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He didn’t know how to comfort his Senior Brother and could only pat his back.

After a long time, Liu Jingshan let out a long sigh and said awkwardly, “I’ve embarrassed myself in front of Junior Brother.”

Fang Tian Ci didn’t know what to say and remained silent.

Perhaps it was because he had drunk some wine, or perhaps it was because he had no one to talk to for many years, Liu Jingshan suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Senior Brother was just like you, after advancing to the Emperor Realm, he was brought to the Void Dojo. At that time, the Void Dojo was quite lively. There were thousands of fellow disciples in the Void Dojo! Every day, there would be many Senior Brothers and Sisters with profound cultivations who would open their altars and discuss the Dao. There were countless large and small gatherings.”

Thousands of people…

Although Fang Tian Ci knew that there had been such a prosperous period in the past, he couldn’t help feeling speechless.

One had to know that the requirements for selecting disciples were extremely harsh. Those who were able to enter the Void Dojo were all talents that could promote directly to Fifth Order or above. When their age is good, there would be ten people every hundred years, and if their age was worse, there would be four or five.

Thousands of people, that was the accumulation of the entire Void World for tens of thousands of years. Moreover, those were thousands of powerful emperor Realm, ninety-nine percent of them having condensed their Dao Seals, refined the Yin-Yang Five Elements and considered a Quasi-Open Heaven.

Currently, there were only about three hundred people in the Void Dojo. Compared to the past, it was quite sparse.

“Two hundred years after Senior Brother came to the Void Dojo, he had just begun to condense his own Dao Seal. The Dao Master issued a decree, ordering all of the Quasi-Open Heaven disciples to gather, and then… he took them away,” Liu Jingshan said, his heart filled with sorrow as he continued to wipe his face with his sleeve, “Senior Brother’s life is quite bitter. Of the thousands of fellow disciples, almost all of them have left, leaving only twenty or so like Senior Brother.”

Although he hadn’t personally experienced what had happened back then, hearing Liu Jingshan speak like this, Fang Tian Ci could still feel his helplessness and sadness.

The noisy Void Dojo suddenly became empty, and the familiar fellow disciples were drawn out of the Void World by the Dao Master, inevitably feeling extremely depressed.

If Liu Jingshan had been a Quasi-Open Heaven cultivator at that time, he would naturally have been able to leave with them, but he had just begun condensing his Dao Seal.

“Junior Brother, do you know… why the Void Dojo had so many disciples back then?”

“Naturally, it’s because the Dao Master didn’t take them out.”

“Then why didn’t he take them out?”

Fang Tian Ci shook his head, “Why?”

Liu Jingshan took a deep breath and said, “Senior Brother doesn’t know… but it seems that Dao Master encountered some kind of urgent matter and was unable to leave for the time being, so for tens of thousands of years, he didn’t pay any attention to this matter, causing more disciples to appear.”

Fang Tian Ci was silent for a moment before asking, “Is it not because the Dao Master forget?”

The Dao Master’s cultivation was extremely high, so what kind of urgent matter could delay him for tens of thousands of years? It was very likely that the Dao Master had forgotten.

Liu Jingshan looked at Fang Tian Ci with teary eyes, feeling as if his Junior Brother’s words were like knives stabbing into his heart, causing him to feel a deep sense of sorrow. He cried out, “Impossible, Dao Master will never forget. This is his Small Universe World, how could he forget?”

Fang Tian Ci also felt that it was unlikely, so he nodded and said, “Then it must be that Dao Master is in seclusion.”

Although it was a bit strange that he had secluded himself for tens of thousands of years, it was normal for an Eighth or Ninth order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to remain in seclusion for a long time.

Liu Jing Shan clutched his chest, “Junior Brother Fang, if you don’t know how to speak, then don’t. Senior Brother has been waiting for almost three thousand years…”

Fang Tian Ci sighed and stopped talking.

After a long silence, Liu Jingshan asked, “Junior Brother, do you think that Dao Master has gone into seclusion again?”

He was one of the earliest disciples in the current Void Dojo, and those who had left the Void Dojo before him had all left for the outside world. He had been waiting here for a full three thousand years and didn’t know how long it would take for him to leave the Void World.

Fang Tian Ci shook his head. How could he know about the matter of the Dao Master? His Senior Brother’s mood was a bit unstable right now, so if he said too much, he would make too many mistakes, so he might as well remain silent to avoid provoking him.

However, he finally understood the bitterness in his Senior Brother’s heart.

When one’s cultivation reached their current level, it was impossible for them to advance any further. If they wanted to break through to Open Heaven, they could only leave the Void World.

However, this is the Dao Master’s Small Universe. If Dao Master didn’t take action to receive them, how could they leave?

His Senior Brother had waited for three thousand years but was unable to obtain it, so he naturally felt extremely depressed.

What if he had to wait for tens of thousands of years just like last time…

Fang Tian Ci couldn’t help feeling a chill run down his spine. It was hard to imagine how torturous those days would be.

“Dao Master!” Liu Jingshan, who had been sitting next to him, suddenly stood up and roared towards the sky, “Please open your eyes and take a look. The hundreds of disciples in the Void Dojo have already made preparations to fight against the Black Ink Clan, but now they are trapped here, unable to display their full strength. Dao Master, is this what you wish to see, for us to die of old age here? Disciple is unwilling!”


Liu Jingshan’s roar caused the sky to split open.

In the distant horizon, a crack slowly expanded.

Liu Jingshan and Fang Tian Ci were dumbfounded.

It wasn’t a crack, it was an eye, and within its majesty, there was a hint of playfulness. Liu Jingshan clearly felt that this eye was staring at him and couldn’t help shivering as he sat down on the ground.

