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If he hadn’t heard wrongly, the sound should have come from the Madam’s stomach.

Although Fang Yubai’s cultivation wasn’t very high, he was still at the True Element stage, so how could he not hear this voice?

Moreover, this voice was extremely familiar to him.

Previously, when the child in his wife's stomach was fine, he had pressed his ear to the Madam’s belly countless times to listen to the movements of the new life, and it was this kind of light heartbeat.

“Quiet!” Fang Yubai suddenly shouted.

The wailing maidservants and the silently weeping old woman all stopped, not daring to act rashly.

Beside the bed, Fang Yubai raised his head to look at his wife. He didn’t know if it was just his imagination, but he felt that his wife, who was originally as pale as a sheet of paper, now had a hint of color.


Another soft sound came from the family’s Madam's belly.

Trembling, Fang Yubai slowly leaned over and leaned on his wife’s belly, nervously waiting.


Dong… Dong… Dong…

The weak heartbeat was a sign that the baby’s life was coming back to life. At first, it was somewhat chaotic, but slowly, it became normal. Fang Yubai even felt that the heartbeat was stronger than what he had heard before.

Suddenly, his wife’s belly bulged, and Fang Yubai felt a small kick on his cheek. Although the kick was light, it almost made him jump.

“Ah!” Fang Yubai’s eyes widened in disbelief as he hurriedly grabbed his wife’s wrist and examined it carefully.

A moment later, Fang Yubai burst into tears, “The Heavens have eyes, the Heavens have eyes!”

Inside the house, the maids and old women looked at each other, not knowing what was happening.

After an hour, Zhong Yuxiu slowly got up and opened her eyes to see Fang Yubai sitting by the bed.

“Madam, you’re awake?” Fang Yubai asked in surprise. Although he had just checked and confirmed that the family's Madam was fine, when he saw her wake up, Fang Yubai let out a sigh of relief.

Zhong Yuxiu stared at her old master in a daze, her muddled thoughts gradually becoming clearer, her eyes turning red as tears flowed down her cheeks, “Old Master, the child… how is the child?”

Although she knew that the child in her womb was most likely gone, she couldn’t help asking for a definite answer.

Fang Yubai patted the back of her hand and smiled, “Madam doesn’t need to worry, the child is fine.”

Zhong Yuxiu obviously didn’t believe him and cried like a weeping flower, “Old Master, please don’t comfort this Mistress, this Mistress… can endure it.”

Fang Yubai couldn’t help laughing, “I’m not trying to comfort you, the child is really fine, you also have your own cultivation. If you don’t believe me, you can check for yourself.”

When Zhong Yuxiu saw that her Old Master wasn’t joking with her, she suspiciously circulated her Yuan Qi and carefully inspected her body. This simple inspection really shocked her.

The child in her womb was truly fine. Not only that, Zhong Yuxiu even felt that this child’s vitality was even stronger than before.

How could this happen?

She clearly remembered that her stomach was in a lot of pain today and the baby had not moved for a long time. Before she fainted, she had even bled.

She had already mentally prepared herself to lose that child, but reality had given her a big surprise.

“Old Master, am I dreaming?” Zhong Yuxiu asked in disbelief.

“It’s not a dream, it’s not a dream, everything is fine,” Fang Yubai comforted.

Zhong Yuxiu couldn’t help crying again. This time, she was crying her heart out. The worry she had been feeling for the past few days had disappeared and her suppressed emotions were finally released. Although she was crying bitterly, her body and mind were extremely comfortable.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, be careful not to upset the baby,” Fang Yubai helplessly wiped his wife’s tears.

Zhong Yuxiu couldn’t help nodding, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop her tears. After a long time, she finally stopped crying and gently rubbed her stomach, biting her lip as she said, “Old Master, the child is hungry.”

Fang Yubai was stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter, “Madam, please wait a moment, I’ll have the kitchen send some food over.”

Saying so, he left to make arrangements.

News of the rebirth of the Fang Family’s child soon spread. It was said that on that day, there was a thunderclap in the clear sky, and a strange phenomenon.

News of this matter spread like wildfire. The people in the manor all said that the Fang Family’s ancestors had done a good deed, and the Heavens couldn’t bear to see the Fang Family’s descendants die, so they pulled the child back from the gates of hell.

Those who believed in it would naturally be filled with awe, while those who didn’t believe in it would simply treat it as a village ghost story.

After all, that child was still in her womb, and whether or not it had been brought back to life was something no one but the Fang Family couple could say for certain. However, that day, a thunderclap really happen in a clear sky, and it shook the entire Void World.

The Void Dojo and the various great sects had sent people to investigate, but they hadn’t been able to find anything.

Zhong Yuxiu’s belly grew bigger day by day. Strangely enough, after that day, the vitality of the child in her belly didn’t weaken, and even the originally thin Zhong Yuxiu gradually became full.

Fang Yubai's wife had been pregnant for ten months, and on the day of his child's birth, Fang Yubai was anxiously waiting outside the house while the midwife and maidservants entered and left.

After an hour, a loud cry rang out from inside the house, followed by a maid who came to report the good news, “Master, it’s a Young Master.”

Tears streamed down Fang Yubai’s face. The Fang Family had a descendant!

