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Fang Tian Ci increasingly felt that the Head Manager had found a good place for him.

Originally, he had come to the Mysterious Nether Territory to look for Yang Xiao only because he had listened to the Head Manager’s suggestion and didn’t have many thoughts about it. After all, after leaving the Void World, he had been in seclusion in the Star Boundary and didn’t know much about the 3000 Worlds.

He had his own ideas, but he would also listen to good advice. He had passed Zhao Yebai’s test and was sincerely convinced of Senior Brother Zhao’s attainments in the Dao of Space. Cultivating with such a person would definitely be of great benefit to him.

However, it was only now that he discovered that this Shifang Wuji Squad not only had Senior Brother Zhao, but also Senior Sister Zhao and Senior Brother Xu…

The three disciples of the Dao Master had each inherited his three Great Daos!

Joining Shifang Wuji meant that he could often exchange pointers with these three fellow disciples, which was extremely attractive to him.

“Everyone is here!” Yang Xiao said in high spirits, “Let’s go buy some supplies first, then we’ll give Junior Brother Fang a welcoming reception. Once everything is ready, we’ll set out.”

Yang Xiao was finally able to leave the Mysterious Nether Territory and slaughter his way to the Great Domains occupied by the Black Ink Clan.

The others naturally didn’t have any objections. All these years, Yang Xiao had been in charge of the entire team’s affairs, not because he was the strongest. In fact, in terms of strength alone, the few Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters in the team were on par with him, it was mainly because the others were too lazy to handle too many miscellaneous matters, so they could only trouble him.

Speaking of supplies, Fang Tian Ci suddenly remembered something and took out a Space Ring, “Right, Senior Brother Yang, when I came from the Military Department, a Junior Sister named Yun Xi asked me to pass this to you. There are some pills inside...”

Before he could finish speaking, Yang Xiao suddenly patted Fang Tian Ci’s shoulder hard, causing his shoulder blade to hurt.

Fang Tian Ci was secretly shocked by this Senior Brother Yang’s strength.

“Little Brother, what do you mean by clouds and fog? I don’t understand.”

Fang Tian Ci replied, “No, Senior Brother, that's not it, it's a junior sister named Yun Xi…”

“Hehe…” A light chuckle came from behind him, seemingly from Senior Sister Yang. Fang Tian Ci clearly felt Yang Xiao’s body tremble.

Turning his head, he saw Yang Xiao staring at him, “Little brother, you’ve narrowed the path!”

Fang Tian Ci was confused.

Then he saw Yang Xiao abandon him and walked to Yang Xue, whispering something. Fang Tian Ci vaguely heard the words, “I’m not, I’m not, don’t listen to his nonsense.”

Zhao Yebai stepped forward and patted Fang Tian Ci’s shoulder with a smile, “Let’s go, Junior Brother Fang.”

Fang Tian Ci suddenly became a bit worried, “Senior Brother Yang, he…”

“Self inflicted, can't live!” Zhao Ya coldly snorted as she walked past.

From the endless jungle, one giant tree after another towered over the entire continent.

Although there were many human race living in the Myriad Monster World now, the overall environment had not changed much. This ancient aura that had been maintained for countless years was not something that could be changed in a short time.

In this dense jungle, there are dangers everywhere. The roles of hunter and prey is contantly changing. In this dense jungle, there would always be a scene of the mantis catching a cicada, not realizing the oriole is watching behind.

It was the perfect performance of natural selection.

In such an environment, the Monster Race had a unique advantage when it came to cultivating. The Heavenly Dao Principle here were more inclined towards the Monster Race’s cultivation, especially after the World Tree Subtree appeared several hundred years ago.

Many Big Monsters who had been trapped for many years had broken through their shackles, freed themselves from the universe world's shackles, and headed to the wider Starry Sky to explore the unknown that even the Monster Race was fascinated by.

With the departure of the Big Monsters, the original balance was broken, and after hundreds of years of change, this world had a new order.

Under the cover of the canopy, even if it was a clear day, the forest below was still covered in shadows.

An arm-thick, multicolored snake slithered along the trunk of a tree, silently approaching its prey. On the tree trunk in front of it, there was a tree hole, from which the scent of fresh blood and flesh wafted.

Although the giant snake’s movements were extremely stealthy, the prey in the tree hole could not help noticing it. Just as the giant snake was about to reach into the tree hole, a grey shadow suddenly shot out from the tree hole at an extremely fast speed.

The giant snake seemed to be prepared for this, and as soon as the grey figure appeared, its snake body shot out like a powerful bow, opening its bloody mouth and biting the grey figure.

The grey shadow let out a blood-curdling scream, but it was unable to break free from the poisonous fangs. As the poison invaded its body, the grey shadow gradually stopped moving.

The giant snake retracted its body and coiled its thick body around the tree trunk, opening its mouth wider as it prepared to enjoy its delicious meal.

It did not notice that the shadow of a tree behind it suddenly swayed slightly. The shadow seemed to merge perfectly with the shadow of the tree and did not reveal any flaws. It saw the scene of the giant snake hunting, but it did not move, showing the great patience of the hunter.

