaven, and there will be second class force with Sixth Order Open Heaven, so naturally they couldn’t be compared.

In the second class force, Qinghong Pavilion was basically a mid to low class force. At its peak, there were two Fifth Order and four Fourth Order Open Heaven in the Qinghong Pavilion. Such a foundation was simply not worth mentioning.

However, even a force like Qinghong Pavilion had occupied a great domain in the past, allowing it to be named Qinghong Territory.

During the invasion of the Black Ink Clan, the various large and small forces of the Human Race had been forced to abandon their heritage and migrate to High Heaven Territory. Even the various Cave Heaven Paradise were no exception, not to mention Qinghong Pavilion. At that time, under the guidance of a small Human Race team that had withdrawn from the Spatial Territory, they had met up with the other forces that had migrated from the other Great Domains and retreated to High Heaven Territory. Although there had been some twists and turns along the way, they had managed to escape unscathed.

Those days in High Heaven Territory were the most difficult times for them.

At that time, the forces and cultivators who had evacuated from the various Great Domains were innumerable, all of them like them, without a single place to stay.

High Heaven Territory, on the other hand, had two Universe Worlds, one was a Star Boundary and the other was a Demon Realm. However, the former was not something an ordinary person could set foot in, and the latter was not suitable to live in.

Cultivation resources were also extremely scarce, and the entire Qinghong Pavilion was enveloped in a hopeless atmosphere.

It was only when High Heaven Palace arranged for them to enter the new great domain that there was some peace.

With this experience, the upper echelons of the Qinghong Pavilion became increasingly aware of how difficult it was to improve their own foundation.

So three hundred years ago, when the Star Boundary's Master reported the news of the Myriad Monster World. Many Open Heaven masters from the Qinghong Pavilion stepped onto the battlefield in Mysterious Nether Territory without hesitation, and fought against the Black Ink Clan to gain battle merits. Then use the battle merits to exchange for qualification to live in the Myriad Monster World.

The appearance of the Myriad Monster World was a symbol of hope for all the small and medium forces.

They didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Star Boundary, but the Myriad Monster world is a brand new beginning. As long as the younger generations can enter and cultivate in the Myriad Monster World, they can get the feedback of the World Tree Subtree. In the future, they might be able to give birth to a good seedlings that could promote directly to Sixth Or Seventh Order. There is no need for too much, just a few such good seedlings is enough to turn the situation around.

Finally, after the opening of the Myriad Monster World, Qinghong Pavilion was the first batch of people to enter the Myriad Monster World. Only a dozen or so disciples had entered, but over the years, more disciples had entered the Myriad Monster World.

They had occupied a Spirit Peak here and reopened the sect of Qinghong Pavilion. Although the beginning was difficult, it was no longer like hundreds of years ago when they couldn’t see the future.

Currently, in the entire Myriad Monster World, there were at least ten or eight thousand major and minor forces, but in the future, this number would only increase.

Fortunately, the Myriad Monster World was large enough. When Yang Kai first came to this world to investigate, he had discovered that the size of this Universe World was much larger than the average Universe World. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to arrange so many forces here.

Currently, all Open Heaven Stage cultivators above the Third Order were fighting on various battlefields, with only a few old and frail Second Order Open Heaven cultivators remaining to teach the younger disciples.

Fortunately, the Myriad Monster World wasn’t too dangerous, otherwise, just these few Second Order Open Heaven Stage alone wouldn’t have been enough.

A few young disciples stood in front of the mountain gate and waited, suddenly calling out, “Fellod Disciples have returned!”

As the cheers fell, a number of vigorous figures appeared in the dense forest in front of them and soon arrived.

There weren’t many of them, less than a hundred, and most of them were young men in their twenties.

The feedback from the Subtree had a lot to do with one’s cultivation and age. The lower one’s cultivation was and the younger one was, the more effective the feedback would be. If an Emperor Realm master were to come here, they might not be able to obtain much benefits.

Right now, the qualifications to live in the Myriad Monster World were extremely precious, so Qinghong Pavilion naturally didn’t dare to waste them, so most of the disciples they sent in were young and talented disciples of the Sect.

The people in front of the mountain gate burst into laughter.

But soon, the eyes of the young disciples were attracted by something. It was a pitch-black little beast with soft fur. The little beast seemed to have been injured and was currently sleeping in the arms of a Senior Sister. Its body was covered in bandages and blood was seeping out.

The young disciples all gathered around this little beast, chattering non-stop, seemingly quite fond of it.

A disciple asked, “Senior Sister Qin Xue, is this a Monster Beast?”

Qin Xue smiled and nodded, “It’s a Shadow Leopard.”

The disciple who asked this question stretched out his hand, wanting to touch the Shadow Leopard, but before he could touch it, he withdrew his hand, seemingly afraid that the Shadow Leopard would suddenly wake up and bite him.

