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In the Twin Poles Territory, the battle was extremely tense.

Three hundred years ago, the Black Ink Clan had suffered defeat after defeat in the Mysterious Nether Territory, losing a large number of Territory Lords. Although they had reached an agreement with the Eighth Order master, the Territory Lords had really died.

Seemingly desperate to regain their prestige and momentum, the Black Ink Clan’s forces in the various Great Domains all increased their offensive power, with the Twin Poles Territory being the strongest!

The Black Ink Clan had obviously set this Domain Battlefield as their goal, constantly sending reinforcements to this territory over the years, using their massive military strength to suppress the Human Race.

If this was before, with the Black Ink Clan’s offensive, there was no way Twin Poles Territory would be able to protect itself, but with the continuous refinement of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance over the years, it wasn’t as if the Human Race had no ability to resist.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was refined by Artifact Refiners and then sealed with purifying light by the Holy Spirits who controlled the Sun and Moon Marks before being distributed to the Human Race’s masters. It played an extremely important role in each great battle.

Because of this, more than half of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance refined by the Mysterious Nether Territory had been sent to the Twin Poles Territory.

In any case, the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lord of the Mysterious Nether Territory didn’t dare make a move, so the Mysterious Nether Territory's demand for the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was much smaller than the other Great Domains.

In every great battle, the most dazzling thing in the void was the pure light that erupted from the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, each light like a small sun illuminating the endless darkness, allowing the Human Race’s army to persevere.

By the time Yang Kai arrived at Twin Poles Territory, the battle was at a critical juncture. The Black Ink Clan’s army had covered the entire sky and was declaring their home ground to the world. The Human Race’s armies could only rely on the defensive positions they had built earlier to defend themselves.

The human race army of Twin Poles Territory basically no longer had the ability to confront the Black Ink Clan head-on, but even their most stubborn defenses would eventually be broken.

On the battlefield, the Human Race’s Battleships shuttled back and forth, pouring out their Secret Techniques and Artifacts as the Eighth Order Human Race cultivators fought.

Yang Kai withdrew his aura and floated towards the battlefield like a ghost.

There is no specific target, he didn’t recognize any of these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords from the Twin Poles Territory, so he could kill anyone he wanted.

After three hundred years of seclusion, the Azure Dragon Spear had not been stained with blood. It was time for the masters of the Black Ink Clan in the Twin Poles Territory to experience the fear of being dominated.

Somewhere on the battlefield, one of the Human Race’s Eighth Order masters was currently facing two enemies.

However, this Eighth Order master had faced this kind of situation countless times, so even if it was difficult, he was still able to persist. Moreover, he had hidden his Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, causing the two Territory Lords to be quite wary of him, so when they exchanged blows, they were able to guard against any sneak attacks.

World Force collided with each other during the fight, causing the surrounding cultivators to be swept away by the shockwaves.

The Human Race’s Eighth Order was currently focused on dealing with the two Territory Lords’ attacks, secretly wondering if he should try to injure one of them first.

The confrontation between the Eighth Order and the Territory Lords usually resulted in both side being injured, but it was still the Human Race who had the upper hand.

Because if a cultivator was injured, they could use a Spirit Pill to heal their injuries, if they were injured, they could endure, but if the Territory Lord were injured, they couldn’t enter the Ink Nest.

There are only a few Territory Lord-level Ink Nest in the Twin Poles Territory. Currently, there were many heavily injured Territory Lords healing their injuries there. If more Territory Lords were injured, they would have to go to the No-Return Pass in order to recover.

Over the past few years, many heavily injured Territory Lords had gone to the No-Reteurn Pass to recuperate, and many of them had also returned from their injuries.

It was by relying on this method of mutual destruction that the Eighth Order Human Race was able to effectively suppress the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords participating.

If all the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords were to participate in this battle, the Human Race’s Eighth Order would not be able to resist. At the very least, they would have to give up two or three Great Domain Battlefields and shrink their forces.

However, if the Human Race shrank their forces, the Black Ink Clan would also be able to concentrate their forces. This was also the reason why the Human Race was unwilling to easily lose any Great Domain Battlefield.

This human race Eighth Order quickly made up his mind and prepared to find an opportunity to make a mistake and lure a Territory Lord to fight him. As long as he didn’t die, he would be able to profit.

However, before he could do anything, a voice suddenly entered his ears. The Eighth Order master was stunned for a moment before becoming overjoyed.

Although he didn’t show it on his face, he was secretly preparing to attack.

A few breaths later, he suddenly shouted, “If I die, we die together!”

Saying so, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in his hand transformed into a streak of light and shot towards one of the Territory Lords, displaying a desperate stance.

The two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords were already prepared for this, and upon seeing this, they quickly activated their Ink Force and condensed a thick black ink cloud in front of them.

This was also a method the Territory Lords had developed to deal with the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

The pure purifying light was the nemesis of the Ink Force, and once the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was released, even Territory Lords would find it difficult to dodge.

Since they couldn’t avoid it, they could only use their vast Ink Force to resist the power of the Purifying Light.

The instant the light exploded, neither the Eighth Order master nor the Territory Lord could be seen.

