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Without the Star Boundary as a cradle for Open Heaven Stage, there were very few good seedlings who could directly advance to the Seventh Order, but occasionally one or two would appear.

The various Cave Heaven Paradise had accumulated a considerable amount over the years.

However, only a hundred or so people were able to reach their own limits and break through to the Ninth Order. As for the others, a small number of them were still cultivating, such as Xiang Shan, Luo Tinghe, many had died in the Ink Battlefield.

Most Ninth Order are promoted by fighting the Black Ink Clan in the Ink Battlefield. Only by fighting and killing can they break through more effectively.

Yang Kai didn’t know about these things. He did not come from any Cave Heaven Paradise and was only relying on his instincts and experiences to find a way out for the future of the Human Race.

So three hundred years ago, he had negotiated peace with the Mysterious Nether Territory's Territory Lords. The Mysterious Nether Territory was just an attempt.

Looking at it now, this attempt was extremely valuable and feasible, so after three hundred years, when the Black Ink Clan took the initiative to negotiate peace, the Human Race’s HEad Office Division would naturally act accordingly.

Otherwise, with the deep hatred between the two races, wanting to negotiate peace was easier said than done.

With all the details settled, the two races’ masters bid each other farewell and left. The scene was peaceful, no longer as tense as before.

As for the materials that the Black Ink Clan had to pay, they would naturally deliver them one after another. On this point, the Human Race was not worried that the Black Ink Clan would renege on their debt.

A month later, the content of the peace negotiations spread and the Human Race cultivators from the various great domains were all excited.

Out of the thirteen human race Great Domains, excluding the Mysterious Nether Territory's , the remaining twelve Great Domain Battlefields were not having a good time. Previously, the soldiers of the various great armies were envious of the environment and situation of the Mysterious Nether Territory. There were no Territory Lords there to intervene in the battle, and even the Human Race’s Mysterious Nether Army had been scattered, so there wouldn’t be any large-scale battles. Relatively speaking, the Human Race’s situation was the safest and most free there.

There was no need for them to envy others now. Half of the remaining twelve Great Domains be the same as the Mysterious Nether Territory. Although the remaining territories would still maintain their original state, if the Black Ink Clan reduced their numbers, the situation would be much better.

The Head Office Division was responsible for adjusting the distribution of Human Race masters on the battlefield.

The pressure on the Mysterious Nether Territory's cultivators also began to decrease dramatically.

There were also many other scholars who had begun taking risks in the Great Domains of the Black Ink Clan, but compared to the benefits they could obtain, these risks were nothing. The relationship between the two is essentially a mutual cancellation.

In the vast 3000 Worlds, following the peace negotiations between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, the situation had completely changed.

On the other hand, this phenomenon would break the mutual understanding between the two sides.

In the end, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan could not coexist in this world. In this war, one side was destined to be completely wiped out, and when the opportunity for the future erupted, it would be the final battle between the two races.

Everyone was working hard for the future.

After more than three hundred years, Yang Kai had returned to the Myriad Monster World.

The small sapling he had planted back then had now become a towering tree, its huge crown like a green cloud that covered the sky.

The entire Myriad Monster World had undergone a massive change. Compared to three hundred years ago, the World Force in the Myriad Monster World was undoubtedly denser and the Great Dao Principle is also more condensed.

Large scale of Human Race settlements began appearing in this wild world, with various cities and villages scattered about.

This world that was originally occupied by the Monster Race gradually showed signs of human race activity.

The human race who were able to settle down here were all Human Race soldiers who had performed meritorious deeds on the battlefield. They had spent their own merits to exchange for the right to allow their descendants or disciples to live in the Myriad Monster World.

There was a special Open Heaven Stage master responsible for guarding this world, so although the Human Race and Monster Race lived together, the situation was still relatively peaceful. There was no sign of the Human Race hunting the Monster Race or the Monster Race attacking the Human Race’s gathering place.

On the contrary, many Big Monsters broke through their shackles and transformed into human forms, taking the initiative to contact the Human Race, leaving the Myriad Monster World and heading to the various battlefields to fight the Black Ink Clan.

The rebounding force of the Subtree began to show results.

Although the number and quality of the geniuses born in this world couldn’t be compared to those born in the Star Boundary, there would occasionally be one or two astonishing geniuses appearing.

Given time, this would definitely become another Star Boundary.

Everything was going according to plan.

Yang Kai’s arrival didn’t alarm anyone, and even the Open Heaven Stage masters who were responsible for overseeing this world didn’t notice him. These Open Heaven Stage masters’ cultivation wasn’t high, only at the Fourth or Fifth Order, so how could they have noticed his whereabouts?

Two years later, Yang Kai left the Myriad Monster World.

He did not return to the Mysterious Nether Territory. Since he had made peace with the Black Ink Clan, he would not act recklessly in the future unless the Black Ink Clan broke their agreement first.

The future of the Human Race wasn’t in his hands, but in the hands of the juniors who were currently fighting with the Black Ink Clan, shouldering the future of their race was too heavy a burden for him to bear. He had already done what he could, so whether the future was bright or dark required the combined efforts of the entire race.

