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Mysterious Nether Territory, Yang Kai has return.

After a few months, the training ground of the Mysterious Nether Army had gradually begun. According to Yang Kai’s plan, the entire Mysterious Nether Territory had now constructed ten bases for the Human Race’s soldiers to rest and heal themselves. Each of these bases had at least three Eighth Order masters to oversee them.

Over the past few days, the Mysterious Nether Army had been scattered throughout the Mysterious Nether Territory, and after a series of probing attempts by the Black Ink Clan to confirm that the Human Race’s Eighth Order would not act, they gradually relaxed.

Currently, there were basically no large-scale battles in the entire Mysterious Nether Territory, but small-scale conflicts were becoming more intense.

With the Human Race’s army scattered, the Black Ink Clan’s army naturally dispersed as well. The two races continued to fight and kill each other in this vast Mysterious Nether Territory.

In the past, the battles between Eighth Order masters and Territory Lords had always been the focus of attention and the key to victory.

However, after the peace treaty, the Eighth Order masters and Territory Lords didn’t interfere with the war, allowing the Seventh Order and Feudal Lord to become like fish in water. Under the leadership of the Seventh Order Team Leader, the Human Race’s small teams were able to display their might, and there were also powerful Feudal Lords who led their subordinates to do as they pleased.

Inside the palace, Yang Kai began his retreat.

To be honest, it hadn’t been long since he had broken through to the Eighth Order from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, so he still had a lot of room for improvement.

However, if he wanted to improve his strength, he would need to cultivate diligently. However, over the years, Yang Kai had been running about, unable to stop, so how could he have the spare energy to cultivate?

The reason why he wanted to make a treaty with the Black Ink Clan was because the Human Race needed to train, and the second reason was because he needed to cultivate in seclusion. Eighth Order was indeed his limit, but he was far from reaching the peak of the Eighth Order.

The current Yang Kai could easily kill Innate Territory Lord with the help of the Soul Shattering Spike. If he could cultivate to the peak of the Eighth Order, even without the help of the Soul Shattering Spike, Yang Kai was confident he could accomplish this.

The accumulation of an Eighth Order was extremely long, but fortunately he had the World Tree Subtree.

The reason Duan Hongchen and the others had been able to improve their cultivation at such a rapid pace was mainly due to the blessings of the Star Boundary's foundation. They were Great Emperors recognized by the Star Boundary’s World Great Dao, so the stronger the Star Boundary’s foundation, the easier it would be for them to cultivate.

Even the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary could benefit from this, not to mention that Yang Kai now had a Subtree sealing his Small Universe.

He did not lack supplies, he just lacked a stable environment.

The Human Race’s army need to be trained, and Yang Kai also had to cultivate diligently, forcing him to negotiate peace with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. Of course, there was another more important reason.

For a long time to come, he might fall into a state of weakness. This kind of weakness was impossible for him to predict, the only thing he was certain of was that his strength would be greatly reduced.

Only by appeasing these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords would he be able to carry out his plan in peace.

Inside the palace’s secret room, many layers of barriers had been set up. Yang Kai had long since ordered that unless it was something important, no one was allowed to disturb him.

A large amount of resources were stored in his Space Ring, making it convenient for Yang Kai to use them at any time. At his level of cultivation, consuming Open Heaven Pills was far too inefficient, so he could only refine seventh or even eighth grade materials.

However, although he now had a lot of resources on hand, the number of Eighth Grade materials he had was still quite small, mainly Sixth Grade or Seventh Grade.

It was enough.

In the past, no one had ever cultivated so extravagantly like him. After all, even if the Cave Heaven Paradise could obtain a high rank Five Elements materials, high rank yin-Yang attribute materials were rare.

Yang Kai now had the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, and what he didn’t lack the most was the Yin-Yang attribute. On the other hand, the high rank Five Elements materials had prevented him from squandering them.

It had been a long time since he had been able to cultivate to his heart’s content. A large amount of resources had been consumed, and the Small Universe’s foundation was slowly increasing. This kind of growth was truly delightful.

While cultivating, Yang Kai also split his attention to monitor the entire Void World.

He wanted to find a suitable vessel.

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, when he had parted ways with Wu Kuang, Wu Kuang had given him a technique to break through to the Ninth Order, a technique Shi had deduced years ago.

Cang and the other nine had their own specialty, and amongst them, Shi was most proficient in the art of deducing Cultivation Technique. After all, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was something he had deduced, and at least fifty to sixty percent of the techniques passed down by the Human Race had traces of Shi's deduction.

The technique he had given him was extremely precious.

However, although Shi had deduced this method in the past, it was still derived from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so no one had ever cultivated it before, so he wasn’t sure if it was really useful.

Right now, Yang Kai was also trying everything he could to try.

There was no other way.

Currently, with his Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation level, he could dominate the Mysterious Nether Territory and kill the Innate Territory Lords, but what about after a few thousand years?

When the Black Ink Clan had a new Royal Lord and the Human Race had a new Ninth Order, how useful would the Eighth Order Open Heaven be? Any Royal Lord would probably be able to beat him into submission.

He also wanted to occupy a position in the future battles between masters, so he couldn’t place all his hopes on the younger generation.

Therefore, he yearned to break through to the Ninth Order.

