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This Eighth Order Human Race master was obviously surprised that he had succeeded in his first strike. He hadn’t expected that the other party would be so distracted by the death of his companion, but at this time, how could he be polite to him? Naturally, he would take advantage of his weakness to kill him!

He called out to Yang Kai, “Kill him!”

He immediately pounced towards the Territory Lord.

Yang Kai didn’t need him to call out to him. His figure flickered as he blocked the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord’s path of retreat. The Azure Dragon Spear danced as it shot towards the Territory Lord. Although the spear’s power was not obvious, all the power is hidden within.

The former was like a wolf while the latter was like a tiger. He was already injured, so how could the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord be a match for them?

Ten breaths later, the Azure Dragon Spear pierced through the Territory Lord’s head and ended his life!

In just a short time, two Territory Lords had fallen. Such an obvious disturbance could not be concealed.

The noisy battlefield suddenly froze for a moment when the second Territory Lord died.

Numerous pairs of eyes looked over from all directions.

The Eighth Order Human Race masters all wore looks of joy, while the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord’s expression gradually became one of horror.

“Yang Kai!”

One of the Territory Lords suddenly roared, and in an instant, all the Territory Lords understood the identity of the killer.

The overlord of the Human Race who had single-handedly suppressed the Black Ink Clan’s masters in the Mysterious Nether Territory, the one who had been called out by the Royal Lord, the one who had caused all the Territory Lords to be on guard against!

They had all heard about the Mysterious Nether Territory. Some sympathized with Six Arms, some feared him, and some disdained him. After all, they had never personally fought him, so who knew how strong Yang Kai was?

Fortunately, three hundred years ago, after the two races masters on Mysterious Nether Territory came to an agreement, Yang Kai had disappeared without a trace. According to the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai seemed to be cultivating in seclusion.

But three hundred years later, he had actually appeared in the Twin Poles Territory!

As soon as he appeared, he killed two powerful Innate Territory Lords.

Now, even the most disdainful Territory Lord knew that the rumors were true.

It wasn’t that there hadn’t been a Territory Lord who had died during the battle between the two races in the Twin Poles Territory, but there had never been a case where two Territory Lords had fallen so quickly.

This guy’s methods were truly unfathomable.

Panic and fear quickly spread.

Yang Kai held his spear and grinned, his laughter rumbling like thunder, “I’ve come out of seclusion, did anyone miss me?”

'I Want you to die!'

The group of Territory Lords cursed in their hearts. What was that Six Arms guy doing? He had come out of seclusion and kill his way out, but the Mysterious Nether Territory hadn’t sent out any news?

However, at this moment, the Territory Lords couldn’t be bothered to blame Six Arms, because when Yang Kai’s eyes swept across the void, all of them felt nervous, fearing that they would be targeted.

The situation of the Human Race’s Eighth Order masters instantly improved.

Originally, because the number of Eighth Order masters was lower than the Territory Lords. But now, all the Territory Lords offensives have slowed down, because they have to be on guard against Yang Kai, allowing them to breathe a sigh of relief.

Many Eighth Order masters sighed in their hearts.

“Everyone doesn’t seem to be very enthusiastic… Forget it, I won’t force you,” Yang Kai waved his spear and disappeared in an instant.

The nearby Territory Lords all felt their hair stand on end. None of them had seen how Yang Kai had disappeared, nor did they know where he had come from.

This kind of waiting was truly terrifying.

At this moment, the only thing the Territory Lords could do was guard their Souls.

Because they knew that once Yang Kai attacked, he would definitely use a Secret Technique that could directly attack the Soul, followed by a violent lightning attack.

Suddenly, a miserable scream rang out from a certain direction of the battlefield. Sure enough, one of the Territory Lords was hit.

The Soul Shattering Spike was extremely powerful and even if the Territory Lords wanted to protect their Souls, it would be difficult for them to block it. At most, they would only be able to weaken the Soul Shattering Spike’s power slightly.

However, in this extremely dangerous battlefield, once one’s Soul was hit, they would basically lose half their life.

The Territory Lords who hadn’t been hit couldn’t help rejoicing in their hearts. This thought made them feel ashamed, but there was nothing they could do.

Turning their head towards the source of the scream, they saw Yang Kai appear there like a ghost, coordinating with the Eighth Order Human Race to bombard an injured Innate Territory Lord.

This was the first time the Territory Lord of Twin Poles Territory had witnessed Yang Kai’s terrifying strength.

The killing intent contained within the spear caused the surrounding space to shatter. The Territory Lord who was targeted wanted to escape, but the space there distorted, causing his body to freeze, so how could he escape?

In just a few breaths’ time, the Territory Lord had been pierced by the long spear and his body was covered in black blood.

Immediately after, the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had been fighting with the Territory Lord struck out with his palm, shattering the Territory Lord.

How brutal! After truly witnessing Yang Kai’s strength, the Territory Lords realized that this guy seemed to be even stronger than the rumors said.

The Eighth Order Human Race cultivator quickly rushed to the nearest battlefield to assist, but Yang Kai just stood there and let out a few chilling words.

“Who’s next?”

It was as if he was playing some kind of game where whoever he pointed at would die.

No matter who it was, it couldn’t be them!

