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However, Yang Kai had not seen Luo Tinghe since their last meeting at Yin Yang Heaven. He only knew that she was now in charge of the Azure Sun Territory and was the Regiment Commander of the Azure Sun Army.

He didn’t know why she had suddenly come looking for him.

“In a few days, we’ll negotiate a treaty with the Black Ink Clan,” Luo Tinghe sat down in front of Yang Kai and said, “I heard that the Head Office Division has already decided on the most basic direction of the treaty. Of the twelve Great Domains, six of them will have a peace treaty, while the other six will remained the same.”

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s right, but this is only the direction that the Human Race has decided. The Black Ink Clan may not agree to it, so when the time comes, we will have to engage in a war of words.”

This kind of negotiation method was beneficial to the Human Race, so it was naturally impossible for the Black Ink Clan to agree immediately. The Head Office Division had also made preparations for this.

“I hope that when the time comes, one of the six Great Domains that will maintain its current status is Azure Sun Territory,” Luo Tinghe said.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “This peace negotiation will be handled by the Head Office Division and the Black Ink Clan, I’m only responsible for showing my face. If Senior Sister has any requests, why not go to the Head Office Division to speak with Senior Brother Xiang?”

Instead, she had come to find him.

Luo Tinghe pursed her lips and said, “Why didn’t you say it? That Big Head Xiang is really despicable, he didn’t allow me to.”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Then it’s useless for Senior Sister to come and talk to me.”

“How is it useless? Don’t look down on yourself. The Black Ink Clan only wants to negotiate because they are afraid of you. A single word from you is equivalent to a hundred words from others.”

Yang Kai didn’t know what to think and asked, “Does Senior Brother Xiang intend to include the Azure Sun Territory as part of the peace treaty?”

“En,” Luo Tinghe nodded.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Since Senior Brother Xiang has made such a choice, he naturally has his reasons. I have a rough understanding of the situation in the Azure Sun Territory, and the Black Ink Clan seems to have gained a great advantage over them. If the Azure Sun Territory can negotiate peace, it will be beneficial to our Human Race, and it will be the same for Senior Sister. Why does Senior Sister insist on maintaining the same status quo? Moreover, Senior Sister has been promoted to the Eighth Order for many years. If the Azure Sun Territory can negotiate peace, you will have time to cultivate in seclusion and break through as soon as possible.”

It would have been better if Yang Kai hadn’t said this, but now that he did, Luo Tinghe couldn’t help becoming angry, “Big Head Xiang also said that! But if cultivating in seclusion is really useful, why would you deliberately create a stage to train your soldiers? I’ve been an Eighth Order cultivator for longer than most people, and my accumulation has almost reached its limit, but advancing from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order isn’t so simple. For me, cultivating in seclusion is useless.”

Yang Kai immediately understood, “Senior Sister wants to break through in battle?”

Luo Tinghe asked, “Isn’t this the ultimate goal of your training?”

“Are you confident?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

Luo Tinghe smiled and said, “Anyone who dares to say such a thing is confident, otherwise they can only say that they will try their best. I know that Xiang Shan chose to include the Azure Sun Territory in the negotiation for my own good, but I know my own business.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, remaining silent for a moment before saying, “I’ll discuss this matter with Senior Brother Xiang later, but what decision Senior Brother Xiang wants to make is not something I can decide.”

Luo Tinghe smiled, “Many thanks, Junior Brother.”

After watching Luo Tinghe leave, Yang Kai stopped cultivating.

On the Human Race’s side, there were only a few Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators who had the qualifications to advance to the Ninth Order. In the past, there had been too few good seedlings who had reached the Seventh Order directly, and in the past, it had often been difficult for them to encounter these Black Ink Clan cultivators.

Such as Luo Tinghe, Xiang Shan, Wei Junyang. These few Eighth Order, who know when they can be promoted to Ninth Order.

However, the current situation of the Human Race was not something that one or two Ninth Order could completely reverse.

As long as Black Ink's true body didn’t die, the Black Ink’s threat would never be eliminated, but how difficult was it to destroy Black Ink's true body? Even now, Yang Kai was only certain that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had some kind of relationship with the First Light.

Two days later, Yang Kai leave the seclusion. It was time to negotiate the treaty with the Black Ink Clan.

Walking out of the secret room, Yang Kai suddenly felt a powerful aura that was not concealed. It was the aura of an Eighth Order master.

In the distant void, in the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s camp, there was also a powerful aura interweaving, and the Innate Territory Lords were also displaying their might.

Before the negotiation start, the two races powerhouse already begun the fight.

Seeing Yang Kai appear, Xiang Shan nodded.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before sending a voice transmission, briefly mentioning Luo Tinghe’s matter. Xiang Shan nodded slightly.

“Time’s up, let’s go!”

With a low shout, Xiang Shan took the lead and flew into the void, followed by a dozen figures.

Seemingly sensing the movements of the Human Race, in the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s main camp, the Innate Territory Lords also began to move.

The armies of the two races had long since been mobilized to guard against any possible accidents. The entirety of Twin Poles Territory was enveloped in a solemn atmosphere as tension spread out in all directions, as if any spark could completely detonate it.

The location of the peace negotiations had long been decided, and it was between the Human Race’s main camp and the Black Ink Clan’s main camp.

The Black Ink Clan had even deliberately cut off a floating continent from their main camp to build a massive platform.

