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Since returning from the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai had fought with many Innate Territory Lords and killed many of them. The impression these Innate Territory Lords gave him was that they were powerful, cautious, and afraid of death.

The only difference between them was their courage.

But today, he had met one.

As the old saying goes, rice breeds a hundred kinds of people. It seemed that the Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lords were not all cowards.

Perhaps it had something to do with his current situation, but the Purple Hair Territory Lord knew that he couldn’t leave this place, so the pressure from this desperate situation had stimulated his fighting spirit.

Xiang Shan raised his blade to block the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s attack. The blade light flashed brilliantly as it swept towards him.

However, the other party didn’t try to dodge, allowing the powerful force to add more wounds to his body as he rushed towards Yang Kai.

What greeted him was a spear thrust.

The Purple Hair Territory Lord’s head tilted to the side and his neck was pierced through, causing the wound on the back of his neck to burst open and black blood to gush out like a fountain. Relying on his courage, he rushed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai pulled out his spear but was unable to move.

At some point, the other party had already grasped the Azure Dragon Spear’s body, his powerful strength restricting the spear and stabilizing it.

“Get over here!” The Purple Hair Territory Lord’s face was filled with ferocity and determination as he stretched out his other hand and grabbed towards Yang Kai.

Under this attack, the surrounding void shattered.

Yang Kai originally wanted to use his Space Principle to teleport away, but he didn’t expect the other party to have already targeted him. After using the Soul Shattering Spike four times in a row, Yang Kai’s head began to ache and his thoughts became somewhat sluggish. As the void shattered, his figure slightly froze.

Caught off guard, the Purple Hair Territory Lord grabbed his shoulder.

As the Ink Force surged, Yang Kai’s shoulder bled profusely as his sharp fingers pierced into his flesh. Even the dragon scales hidden under his skin were unable to resist this violent power.

The Purple Hair Territory Lord’s first move was successful, and without any hesitation, he pulled Yang Kai in front of him and immediately stretched out his arms to grab him tightly.

With his face covered in blood, Yang Kai could barely see the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s original face. When he raised his eyes, all he could see was endless malevolence and pride.

“Let’s see how you’re going to escape now!” The Purple Hair Territory Lord grinned maliciously, completely ignoring Xiang Shan’s continuous attacks from behind him as he raised his head slightly, then with an indescribable speed, he charged forward.


With a loud bang, a violent shockwave spread out in all directions from the two figures that were tightly pressed together.

Even Xiang Shan’s figure was somewhat unsteady, so he had no choice but to withdraw his blade to avoid accidentally injuring Yang Kai.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Purple Hair Territory Lord continuously used this technique, but there was no such thing as technique, only a resolute mentality, using one’s own life as the basis of this technique.

This scene caused many Territory Lords and Eighth Order masters' eyelids to twitch.

No one had ever seen the Territory Lord display such ferocity.

When Yang Kai’s Soul was pushed to the limit, he was left with no support, and he was also forced to endure such a brutal blow.

Since advancing to the Eighth Order, he had never suffered such a loss under the Territory Lord.

Even though his head was spinning, Yang Kai was still filled with hostility.

Yang Kai grabbed the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s arm with a twist of his wrist, causing his expression to become fierce as he glared at him. Taking advantage of the moment when he raised his head, Yang Kai also raised his head.

The Purple Hair Territory Lord eyes flashed with surprise…

He thought Yang Kai had completely lost his ability to move…

In the next moment, an even more violent collision occurred. Xiang Shan, who had been wandering around and waiting for an opportunity to attack, suddenly felt an extremely violent force sweep towards him, forcing him to retreat.

Looking up, his face twitched.

This guy must be crazy.

The headbutt of a top master was already incredibly powerful, and now that both sides were attacking each other with their heads, the impact was simply unimaginable.

Xiang Shan could almost hear the sound of bones breaking.

Boom Boom Boom…

After a few more collisions, the space where the Purple Hair Territory Lord and Yang Kai were standing, whether it was the torn flesh, broken limbs, or the drifting black ink cloud and Ink Force, it was completely dispersed by the shockwave.

Each time the headbutt collided, it was like two Universe World colliding, creating a massive impact.

A moment later, both Yang Kai and the Purple Hair Territory Lord saw stars and saw blood all over their faces, making them look even more terrifying.

However, Yang Kai keenly felt that the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s grip on him had weakened, so he decisively tightened his grip on his opponent’s arm.

The Purple Hair Territory Lord's eyes trembled violently, his previous determination turning into shock and disbelief.

He was forced into such a desperate situation, so why was this human race Eighth Order even more valiant than him…

Another headbutt flew towards him and the sound of his skull cracking could be clearly heard as the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s arms began to weaken.

Yang Kai said fiercely, “You bastards, you’ll never know what the power of guardianship is!”

This is the 3000 Worlds, the Human Race’s Domain, one of the Human Race’s last line of defense, and beyond that was the Human Race’s foundation.