He returned to the Star Boundary and arrived at the location of the World Tree Subtree. After pondering for a moment, he landed on the trunk of the World Tree and opened up a cave mansion on the thick tree before diving inside.

This commotion was not small, causing many Open Heaven Stage cultivators who were currently healing and cultivating to be dumbfounded.

The World Tree Subtree was the foundation of the Star Boundary and the most important treasure of the Human Race. It could be said that without this World Tree Subtree, there would be no Star Boundary and no future for the Human Race.

There were at least five Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators guarding this place all year round to prevent any accidents from happening. Moreover, because of the Subtree's profoundness, whether it was cultivating or healing, it was extremely beneficial.

As such, there were many Open Heaven Stage cultivators in the territory near the Subtree, all of whom had to spend a great deal of battle merits to qualify.

However, the most they could do was occupy a section of the trunk or sit cross-legged on the tree’s crown, treating this small tree like a precious treasure, not daring to damage it in the slightest.

In fact, under the supervision of five Eighth Order guards, no one had the courage to do so.

However, Yang Kai opened a cave mansion on the tree…

The five Eighth Order masters’ eyelids twitched as they watched this scene. If it was anyone else doing this, they would have already treated him as Black Ink Disciple, but after seeing that it was Yang Kai, none of them said anything.

It couldn’t be helped, although this Subtree was said to be a treasure of the Human Race, it was actually something Yang Kai had brought out from the Great Ruins Boundary.

Not to mention opening a cave mansion on the tree, even if he were to uproot the entire tree, the Human Race would only be able to negotiate with him nicely.

Moreover… they're probably not Yang Kai’s opponent.

The few Eighth Order guards looked at each other and communicated with their Divine Senses.

“Junior Brother Yang seems to be seriously injured? Why is his aura so weak?”

“The peace negotiations have already been reached, so he can’t act recklessly, so how could he be injured?”

“Could it be that he went to the No-Return Pass and fought with the Royal Lord?”

“Since he knows his strength is inferior, why would he seek trouble? Moreover, he should have returned from the new Great Domain.”

The few Eighth Order guards wore blank looks on their faces, not knowing what had happened to Yang Kai that caused his aura to deteriorate, as if he was seriously injured.

However, since Yang Kai had opened up a cave mansion in the Subtree, it was obvious he wanted to treat his injuries, so no one dared to say anything, much less disturb him.

The little brat who had to bow his head and call them senior when he see them had inadvertently grown to a height that was beyond their reach. Thinking about this, the several Eighth Order masters couldn’t help sighing.

However, wasn’t it because of these young and promising juniors that the Human Race had a chance to compete with the Black Ink Clan? If these young people couldn’t even compare to them, what hope would there be for the Human Race’s future?

Inside the Subtree, Yang Kai endured the pain of his Soul being torn apart and looked around, quite satisfied with his simple cave mansion.

He was going to begin his secluded cultivation here.

This cultivation session would probably last for many years, and he didn’t know if he had the patience to do so. All he knew was that the stronger he became, the greater his ability to protect himself would be when the balance was broken in the future.

Today’s him was like a raging fire, flourishing like a brocade, but in the future, when there were so many Ninth Order and Royal Lord, how much use would he have?

It would be best if he could break through to the Ninth Order in the future. If he couldn’t, reaching the peak of the Eighth Order would be his limit.

Sitting down cross-legged, Yang Kai took out some resources and quietly refined them while activating the Soul Warming Lotus to repair his damaged Soul.

The Three Parts Normalizing Art Secret Technique was truly brutal. Even though it had been used three hundred years ago, Yang Kai still found it difficult to bear.

The pain of his Soul being torn apart was countless times more intense than the pain of using the Soul Shattering Spike.

Wu Kuang know that Yang Kai possessed the Soul Warming Lotus, which was why he had passed this Secret Technique to him. If Yang Kai hadn’t obtained the Soul Warming Lotus, this Secret Technique would have been useless to him and he would have died the first time he used it.

This Secret Technique was similar to the Soul Shattering Spike, only he could fully display its power.

Yang Kai was incomparably glad that he had obtained this World Treasure in his early years. If it weren’t for the Soul Warming Lotus, how could he have obtained it today?

A refreshing feeling slowly emerged in his mind, easing the pain.

Time passed by slowly.

Several years later, in High Heaven Palace, in a secret room, a man stood up, his aura restrained and his expression calm.

Fang Tian Ci waved the jade pendant in his hand, opened the seal of the secret room, and stepped out. After nearly ten years of secluded cultivation, he had finally stabilized his Sixth Order realm.

The glaring light caused him to squint his eyes slightly and he couldn’t help feeling as if he had been separated from this world for a long time.

He suddenly realized that this place was no longer the Void World, but the 3000 World which was even more vast than the Void World.

Outside, a High Heaven Palace disciple was waiting. Hearing the commotion, he turned around and quickly bowed, “Disciple greets Senior.”


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