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In the Mysterious Nether Territory, the Human Race’s military training was in full swing. Yang Kai had already rushed to Wind Mist Territory.

He had come here to see the two remaining Ninth Order Human Race masters.

The Wind Mist Territory was the first Great Domain that the Black Ink Clan’s army had invaded, and it had long since been riddled with holes. The traces of the Black Ink Clan’s invasion could be seen everywhere, and all of the Universe Worlds were in ruins.

In the place where the Domain Barrier had been broken, Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing sat cross-legged in the void, each of them forming a series of hand seals. Between the two of them, an arm that seemed capable of holding up the sky reached out and pierced through the Domain Barrier.

This arm was the arm of the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had awakened in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

When this Ink Giant Spiritual God was awakened, it had rushed from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land to the Spatial Territory and withstood the fierce attacks of the Human Race’s masters, arriving at the weak point of the Domain Barrier and breaking it with a single punch.

From then on, the channel between the Spatial Territory and Wind Mist Territory was completely opened. The Black Ink Clan army, which had been engaged in a fierce battle with the Human Race in the Spatial Territory, passed through this broken Domain Barrier and entered Wind Mist Territory. The Black Ink Clan’s invasion was unstoppable.

The Ninth Order Old Ancestors then sacrificed themselves to exterminate the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and severely wounded the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

The surviving Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing led the Human Race army out of the Spatial Territory and ordered the scattered Human Race forces to evacuate and relocate.

As for the two of them, they rushed straight to the Wind Mist Territory and took advantage of the moment when the Ink Giant Spiritual God forcefully opened the Domain Barrier to use a Secret Technique to restrain the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

In the blink of an eye, nearly a hundred years had passed.

Over the past few years, Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing had managed to restrain the Ink Giant Spiritual God, but the two of them had also been restricted in this Wind Mist Territory.

If the Human Race still had the two Ninth Order masters, the situation in the Great Domain Battlefields would definitely not be so tense.

When Yang Kai arrived at this place, he immediately saw the thick arm, and even if it wasn’t his first time seeing it, his expression still changed.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God was too powerful.

As for Black Ink, who was able to create the Ink Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai was unable to fathom its depths.

On this arm, there were numerous chains that were tightly wrapped around it, and on these chains, there were even complex runes flickering. These were obviously formed from the Secret Techniques of the two Ninth Order Old Ancestors.

Yang Kai had thought that there would be many Black Ink Clan here, but after coming here, he realized that he had been mistaken. There was not a single Black Ink Clan here.

This made him quite puzzled. Logically speaking, with the Ink Giant Spiritual God being so powerful, shouldn’t the Black Ink Clan’s top priority be to help it escape? If they wanted to help it escape, attacking the two Ninth Order Human Race masters was the best option.

The reason Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing were able to restrain this Ink Giant Spiritual God was not because they had such strength, but because they had borrowed the advantage of the terrain.

In order to break through the Domain Barrier and allow the Black Ink Clan’s army to pass through, the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s arm had pierced through two Great Domains. This way, Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing would be able to fight the Ink Giant Spiritual God across the Domain Barrier. They could use their full strength, but the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s strength would be greatly reduced.

If it weren’t for this, the Ink Giant Spiritual God would have long since escaped. In order to deal with this Ink Giant Spiritual God, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would need ten people to be able to barely resist it. Now that the Human Race only had two Ninth Order masters, how could they possibly restrain it?

Sensing Yang Kai’s aura, Smiles Old Ancestor opened her eyes and asked in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Yang Kai bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Old Ancestors.”

He was already very familiar with Smiles Old Ancestor. As for Wu Qing, Yang Kai had also met him when he went to Yin Yang Pass, but they had never had a deep friendship.

Wu Qing nodded slightly.

Yang Kai said, “I came to see the two Old Ancestors, is there anything I can help with?”

Smiles Old Ancestor shook her head, “It’s nothing, you can’t help me. How is the human race?”

The two of them were stationed in the Wind Mist Territory and had no contact with the outside world. Although Xiang Shan had come here twice, he had come and gone in a hurry. The last time he had come here was a few dozen years ago, when the Great Domain Battlefield was in a state of crisis.

Yang Kai said, “The situation is still relatively stable for the time being. Although there are constant battles, it will still be difficult for the Black Ink Clan to defeat the Human Race. In addition, this Disciple is valued by the Head Office Division and has become the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army.”

Smiles Old Ancestor nodded, “You have the qualifications.” Suddenly, she smiled, “Since you are overseeing the Mysterious Nether Territory, the Black Ink Clan must be having a difficult time, right?”

Yang Kai thought for a moment before replying, “Disciple has negotiate a treaty with them.”

Smiles Old Ancestor was stunned, “Negotiate a treaty?”

Wu Qing had been listening quietly from the side, but now he also frowned and asked, “What treaty?”

“The Human Race needs to train their soldiers!” Yang Kai explained his considerations, Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing quickly nodded.

“You’ve thought about it carefully. In fact, when Xiang Shan first came here, he also mentioned this matter,” Wu Qing said thoughtfully.

This time, it was Yang Kai’s turn to be surprised, “Sir Xiang also has plans to negotiate a treaty?”

Wu Qing shook his head and said, “He didn’t say anything about a treaty, he was just worried about the future of the Human Race. He said that those good seedlings had all been hidden away and that they might not be of much use in the future. However, he didn’t have any solution to this problem, but you, on the other hand, have already taken a step ahead of him. You’ve done well.”

