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Although there was no Open Heaven Stage in the Void World, there was still some basic information about it.

First Order to Third Order Open Heaven Stage is Low Rank Open Heaven, Fourth Order to Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage is Mid Rank Open Heaven, and Seventh Order to Ninth Order is High Rank Open Heaven.

Fourth Order and Seventh Order have different limit, and the difference in strength was like heaven and earth.

Because the Small Universe of Low Rank Open Heaven is not strong enough, the foundation wouldn't be solid enough, so even if it open its own Small Universe, it was only illusory.

Only by breaking through to the Seventh Order would one be able to materialize it.

Fang Tian Ci was now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so logically speaking, his Small Universe should be somewhere between illusory and solid, but that was not the case. His Small Universe had actually transformed from the illusory state to physical state.

Moreover, he had clearly just broken through to the Seventh Order, but for some unknown reason, he had suddenly fallen to the Sixth Order.

This puzzled him greatly.

His breakthrough to the Open Heaven Stage this time seemed to be a bit different.

“Do you feel any discomfort?” A gentle voice asked from the front.

Only then did Fang Tian Ci return to his senses and quickly replied, “No, thank you, Dao Master.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly before withdrawing his hand.

Fang Tian Ci pondered for a moment before cupping his fists, “Dao Master, Disciple has something to ask.”

Yang Kai turned around and nodded, “Speak.”

Fang Tian Ci said, “Disciple’s Small Universe seems to have transformed from illusory to physical state, but Disciple has clearly only advanced to the Sixth Order, why is that?”

As soon as he said this, many people around him showed looks of surprise. The Small Universe of Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage had actually transformed from illusory to physical state. This went against common sense, and coupled with the sudden drop in Fang Tian Ci’s Grade just now, many of the fellow disciples who were on good terms with him revealed worried looks.

Yang Kai glanced at him and lightly said, “Although there aren’t many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage with your situation, it’s not unheard of.”

Fang Tian Ci was surprised, “This has happened before.”

Yang Kai said, “That’s the case with me. Your attainments in the Dao of Space shouldn’t be low, right?”

Fang Tian Ci respectfully replied, “I have some insights. Does Dao Master mean that the changes in my Small Universe are related to the Space Principle?”

'I didn’t say that,' Yang Kai muttered in his heart, but he didn’t have a good explanation right now, so he could only say, “When I advanced to Open Heaven, I wasn’t a High Rank Open Heaven master, but my Small Universe’s situation was the same as yours.”

Fang Tian Ci thought for a moment before letting out a sigh of relief.

It was a good thing that this had happened before, and it had happened to the Dao Master, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

He wanted to ask how his cultivation had fallen from the Seventh Order to the Sixth Order, but Yang Kai had already waved towards Hua Qing Si.

Hua Qing Si rushed over, “Palace Master.”

Yang Kai ordered, “Take them to the Star Boundary and stabilize their cultivation before throwing them into the Mysterious Nether Territory to gain experience.” Currently, on the various battlefields, there were many Third and Fourth Order Open Heaven cultivators, especially in the Mysterious Nether Territory. There is also First and Second Order, these disciples who came from the Void Dojo are at least Fifth Ordrer, they can't be raised in a greenhouse.

However, the current Mysterious Nether Territory was no longer able to satisfy the needs of the Human Race’s army.

Because in the past three hundred years, too many people had gone to the Mysterious Nether Territory.

This time, Yang Kai planned to develop a few more such places.

Only by having a few more places to train would the Human Race’s needs be satisfied.

Yang Kai cupped his fists towards Zhan Wuhen, “Sir Wuhen, I’ll be taking my leave first.”

Zhan Wuhen nodded.

In the next moment, Yang Kai disappeared.

Seeing this, some of the disciples who had cultivated the Space Principle secretly sighed. The Dao Master’s attainments in the Space Dao had truly reached the realm of perfection. These disciples who had obtained the Dao Master's Space Dao cultivation had not even seen how the Dao Master had disappeared.

These disciples gathered around the Star Boundary and then gathered around.

Liu Jingshan leaned over to Fang Tian Ci’s side and nudged him with his elbow, saying, “There’s nothing wrong with being a Sixth Order. Didn’t you say Dao Master said that he was not a High Rank Open Heaven when he was promoted? In the future, our achievements may not necessarily be worse than Dao Master’s.”

He was afraid that Fang Tian Ci would have some kind of bad mood after his breakthrough, so he quickly came over to comfort him.

Fang Tian Ci nodded slightly, “Senior Brother is right, I just don’t understand why I failed to break through to the Seventh Order.”

It wasn’t a failure. He clearly felt that he had successfully broken through, but the moment he succeeded, some kind of force seemed to suppress his cultivation, causing him to fall from the Seventh Order to Sixth Order.

There was no need to be discouraged, nor was there any need to be dissatisfied. In the past, his aptitude had been quite poor, and he had only wanted to experience the great rivers and mountains of the Void World before he completely aged, so he had resolutely left Fang Family Manor. This trip had taken him more than two thousand years, and his cultivation had risen from the Immortal Ascension to the current Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. A great future awaited him, and he was already very satisfied.

Liu Jing Shan said, “It’s best if Junior Brother thinks so… that tree is so big, what is it?”

