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Fang Tian Ci couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, but after a closer examination, he discovered that it wasn’t his imagination, but that the bottleneck binding him had really loosened.

On the other hand, he wasn’t too happy. Many years of cultivation had tempered his temperament, allowing him to remain calm and steady. He only thought to himself that there would be a day when the old tree would bloom, something he had never heard of before.

Perhaps this had something to do with his decision to travel far away. With no worries in his heart, the knot in his heart had been untied. Since he was born, this was the first time he felt free and unrestrained.

He silently circulated his True Qi and activated his Mysterious Technique to break through his bottleneck.

Everything went so smoothly that it was hard to believe. Not long after, the sky was filled with clouds and lightning.

The baptism of the World Great Dao had arrived.

His expression remained calm, and with a thunderous roar, a powerful World Strength poured into his body, cleansing his aged body and mind.

Fang Tian Ci grit his teeth and endured the indescribable pain, feeling his body slowly grow stronger.

It wasn’t until dawn that the phenomenon in the sky gradually dissipated. In the wilderness, an extremely joyful roar rang out, and Fang Tian Ci, who was only at the Immortal Ascension Stage, suddenly felt his aura rise dramatically, instantly breaking through his shackles and reaching the Transcendent Stage.

The increase in his cultivation not only brought about an increase in his strength, but even Fang Tian Ci’s aged face had become a bit younger and his skin had become more lustrous.

He seemed to have become much younger overnight, and his white hair had become much lighter.

As he washed his face by the stream, Fang Tian Ci looked at his reflection in the water and chuckled, his mood becoming more carefree.

After consolidating his cultivation a little, he settled down in the wilderness.

This time, when he suddenly broke through his shackles, the baptism of the World Great Dao not only increased his strength greatly, but also allowed him to comprehend some other things.

Therefore, he needed to spend some time to sort it out.

Spring passed, autumn came, flowers bloomed, and ten years later, when Fang Tian Ci came out of seclusion, his aura became even more vigorous. It was obvious that he had stepped onto the path of the Transcendent Stage. Not only that, but after ten years of secluded cultivation, he had gained control of another kind of power, an extremely mysterious power, a power he had never experienced before.

Space Force!

To be honest, there were some cultivators in the Void World who cultivated the Space Force, thanks to the Dao Master of this world.

It was rumored that this mysterious Dao Master had cultivated the Myriad Grand Dao, and the entire Void World was filled with the Dao Marks he had comprehended from various Grand Dao. These Dao Marks were invisible and untouchable, but they were everywhere. Only those with outstanding talent could comprehend one or two of them and obtain some of the Dao Master’s inheritance.

A truly monstrous genius would often be able to obtain the Dao Master’s Grand Dao while they were still in their mother’s womb. Once they were born, they would be able to cultivate a Grand Dao that was compatible with their body, allowing their cultivation to improve at a rapid pace, allowing them to easily be accepted by the Void Dojo and become the Dojo Disciple.

A Grand Dao that was naturally compatible with a Dao Master’s cultivation was extremely rare, rarely appearing even once in many years. It was said that the First Disciple the Dao Master had taken in at Seven Stars Workshop had been chosen by the Dao Master even before he was born.

Such luck made everyone envious.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to force such a thing, but the World Great Dao didn’t stop people from inheriting the Dao Master’s inheritance.

For example, if one were to break through a Great Realm, the baptism of the World Great Dao would often contain the Grand Dao traces of the Void World. If one had the opportunity, they might be able to comprehend some of them.

There were many people like this, so many people in the Void World benefited from this. Often, after breaking through a Great Realm, they would suddenly gain some kind of insight into a Grand Dao.

This was the Dao Master’s gift to the entire Void World.

The Dao Master cultivated Myriad Grand Dao, but three of them were the strongest.

One is the Dao of Space, second is the Dao of Time, and third is the Dao of Spear.

It was rumored that this was one of the three Grand Daos that the Dao Master cultivated. In the early Void World, these three Grand Daos were extremely obvious, but later on, there were many more.

Because these three Grand Daos were primarily cultivated by the Dao Master, if anyone in the Void World could inherit these three Grand Daos, they would often receive great attention.

Fang Tian Ci had never imagined that in his youth, he had achieved nothing and had become old. Now, not only had he broken through to the Transcendent Stage, he had even managed to comprehend the Dao of Space during the baptism of the Heavens and Earth.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

If he had such a fortuitous encounter when he was young, he would naturally be able to hold his head high in the world, but after experiencing the many joys and sorrows of life, he no longer had the temperament he had when he was young. For the rest of his life, he only wanted to explore the entire Void World and see the wonderful sights he had never experienced before.

He left the place where he had secluded himself for ten years and began to wander the world aimlessly, doing as he pleased.

Perhaps it was because he had completely severed his past, but his state of mind had changed. After leaving the Fang Family Manor, he had truly become a free bird in the sky and a free fish in the sea.

Along the way, he slaughtered the strong and helped the weak, slaughtered the evil, visited all the sects he passed by, and discussed the Dao with the geniuses of the various Sects.