If this matter could succeed, so be it. If it couldn’t, there wouldn’t be much loss.

The Three Parts Normalizing Art was the technique that Shi had deduced in the past. Strictly speaking, this was not a cultivation technique, but a kind of Secret Technique that could make up for flaws.

The object of this discovery was the Open Heaven Stage's flaws passed down from ancient times.

At the end of the Ancient Era, Cang and the other nine had borrowed the power of the World Tree to create a way for the Human Race to rise to prominence and establish their foundation.

However, this Open Heaven Stage had its drawbacks. Strictly speaking, it was incomplete.

Because every cultivator who used this method to break through to the Open Heaven Stage had their own limits.

The limit of a direct Third Order master was Fifth Order, the limit of a direct Fourth Order master was Sixth Order, and the limit of a Seventh Order master was Ninth Order!

After the Ninth Order?

The road of martial dao was long and arduous. There was no pinnacle, so how could there be a limit?

Cang and the others might have seen the drawbacks of this method, but this method was the only way for the Human Race in that era. If they were given enough time, they might have been able to comprehend a more perfect method, but in that era, Monster Race ruled the world, and the Human Race suffered greatly, so how could they have time to adjust?

Cang had said that, strictly speaking, his cultivation was still only at the Ninth Order Open Heaven, only slightly higher than the Ninth Order Old Ancestors of the Human Race.

After the Ninth Order, there were even higher realm.

Cang, Shi, Mu, and the others were all the same, because all of them cultivated the incomplete Open Heaven Stage method, so once they reached the Ninth Order, the road ahead would be cut short. No matter how far they walked, they would not be able to break through the Ninth Order shackles.

After spending hundreds of thousands of years trapped in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Shi had finally managed to deduce a set of cultivation methods. He had used his body to strengthen the Great Restriction and split a portion of his soul, allowing him to pass through many obstacles and reincarnate, so it was not impossible for him to cultivate for another lifetime. Unfortunately, the plans of man were not as good as the plans of heaven, so he was unable to achieve his goal.

In the end, he taught this technique to Yang Kai.

Over the past hundred years, Yang Kai had comprehended this technique countless times and had long since become familiar with it. He had also thoroughly comprehended its mysteries and only lacked practical action.

According to Shi, this vast universe had a trace of its own will. When Black Ink was about to wreak havoc throughout the world, it had led them into the Great Ruins Boundary and used the World Tree to comprehend the Open Heaven Stage method to resist Black Ink’s expansion. For countless years after that, all those who entered the Great Ruins Boundary and obtained the World Tree Subtree were the handiwork of the Heavenly Dao’s will.

However, most of these methods were useless, and Yang Kai was the last resort.

In the Ancient Era, the Holy Spirit dominated the Heavens. After that, the Monster Race dominated the world, and in the last period of the Ancient Era, the Human Race had risen.

If the Heavenly Dao had a will, it would undoubtedly favor these three living beings, because the existence of these three living beings represented three magnificent eras.

These three living beings were perhaps the three fragments of the Heavenly Dao’s will at different times. If he could combine these three fragments together, he might be able to break through the flaws of the Open Heaven Stage and find the correct path of cultivation.

In terms of profoundness, it wasn’t too difficult to actually use it.

All he needed to do was find a way to integrate the power of these three living beings. In short, he needed to cultivate his clones!

The Holy Spirit Body, Monster Race Body, and Human Race Body, when combined, could break through the shackles of Open Heaven Stage and reach the Ninth Order.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai had specially gone to the Demon Realm to retrieve his Embodiment. He wanted to make preparations for today’s Three Part Normalizing Art.

He was originally a human race, but after obtaining the Divine Dragon’s Source, his bloodline had gradually transformed into that of a Dragon Clan. After cultivating in the Dragon Pond, he had completely shed his Human Race bloodline, so the current him could be said to be a pure Holy Spirit. Moreover, he is a Dragon Clan, ranked first amongst the Holy Spirits, so he could not be said to be weak.

He already had a Holy Spirit Body, but what he lacked now was a Human Race Body and a Monster Race Body.

He was prepared to cultivate the Human Race Body first. Everything should start from easy before working on difficult things. If there was a problem, it would not be too late to correct it.

So these days, he had been refining various resources while monitoring the movements of the entire Void World.

The Void World was now quite prosperous, and as Yang Kai’s strength increased, the Small Universe’s size also gradually increased. The most obvious manifestation was that the Small Universe’s territory had become larger.

As the territory expanded, the population naturally increased, especially the Small Universe’s time flow, which was different from the outside world’s. With the World Tree Subtree’s support, more talented young men and women began to appear, entering the various great Sects. When they reached an appropriate age or a certain cultivation, they would be received by the Void Dojo and become its disciples.

There were also conflicts in the Void World, the rise and fall of families, the rise and fall of sects, but from beginning to end, there was always a top sect that stood tall.

This top sect was Seven Stars Workshop.

After all, the Dao Master was a Supreme Elder of Seven Stars Workshop, so who would dare to make trouble in Seven Stars Workshop?

Although Seven Stars Workshop was one of the top Sects in the entire Void World, it still abided by its principles and had not done anything outrageous for the past tens of thousands of years. As such, its heritage was like a flame that burned brighter.


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