Looking in the direction Liu Jingshan was pointing, Fang Tian Ci immediately saw the towering World Tree in the Star Boundary. Many of the disciples from the Void Dojo were also amazed, they had never seen such a huge Divine Tree before.

In fact, the Void World also had such a big tree, but no one had ever seen it before.

In fact, there was even a small sapling that had just been opened up, and it was fluttering in the wind. However, the Small Universe’s master was currently struggling with other issues and didn’t have time to carefully examine himself, otherwise he would have been able to discover the existence of this sapling!

Hundreds of disciples from the Void Dojo followed Hua Qing Si into the Star Boundary and settled down to stabilize their cultivation.

Yang Kai had already rushed to the Star Boundary’s neighboring Great Domain. Although there was no war in this Great Domain, it was still extremely lively, because all of the forces the Human Race had gathered would be transferred from this place to the Head Office Division, there are many Alchemy and Artifact Refining bases were set up.

The responsibilities of the Head Office Division were somewhat similar to those of the past.

When Yang Kai arrived here, he didn’t disturb too many people and quickly found Mi Jinglun in a large hall.

As soon as they met, Mi Jinglun’s complexion became somewhat haggard. It was rare for a peak Eighth Order like him to show such a haggard look. Obviously, the Human Race had too many things they needed him to consider, causing him to lack energy.

Seeing Yang Kai, Mi Jinglun was somewhat surprised, “You came out of seclusion?”

Yang Kai nodded, “I just came back from the Star Boundary.”

Mi Jinglun’s eyes flashed as he probed, “What are your plans?”

Yang Kai glanced at him and laughed, “Senior Brother Mi, what plans do you have for me?”

Mi Jinglun smiled, “It seems everyone has the same idea.”

“Then I’ll cut to the chase. Which Great Domain’s war is the most tense?”

Mi Jinglun’s expression became solemn, “Twin Poles Territory! The Black Ink Clan has been increasing their forces these past few years, seemingly intent on completely taking down Twin Poles Territory. Although my Human Race has responded, you should also know that the Human Race’s military strength is still short compared to the Black Ink Clan’s. They don’t care about the deaths of the Black Ink Clan, but my Human Race can’t. Twin Poles Territory’s current situation is similar to the Mysterious Nether Territory in the early years. Although Xiang Shan is personally overseeing it, without absolute suppression, it will be difficult to reverse the situation.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I understand, I’ll go to the Twin Poles Territory!”

Mi Jinglun breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s for the best, but if you show yourself, the Mysterious Nether…”

Yang Kai sneered, “Even if they had ten times the courage, they wouldn’t dare start a war!”

The peace treaty of the Mysterious Nether Territory were based on the fact that the Mysterious Nether Army had taken the initiative to give up their advantage in terms of high-level combat strength. If Six Arms dared to ask the Territory Lord to take action, the so-called peace treaty would be in vain.

Three hundred years ago, Yang Kai was able to kill those Territory Lords, and three hundred years later, he was still able to.

Mi Jinglun was stunned for a moment before he suddenly felt a sense of dejection wash over him. These old Eighth Order masters were all mainstays of the Human Race, but even someone like Xiang Shan couldn’t single-handedly control the entire Domain Battlefield.

Xiang Shan didn’t hesitate to personally oversee Twin Poles Territory. At most, he would be able to restore some of the Human Race’s momentum so that their front line wouldn’t collapse so quickly.

However, this young Eighth Order master in front of him, who was many generations below them, was able to act so boldly, completely disregarding the powerful Innate Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan.

If Innate Territory Lord was a poisonous snake, then Yang Kai was an eagle soaring in the sky, a fierce war wolf.

Eagle overseeing the heavens, Wolf roaming the earth.

On top of feeling depressed, he also felt gratified.

Generations after generations, it was because of these rising stars that the Human Race was able to shine in this dark world and light up the path for the Human Race.

Right now, Yang Kai was alone, but in the future, there would definitely be more like him.

On the Mysterious Nether Battlefield, the younger generation of Open Heaven masters began to display their brilliance, using their blood and enemies’ lives to build their own prestige. They were rapidly growing stronger, and in the future when they fought with the Black Ink Clan, they were destined to become important figures.

However, there was only one Mysterious Nether Territory. Over the past few hundred years, as the Human Race’s soldiers poured in, this originally spacious stage had gradually become somewhat crowded.

Yang Kai could see this, but how could Mi Jinglun and Xiang Shan not?

The Human Race needed more training grounds.

Previously, Mi Jinglun had also thought of asking Yang Kai to make another Mysterious Nether Territory, but unfortunately, after the peace treaty, Yang Kai had gone into seclusion for nearly three hundred years.

Before he went into seclusion, he had ordered that no one was allowed to disturb him unless he personally appeared. Although he didn’t know what Yang Kai was doing in seclusion, it was obviously a matter of great importance.

How could Mi Jinglun dare to disturb him?

Fortunately, after Yang Kai went out of seclusion, he immediately came to the Head Office Division and came up with the same idea. This made Mi Jinglun very happy.

This young Eighth Order, not only did he have extremely powerful individual strength, but he also had a good sense of the overall situation, so communicating with such a person wouldn't make him worry much.

“If it’s possible… we should open up a few more training grounds. I’m sure the Black Ink Clan won’t dare refuse!” Mi Jinglun urged.

Yang Kai laughed, “That’s exactly what I was thinking!”


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