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Back in the Ink Battlefield, he and Bai Yi had worked together to kill a heavily injured Chasing Wind Territory Lord and had nearly lost their lives. Now, more than a dozen Territory Lords had died at his hands, and he had even personally killed one of the Royal Lord. Although the killing was a bit strange, it was still a kill.

If the Black Ink Clan was powerful, he would gradually become stronger.

One day, these powerful Innate Territory Lord would be crushed to death by him!

Yang Kai was confident.

Calming his mind, he quietly began to heal.

The Mysterious Nether Territory’s Yang Kai had suddenly appeared in the Twin Poles Territory and killed five of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords in a single battle. Even the Purple Hair Territory Lord had fallen, causing the army of the Twin Poles Territory's Black Ink Clan to be routed and all the advantages they had accumulated over hundreds of years to be lost.

When this news spread, many of the Black Ink Clan masters in the Great Domain Battlefield were shocked.

Not only were they shocked by the Human Race’s Killing God’s strength, but they were also wary of him doing whatever he wanted.

Since this guy was stationed in the Mysterious Nether Territory, he should have stayed in the Mysterious Nether Territory for the time being. For him to suddenly come to Twin Poles Territory and start a massacre was simply unreasonable.

Before this, Yang Kai had disappeared for almost three hundred years.

Three hundred years was neither long nor short.

However, it was enough to weaken the ferocity he had built up over the years, but he is still able to shake the world as soon as he appeared.

Compared to the shock they felt when they received this news, the Black Ink Clan’s masters were even more fearful.

This time, the Human Race’s Killing God had appeared in the Twin Poles Territory, but what about next time? Would it appear in the Wolf Fang Territory, Soul-Stirring Territory, or some other Great Domain?

Only a thief for a thousand days would be able to guard against a thief for a thousand days. If such a person were to run around, it would pose a great threat to the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

Who could guarantee that he wouldn’t suddenly appear while fighting with the Human Race masters?

For now, they could only think of a way to restrict his movements. As a result, all the Black Ink Clan masters focused their attention on the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Yang Kai had jumped out from the Mysterious Nether Territory, so this matter naturally needed the Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory to handle.

Three hundred years ago, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s upper echelons had reached an agreement that neither the Eighth Order nor the Territory Lord would interfere with the situation on the battlefield. The Human Race had established ten bases in the entire Mysterious Nether Territory for the Human Race’s soldiers to heal themselves.

Similarly, the Black Ink Clan had also established their own bases, but each of the Human Race’s bases had two or three Eighth Order guards. In case of emergencies, the Black Ink Clan’s bases did not have any Territory Lords.

They didn’t dare!

Even if two or three Territory Lords gathered together, there was no sense of security for them, so why should they gather together?

As such, the Innate Territory Lords were all gathered in the Universe World where their main camp is located, either to heal their wounds or to monitor the situation.

Over the past few years, the Human Race had thoroughly scattered the forces of the Mysterious Nether Army. They're basically in a small groups, maybe in three or five per group. In this battlefield, they work together to fight the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan used the same method to respond.

Both sides were launching sneak attacks against each other in this Great Domain, causing countless battles to erupt.

More and more human race poured into the Mysterious Nether Territory from the rear.

This was because this Domain Battlefield was much safer than the other Domain Battlefields. Without a large-scale army, the cultivators would be able to display their advantages.

After three hundred years of training, the results had been shown.

Many of the younger generation had made a name for themselves, and there were also some old Sixth Order and Seventh Order who were like fish in water, constantly improving themselves.

There were also many losses, but this was unavoidable. Since they had to train their troops, it was naturally impossible for everything to go smoothly, but all the losses were acceptable.

More and more of the Human Race’s upper echelons saw the benefits of the Mysterious Nether Territory’s training ground, and the good seedlings that had once been hidden by the Cave Heaven Paradise also began to be thrown into the Mysterious Nether Battlefield, allowing them the opportunity to fight the Black Ink Clan and experience the horror of life and death.

In general, the Mysterious Nether Territory was constantly fighting, but everything was under the control of both sides.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory also had a rare few hundred years of peace, so they didn’t have to worry about being ambushed by Yang Kai.

However, this comfortable feeling had been broken recently.

With Twin Poles Territory as the leader, the several dozen Black Ink Clan Territory Lords from the Great Domain Battlefield jointly pressured the Mysterious Nether Territory to deal with Yang Kai.

Mysterious Nether Territory, Black Ink Clan’s main camp.

Inside the meeting hall, many Territory Lords gathered.

The atmosphere was somewhat silent.

Six Arms sat at the head of the table and looked around before asking, “Tell me, how should we handle this matter?”

No one spoke.

Six Arms’ expression sank slightly, “What, are you all mute?”

Although everyone here was an Innate Territory Lord, he was still the one in charge and was also the strongest. The other Territory Lords were somewhat wary of him.

One of the Territory Lords immediately said, “Sir Six Arms, this matter isn’t easy to deal with. We made an agreement with Yang Kai before that Mysterious Nether Territory’s Eighth Order and Territory Lord are not allowed to interfere with the war. Now that he hasn’t broken this agreement, what can we do?”

One of the Territory Lords chimed in, “That’s right, for the past three hundred years, the Human Race’s Eighth Order hasn’t taken action, so we’ve fulfilled our agreement. If we act rashly, we’ll only draw Yang Kai’s revenge.”