On the platform, there was a huge long table with two rough-looking wooden chairs arranged neatly on both sides.

The two races' masters arrived at the same time.

It was unknown whether it was because of their mutual understanding or because they had already agreed on this, but the number of masters from both sides this time was exactly the same. There were thirteen of them, representing the current thirteen Great Domain Battlefields.

The two races who were supposed to be mortal enemies and could not coexist in this world had actually gathered together for different reasons. It was quite ironic.

Most of the Black Ink Clan’s masters wore nervous expressions. Although their numbers were equal to the Human Race’s, if they really fought, it was unknown how many of them would survive.

It couldn’t be helped. Yang Kai, who had slaughtered Territory Lords like dogs and chickens, was here, so who wouldn’t be afraid?

However, they couldn’t push Yang Kai away. The matter of peace negotiations had been caused by him from the very beginning, so if they pushed him away, it would be meaningless.

Before this, it wasn’t that the Black Ink Clan didn’t want to bring more Territory Lords, but if they could bring more Territory Lords, wouldn’t the Human Race be able to send more Eighth Order? In the end, they could only accept this arrangement.

Many pairs of eyes swept over Yang Kai, intentionally or unintentionally, but none of them dared to stare at him longer for fear of being targeted.

At this moment, the powerful Innate Territory Lords were like mice seeing a cat, cowering in fear. Even though they were forcefully maintaining their powerful momentum, their hearts had long since become timid.

In comparison, the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven was much more composed.

Yang Kai was also looking at these Territory Lords, most of whom he didn’t recognize, but two of them looked familiar.

All of them were people he had met in the Yearning Territory many years ago. They had also appeared in the Mysterious Nether Territory, but for some unknown reason, they had all appeared in the Twin Poles Territory together.

Twin Poles Territory’s Purple Hair Territory Lord had been killed by Yang Kai, and Mo Na Ye had been ordered to oversee Twin Poles Territory and oversee the domain battlefield. Since they had chosen to discuss peace in Twin Poles Territory, he naturally had to show himself.

You Gong represented the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Although the Mysterious Nether Territory had been negotiating peace for more than three hundred years and had been maintaining the status quo between Eighth Order and Territory Lord, today’s peace talks were a large-scale one, so the Mysterious Nether Territory couldn’t just sit back and watch. Six Arms couldn’t be bothered to talk to Yang Kai, so he sent You Gong to listen so he could convey the contents of the peace talks.

You Gong didn’t want to come here, but he couldn’t resist it.

Seeing Yang Kai’s eyes sweep over him, You Gong quickly turned his head.


Since he had been scared witless by Yang Kai in the Yearning Territory, Yang Kai’s existence had become the greatest shadow in his heart.

Seeing all of this, Mo Na Ye silently cursed this group of trash. This time, the Human Race had come to negotiate peace. As long as they didn’t cross the Human Race’s bottom line, it was impossible for them to make a move. However, the Territory Lord representatives from the various domains were so weak, causing him to lose face.

As the current Territory Lord in charge of Twin Poles Territory, he naturally couldn’t allow the Human Race to look down on the Black Ink Clan. He immediately stretched out his hand and gestured, “Everyone, please sit down. Today, we are gathered here to discuss peace. Your Human Race has a saying; if business fails, justice will be served. Although peace negotiations are not a transaction, it is not far off. If there are any grudges, we can discuss them later.”

The other Territory Lords also calmed down slightly after being influenced by him.

An Eighth Order Human Race master sneered, “Compared to you and the other Black Ink Clans, we can only fight and kill, what kind of justice is that?”

Mo Na Ye remained calm and composed, “If there was only fighting, none of you would have come here today. There’s no need for pointless probing, should we sit down and discuss business?”

Saying so, he swept his eyes over all the Eighth Order Human Race masters and finally fixed his gaze on Yang Kai, nodding slightly, “Sir Yang Kai, what do you think?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Today I’m just here to join in the fun, don’t worry about me.”

When he was still weak, he had never thought that one day, even a powerful Innate Territory Lord would have to address him as ‘Sir’. Reputation was something that could only be obtained through killing.

Thinking about this, he pulled out a chair and sat down, crossing his legs over the long table in front of him, his expression relaxed.

Only then did the Human Race’s side take their seats, followed by the many masters of the Black Ink Clan.

Mo Na Ye understood and turned to Xiang Shan, “So, the one in charge of the Human Race today is Sir Xiang Shan?”

After fighting each other for so many years, the top masters of the two races had all heard of each other. Even if they had never met or fought before, they could still recognize each other.

What’s more, before Yang Kai rose to prominence, Xiang Shan’s name had long since spread throughout the Black Ink Clan. He had been to more than a dozen Great Domain Battlefields and had killed several Black Ink Clan Territory Lords.

It could be said that many of the Territory Lords present had never met Yang Kai before, but most of them had met Xiang Shan before.

Xiang Shan nodded, “Yes!”

Mo Na Ye said, “Since that’s the case, let’s get straight to the point. Sir Xiang Shan, the Territory Lords of my Black Ink Clan’s various Great Domains intend to imitate the Mysterious Nether TErritory and negotiate peace with the Human Race’s Eighth Order. From now on, the Territory Lords and Eighth Order masters are not allowed to interfere in the Great Domain Battlefields. What does Sir Xiang Shan think?”

Xiang Shan looked up at him and said lightly, “No!”


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