“What’s going on?” A Second Order Open Heaven asked.

Qin Xue briefly explained about this Shadow Leopard and asked, “Elder, can I raise it?”

The Elder replied, “It’s not a problem to raise it, but how are you going to feed it?”

“I can take it out to hunt.”

The Elder shook his head and said, “Three hundred years ago, when that Lord planted the World Tree here, he made an agreement with the Big Monsters here that the two races should coexist peacefully and not casually attack each other. Although there have been some cases of Monster Beasts injuring others and killing others over the years, most of these Monster Beasts have not yet lost their beast nature, so there is no way to make a fuss about it. If you attack the Monster Race, you will be violating the agreement that the Lord made with the Monster Race. If the Monster Race asks for trouble, no one will be able to protect you.”

This was the first time Qin Xue had heard of this, so she couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward. After thinking about it for a moment, she said, “It shouldn’t be a problem to hunt some ordinary wild beasts, right?”

The Elder nodded, “No problem.”

Ordinary wild beasts were not part of the agreement. After all, many cultivators with low cultivations needed to eat.

Qin Xue happily said, “Then I’ll take care of it first. It’s injured now, so if I let it go, it won’t be able to live for long. After it recovers, if it doesn’t want to stay, I’ll let it go.”

“Good!” The Elder nodded.

As a result, the small Shadow Leopard was taken in by the Qinghong Pavilion.

The woman named Qin Xue was originally worried that this little Shadow Leopard was afraid of strangers, but soon she realized she had been worrying too much.

Although this Shadow Leopard had been born less than two years ago, it seemed to understand human nature and knew who had saved it. After it woke up, it did not show any hostility towards Qin Xue.

Under Qin Xue’s meticulous care, the little Shadow Leopard’s injuries quickly improved.

A month later, when Qin Xue went to see the Shadow Leopard again, she found that it had disappeared, and even after searching the entire Qinghong Pavilion, there was no trace of it.

It seemed to have left without saying goodbye.

This made the little girl a little sad, but when she thought about how a Monster Beast like the Shadow Leopard was destined to live in the jungle, it was very likely that its beast nature would be eroded by human race nature here.

When she saw the Shadow Leopard again, half a year had passed.

In the jungle, Qin Xue, who was picking herbs, inadvertently met with the pitch-black shadow, as if they were destined to meet again. The Shadow Leopard’s intimate approach made Qin Xue both surprised and happy. After half a year, the Shadow Leopard had grown a full circle.

This time, Qin Xue’s harvest was much greater than before. Under the leadership of the little Shadow Leopard, she easily found many precious herbs.

After that, picking herbs was what Qin Xue looked forward to the most.

As time passed, both Qin Xue and Shadow Leopard continued to grow stronger.

The little girl in the past had also blossomed like a flower bud, and the young girl had also become a woman, becoming partners with her beloved Senior Brother and continuing to have children.

Shadow Leopard had also grown from a small Monster Beast to a Monster General, Monster Commander, and even a powerful Monster King.

All the nearby forces knew that there was a Monster King comparable to an Emperor Realm guarding Qinghong Pavilion's territory, so when Qinghong Pavilion disciples went out to pick herbs or travel, it was extremely safe.

All of this was caused by a little girl’s momentary compassion, which was truly enviable.

If they wanted to imitate her, there was no way they could.

Hundreds of years later, on a stormy night, lightning flashed and thunder roared.

Qin Xue, who was cultivating, suddenly heard a familiar beast roar and her expression changed slightly as she quickly walked out of her retreat.

Standing outside the door and listening carefully for a moment, she flew out of Qinghong Pavilion and into the rain. Currently, she had the cultivation of Emperor Realm and had already condensed her own Dao Seal. As long as she could refine the Yin-Yang + Five Elements, she would be able to break through to Open Heaven. Her aptitude wasn’t too bad, and the resources she had refined over the years were all at the Fifth Grade, allowing her the qualification to break through to Fifth Order Open Heaven directly.

It had to be known that the strongest person in Qinghong Pavilion was only a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, but to directly break through to the Fifth Order was something they had never even dared to dream of before. All of this was thanks to the World Tree Subtree’s feedback.

Right now, there were still a number of people like her who had the qualifications to directly advance to the Fifth Order. Although there were no good seedlings who could directly advance to the Sixth Order, the rise of Qinghong Pavilion was only a matter of time.

The torrential rain fell and was blocked by her protective Emperor Qi. Qin Xue’s figure flew lightly and soon arrived at the top of a large tree.

Looking up, her heart tightened.

On a mountain peak that was thousands of meters high, a bolt of lightning split the darkness, illuminating the world.

She saw the Shadow Leopard, which had accompanied her for hundreds of years, standing at the peak of the mountain, looking up at the sky and roaring fearlessly.

It was about to break through!

Qin Xue couldn’t help feeling worried.


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