When the big snake was immersed in the primitive joy of successfully killing its prey, the black shadow suddenly jumped out and attacked.

However, compared to the python, this black shadow was undoubtedly much smaller, but its movements were extremely nimble. Like a bolt of lightning, it pounced towards the back of the python’s neck and bit down.

The python felt a sharp pain as its thick body tumbled and fell to the ground. The black shadow quickly jumped away and tore off a large piece of flesh from its mouth before swallowing it whole.

The smell of blood filled the air as the giant snake hissed and spat out its tongue, sitting down and raising its head high as a deterrent.

The black shadow, however, was not afraid in the slightest, gracefully stepping on the thick leaves, not letting out a single sound as it circled around the giant snake, patiently waiting for an opportunity.

The most common thing in the jungle was this kind of life and death struggle. The victor would be able to enjoy delicious food while the loser would be reduced to food.

Half an hour later, the slaughter stopped.

The python lay on the ground, its body covered in wounds of various sizes, revealing its white bones. The black figure had won and was now laying down to eat.

But soon, the black shadow swayed and fell.

Although it had won, it was not completely unscathed. Its prey’s desperate resistance had caused it to be bitten a few times and poisoned by the snake.

This poison wasn’t fatal to it, at most it would cause it to fall into a sleep for a while.

However, in this forest filled with danger, losing consciousness could cause one to fall into a deep sleep forever.

After the time it took to boil a cup of tea, a rustling sound suddenly rang out in the quiet jungle as several figures nimbly jumped up and down the tree trunk.

Although human race had been living in the Myriad Monster World since more than two hundred years ago, it was still a massive treasure trove waiting to be excavated.

Putting aside the many Monster Beasts that lived in this world, what was most useful to the Human Race was the many spirit flowers and grasses in this world.

After all, this was a universe world filled with primordial auras, and the Monster Race didn’t know how to refine pills or make medicines. Most of the time, other than those that could be directly consumed, no one cared about them, so basically all the humans who had migrated here would organize a group of people to enter the dense forest to gather herbs.

Each time, they would reap great benefits.

However, it was also accompanied by many risks. Although Yang Kai had told many Big Monsters in the Myriad Monster World that they were not allowed to casually injure others, such things could not be completely guaranteed. There were always some Monster Beasts that had not yet lost their beast nature, and if they were to encounter a lone cultivator, they would simply eat them.

In most cases, the Human Race and Monster Race of the Myriad Monster World had a good relationship, and neither side would attack for no reason. This was also the reason why the Human Race dared to organize a group of people to gather herbs. Without Yang Kai’s previous restrictions, the Human Race cultivators who had migrated here wouldn’t even be able to cause a splash in the vast jungle.

A petite figure suddenly came to a stop. It was a young girl who appeared to be only 18 or 20 years old. She was pretty and cute, and her cultivation wasn’t very high, only at the Separation and Reunion Stage. At this age, her cultivation was not bad.

The smell of blood in the air was so obvious, how could she not notice?

Looking around, she soon saw the bloody battlefield. Leaping down from the tree trunk, she came to the side of the dead snake and saw the black shadow on the ground.

“Junior Sister.” Another figure flew over, a man several years older than her.

“There’s a Shadow Leopard here!” The young girl pointed at the black shadow on the ground.

“Is it dead?” The man asked.

“It doesn’t seem to be dead,” The young girl replied before reaching out to touch the Shadow Leopard’s neck and affirmatively saying, “It’s still alive, but it should be poisoned.”

“Don’t worry about it, in the Myriad Monster World, battles between Monster Beasts are too common, picking herbs is more important,” The man urged.

“But if we ignore it, it might be eaten by other Monster Beasts,” The young girl looked up at the man and said, “Senior Brother, let's save it.”

The man frowned slightly, not willing to interfere in the matters between the Monster Beasts, so he tried to mediate, “If its parents misunderstand, it won’t be a good thing. This Shadow Leopard is only a young cub, so its parents may be nearby.”

The young girl said, “If it really was nearby, why didn’t it come to find it? Its parents must have died long ago, but it was only born a short time ago, so it had to hunt by itself.”

Saying so, she seemed to recall something and began to weep.

The young girl continued, “Besides, even if its parents find it, it won’t be a problem. When the time comes, can’t we just return it? Senior Brother, let’s save it.”

Saying so, she looked up at her Senior Brother with teary eyes.

Seeing her like this, the man felt somewhat helpless and could only raise his hands in surrender, “Good, good, save it, don’t cry.”

The young girl immediately broke into a smile, “Senior Brother is the best.”

Squatting down, she picked up the Shadow Leopard and said, “Let’s go, Senior Brother.”

“Are you just going to hold it like this?”


“Shouldn’t we give it an antidote before bandaging its wound?”

“Oh!” The young girl finally reacted and quickly followed her Senior Brother’s instructions. In order to enter the forest to pick herbs, all of them had prepared some antidote pills to avoid the poisonous things in the forest.


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