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Yang Kai suddenly felt a little restless. He had never paid much attention to Mo Na Ye before. Although he had fought him in the Yearning Territory and met him a few times in the Mysterious Nether Territory, there were so many Innate Territory Lords, so how could he pay any attention to him?

But today, he suddenly felt an impulse to kill him. This fellow was somewhat different from an ordinary Innate Territory Lord!

Keeping him alive might be a disaster.

Seemingly sensing Yang Kai’s murderous intent, Mo Na Ye turned his head towards him and nodded slightly, “What does Sir Yang Kai think?”

From beginning to end, Yang Kai didn’t make any comments about the peace negotiations, as if he was just here to watch the show, but Mo Na Ye knew that Yang Kai was the one who had initiated the peace negotiations. Today, although the Human Race’s side was hosted by Xiang Shan, if Yang Kai had any ideas, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, they had to carefully consider them.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and withdrew his killing intent. Mo Na Ye was a Innate Territory Lord, so although he was powerful, just like him, he had already lost the chance to continue improving. Although there was a chance to kill him today, the peace treaty was still the most important.

“If it’s just the previous conditions, it’s not enough.”

Being pointed at, Yang Kai couldn’t remain silent.

Mo Na Ye said, “Everything can be discussed. If Sir Yang Kai has any conditions, please state them. If you agree, my Black Ink Clan will not refuse.”

Yang Kai said, “Except for the six Great Domain Battlefields that were chosen to maintain their original state, all the other Great Domains are included in the negotiations. If the Black Ink Clan can agree to this condition, I won’t interfere!”

It just so happened that he needed a lot of time to cultivate in seclusion and reach the peak of the Eighth Order as soon as possible.

The rising stars from the Star Boundary, Myriad Monster World, and his Small Universe all needed to fight to break through their limits, but he didn’t need to. He had experienced enough life and death battles, so what he lacked now was the accumulation of his own foundation.

Acting ostentatiously everywhere was only to build a good foundation for the future of the Human Race. If he could obtain greater benefits for the Human Race by not doing anything, why not?

As soon as these words came out, not only were the Territory Lords stunned, even the Eighth Order masters were somewhat confused, but soon Xiang Shan’s eyes lit up as he thought of the key point.

The general content and direction of the peace negotiations had long been decided by the Human Race, but if the Black Ink Clan could agree to Yang Kai’s conditions, it was not impossible.

Mo Na Ye quickly understood what was happening and frowned, “Does Sir Yang Kai mean that the scope of the peace negotiations does not only include the Great Domain Battlefield, but also the Great Domain occupied by my Black Ink Clan?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.

The other Territory Lords and Eighth Order masters finally reacted, all of them wearing solemn expressions.

Mo Na Ye smiled bitterly, “Sir Yang Kai’s appetite is extraordinary.”

A few years ago, the main battlefield between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan was the 13 Great Domains, including the Mysterious Nether Territory, but there were still many Hunters active in other Great Domains. These Hunters wandered around and ambushed the supply teams of the Black Ink Clan, destroying the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Nest one by one, causing a lot of trouble for the Black Ink Clan’s rear.

For this reason, many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were responsible for patrolling the Great Domain.

When an ordinary team encountered a Territory Lord, they naturally wouldn’t be able to fight back, but because the 3000 Worlds were too vast, the Black Ink Clan didn’t have many free Territory Lords to deal with them, so as long as they weren’t too unlucky, they wouldn’t be in too much danger.

However, ever since the Eighth Order masters and Territory Lords of Mysterious Nether Territory negotiated peace, the number of Human Race Hunters had greatly decreased.

As a hunter, there was still the risk of encountering a Territory Lord, but when one entered the Mysterious Nether Territory to gain experience, there was no need to worry about being targeted by a Territory Lord.

Now that Yang Kai had made such a request, it could be foreseen that in the future, there would be many ambitious cultivators from the Human Race who would become the biggest headache for the Black Ink Clan.

The majority of the Human Race’s forces were currently trapped in the 13 Great Domain Battlefields. Ninety-nine percent of the 3000 Worlds had already fallen, but because their territory was too large, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to have a perfect defense of every Great Domain. Once a large number of Human Race Hunters appeared, it would be difficult for the Black Ink Clan’s rear to remain stable.

Originally, the peace negotiations were only held within the 13 Great Domain Battlefields, but Yang Kai’s conditions had dragged the entire 3000 Worlds into it.

“What’s wrong? My Human Race’s soldiers dare to enter the enemy’s territory, but your Black Ink Clan is afraid? Over the years, many human race have fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan. If you want me to not act, how can the Black Ink Clan not pay a price?” Yang Kai looked at Mo Na Ye indifferently.

Mo Na Ye remained silent for a long time before nodding, “Sir Yang Kai is right. Since that’s the case, my Black Ink Clan can agree to this condition.”

This matter was both advantageous and detrimental to both sides. The Human Race’s Hunters had taken a huge risk by entering the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan. Once they were surrounded by the Black Ink Clan’s army, they would either die in battle or be turned into Black Ink Disciple.

However, this was also the goal of the Human Race.

Seeing Mo Na Ye agree, the Territory Lords finally breathed a sigh of relief. To them, as long as they could restrain Yang Kai from taking action, everything would be fine.

