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A few years ago, Yang Xiao had sent a message to Hua Qing Si to ask her to keep an eye on the disciples from the Void Dojo who cultivated the Space Principle, but although the number of disciples who came from the Void Dojo was not small, there were even fewer who cultivated the Space Principle.

Hua Qing Si had recommended two people in the past, but unfortunately, their attainments in the Dao of Space weren’t high enough to meet Yang Xiao’s requirements.

Now, this Fang Tian Ci was a suitable candidate.

However, this kind of matter couldn’t be forced, so Hua Qing Si only made recommendations. Whether he went to find Yang Xiao or not was up to Fang Tian Ci.

“Disciple will remember,” Fang Tian Ci nodded.

Hua Qing Si took out a Universe Chart and handed it to him, “Go to the Mysterious Nether Territory. When you arrive there, remember to report to the Military Department.”

“Yes!” Fang Tian Ci accepted the order, put away the Universe Chart, and flew off.

From High Heaven Territory to Mysterious Nether Territory, he only need to transfer to a Great Domain, which was also where the Human Race’s Head Office Division was located. The route was very safe. In fact, as long as the thirteen Great Domain battlefields in front of them were not breached, the defenses behind them would be impregnable.

From time to time, Fang Tian Ci would investigate is location in the Universe Chart and occasionally use his Space Principle to travel.

In less than a month’s time, he arrived at the Mysterious Nether Territory and stopped a small team that seemed to be returning to the rear to ask about the situation before heading straight to the floating continent where the Mysterious Nether Territory's Military Department was located.

When he arrived at the Military Department, he reported his name and background, registered his name, and received his identity token. The person who helped him deal with this matter was a beautiful Third Order Open Heaven female.

Because her cultivation wasn’t high, she is also a woman, and she didn’t know much about the Dao of Battle, she was arranged to do some safe things in the rear.

This woman was very patient. After learning that this was the first time Fang Tian Ci had come to the Mysterious Nether Battlefield and that he had never fought with the Black Ink Clan before, she explained a lot of common knowledge to him, causing him to feel quite grateful.

When he arrived, Fang Tian Ci asked, “May I ask if Young Lady knows about Yang Xiao?”

Hearing this, the woman’s eyes lit up, “Are you talking about Sir Yang Xiao? Of course I know, are you looking for him?”

Fang Tian Ci was stunned. Hua Qing Si had only recommend him to come to the Mysterious Nether Territory to find Yang Xiao, but she hadn’t told him the specifics. He had thought that it wouldn’t be easy to find someone in this vast battlefield, but now it seemed it wasn’t that difficult.

Even this logistician who was handling military affairs at the rear knew of Yang Xiao, it seemed he was quite famous.

However, looking at the woman’s blushing face, Fang Tian Ci knew that Yang Xiao wasn’t just a simple name to her.

Sure enough, when the woman heard that Fang Tian Ci had come to find Yang Xiao, her attitude became even more eager, “Senior Brother, what business do you have with Sir Yang Xiao?”

Fang Tian Ci replied, “I’m from High Heaven Palace, and it was the Head Manager who asked me to find him.”

The woman’s eyes brightened, “Senior Brother is from High Heaven Palace!”

The Mysterious Nether Territory is lead by Yang Kai, and Yang Kai is also the master of the High Heaven Palace, and there are many cultivators from the High Heaven Palace here. In the entire Mysterious Nether Territory. If you ask which force is the most famous, it is undoubtedly the High Heaven Palace. This is not even comparable to the major Cave Heaven Paradise.

“Does Senior Brother have the Universe Chart?” The woman asked.

“Yes.” Fang Tian Ci quickly took out his Universe Chart and handed it to the other party.

The woman took it and sent out a wave of Divine Sense, “Sir Yang Xiao’s team has been fighting on the front lines all year round, so they should be returning to the base to heal soon. If you rush over now, you might be able to see them.”

Fang Tian Ci took it and examined it, discovering that in the Universe Chart, there was a spot marked on the Mysterious Nether Territory's map. He immediately nodded gratefully, “Many thanks.”

Saying so, he turned to leave.

“Wait!” The woman called out to Fang Tian Ci.

“Junior Sister, is there anything else?”

The woman shyly handed Fang Tian Ci a Space Ring.

Fang Tian Ci was confused.

The woman said shyly, “I’ll have to trouble you to pass this to Sir Yang Xiao. I can’t go into battle personally to kill the enemy, but there are some healing and recovery pills inside. Take it as a gift from me to Sir Yang Xiao, please be careful.”

“Okay.” Fang Tian Ci nodded. Although he hadn’t met Yang Xiao yet, he secretly felt that this Yang Xiao must be very popular with women. Otherwise, with so many soldiers on the front lines killing enemies, why would this woman who was in charge of logistics only support him?

“By the way, my name is Yun Xi!” The woman added.

Fang Tian Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, secretly thinking that Yang Xiao probably didn’t even know her name.

Following the directions on the Unverse Chart, Fang Tian Ci spent several days before finally arriving at the human race base. However, before he could enter, he was stopped. Although he took out his identity token and verified his identity, he was still asked to enter the Purification Array.

The soldiers who went out to battle all had to face the risk of being corroded by the Ink Force at all times, and once they were inked, they would be reduced to Black Ink Disciple. Moreover, an existence like the Black Ink Disciple looked no different from an ordinary cultivator on the outside, so it was impossible to distinguish them easily.

As such, every human race base had a massive Purification Array, which was imitated by the internal structure of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and contained a massive amount of Purification Light.

If one were to be contaminated by the Ink Force or become a Black Ink Disciple, the Ink Force would naturally be expelled by the purifying light.

