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“Training the soldiers!”

Many Territory Lords frowned. What kind of soldiers do they train? A few Territory Lords seemed to be lost in thought.

Six Arms was one of those who seemed to be lost in thought, “You mean…”

Mo Na Ye said, “Although everyone has been stationed in the Mysterious Nether Territory for many years, you should have heard about the Star Boundary and World Tree, right?”

The Territory Lords nodded.

Although these Territory Lords had never left the Mysterious Nether Territory before, they still had some information channels that belonged to them.

Over the years, many Human Race hunters had been turned into Black Ink Disciples, and with the help of these Black Ink Disciples, the Black Ink Clan had obtained a lot of information about the Human Race.

Star Boundary, World Tree, these were the most common terms mentioned in all the information they had obtained.

It was said that the World Tree possessed an extremely mysterious power that could give birth to many geniuses in the Star Boundary, many of whom had reached the Sixth or Seventh Order Open Heaven directly.

Mo Na Ye said, “The Sixth Order and Seventh Order Open Heaven masters born in the Star Boundary may not be worthy of your attention, but they will eventually grow up. The Sixth Order will eventually reach the Eighth Order, while the Seventh Order will eventually reach the Ninth Order! At that time, even us Territory Lords cannot underestimate them. However, the growth of the Human Race is much more difficult and time-consuming than that of the Black Ink Clan. If they just blindly cultivate behind closed doors, they may not be able to meet expectations. As such, these so-called geniuses that the Human Race has placed great hopes on will need a space to grow in battle.”

One of the Territory Lords vaguely understood, “Does Sir Mo Na Ye mean that the Mysterious Nether Territory is the space for the Human Race?”

Mo Na Ye nodded, “That Yang Kai came to us three hundred years ago to negotiate a treaty. It was for this reason, those geniuses whom the Human Race placed their hopes on needed a relatively safe place, so he came to us to negotiate peace and restrict our actions.”

One of the Territory Lords immediately shouted angrily, “The Human Race is truly treacherous!”

Mo Na Ye chuckled lightly. Not to mention that Yang Kai had concealed this reason back then, even if he told them, the Territory Lord of Mysterious Nether Territory would not have the courage to refuse.

These people, the Territory Lords, were truly frightened by him.

With a relatively safe space to fight, the geniuses who had never appeared on the battlefield in the past would gather in the Mysterious Nether Territory.

“Then does Sir Yi Mo Na Ye mean that Mysterious Nether Territory should restart the war?” A Territory Lord asked.

Mo Na Ye slowly shook his head, “There’s no need for that. The Human Race is training their troops, so why can’t my Black Ink Clan use this opportunity to train our troops? You may not have noticed, but Sir Six Arms should have noticed that over the past three hundred years, my Black Ink Clan has made many breakthroughs.”

Although he didn’t say anything, Six Arms didn’t seem to care too much about it, but after being reminded by him, Six Arms finally understood, “These past years, the number of new Feudal Lords has indeed increased.”

It had only been three hundred years, if it had been longer, the effects would have been more obvious.

Mo Na Ye smiled and said, "So, when it comes to training soldiers, the Human Race needs them, and so do my Black Ink Clan. With so many Innate Territory Lords like myself, one day, many new Eighth Order and Ninth Order master will come out on the Human Race's side one day. If there is no new Royal Lord, are we going to rely on ourself to deal with those Ninth Order? Because of this, the balance of the Mysterious Nether Territory must not be broken. Not only us Territory Lord cannot take the lead, but we also have to maintain the agreement with the human race."

Many Territory Lords nodded in agreement. The Territory Lords weren’t stupid, it was just that they didn’t know much about the Human Race’s situation, so there were many things they couldn’t judge. These past few years, Mo Na Ye had been collecting intelligence from various aspects, especially from the Human Race’s Black Ink Disciples, so he was naturally smarter than the other Territory Lords.

Six Arms asked, “As you said, what is Yang Kai’s purpose this time?”

After changing the subject, Mo Na Ye smiled and said, “Before Yang Kai came to an agreement with us, he also massacred everyone. What does Sir Six Arms think his purpose is?”

Yang Kai’s sudden appearance in the Twin Poles Territory this time was quite similar to the events of the past.

Six Arms’ eyes lit up, “He wants to turn the Twin Poles Territory into the second Mysterious Nether Territory!”

Mo Na Ye nodded, “One Mysterious Nether Territory is no longer enough to satisfy the needs of the Human Race’s army. Not only the Human Race, but my Black Ink Clan as well. With the influx of a large number of Human Race cultivators, the current Mysterious Nether Territory is quite bloated. The Human Race not only needs a second Mysterious Nether Territory, but also a third and a fourth…”

“So that’s how it is!” Six Arms laughed loudly. Originally, the pressure from the other Territory Lords had made things difficult for him, but now it seemed that this wasn’t a difficult matter at all. As long as news of this matter spread, the Territory Lords of the other Domain Battlefields wouldn’t have the time to condemn him for his inaction. They would probably be eager to negotiate with the Human Race’s Eighth Order.

In his joy, his impression of Mo Na Ye completely changed. In the past few years that Mo Na Ye had been in the Mysterious Nether Territory, Six Arms had harbored some ill feelings towards him. After all, because he had sent the wrong information back then, the Mysterious Nether Territory had suffered great losses. Now, it seemed that these losses were nothing.

“I have Mo Na Ye here, so what is there for my Mysterious Nether Territory need to worry about?” Six Arms laughed.