The Fang Family now had a new small Young Master named Fang Tian Ci. Fang Yubai had always felt that this child was bestowed by the Heavens, and if it weren’t for the Heavens having eyes, this child would have died in the womb.

Having a child at such an old age, Fang Yubai doted on his child greatly. The Fang Family was not a big family, but Fang Yubai was not stingy with his child.

If an ordinary child was pampered like this since they were young, they might have develope a Young Master's bad temper, but Fang Tian Ci was quite sensible. Although he had grown up in luxury, he had never done anything that would harm the world. Moreover, he was talented and intelligent, so he was quite well-liked by the Fang Family.

The small Young Master had slowly grown up.

Fang Yubai wanted him to enter Seven Stars Workshop, so naturally he had given him a foundation since he was young and taught him some basic cultivation methods.

However, what made Fang Yubai somewhat sad was that although this child was intelligent, he had no talent in the Dao of Cultivation.

It wasn’t until he was thirteen years old that he was able to reach the Initial Element Stage. After five years, he was able to reach Qi Transformation stage.

His aptitude for cultivation was slightly higher than Fang Yubai’s, but it was still limited. The Void Word is rich in Spiritual Energy, and if he was a genius, he would at least have a True Element Stage cultivation at the age of eighteen.

However, Fang Tian Ci was only at the Qi Transformation Stage, two great realms away from the True Element Stage.

This kind of aptitude was something Seven Stars Workshop would never place in their eyes, not even some small Sects.

Fang Yubai simply accepted his fate. Being able to have such a child was already a blessing, yet he still insisted that he had an excellent aptitude for cultivation because he was greedy.

Fortunately, this child was not discouraged and cultivated diligently, so his foundation was quite solid.

There was only one son in the family, so the couple couldn’t bear to let him go on a long journey to become a disciple of a Sect, so they taught him at home.

Day after day, year after year.

Fang Yubai and his wife gradually grew older. Their cultivation wasn’t high and their lifespans weren’t long. Although the Void World was rich in Spiritual Energy and even ordinary people who had never cultivated can live a long life, there would eventually come a day when they would pass away. Although the couple had their own cultivation, they still lived longer.

The couple soon felt that they're lacking in energy, as if they would soon die.

Fortunately, Fang Tian Ci had already married, he didn’t marry the daughter of some great family, just a match made in terms of social status, leaving behind a legacy for the Fang Family.

After a few more years, Fang Yubai and Zhong Yuxiu passed away.

Time passed quickly, and Fang Tian Ci has a trace of time passing by in his face. At the age of 150 years old, his wife also passed away suddenly.

In his life, he had only married one wife, and just like his parents, the relationship between the husband and wife was quite deep. Unfortunately, his only wife was an ordinary person who had never cultivated, so her lifespan was quite short.

Although he now had many children and grandchildren, the passing of his only wife still filled him with sorrow. Overnight, he seemed to have aged several dozen years, his hair turning white.

His parents had passed away early, and even his wife, who had accompanied him for his entire life, had passed away. With the Fang Family’s prosperity at its peak, Fang Tian Ci no longer had any worries.

He summoned his children and told them about his plans to travel the world and leave the Fang Family.

The children were naturally unwilling. Fang Tian Ci had started cultivating since he was a child and was only at the Immortal Ascension stage. With his old age, how could he take care of himself?

The Void World was not too dangerous, but if he were to travel alone, it would be difficult for him to resist any dangers.

Unfortunately, Fang Tian Ci had made up his mind and had only summoned the children to inform them, not to discuss anything with them.

A few days later, outside the Fang Family Manor, Fang Tian Ci was all alone, his figure disappearing into the distance as his many children and grandchildren knelt down to see him off.

Fang Tian Ci didn’t know why he wanted to travel so far, but logically speaking, he had long since lost the drive of a young man wielding a sword to the ends of the world and fight a fierce battle. At this age, he should be living a carefree life and enjoying life with his grandchildren.

However, there was a suppressed urge in his heart, telling himself that this world was very big and he should go take a look.

This impulse had existed since he was a sensible boy.

Unfortunately, his cultivation aptitude wasn’t good and his strength wasn’t strong. When he was young, his parents were still around, so he didn’t travel far. After his parents passed away, he got married and had children. His weak strength wasn’t enough for him to fulfill his dreams.

Now that his wife was no longer around, his children and grandchildren would have their own blessings. He no longer had any scruples, even if he died outside, he would fulfill his childhood dream.

At night, he came to a remote mountain to rest and meditate.

Ever since he began cultivating, he had never slacked off. Although his aptitude wasn’t good, he knew the principle of ‘gathering sand to form a tower, dripping water to pierce through stone’, so he would spend some time every day cultivating.

This also laid a solid foundation for him. His cultivation might not even be comparable to some of the more talented young men, but at the Immortal Ascension Stage, his True Qi was extremely condensed. When he sparred with many cultivators of the same realm, he rarely lost.

However, as soon as he started cultivating today, he felt that something was wrong.

Thirty years ago, he had already reached the Ninth Stage Immortal Ascension. This was already his limit, and after all these years, this bottleneck had never loosened.

His aptitude and body were not enough for him to break through this shackle.

But today, the bottleneck that had been stabilized for thirty years was showing signs of loosening.


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