All of the Human Race soldiers who had fought with the Black Ink Clan here were protecting others.

Compared to the evil invaders, the Human Race didn’t have the ability to retreat. If the enemy was brutal, they could only become more brutal.

Once again, the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s head caved in and his eyes went white. His powerful aura rapidly weakened like a deflated balloon.

Suddenly, Yang Kai’s interest waned as he said lightly, “It seems that your head isn’t as hard as mine!”

The final headbutt smashed the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s head, sending his headless corpse flying into the distance.

Yang Kai stood alone, the pain from his physical body and Soul almost driving him mad, but his murderous aura and murderous intent did not dissipate with the death of his enemy, instead becoming stronger.


As a loud Dragon Roar rang out, a golden light burst out from the void, accompanied by a series of crackling sounds, and a massive creature over seven thousand zhang long suddenly appeared.

“Kill the enemy!”

The Ancient Dragon roared as it turned around and charged towards the most densely packed area of Black Ink Clan. Wherever it passed, the void was cleared.

“Kill the enemy!”

Roars of anger rose and fell from all directions in Twin Poles Territory. With the fall of the Purple Hair Territory Lord and the appearance of the Golden Ancient Dragon, the Human Race army of Twin Poles Territory, which had been suppressed for hundreds of years, was like a ferocious beast that charged towards its enemies.

In the blink of an eye, the Black Ink Clan’s army was completely defeated.

In a short period of time, the deaths of five Territory Lords had caused the other Territory Lords to panic and finally experience the fear of the Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory.

If the deaths of the first four Territory Lords had caused them great fear, then the death of the fifth Purple Hair Territory Lord had completely destroyed their will to fight.

It was said that he could only use his Soul Power three times, and after three times, Yang Kai would no longer be able to fight…

It was pure nonsense.

The Purple Hair Territory Lord was already dead, and Yang Kai had transformed into a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon as he chased after them, his overwhelming might causing the entire Twin Poles Territory to tremble.

At this time, no one wanted to fight him head-on. Once Yang Kai set his eyes on them, no Territory Lord would have the confidence to escape.

'Run, run as fast as you can!'

In the Mysterious Nether Territory, Yang Kai had attacked more than ten times in a row, spending thirty years to defeat the Territory Lords.

However, in this Twin Poles Territory, with the remnant might of three hundred years ago, Twin Poles Territory’s Black Ink Clan’s backbone had been broken.

Half a day later, the Human Race withdrew their troops and all of them were filled with joy, feeling as if all the grievances they had endured for hundreds of years had been swept away today. In the various camps, the Human Race’s soldiers were all grinning from ear to ear as if it was some kind of festival.

Killing five Territory Lords wasn’t a big deal.

However, in the ensuing pursuit, the main army of the Black Ink Clan was cut down by at least a million people, a glorious victory.

All of this was brought about by Yang Kai alone.

The soldiers took inventory of their gains, but the biggest contributor, Yang Kai, had disappeared at some point. All of them secretly guessed that he should be recuperating. After all, in this battle, he seemed to have suffered heavy injuries.

Not only was Yang Kai injured, he was seriously injured.

Putting aside the aftereffects of using the Soul Shattering Spike four times in a row, the battle with the Purple Hair Territory Lord had almost cost him his life.

Even though he had the Dragon Vein Body and a powerful physique, this close-range headbutt was still enough to crack his skull.

Such injuries would take at least a few years to recover.

However, after this battle, he had gained a lot.

In the past, when he had used the Soul Shattering Spike to kill a Territory Lord, he had basically killed them one by one, causing him to underestimate the Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lords and secretly feel that these fellows were nothing more than this.

But now, he realized that he had been too arrogant.

Innate Territory Lord wasn’t easy to deal with. It was only because of his treacherous methods and his reputation that the Territory Lords who saw him were afraid of him, allowing him to easily kill so many of them.

However, if every Territory Lord was willing to risk their lives like the Purple Hair Territory Lord, it would be quite troublesome.

The Purple Hair Territory Lord had first taken one of his Soul Shattering Spike, and then he had been jointly attacked by Xiang Shan and Yang Kai, but he was still as valiant as ever. If he had been at his peak, Yang Kai might not have been his opponent without the Soul Shattering Spike.

After all, he was an Innate Territory Lord, far stronger than those Promoted Territory Lord.

Yang Kai secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, these people couldn’t be promoted to a Royal Lord, otherwise, if they were to be promoted to a Royal Lord, it would be difficult for the Human Race to deal with.

However, on second thought, there was no need to belittle himself. At the very least, so many Territory Lords had died at his hands. Not to mention, he had only broken through to the Eighth Order recently and had yet to reach the peak!

When he cultivated to the peak of the Eighth Order one day, he would be able to look back at these Innate Territory Lords, and perhaps that was all there is to it.


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