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After arriving at the Library, Fang Tian Ci finally understood why Liu Jingshan had said this place was suitable for him.

There was a large number of Cultivation Technique and Secret Technique in the library, and the most essential things of all the Sects in the Void World seemed to be gathered here. There were even some things that didn’t seem to belong to this world.

Of course, these things were no longer of much use to him. At the moment, he is an Emperor Realm master, so there was no need for him to study any more Cultivation Technique or Secret Technique. The most important thing now was to improve his strength and quickly break through to the Third Order Emperor Realm and condense his own Dao Seal.

Inside the library, there were even more insights about the cultivation of countless Emperor Realm. These insights had been accumulated by the disciples of the Void Dojo for tens of thousands of years.

Fang Tian Ci’s path of cultivation could almost be said to be completely based on his own experience. After all, he was all alone and didn’t have a master to guide him.

At most, he would sit down and discuss the Dao with the disciples of the various great Sects on his travels and reflect on what he had learned.

When his cultivation was low, it was still alright, but now that he had reached the Emperor Realm, he was somewhat uncertain about his future cultivation path.

The experiences in the library were exactly what he needed right now.

He had spent thirty years in the library, reading all the cultivation insights left behind by his predecessors. Not mentioning anything else, just his determination to endure loneliness was enough to make the other disciples in the Void Dojo to admire him greatly.

Everyone knew that there were many good things in the library, but even if everyone were at the Emperor Realm, who would have such patience?

Thirty years later, Fang Tian Ci left the library. At this moment, he had a clear plan for his future cultivation.

After finding an empty hall, he began cultivating.

His cultivation speed was as slow as ever, so he wasn’t in a hurry. In any case, he had spent the past thousand years like this, so he was already used to it.

He was not a secluded cultivator who is always alone, he would occasionally come out to exchange pointers with his Fellow Disciples.

This was a habit he had develope when cultivating in all his life, and he had never let any dead ends stop him.

Because all of the disciples in the Void Dojo were extremely talented and had made rapid progress in their cultivation, almost all of the Void Dojo’s disciples were handsome young men and beautiful women.

On the other hand, Fang Tian Ci’s appearance was more mature. When he left the Fang Family Manor, he had already begun to age. Although his cultivation had shown signs of his youth returning, it wasn’t true, just that he looked younger.

Currently, he looked like a middle-aged man in his thirties or forties.

In terms of appearance, he was indeed older than his Fellow Disciples in the Void Dojo.

As a result, many of his Fellow Disciples called him Old Fang.

As time passed, Fang Tian Ci’s cultivation became more profound, and new disciples were constantly being brought to the Void Dojo, but there weren’t many of them. Someone in the Void Dojo had once calculated that in every hundred years, at most ten people in the entire Void World were qualified to be brought to the Void Dojo.

When it came to old age, there were only four or five people.

The Void World was extremely vast and there were countless cultivators, but even so, very few were qualified to enter the Void Dojo.

It was said that only those who had a chance to break through to the Fifth Order directly could be brought to the Void Dojo to cultivate. If their strength was too low, even if they left the Void World, it would not be of much help to the outside world.

Before Fang Tian Ci entered the Void Dojo, the Void Dojo had never received such an old Emperor Realm, but this also meant that there was a high chance he could break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage.

Fang Tian Ci felt that he would be able to advance more than Fifth Order, although he had yet to condense his Dao Seal, he was still confident.

Since entering the Void Dojo, it had been five hundred years before he had finally raised his cultivation to the peak Emperor Realm.

This speed was very slow.

It had to be known that the cultivation environment of the Void World was quite good, and the Void Dojo was the essence of the entire world. If an ordinary person came to the Void Dojo, they would be able to reach the peak of the Emperor Realm in one or two hundred years, while the slowest would only take two or three hundred years.

He was especially eye-catching during these five hundred years.

After another hundred years, Fang Tian Ci finally condensed his Dao Seal and began refining the Yin-Yang + Five Elements.

Similar to most of his fellow disciples, he chose to start refining from the Wood Element. This was also a common method used by the disciples of the Void Dojo, another method is to start refining from the Water Element.

Among the five elements, Gold Element is sharp, Earth Element is thickest, and Fire Element was the most violent. Only the Water and Wood Elements were relatively mild, suitable for refining, and also the safest and most reliable method of cultivation.

From the moment they began refining these resources, it had determined the future achievements of these disciples. By choosing a few grades of resources, they would be able to achieve a corresponding Open Heaven Stage in the future. If they were to aim too high and exceed their limits, not to mention breaking through to Open Heaven, it would not be impossible for their Dao Seal to shatter.

Therefore, every disciple in the Void Dojo was extremely cautious.

However, if it was their first time refining resources, the disciples of the Void Dojo would slightly raise their expectations and most of them would choose the sixth or seventh grade Wood Element or Water Element.

This didn’t mean that they would be able to reach the Sixth or Seventh Order Open Heaven in the future, it was just that Wood and Water Element's forces was relatively mild, so as long as the Dao Seal wasn’t too weak, it would generally be able to withstand it. It was also a good opportunity to use the first refinement to test the limits of one’s Dao Seal’s endurance. Only by selecting materials a second time could one truly determine one’s future.