Yang Kai understood. No wonder when he reported the matter of treaty to the Head Office Division, they quickly agreed. It turned out that Xiang Shan had long been worried about the current situation of the Human Race.

Thinking about it, Xiang Shan definitely had his own plans and farsightedness, he couldn’t just focus on the present.

“The Black Ink Clan actually agreed?” Smiles Old Ancestor was a bit puzzled.

“Kill them first and they will naturally agree,” Yang Kai said lightly.

Wu Qing and Smiles Old Ancestor glanced at each other, secretly wondering how many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had died, otherwise they wouldn’t have been so afraid.

“This boy is quite young, but his tone is quite arrogant.”

A voice suddenly rang out beside their ears. This voice seemed to come from an extremely distant place, but also seemed to be whispering in their ears. It was obviously the Ink Giant Spiritual God speaking.

Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered with him and simply looked at the two Ninth Order Human Race masters and said, “The situation in Mysterious Nether Territory has stabilized for the time being, but if we want to train our soldiers, a single Great Domain may not be enough. Disciple plans to explore the other Great Domain Battlefields in the future and try to open up a few more training grounds.”

Wu Qing nodded and said, “Sure, but we still need to leave a few battlefields behind. When those brats break through to the Eighth Order, they will need to fight with the Territory Lord to quickly grow.”

“Disciple has the same idea.”

The Ink Giant Spiritual God spoke again, “Little brat, why must the Human Race struggle so bitterly? Now that Cang and the others have all fallen, my Black Ink Clan’s era of unification has arrived. The day this Exalted breaks free will be the day you all submit.”

Yang Kai frowned and thought for a moment before activating the Sun and Moon Marks and condensing a massive purifying light that shot towards the thick arm.

Under the pure light, the Ink Force melted and the Ink Giant Spiritual God couldn’t help letting out a muffled groan, but it still said, “If you submit now, I can make the decision not to ink you and ensure your Spiritual Wisdom remains intact.”

Yang Kai remained silent for a moment before condensing a massive purifying light.

In any case, he now had a lot of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, even if he ran out of them, he could still go to the Chaotic Dead Territory to ask Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan for them.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God groaned again and shut its mouth.

He had finally discovered that the dog that bit him didn’t bark, and Yang Kai simply had no intention of communicating with him. If he continued to blabber on, Yang Kai would definitely use the Light of Purification to deal with him.

Although this thing couldn’t hurt his foundation, the suppression of strength made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

“This thing seems to be full of energy, can the two Old Ancestors restrain it?” Yang Kai asked worriedly.

Wu Qing smiled and said, “If he insists on escaping, just the two of us won’t be able to restrain him.”

Over the past hundred years, many things had become clear.

Yang Kai immediately became worried, “Then what should we do?”

If this Ink Giant Spiritual God really managed to escape, the Human Race wouldn’t be able to resist it. Even if Fu Guang came out of seclusion and joined forces with Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing, they wouldn’t be its opponent.

“Don’t worry,” Smiles Old Ancestor consoled, “If he really breaks free, he will have to pay a great price. At the very least, he will have to leave behind this arm that has crossed the two Great Domains. Moreover, he is currently injured, so even if he breaks free, his strength will be greatly reduced.”

In the past, when the Ink Giant Spiritual God was awakened from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, it had crossed the Shattered Heaven and rushed into the Spatial Territory, enduring the bombardment of countless Human Race masters. No matter how powerful it was, it had already been injured at that time, but in order to forcefully open the Domain Barrier, it had to pay a price.

After that, the Domain Barrier was opened and the Ninth Order Old Ancestors went all out to attack. Not only were the Royal Lords completely wiped out, the Ink Giant Spiritual God that was trapped in place was also injured.

“He’s also waiting for an opportunity to heal his injuries. For now, there won’t be any problems here,” Smiles Old Ancestor explained.

Yang Kai nodded, feeling much more relieved. Only now did he understand why the Black Ink Clan had not sent troops to attack the two Human Race Old Ancestors, because even if the Black Ink Clan had helped the Ink Giant Spiritual God escape, he would still need to heal himself.

On the other hand, they could still restrain each other like this.

Fu Guang was still recuperating in the Dragon Pond, so it was likely he wouldn’t be able to leave that place for hundreds or even thousands of years. Once he came out of seclusion, he would come back to help Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing.

Yang Kai was a bit annoyed because he didn’t know where A' Da had gone to.

It had been so many years, but he was still nowhere to be seen.

Logically speaking, now that the Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds and countless Universe Worlds had died, A' Da should have appeared.

Yang Kai suspected that this guy had gone to the Ink Battlefield, where there were countless dead Universe Worlds. If he really went to the Ink Battlefield, it would be difficult to find him.

“The two Old Ancestors need not worry about the matters of the Human Race, we juniors will handle them.”

Smiles Old Ancestor said, “Do your best, don’t feel too pressured. The old fogeys have failed to live up to their expectations, they’ve placed this burden on you.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “What do the two of you need? Do you have enough supplies?”

Wu Qing said, “Just leave some for us, there’s no need for too much.”

Yang Kai immediately took out some materials and placed them into his Space Ring before handing them over to Wu Qing.

He bowed again and said, “Disciple will take his leave.”

“Go,” Smiles Old Ancestor nodded.

Yang Kai stared at the thick arm for a moment before activating his Space Principle and flashing away.


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Este autor la mitad de cada capítulo y recordando cosas que acaban de pasar


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