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Ordinary people naturally didn’t know why the Void Dojo was recruiting talents. Over the past tens of thousands of years, countless talented cultivators had been brought to the Void Dojo, but after that, they had disappeared. No one knew where they had gone to, only rumors saying that these masters had broken through the Void and left the Void World to pursue a more profound Martial Dao.

Fang Tian Ci had naturally heard of these rumors, so he didn’t take them to heart. After all, rumors were often groundless and couldn’t be considered accurate.

However, after being brought to the Void Dojo, he learned that the rumors were true.

Many secrets were secrets to the cultivators of the Void World, but in the Training Hall, they were common knowledge.

It was only at this moment that he understood that the Emperor Realm was not the peak of the Martial Dao. Above the Emperor Realm was the Open Heaven Stage, and the Open Heaven Stage was divided into nine stages, First Order to Ninth Order!

Condensing a Dao Seal, opening heaven and earth in one own's body, creating a Small Universe, which is the Open Heaven Stage.

The entire Void World was actually the Dao Master’s Small Universe World!

In other words, the countless living beings in the Void World all lived in the Dao Master’s stomach…

When he learned this truth, Fang Tian Ci was somewhat confused. His experience was not shallow, after all, he had traveled the entire Void World for a thousand years.

But when he learned the truth about the Void World, he was still shocked beyond belief.

The more this was the case, the more he could feel the power of the Dao Master.

Such a huge world was actually just the Dao Master’s Small Universe World? What Grade of Open Heaven Stage was that Dao Master at?

The one in charge of receiving him was a Senior Brother surnamed Liu who introduced himself as Liu Jingshan. In terms of age, he might not be as good, but his cultivation was at the Third Order Emperor Realm.

Every person who was brought to the Void Dojo would be received by special personnel who were responsible for explaining the original intentions of the Void Dojo and answering the questions of the newcomers.

Fang Tian Ci voiced his doubts.

Liu Jingshan smiled and said, “I don’t know what grade of Open Heaven Stage the Dao Master is, but I don’t think it’s bad. It’s either Eighth or Ninth Order!”

Every cultivator in the Void World regarded the Dao Master as a God, so they naturally thought highly of his cultivation.

Fang Tian Ci deeply agreed and asked, “Senior Brother Liu, since the Void World is the Dao Master’s Small Universe World, how could the Seniors of the past break through the Void and leave?”

If one really had such an ability, wouldn’t they have to open a hole in the Dao Master’s stomach? Just thinking about it made him shudder.

Liu Jingshan said, “It’s called shattering the Void, but that’s not really the case. It’s just that the Dao Master take them out of the Void World. This is related to the reason why the Training Hall is selecting talents.”

“Please enlighten me, Senior Brother,” Fang Tian Ci said seriously. After a thousand years of travel, he naturally understood the ways of the world. Although his reputation was well known, in front of this Liu Jingshan, he acted extremely humble.

“En, let’s put it this way, the Human Race in the outside world is currently engaged in a battle with an extremely evil race. That race is extremely powerful, and even the Dao Master is no match for them. If they are defeated, the outside world may be destroyed, so Dao Master needs a large number of helpers, and all of us disciples who have been brought to the Training Hall will be his help in the future.”

Fang Tian Ci’s heart trembled slightly, “What kind of race is it that even the Dao Master finds it difficult to deal with?”

Liu Jingshan thought about it for a moment before replying, “It seems to be called the Black Ink Clan. Their power is extremely corrosive, and once contaminated, it cannot be extricated. Moreover, the Ink Force can cause the Human Race to lose their original nature, turning them into their slaves.”

Fang Tian Ci sucked in a breath of cold air, “There is actually such an evil force in this world.”

Liu Jingshan sighed, “Who knows? It’s said that many years ago, there was a Black Ink Clan on the Training Hall. It seemed that the Dao Master had brought them here to allow the disciples of the Training Hall to practice, but for some unknown reason, they disappeared. No one knows what the Blackc Ink Clan was like or what the consequences were after being contaminated by the Ink Force.”

Fang Tian Ci nodded slightly, “In that case, the situation in the outside world may not be good.”

Liu Jingshan said, “Then there’s no way to know. It’s been a long time since the Dao Master brought out the talents he selected from the Training Hall. The last selection was nearly two thousand years ago, and thousands of people were taken away at once. Otherwise, the Training Hall wouldn’t have so few people.”

Pausing for a moment, Liu Jingshan continued, “Because the Void World is Dao Master’s Small Universe World, the cultivators living here can at most cultivate to the Emperor Realm. If you want to break through to Open Heaven Stage, you must leave this place, but if you choose to leave this place, you will have to fight with the legendary Black Ink Clan, and your life will be in danger. So when Dao Master selects talents, you must do so voluntarily. If you want to break through to Open Heaven Stage, you must leave the Void World. If you don’t want to take the risk, you must stay. This is all up to you, the Dao Master will not force you.”

“The Dao Master is benevolent and righteous!” Fang Tian Ci sighed. As the saying goes, a thousand days to raise an army, it only took a day to use it. All the cultivators in the Void World could only grow and cultivate under the Dao Master’s protection, so it was only natural for the Dao Master to forcefully bring out those who met the requirements, but he still gave the disciples of the Void Dojo a choice.