As for whether there was anything wrong with agreeing to this condition, in any case, they weren’t the ones in charge of these negotiations, so if the Royal Lord really wanted to blame someone, it would be up to Mo Na Ye.

At this point, the peace negotiations between the two races finally had a basis for cooperation.

The Black Ink Clan’s only request was that in the future, Yang Kai was not allowed to take action in any Great Domains.

On the other hand, the Human Race’s side had obtained many benefits. In addition to the six chosen Great Domain Battlefields maintaining their original state, all the other Great Domains were also included in the negotiations. Eighth Order and Territory Lords were not allowed to interfere in the war, and as a price to restrict Yang Kai’s movements, the number of Territory Lords in the six Great Domain Battlefields maintaining their original state was also limited.

Moreover, because this negotiation was initiated by the Black Ink Clan, as compensation, the Black Ink Clan would hand over a certain amount of cultivation resources to the Human Race.

Such agreements had been reached one after another, and no matter how one looked at it, the Human Race had benefited greatly. After all, the Human Race had only agreed to one of their conditions, but the Black Ink Clan needed to pay for resources and reduce the number of Territory Lords in the six Great Domain Battlefields.

But in reality, the requirement to restrict Yang Kai’s movements was what the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords valued the most. With just this one condition, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords would no longer have to worry on the battlefield.

Now that the general direction had been determined, the next step was naturally to bargain.

As for the exact amount of resources the Black Ink Clan wanted to compensate the Human Race, the two sides were arguing fiercely, the Ink Force and World Force constantly colliding, as if they were about to fight.

However, everyone knew that since the peace negotiations had already been reached, there was no way they would be able to fight. The Territory Lords who had originally been wary of each other now let loose and no longer had any scruples.

The Black Ink Clan didn’t lack supplies right now. After all, they had occupied so many Great Domains and even had the entire Ink Battlefield as their backer. Supplies could be mined at will, but who would be willing to give resources to the enemy for free? Previously, when they had promised benefits, they had been very free and easy, but now that they were discussing it, they were actually haggling over every penny.

This ruckus lasted for several days before Mo Na Ye and Xiang Shan decided on many details.

Next, for the number of Territory Lords participating in the six Great Domain Battlefields, another round of verbal sparring ensued.

The number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords was far greater than that of the Human Race. This was also the main reason why the Black Ink Clan was able to gain the upper hand in the various Great Domains. The number of top-level masters was enough to influence the situation between the two races.

Although they had agreed to reduce the number of Territory Lords on the Human Race’s side, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan’s side to reduce too much.

On the other hand, the Human Race’s side was demanding an exorbitant price, wanting the Black Ink Clan to compete in a 1:1 ratio according to the Human Race number, naturally being rejected by the Territory Lords.

If they agreed to this request, the Black Ink Clan’s future would be difficult. The Human Race’s Evil-Breaking Divine Lance wasn’t so easy to resist, and now the Black Ink Clan was able to gain the upper hand because of their numbers.

This discussion was even more intense than the previous discussion about resources compensation.

If the resources were to be lost, so be it. If the Human Race wanted to convert them into strength, they would need time to settle down, but once the number of Territory Lords decreased, the situation of the entire Great Domain would become difficult to control.

However, there was still a result.

Among the six Great Domain Battlefields that maintained their original state, the number of Territory Lords couldn’t exceed fifty percent of the Human Race’s Eighth Order. In other words, if the Human Race had ten Eighth Order, they could only have fifteen Territory Lord.

This result was unsatisfactory. Fifty percent was already a large number, so the Black Ink Clan still had the advantage.

However, it was very difficult to achieve an overwhelming advantage like the one in the Twin Poles Territory previously. Since Xiang Shan wanted to train his troops, he naturally had to put in enough pressure, so he agreed.

If they didn’t feel any pressure at all, they wouldn’t need to train thorugh battle, they could just cultivate in seclusion.

Everything that needed to be discussed had been discussed, and in the end, all they needed to do was choose the six Great Domains to maintain their original state. At this time, the Eighth Order Human Race had indifferent looks on their faces, while the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords all wore nervous expressions.

They didn’t want to continue fighting the Human Race, and if they did, there was always the risk of death.

But at this moment, they had no choice.

For the six Great Domains that would maintain its current state, Mo Na Ye and Xiang Shan took turns selecting one. When it was Xiang Shan’s turn to choose the last Great Domain, he only hesitated for a moment before choosing the Azure Sun Territory.

He hadn’t agreed to Luo Tinghe’s request before because the situation in the Azure Sun Territory wasn’t very good. If they could be included in the negotiations, it would be beneficial to the Human Race.

But now that the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords was limited, even if the Azure Sun Territory remained in its original state, the situation would still be greatly improved.

Since Luo Tinghe wanted to break through in battle, Xiang Shan could only let her do so. Not to mention Luo Tinghe, even he himself needed to temper himself through battles. Without these life and death battles as a foundation, it would be difficult to sense the opportunity to break through to the Ninth Order.

Yang Kai was right.

Eighty percent of the Human Race’s previous Ninth Order Old Ancestors had broken through in the Ink Battlefield, while the remaining twenty percent had been cultivated in seclusion.


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