Three Territory Lords had fallen in such a short time, so once Yang Kai attacked, he would definitely succeed! Who would want to be targeted by him?

The Territory Lords who originally had the upper hand all retreated in unison, while the Eighth Order masters chased after them. After being suppressed by the Territory Lords for so many years, they were finally able to let loose and felt extremely carefree, all of them not holding back at all, causing the Territory Lords to complain incessantly.

Just as the Territory Lords were feeling anxious, someone finally suffered.

The fluctuations of the Soul Power disappeared in a flash, followed by a violent burst of energy, and then… the Territory Lord fell.

“He can only attack three times, three times is enough, he has no strength left, don’t be afraid of him!”

On one of the battlefields, a tall Innate Territory Lord with purple hair roared.

In the entire Twin Poles Territory, there were more than a hundred Territory Lords who had participated in this battle, but throughout the entire battlefield, this Purple Hair Territory Lord was one of the strongest.

In fact, he was also the Territory Lord in charge of the Twin Poles Battlefield, his status equal to the Mysterious Nether Territory’s Six Arms.

When Yang Kai appeared, he had been vigilant, and he didn’t make a sound. Only after confirming that Yang Kai had used the Soul Shattering Spike three times did he call out.

There must be three Territory Lord who have to bear the three Divine Soul attack, and once Yang Kai lost his miraculous ability, he would only be a slightly stronger Eighth Order, so the Territory Lords wouldn’t fear him too much.

Hearing his roar, the Territory Lords finally reacted. That’s right, Yang Kai had already used that method three times, what was there to be afraid of!

The Territory Lords who were originally being chased immediately turned around to fight back, now it was the Eighth Order Human Race’s turn to complain.

“You talk too much!” Opposite the Purple Hair Territory Lord, Xiang Shan slashed out with his blade, causing a dazzling blade light to tear the void.

Xiang Shan had been in charge of the Twin Poles Territory for more than a hundred years and had fought with this Purple Hair Territory Lord dozens of times. Their strengths were equal and neither of them could do anything to the other. Although the power of this blade was strong, the other party had managed to dodge it in time.

However, in the next instant, the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s expression became cold as a sharp aura locked onto him. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Yang Kai, who was still tens of thousands of kilometers away, had suddenly appeared beside him.

A long spear stabbed towards him silently, making it impossible to guard against!

The Purple Hair Territory Lord instinctively leapt backwards, but at this moment, the fluctuations of Soul Power appeared, startling him!

Could the other party still use such a method to severely injure his Soul?


Yang Kai from the Mysterious Nether Territory had attacked more than ten times, but each time he had only been able to use this technique three times. After three times, he had no strength left to fight, but when he arrived at the Twin Poles Territory, something unexpected happened.

That’s right, this guy had cultivated in seclusion for three hundred years, it was impossible for him to not make any progress.

It had been three hundred years since he had last used this technique, and now he could probably use it four times, five times, or even more…

Having understood this point, the Purple Hair Territory Lord was quite annoyed. If he had known this would happen, he would never have attracted Yang Kai’s attention.

But in fact, even if he didn’t attract Yang Kai’s attention, Yang Kai still planned to give this Soul Shattering Spike to him.

The battle between Xiang Shan and this guy was so intense, which means that the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s status in Twin Poles Territory was obviously not low. It was highly likely he was at Six Arms level.

Killing him would definitely be a fatal blow to the morale of the Twin Poles Territory's Black Ink Clan.

Naturally, Yang Kai couldn’t miss such an obvious target.

Three hundred years ago, he had only been able to use the Soul Shattering Spike three times in a short time, but now that his Soul had become much stronger, it was naturally easy for him to use it four times.

As the fluctuations of his Soul Power fluctuated wildly, the Soul Shattering Spike silently shot out and tore apart the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s Soul, causing him to scream in pain.

The power of his Ink Force fluctuated violently.

Yang Kai’s long spear brushed past his face and pierced through his flesh, causing the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s screams to become even more miserable.

Yang Kai’s attack didn’t succeed, so the spear in his hand pressed down like a long whip and ruthlessly struck the other party’s face, causing the Purple Hair Territory Lord to fall.

Xiang Shan also slashed out with his saber. In that instant, he had slashed out countless times, and the endless saber light seemed to condense into a cage that completely enveloped the space where the Purple Hair Territory Lord was.

He was also an experienced fighter, so how could he miss such a good opportunity?

The blade light that filled the sky receded, and when the light dissipated, the Purple Hair Territory Lord’s sorry figure was revealed, his massive body covered in wounds so deep that even his bones could be seen.

However, he still didn’t die and instead sent out a thick wave of Ink Force towards Yang Kai.

His eyes were clearly filled with the desire to die together with his enemy as he had been severely wounded by a sneak attack. Under the combined attacks of Yang Kai and Xiang Shan, two peak Eighth Order masters, it was impossible for him to survive, so before he died, he had to drag one of them down with him.

Yang Kai was his goal. As long as he could take Yang Kai down with him, even death would be worth it.

The aura of an Innate Territory Lord had been pushed to the limit, and the power of the Black Ink Blood and Ink Force was sent flying. At this moment, the Purple Hair Territory Lord was like an ancient Demon God, his majestic aura causing the universe to changes countenance.


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