Mo Na Ye stood up and said, “Sir Six Arms, I wish to resign from you.”

Six Arms' laughter died down and the other Territory Lords also looked over in surprise.

Mo Na Ye said, “Sir Royal Lord on the No-Return Pass has given me an order, the Royal Lord has ordered me to immediately head to the Twin Poles Territory to oversee the situation there. At the same time, he has also ordered that if the Human Race wants to negotiate a treaty again, I can do as I pleases!”

Six Arms was stunned, but he quickly recovered.

Over at Twin Poles Territory's side, the Purple Hair Territory Lord had been killed and was currently without a leader. Although the Innate Territory Lords were all very powerful, there had to be someone in charge. Mo Na Ye indeed had the qualifications.

However, the Royal Lord’s other order made him slightly jealous. He didn’t know any of this, so the Royal Lord obviously had no intention of informing him.

Perhaps it was because the Mysterious Nether Territory had reached an agreement and there was no need to inform them.

However, it was enough to see that the Royal Lord still regarded Mo Na Ye highly.

“It’s fine if you want to go to the Twin Poles Territory, but Yang Kai is there right now, so you must be careful,” Six Arms warned.

“Every time Yang Kai makes a move, he will need to rest for two years. In the short term, there won’t be much fighting in the Twin Poles Territory,” Mo Na Ye said with a relaxed expression.

What’s more, he wasn’t going to Twin Poles Territory to start a war with the Human Race, he was going to take the initiative to negotiate peace with them.

Just as he had said to Six Arms before, when it came to training soldiers, the Human Race needed it, and so did the Black Ink Clan. If they really wanted to negotiate a treaty, no one would take advantage of the other.

It was just that the Human Race had seen this much earlier, the Black Ink Clan was somewhat slow to realize it.

Mo Na Ye left alone, not taking any Territory Lords with him.

In fact, he couldn’t take them with him. Although the Mysterious Nether Territory had long since reached an agreement, whether it was an Eighth Order or a Territory Lord, none of them dared to leave so easily, lest their high-level combatants lose balance and give the other party a chance to strike.

As soon as Mo Na Ye arrived at Twin Poles Territory, he gathered all the Territory Lords for a meeting and announced his order to negotiate peace with the Human Race. Many of the Territory Lords of Twin Poles Territory were naturally in an uproar.

However, when they learned that this was the intention of the Royal Lord, the Territory Lords accepted it without any qualms and even felt a little happy. If they really wanted to negotiate peace, they wouldn’t have to worry about running into Yang Kai on the battlefield.

It wasn’t that they were afraid of death, but rather that the Royal Lord had ordered them to obey!

After deciding on a general direction, Mo Na Ye immediately ordered his subordinates to head to the Human Race’s main camp and convey his intentions to negotiate peace. At the same time, he sent a message to the other dozen or so great domains to share the information he had obtained.

The result was obvious. Many of the great domains that had been fighting fiercely suddenly became much more peaceful. Although there were still many battles, they could only be considered small skirmishes.

There were even some great domains where the Black Ink Clan clearly had the advantage, but they actually began to withdraw their forces…

This was obviously because they were afraid of being targeted by Yang Kai, like what heppened on Twin Poles Territory.

The reason why Yang Kai had appeared in the Twin Poles Territory was because the Human Race’s situation was critical.

Although every Great Domain Battlefield had more than a hundred Innate Territory Lords, Yang Kai could at most kill a few Territory Lords at a time. Who could guarantee that they wouldn’t die?

While Yang Kai was still recuperating, the Territory Lords were already on edge, preparing for the worst. As long as they didn’t push the Human Race too far, they wouldn’t provoke that killing star.

Three years later, in a secret room in the Twin Poles Territory's Human Race camp, Yang Kai opened his eyes.

This time, the healing process took a longer time than before, not only because his torn Divine Soul needed to be repaired, but also because of the injuries he had sustained during his desperate battle with the Purple Hair Territory Lord.

Not only did the fierce headbutt shatter the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s head, but his skull also cracked.

After this battle, he had taken back some of the contempt he had for the Territory Lord. A Territory Lord who was willing to risk his life was not easy to deal with.

He had a lot of right to speak about this matter. Over the countless years, he had defeated the weak many times, and his own courage and fearlessness had played a great role. The Innate Territory Lords who had been struck by the Soul Shattering Spike, who had become timid before even fighting, and who had subsequently been killed did not represent the true strength of the Black Ink Clan’s high-level combatants.

However, he would not belittle himself.

Regardless of whether these Territory Lords were strong or weak, he had killed so many of them, so it was his own ability.

In the future, he would kill even more!

No matter what, he had to deal with Twin Poles Territory first. He wanted to attack one great domain after another until the Black Ink Clan was terrified and then have a good chat with them.

Walking out of the secret room, a man was waiting outside. When he saw Yang Kai appear, his expression became solemn and he cupped his fists, “Sir, have you come out?”

Yang Kai looked up and saw a familiar face. It was Xiang Shan’s assistant, Li Xing. Back in the Great Evolution Army, Xiang Shan was the Regiment Commander of the Eastern Army, so this Li Xing was responsible for taking care of some miscellaneous affairs and passing down Xiang Shan’s orders.

Yang Kai had also interacted with him several times.

Looking at his right eye, Yang Kai asked, “What happened?”

Originally, Li Xing had a dignified appearance and a handsome appearance, but now he had gained a few years of experience. On top of that, his right eye had become blind and there was a hideous wound on his cheek, like a centipede crawling on his face, making him look extremely terrifying.


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