If someone stepped in without the Ink Force, there would be no loss.

In the early years, when the situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory had just changed, there had been a few Black Ink Disciple who had tried to sneak in, but all of them had been purified by the Purification Array and regained their original nature.

Later on, the Black Ink Clan stopped doing useless things, but this Purification Array was necessary. There were always cultivators who were accidentally corroded by the Ink Force, and this thing could save lives.

Stepping out from the Spirit Array, Fang Tian Ci was secretly amazed by the scene before him.

The huge base was like a bustling city, with many streets lined up neatly. On both sides of the street, there were many shops that were bustling with people.

As for the cultivators who could enter and exit this place, all of them were Open Heaven Stage cultivators!

He had never seen so many Open Heaven Stage cultivators before, and this place was just a small human race base.

It was said that there were ten such bases in the entire Mysterious Nether Territory.

This was not even the main base.

However, this only made him more aware of the strength of the Black Ink Clan. Even with so many Open Heaven Stage masters gathered in one teritory, they were still unable to exterminate the entire Black Ink Clan, so the strength of this enemy was obvious.

The cultivators who came and went were mostly in groups of three or five, or perhaps seven, eight or ten. There were very few who were alone like him.

He was still looking around when someone immediately came up and cupped his fists, “This Senior Brother, please wait a moment.”

Fang Tian Ci looked around and after confirming that the other party was talking to him, he asked curiously, “Does Junior Brother need something?”

The other party’s cultivation was at the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage while his cultivation was at the Sixth Order, so it was natural for him to address him as Junior Brother. If they were from the same sect, they would have to consider seniority, and if they weren’t from the same sect, they would generally be considered as equals.

“Is this Senior Brother’s first time here? Come, come, let’s talk over here.” Saying so, he pulled on his sleeve enthusiastically.

Fang Tian Ci was a little puzzled. Was it obvious that this was his first time here?

However, he didn’t know that his performance just now was very obvious to those who were interested in him. Only cultivators who had entered the battlefield for the first time would be so curious about everything around them.

However, someone else jumped out and blocked his path, politely greeting Fang Tian Ci, “Greetings, Senior Brother.”

Turning to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator who was pulling on Fang Tian Ci’s sleeve, he said, “Brother Zhou, this time it’s our Flying Cloud Squad’s turn. You’ve gone too far. You can't snatch people like this.”

Brother Zhou shook his head and said, “Your Flying Cloud Squad is just a small group. I told you earlier that you should have join forces with the other squads, but you just wouldn’t listen. What’s the point of pulling people over? It’s not like you can keep them.”

The cultivator from the Flying Cloud Squad cursed, “Nonsense, our Flowing Clouds Squad’s four masters are all Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage and above, while Team Leader Chai’s cultivation is at the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. He’s an elite, how could an ordinary squad compare to him?”

“Which squad’s Team Leader isn’t a Sixth Order? Senior Brother, let me tell you, our Qian Shan Squad has one Sixth Order, two Fifth Order, and a total of six team members. With such a lineup, even if we were to encounter a Feudal Lord, we would still be able to put up a fight.”

“Senior Brother, don’t listen to his nonsense. If Qian Shan Squad really encountered a Feudal Lord, they could only flee, how could they have the ability to fight? My Flying Cloud Squad, on the other hand, encountered a Feudal Lord by chance. Under the leadership of Team Leader Chai, not only did we successfully escape, we even played with that Feudal Lord.”

These two people’s words left Fang Tian Ci confused, but after thinking about it for a moment, he understood.

On the Human Race’s side, other than the six Great Domains that were still in their original state, the other Great Domains didn’t have any Eighth Order or Territory Lords to intervene in the war, so whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, they had all scattered their forces. The Human Race’s forces were mainly focused on the small teams and hunting the enemy.

These two obviously saw him as a newcomer who had no one to rely on and wanted to rope him into their team.

Not to mention that Fang Tian Ci had Hua Qing Si’s advice, even if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have joined such a small team in such a hurry. At the very least, he would have to wait until he understood the situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory.

In order to do a good job, one must first sharpen their tools and collect intelligence.

Fang Tian Ci raised his hand to stop the quarrel between the two and cupped his fists with a smile, “This Fang appreciates your kind intentions, but before coming to the Mysterious Nether Territory, my Head Manager had instructed me to come here to seek refuge with a Senior Brother.”

The two of them who had been chattering non-stop suddenly became silent. Brother Zhou couldn’t help laughing and saying, “So Senior Brother already has a place to go, we were too rude.” However, he still asked curiously, “Who does Senior Brother want to join?”

Fang Tian Ci also wanted to inquire about Yang Xiao’s situation with them. After all, these two seemed to have been guarding this place for a long time, so they should know a lot about this base. He immediately reported Yang Xiao’s name.

The two of them suddenly felt a deep sense of respect.

“Is Senior Brother from High Heaven Palace?”


“So that’s how it is. If Senior Brother wants to find Senior Brother Yang Xiao, you only need to wait here for a few days. Senior Brother Yang’s Shifang Wuji Squad went out to hunt the Black Ink Clan a few days ago, so it will take them a while to return.”

“Shifang Wuji?” Fang Tian Ci pondered for a moment before smiling, “Senior Brother Yang’s team’s name is quite interesting.”

The two men looked at each other and laughed dryly. It was more than interesting, it was simply too interesting.

The full name of this team was Shifang Wuji, Foster Father's First, I'm second…


[MSN: Direct MT for Shifang Wuji is Ten Directions Indomitable. In other words, Invincible in all directions.]

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