A cold snort rang out, “Aren’t those idiots from the other Great Domains thinking the same thing? Only if we take action will we be able to restrain Yang Kai. This way, they can rest easy while we suffer.”

“They’re quite scheming, how laughable. Its one thing if they’re afraid of death, but they actually want us to die?”

“Sir Six Arms, you must not agree to this matter. If something unexpected happens in the Mysterious Nether Territory, I’m afraid that what happened three hundred years ago will reappear.”

The group of Territory Lords finally opened their mouths and began shouting, cursing the other Great Domain’s Innate Territory Lords for their selfishness.

How could he not know the intentions of the Territory Lords under his command? They were afraid that they would provoke Yang Kai and be killed by him. Although he was angry at these Territory Lords for being so cowardly, he couldn’t blame them.

Not to mention these Territory Lords, even Six Arms himself feared Yang Kai.

Three hundred years ago, he might have been confident that even if he had been ambushed by Yang Kai, he would have been able to escape, but now that he had learned from the Twin Poles Territory about the Purple Hair Territory Lord, his confidence had been shattered.

The Purple Hair Territory Lord was no weaker than him, and even the Purple Hair Territory Lord had been killed by Yang Kai. It was said that in that battle, Yang Kai was extremely brutal, killing his opponent with a headbutt. Just thinking about it made one shudder.

In his heart, he was secretly annoyed. The other Territory Lords of the other Great Domain really didn’t know what they're saying. They wanted the Territory Lords of Mysterious Nether Territory to stir up some trouble and use this opportunity to restrain Yang Kai, but if they really did so, how could Mysterious Nether Territory have a good life?

The Territory Lords under him were still making a ruckus, each of them offering their own opinion. Six Arms raised his hand slightly and turned to Mo Na Ye, “Mo Na Ye, what do you think?”

Among the Territory Lords, Mo Na Ye’s thoughts were quite meticulous. Although the matter of the Yearning Territory had left him in a miserable state, Mo Na Ye couldn’t be blamed for it. In fact, even until today, the Black Ink Clan still hadn’t figured out how Yang Kai had managed to escape when the Domain Gate was completely sealed.

He had even taken away a large number of human race cultivators. This was simply a mystery.

Mo Na Ye hadn’t spoken until he was called out by Six Arms, “Sir Six Arms, have you ever wondered why Yang Kai suddenly went to Twin Poles Territory to start a massacre after three hundred years of secluded cultivation?”

Six Arms frowned slightly and said, “Of all the Great Domain Battlefields, the human race in Twin Poles Territory are in the most difficult position. I heard that Xiang Shan has been stationed there for a hundred years, and it won’t be long before the human race in Twin Poles Territory are completely defeated.”

Mo Na Ye nodded slightly, “This should be one of the reasons.”

“Is there another reason?”

Mo Na Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I only know that Yang Kai’s actions in Twin Poles Territory should have been a coincidence. If Yang Kai had intended to alleviate the situation of the human race in the Twin Poles Territory, he wouldn’t have waited until today.”

“Didn’t you say he was cultivating in seclusion?”

“It’s not impossible for the Human Race to cultivate in seclusion. On the other hand, the Human Race’s situation in Twin Poles Territory has been declining day by day, so they must have asked for help over the years. If Yang Kai had received the news, he would have taken action long ago, but he only went to Twin Poles Territory not long ago.”

Six Arms thought for a moment and agreed with Mo Na Ye’s words, but he still couldn’t understand, “But what does this have to do with what happened today?”

“It’s a big deal,” Mo Na Ye said confidently, “What we need to understand is Yang Kai’s intentions, or rather, the Human Race’s intentions.”

The group of Territory Lords listened in confusion.

Mo Na Ye smiled lightly, “Three hundred years ago, that Yang Kai with his overwhelming power suddenly came here alone, wanting to negotiate peace with us. This matter is naturally greatly beneficial to my Black Ink Clan, but what benefits can it bring to the Human Race? Do you remember what he said at that time?”

Many Territory Lords wore thoughtful expressions.

One of the Territory Lords said, “That day, he said he was worried about the Human Race’s soldiers because the aftermath of the battle between the Territory Lord and the Eighth Order caused many unnecessary casualties. Moreover, our Black Ink Clan has more Territory Lords than the Human Race’s Eighth Order. Many times, there is no Territory Lords entangled by the Human Race Eighth Order, which allow us to kill the enemy wantonly.”

Mo Na Ye nodded, “Yes, that’s what he said.”

“Could this be a trap?” Six Arms’ expression sank.

“No,” Mo Na Ye replied, “For the past three hundred years, I have been observing the situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory and discovered that although the reason Yang Kai gave me that day was true, it wasn’t comprehensive enough. Over the past three hundred years, the number of human race in the Mysterious Nether Territory has increased, especially those above the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage. There are even some Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters that I have never seen before. In terms of strength, these Open Heaven Stage masters aren’t too strong among the human race of the same level, and their foundation isn’t deep either. It seems they have only recently broken through to the Open Heaven Stage.”

Six Arms frowned, “So what?”

Mo Na Ye smiled and shook his head, no longer beating around the bush, directly saying, “That Yang Kai, the main reason he wanted to negotiate peace treaty with us was to train the Human Race soldiers!”


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