Fang Tian Ci compared himself with his other fellow disciples and felt that his Dao Seal was extremely solid, so it was not a problem for him to withstand the impact of a seventh grade resource. Naturally, he chose the seventh grade Wood Element.

For this reason, Liu Jingshan also specially asked him, and when he learned about it, he nodded slightly, “Junior Brother Fang, although your cultivation speed is slow, it is precisely because it is slow that your foundation is so solid. Refining a seventh grade Wood Element is not a problem, but next is the Fire Element. You can decide what grade of Fire Element to refine then.”

Fang Tian Ci naturally nodded in agreement.

Refining a single resource didn’t take much time, but after each refinement, these Quasi-Open Heaven cultivators would need to rest and cultivate for several years. Firstly, they needed to familiarize themselves with their own strength, and secondly, because the Dao Seal couldn’t withstand too much impact in a short period of time, the only result of their greed and recklessness would be complete failure.

In less than half a month, Fang Tian Ci easily refined the seventh grade Wood Element without any discomfort.

He felt that he could refine a seventh grade Fire Element…

This made him a little happy.

Thinking back to his life’s experiences, it was too bizarre.

His aptitude was poor, and he had only left the Fang Family Manor at the age of 150 years old. Originally, he had only wanted to see the scenery outside before he died, but who would have thought that he would reach this height one step at a time?

Compared to the other fellow disciples in the Void Dojo, he didn’t have a master to guide him, his background was poor, and he didn’t have abundant cultivation resources, so his cultivation speed was still quite slow. However, he had never imagined that he would be able to use such an unbearable method and speed to reach the front of most of the fellow disciples.

Those who were able to refine a seventh grade resource had an extremely low percentage in the Void Dojo, and it would be considered quite good if even one out of ten people managed to do so.

For example, Liu Jingshan, who had a close relationship with him, had chosen to refine the seventh grade Wood Element first, but for the Fire Element, he had chosen a sixth grade material. This was because he felt that his Dao Seal was unable to withstand the impact of a seventh grade Fire Element, so he didn’t dare force it.

There was a saying that Open Heaven Stage promotion was like a wooden barrel that could only hold water as much as the shortest piece of wood. The same was true for Open Heaven Stage cultivators, the height the Open Heaven Stage cultivators could achieve was completely dependent on the lowest grade of resources they refined.

The Yin-Yang + Five Elements had seven different types of power. Even if six of them are Seventh Grade, if the remaining one is a Fifth Grade material, they would only be able to reach Fifth Order Open Heaven.

Open Heaven Stage is divided into ninth stage, and the gap of one grade may be a lifetime pursuit.

As such, the disciples of the Void Dojo were doing their best to refine higher quality materials while also measuring their strength.

He vaguely realized that his current foundation had something to do with his solid foundation over the years. In every realm, he had stayed longer than others, and with enough time to polish his foundation, he had cultivated almost every small realm to perfection.

Now, being able to refine a seventh grade resource was closely related to his efforts and perseverance over the years.

After refining the Wood Element for several decades, he began his retreat to refine the Fire Element.

As expected, the refinement was successful.

Next was Earth Element, Gold Element, and Water Element.

After the Five Elements, it's time for the Yin and Yang.

By the time he finished refining all the Yin-Yang + Five Elements, it had been almost five hundred years since he had first refined the Wood Element, and it had been a thousand years since he had arrived at the Void Dojo.

Logically speaking, by refining the Yin-Yang + Five Elements power, one could create a new world inside their body.

However, this was the Void World after all, the Dao Master’s Small Universe World. If he didn’t leave this world, it would be impossible for him to break through to Open Heaven Stage.

Over the past thousand years, nearly a hundred Junior fellow disciples had appeared in the Void Dojo. Perhaps it was because he was more mature, but whenever his fellow disciples had any doubts about their cultivation, they would always ask him for advice, allowing him to gain many supporters.

“How many years has Senior Brother been here?”

Under the moonlight, Fang Tian Ci and Liu Jingshan sat down to drink.

Now that his cultivation had reached its peak, if he continued to cultivate, there would be no possibility of him making any progress. On the other hand, Fang Tian Ci had a lot more free time. Every time this happened, Liu Jingshan would come to him with a wine jar.

Hearing this question, Liu Jing Shan smiled, “It’s been almost three thousand years.”

“That’s quite early,” Fang Tian Ci nodded slightly. He had been cultivating for almost two thousand years and Liu Jingshan had been here for three thousand years. This meant that before Fang Tian Ci was born, Liu Jingshan was already inside the Void Dojo.

Liu Jing Shan said dejectedly, “Junior Brother, do you know that this Senior Brother can be considered one of the earliest disciples to arrive at this Void Dojo?”

“Senior Brother means…” Fang Tian Ci vaguely guessed.

Liu Jing Shan wailed, “Senior Brother’s life is so miserable!”

Saying so, he hugged the wine jar and began crying.

Fang Tian Ci’s face was filled with confusion, not knowing why he had suddenly brought up his Senior Brother’s sad past. After all, his Senior Brother was a Quasi-Open Heaven who had refined the power of Yin-Yang + Five Elements, so what kind of storm had he not seen before?


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