This made Fang Tian Ci extremely impressed.

As the two of them spoke, they arrived at a grand hall. This hall was extremely grand, with towering walls on all sides and a giant statue in the middle. Behind the giant statue were a few smaller statues.

“This is the Hall of Fame!” Liu Jingshan said as he pointed towards the statue in the middle, “This is the Dao Master!”

Saying so, he bowed respectfully.

Fang Tian Ci fixed his eyes on the statue and saw that it was the image of a young man with his hands behind his back.

This statue was obviously the work of an expert, and every detail was vivid and lifelike. Standing here, Fang Tian Ci even had the illusion that this statue was coming to life.

However, for some reason, this statue seemed somewhat familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

However, after carefully recalling his experiences over the past thousand years, he was certain that he had never met anyone similar to the Dao Master.

How strange.

Feeling puzzled, Fang Tian Ci also bowed and asked, “Since there is a statue here, could it be that someone in this world has seen the Dao Master’s true body?”

Liu Jingshan laughed, “Naturally we won’t be able to see his true body, but it is said that the Dao Master once travelled around his own Small Universe World with his Soul Incarnation. Junior Brother should know that the Dao Master once stayed on the Seven Stars Workshop, when he was traveling the world with his Soul Incarnation, he stayed in Seven Stars Workshop for a period of time.”

How could Fang Tian Ci not know about Seven Stars Workshop? When he was young, his biggest dream had been to join the Seven Stars Workshop, but unfortunately, his aptitude was too poor to meet their requirements.

Fang Family Manor was within the scope of Seven Stars Workshop's influence, so he had heard a lot about Seven Stars Workshop.

“Rumor has it that the Dao Master was once a Supreme Elder of Seven Stars Workshop, is that true?” Fang Tian Ci was surprised.

“Of course, if not for that, how could Seven Stars Workshop have remained standing for tens of thousands of years? With the passage of time, it is common for sects to change. Most of the great Sects that were once as famous as Seven Stars Workshop have now disappeared, but only Seven Stars Workshop is still as bright as the sun in the sky, thanks to Dao Master.”

Fang Tian Ci couldn’t help sighing, but at the same time, he was also a bit curious. A person had actually split his Soul Incarnation to travel his Small Universe World. Just how bored was he?

Shaking his head, he dispelled the distracting thoughts in his mind, not daring to show any disrespect to the Dao Master.

Looking behind the Dao Master statue, he saw many small statues, “These are…”

Liu Jingshan said, “These are the statues of the Senior Brothers who were taken out of the Void World by the Dao Master. Do you see this one? This is our Void Dojo’s Eldest Senior Brother, Senior Brother Miao Feiping. If you have the opportunity to leave the Void World in the future, perhaps you can meet him.”

Fang Tian Ci’s expression became serious as he carefully examined the statue called Senior Brother Miao Feiping, memorizing his appearance before asking, “Is this Senior Brother Miao the First Disciple of the Dao Master? I once heard that the Dao Master accepted several disciples in Seven Stars Workshop.”

Liu Jingshan shook his head and said, “Senior Brother Miao is the Eldest Senior Brother of the Void Dojo, but he is not a personal disciple of the Dao Master. The Dao Master’s Disciple seems to be someone else, but as for who it is… no one knows.”

Fang Tian Ci listened in a daze.

Liu Jingshan sighed and said, “In the early years, there weren’t many disciples who walked out of the Void Dojo, so the Junior Brothers and Sisters who stayed behind built statues for them and left behind their legacy. However, as more of their Senior Brothers and Sisters left, the Hall of Fame became somewhat unable to accommodate them. Now, there are no statues for future generations to admire, they can only leave behind a small token for their name.”

Fang Tian Ci looked around and saw that on the four walls, there were many small compartments, most of which were empty. Some of these compartments had nameplates that recorded the names and origins of a certain Senior Brother.

These tokens were naturally far inferior to the statues, but they were still traces of their Senior Brothers and Sisters cultivating here.

Liu Jingshan patted Fang Tian Ci’s shoulder and smiled lightly, “When we leave one day, we will have the qualifications to leave our nameplates here.”

Fang Tian Ci nodded slightly, his heart filled with yearning.

He had decided to leave Fang Family Manor and cut off all ties with the Fang Family in order to experience the wonders he had never seen in his first half of his life. By chance, he had broken through to this point, giving him more hope for the future.

Regardless of what the other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters thought, if he had the qualifications, he would gladly leave the Void World.

He had already seen all the wonders of this world, and the outside world was even more vast!

After the two of them left the Hall of Fame, Fang Tian Ci asked, “Senior Brother Liu, the realm above the Emperor Realm is called Open Heaven. As for the specifics, how do you want to create a new world in your own body?”

Liu Jingshan said, “First, you must condense a Dao Seal. The Dao Seal is the crystallization of your cultivation, the manifestation of your Grand Dao. What Grand Dao Junior Brother majors in, then use that Grand Dao to create your Dao Seal. Of course, it must be supplemented with some precious cultivation materials. Junior Brother has just reached the Emperor Realm and is still far from condensing a Dao Seal. The most important thing now is to increase your cultivation and quickly reach the peak of the Emperor Realm. Come, I’ll take you to the Library. It’s a good place for Junior Brother.”


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