He had also encountered danger in the past and was hunted down by powerful Monster Beasts in the wilderness. Occasionally, he would be caught up in some kind of conspiracy and surrounded by disciples of great Sects. Fortunately, his attainments in the Dao of Space had become more profound, allowing him to escape death every time.

Each time he narrowly escaped death, not only did it not stop him from advancing, it even increased his strength.

His reputation gradually spread. A mediocre cultivator who had cultivated for more than a hundred and fifty years but was still only at the Immortal Ascension Stage had suddenly soared into the sky.

In this world, there was no shortage of mediocre people whose hearts were higher than the sky and whose lives were thinner than paper. When Fang Tian Ci’s story reached these people’s ears, it would always give them an illusion.

If others could do it, so could they!

To a certain extent, Fang Tian Ci had made many mediocre cultivators work even harder, but only a few could break through their shackles like him.

Another thirty years later, Fang Tian Ci broke through from Transcendent Stage to Saint Stage.

After another world baptism, he used the World Strength to comprehend the Dao of Time.

In another fifty years, he would break through to Saint King and comprehend the Dao of Spear!

Every time he broke through to the next great realm, he would gain great benefits, and even his appearance would become younger.

When he left Fang Family Manor, he was already quite old, but after traveling for a few dozen years, he was now like a middle-aged man. The older others became, the younger he became.

The vicissitudes of time bestowed upon him were extremely attractive. In addition, his reputation was not small, and although his cultivation wasn’t too high, his life’s bizarre experiences had made him a legend in the Void World. There were many families who wanted to recruit him, and the temptation of beauty was the most effective and simple method.

However, Fang Tian Ci’s ambitions were not here, so he naturally rejected them one by one and continued on his journey.

Over the past few years, he had made many friends, but none of them had been able to accompany him all the way. Occasionally, he would feel lonely, thinking that perhaps this was the price of pursuing the Martial Dao.

He didn’t return to the Fang Family Manor. Since he left that day, he hadn’t planned on returning, leaving behind a trail of incense. This farewell could be considered a complete severance of his past.

Compared to the other geniuses, Fang Tian Ci’s cultivation speed wasn’t fast, but it was steady, so his foundation was extremely solid.

After traveling for so many years and exchanging pointers with cultivators of the same realm, he had never lost a single battle and could be considered invincible among his peers.

What’s more, he had inherited the three Grand Daos of the Dao Master, causing his reputation to soar.

It had to be known that in the past, although the cultivators of the Void World had the opportunity to inherit the Dao Master’s Grand Dao, there had never been someone like him who had inherited the Space, Time and Spear Dao together.

This made everyone wonder how this guy had obtained such an opportunity.

Logically speaking, true geniuses would reveal their brilliance at a very young age, but Fang Tian Ci was different. He gradually rose to prominence after more than a hundred years of age, and the speed at which he rose to prominence wasn’t very fast, but he was able to accomplish something that no cultivator in the entire Void World could accomplish.

Origin Returning, Origin King, Dao Source, Emperor Realm!

Fang Tian Ci had taken one step at a time. He was a minor character who had gradually grown into an influential master, and it had been nearly a thousand years since he left the Fang Family Manor.

The world transform, and the stars shift. A single person spent nearly a thousand years to break through from the Immortal Ascension Stage to the Emperor Realm. This speed was not fast, and his aptitude was definitely not good.

Logically speaking, this kind of situation shouldn’t have happened. A cultivator cultivating in such a luxurious environment in the Void World, if he didn’t break through to the Emperor Realm in a thousand years, it would be impossible for him to break through in his lifetime.

But Fang Tian Ci had done it.

Someone had once asked him about the secrets of cultivation.

Fang Tian Ci didn’t know that after leaving the Fang Family Village, although his cultivation speed had been slow, he no longer had any bottlenecks. In other words, although his growth wasn’t fast, as long as he cultivated long enough, he would always be able to break through to the next great realm, unlike other cultivators, even if they had accumulated enough, they would still be stuck for the rest of their lives.

This caused many masters in the Void World to fantasize. Perhaps on the road of cultivation, one couldn’t just focus on speed, one had to have a solid foundation in every realm.

With this guess in mind, many sects began deliberately suppressing the cultivation speed of these geniuses, but no one could be certain of the exact effect.

At this time, Fang Tian Ci, who already had an Emperor Realm cultivation, was brought to the Void Dojo.

The Training Hall was a majestic palace floating above the entire Void World. All cultivators in the Void World were proud to be able to join it.

The existence of this Training Hall seized the good fortune of the Heavens and Earth. Although it was a palace, there was a huge space inside, it was extremely vast. When Fang Tian Ci first arrived here, he felt the profoundness of this Training Hall, as if it contained the mysteries of the Space Grand Dao.

Moreover, no matter where the people of the Void World were, as long as they raised their heads, they would be able to clearly see the Training Hall which represented the highest honor of this world.

It was said that the Training Hall was personally built by the Dao Master, and when the Training Hall first appeared, it had caused a sensation throughout the entire world. Moreover, the Training Hall was responsible for selecting talents from the Void World.


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