However, at this moment, the confrontation became intense.

Both sides thought that victory was within their grasp and immediately launched their killing moves.

The rich Ink Force was instantly dispersed, and one of the Territory Lords who had been struck by the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance let out a muffled groan as his aura fell.

The other intact Territory Lord stretched out a palm from the pure white light and endured the burning pain as he ruthlessly struck out towards the Eighth Order.

Since they were so close to each other, it was impossible for the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator to avoid this palm strike. He could almost imagine the scene of this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator being seriously injured.

However, at this moment, an extremely weak Soul Power fluctuation spread out, and soon after, this Black Ink Clan Territory Lord felt as if his mind was being torn apart, causing him to feel a splitting headache and his mind to tremble as his Ink Force dissipated.

The hand that was stretched out froze and a sharp pain came from his chest.

When he looked down, he saw a long spear pierce through his chest and a violent burst of energy burst out from his body, his massive body instantly exploding into countless pieces.

The two Territory Lords were both on guard against the Eighth Order's Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, so how could they have imagined that someone would secretly use some kind of method to heavily injure their Souls? In a moment of carelessness, they had fallen.

In the rain of blood, Yang Kai stood with his spear, his brow slightly raised.

After entering seclusion, killing a Territory Lord… seemed a bit easier.

Secretly sighing, Open Heaven Stage cultivators, especially High Rank Open Heaven cultivators, really needed to cultivate for a long time to accumulate their foundation.

After three hundred years of secluded cultivation and refining countless resources, in addition to the condensing effect of the Small Universe's World Tree Subtree, Yang Kai felt that his foundation was at least ten percent stronger than before!

As the saying goes, the older the ginger, it will become more spicy. This was especially obvious at the Open Heaven Stage.

The current him was no longer the same as when he had first broken through to Open Heaven Stage. He could now be considered as an old ginger.

The benefits were far greater than just increasing one’s foundation. In order to cultivate the human race body, Yang Kai had severed his own Soul. This kind of severing was not as simple as using the Soul Shattering Spike. Cultivating the Three Parts Normalizing Art required him to divide his Soul into two.

He had been weakened for three hundred years.

It was only with the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus that he slowly recovered.

However, Yang Kai’s growth was also obvious. Back then, every time he used the Soul Shattering Spike, he would have a splitting headache, but because he was used to it, he was able to endure it.

However, after using the Soul Shattering Spike again today, the pain was much lighter than before.

The power of his Soul had also grown!

Many thoughts flashed through his mind as the shattered pieces of the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord brushed past him.

On the other side, the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had received Yang Kai’s message sent a fierce punch towards the Territory Lord who had been struck by the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

This sudden turn of events caused this Territory Lord’s brain to become somewhat muddled, unable to understand how his companion had died so easily. At this moment, his head was stiff as he turned to look at Yang Kai.

According to his original plan, if he were to take a blow from the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance and use the Ink Force he had summoned in advance to counteract the power of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, he would have a chance to severely wound or even take down an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator.

But in the blink of an eye, his companion had died.

Soon after, he saw a young man with a cold expression standing quietly beside him.

The young man’s face was somewhat familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere before…

“Yang Kai!” After a moment of hesitation, the Territory Lord finally remembered where he had seen this human race youth before.

This fellow was Yang Kai, the one who had suppressed the Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory to the point where they couldn’t even lift their heads, the human race who had once caused a great ruckus and escaped from the Royal Lord!

Almost all the Black Ink Clan masters had seen Yang Kai’s image!

It was rumored that this person had some unfathomable means that allowed him to instantly kill an Innate Territory Lord.

Over at the Mysterious Nether Territory, nearly thirty Territory Lords had either directly or indirectly died at the hands of this person. The Royal Lord flew into a rage and ruthlessly reprimanded Six Arms who was in charge there.

The Black Ink Clan of the Mysterious Nether Territory had even been forced to agree to Yang Kai’s request, causing the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord to be unable to intervene in the war.

When the news spread, countless Black Ink Clan masters in the various Great Domain Battlefield were shocked. Many Territory Lords felt that the Mysterious Nether Territory had exaggerated Yang Kai’s strength. This guy was only an Eighth Order, so how could he suppress the entire Mysterious Nether Territory's Black Ink Clan? Even Xiang Shan didn’t have such ability.

This Territory Lord also had such thoughts before, thinking that Six Arms were simply too weak! Yang Kai could only show off his might in the Mysterious Nether Territory, but if he dared to come to the Twin Poles Territory, he would definitely show him how dangerous the world was.

Now he had come!

Only now did this Territory Lord understand that his thoughts were too one-sided. A single person was able to suppress all of the Black Ink Clan masters in the Great Domain Battlefield to the point where they couldn’t even move. Even if it was an exaggeration, it was still a manifestation of his strength.

He didn’t even understand how his companion had died.

There was no need for him to figure out what was happening. Just as he was about to lose control of his mind, the Human Race’s Eighth Order had already punched him, releasing a violent World Force that caused the Territory Lord’s chest to cave in as he spat out a mouthful of black blood.


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