In the next moment, a stern and inviolable voice rang out in his ears, “Disciples of the Void Dojo, there is a general who wishes to reach Open Heaven. Those who wish to kill the enemy, quickly come to the Hall of Heaven Ascension!”

The entire Void Dojo was instantly thrown into chaos as all the secluded Quasi-Open Heaven appeared, all of them looking excited as they gathered towards Hall of Heaven Ascension.

The crack in the sky had closed, but the remaining pressure was still there.

Liu Jingshan and Fang Tian Ci glanced at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Immediately after, he was overjoyed. Liu Jingshan said, “Dao Master heard it, hahaha, quickly, Junior Brother Fang, come with me to Hall of Heaven Ascension.”

Saying so, he took the lead and flew towards Hall of Heaven Ascension, Fang Tian Ci following closely behind.

Liu Jingshan was obviously a bit excited, and as he flew, he chattered non-stop, “Junior Brother, your luck is really good. It hasn’t been long since you refined the Yin-Yang + Five Elements, yet the Dao Master is already trying to take us out. If you were a few dozen years later, I’m afraid you would have to wait for the next opportunity.”

Saying so, he became a bit annoyed, “Why don’t I have such good luck? But it’s fine, I can finally leave this world.”

By the time the two of them arrived at the Hall of Heaven Ascension, there were already more than a hundred people gathered in the hall, and even more people were rushing over. Everyone’s faces were filled with joy, especially those like Liu Jingshan, who had been left behind because they weren’t qualified last time. After waiting for three thousand years, they finally had a chance to witness the vastness of the outside world.

Everyone gathered together and congratulated each other happily, as if it was a festival.

High Heaven Territory, outside the Star Boundary, in a certain void, Yang Kai stood tall while Hua Qing Si quietly waited.

Today, Yang Kai had suddenly returned from the Mysterious Nether Territory and called her out. Hua Qing Si didn’t know what instructions the Palace Master had, but after arriving here, the Palace Master didn’t say anything, so she didn’t ask.

Another streak of light suddenly flew out from the Star Boundary and arrived in the blink of an eye.

Hua Qing Si bowed, “Greetings, Senior Iron Blood.”

Zhan Wuhen nodded slightly and looked towards Yang Kai, asking with concern, “I heard you are seriously injured?”

It had been nearly three hundred years since the Mysterious Nether Territory's Territory Lord and Human Race Eighth Order negotiated a treaty.

For the past three hundred years, Yang Kai had not shown himself, and many people had spread rumors that he had been seriously injured, but no one dared to disturb his secluded meditation, so no one knew whether he had been injured or not.

The entire Mysterious Nether Army naturally denied all of this. After all, when Yang Kai had gone to the Black Ink Clan’s main camp alone to discuss peace with the various Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan, it had been an awe-inspiring sight. If he had been injured, how could he have taken such a risk?

Presumably, these rumors had been spread by the Black Ink Clan or some malicious Black Ink Disciple, disturbing the morale of the Human Race.

Yang Kai smiled, “I guess so.”

Zhan Wuhen was stunned, and even Hua Qing Si found it hard to believe. She had thought that Yang Kai had been cultivating in seclusion for the past three hundred years, but who would have thought he would actually be injured?

“But it has already recovered,” Yang Kai added.

His injuries weren’t caused by his fight with the Territory Lords, but rather the aftereffects of cultivating the Three Part Normalizing Art.

If he wanted to cultivate the Three Part Normalizing Art, he would need to cultivate a Human Race Body and Mosnter Race Body. This was different from ordinary clone. Cultivating an ordinary clone wasn’t difficult, but even if one succeeded, it wouldn’t be of much use.

However, a clone divided by the Three Part Normalizing Art has unlimited possibilities.

For the sake of this person, Yang Kai had sacrificed his own Divine Soul, weakening it for three hundred years and only recovered with the Soul Warming Lotus.

Fortunately, during these past few years, while he was healing his injuries, he had also been refining resources. This was equivalent to a bitter cultivation session, and he hadn’t wasted any time.

“Why has Senior Iron Blood come back?” Yang Kai asked casually.

The last time he had come to the Star Boundary, Duan Hongchen had been the only one holding the fort here while the other Great Emperors had gone out to kill their enemies. This time, he could feel the auras of several Great Emperors.

This was especially true for Zhan Wuhen. In the past, he was the most proficient in battle in the Star Boundary, and he had always been unwilling to give up on killing the Black Ink Clan. To be able to see him in the Star Boundary was quite strange.

Zhan Wuhen lightly said, “We must give the young people a chance.” After a brief pause, he continued, “Moreover, we must make some preparations in advance. We are all Great Emperors from the Star Boundary, so if we cultivate in the Star Boundary, we will be able to achieve twice the results with half the effort. The sooner we break through to the Eighth Order, the sooner we can cooperate with you.”

His meaning was obvious, but Yang Kai just smiled, “Senior Iron Blood has great foresight.”

Zhan Wuhen looked at him deeply, “You really do have such thoughts.”

“Naturally,” Yang Kai said, “I didn’t hesitate to sacrifice the Mysterious Nether Territory’s high-end combat strength in order to negotiate a treaty with the Black Ink Clan. I just wanted to create a training ground for the Human Race, but the younger generation will eventually grow. Once those Seventh Order masters are promoted to Eighth order, a new battlefield will be opened, I can’t let them cultivate in seclusion.”

Zhan Wuhen nodded, “I think so too. Killing those Feudal Lords isn’t satisfying, we should wait until we break through to the Eighth Order before killing the Territory Lord.”

Looking around, he asked in confusion, “Who are you waiting for?”

Yang Kai explained, “There are some people in my Small Universe who are about to break through to Open Heaven and I'm preparing to get them out.”

Zhan Wuhen understood.


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