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Although he realized that Yang Kai was hiding something, Mo Na Ye couldn’t figure it out.

In the Human Race’s main camp, Yang Kai had returned and the Eighth Order masters were all waiting.

Yang Kai raised his head and nodded slightly to the crowd, “It’s settled. From now on, the Eighth Order Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord are not allowed to interfere in this battle.”

Before he left, he had discussed the treaty with the Eighth Order masters. Some were against it, some were puzzled, but none of them agreed.

Now that the Human Race in the Mysterious Nether Territory was strong, it was time for them to take revenge, especially in every battle, whenever Yang Kai took action, he would gain some benefits.

Over the past thirty years, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had suffered heavy losses, but not a single Eighth Order Human Race cultivator had fallen. As such, the Human Race’s advantage would only become greater. The Eighth Order Human Race had already imagined that after several hundred years, the Black Ink Clan army of the Mysterious Nether Territory would be flattened by the Human Race.

No one had expected that Yang Kai would actually want to negotiate a treaty with the Black Ink Clan at such a time, especially since this negotiation was only limited to the Eighth Order and Territory Lord, which was equivalent to the Human Race giving up their greatest advantage.

However, Yang Kai eventually convinced them.

The Human Race wanted to train their soldiers!

On the Human Race’s side, because of the Star Boundary World Tree Subtree’s feedback, there were already many good seedlings who had reached the Sixth or Seventh Order directly. These people all had hopes of reaching the Eighth or Ninth Order in the future, so if they could grow, it would greatly alleviate the decline of the Human Race.

Many of the geniuses who had reached the Sixth Order immediately entered the battlefield.

However, for those who break through to the Seventh Order directly, any Cave Heaven Paradise would treat it as a precious treasure and would have a large amount of resources stored for their growth. Cultivating behind closed doors, all of them hoped to break through to the Ninth Order as soon as possible and lead the Human Race out of this predicament.

Even on High Heaven Palace’s side, Hua Qing Si had hidden two hundred elites.

But was it really possible to cultivate behind closed doors?

If it was really so easy to break through to the Ninth Order, after hundreds of thousands of years, the Human Race wouldn’t only have a hundred or so Ninth Order masters.

Even if someone was able to break through to the Ninth Order, they would be like a flower in a greenhouse that had never experienced the outside world, so their true strength was still uncertain.

Yang Kai’s current achievements were all because he had killed his way through mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Which of the current Eighth Order Human Race was not like this?

As such, the Human Race needed to train their troops! They needed to send the geniuses who had broken through to the Sixth and Seventh Order directly into the battlefield and let them experience the hardships of the Human Race.

However, the current environment of the Domain Battlefield was still somewhat dangerous.

There were many Black Ink Clan Territory Lords, and sometimes the Eighth Order Human Race couldn’t contain all the Territory Lords, allowing them to kill without fear. In this way, even the most talented elites would have a chance of dying.

In fact, over the years, many geniuses had fallen because of this.

The loss of those geniuses who had directly advanced to the Sixth Order was one thing, but if those who had directly advanced to the Seventh Order also suffered casualties because of this, it would be quite heartbreaking. The purpose of training soldiers was to make them stronger, not to let them die in vain.

In the Spatial Territory Battlefield, the Ninth Order Old Ancestors, in order to create a safe space for their juniors to grow, were willing to sacrifice their lives to kill all the Royal Lords, even severely injuring the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

The Human Race’s current situation and the efforts of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors had played a big role in allowing them to gain a foothold in more than a dozen Great Domain Battlefields.

But this was not enough.

Yang Kai wanting to negotiate a treaty with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords was simply an extension of the will of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors. The Old Ancestors had destroyed many of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords and Yang Kai had restrained the Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory, allowing the Human Race’s younger generation to grow more safely.

That's why the Mysterious Nether Army had taken the initiative to attack for thirty years, allowing him to kill the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord on the battlefield.

He wanted to beat up the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords so that he could negotiate a treaty with them!

This plan had already been implemented when Yang Kai returned from the Star Boundary, but he had never told anyone about it.

Currently, the Eighth Order and Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory were not making any moves, so the Human Race could send their geniuses to this battlefield and allow them to wander between life and death while comprehending the mysteries of the Great Dao and stimulating their own potential.

It was foreseeable that some geniuses would fall because of this. After all, the Black Ink Clan was stronger than the Human Race, but for the future of the Human Race, such losses were acceptable. A dead genius was no longer a genius.

In the Star Boundary and the future Myriad Monster World, two World Tree Subtrees were constantly nurturing it, so how could the Human Race lack geniuses?

Of course, by doing so, the Mysterious Nether Army had tied themselves up and allowed the Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory to take advantage of the situation. From now on, they no longer had to worry about being ambushed by Yang Kai in battle.

However, this war was not just Yang Kai’s war alone, it was the entire Human Race’s war, and it concerned the survival of their race. No matter how strong Yang Kai is, how can it help the bigger picture?

He had directly broken through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage and had consumed a Mid Rank World Fruit before obtaining the qualifications to reach the Sixth Order. His current Eighth Order cultivation level was his limit.

If it weren’t for an opportunity, it would have been impossible for him to advance to the Ninth Order. The current him could kill a Territory Lord with the help of the Soul Shattering Spike, but facing a Royal Lord, he could only flee.

In the future, the Black Ink Clan would not lack powerful Territory Lords and Royal Lords. Thousands of years later, when the advantages created by the Ninth Order Old Ancestors were completely destroyed, what would the Human Race do?

What the Human Race lacked was a peak Eighth Order master who could kill an Innate Territory Lord, and a Ninth Order master who would be able to fight with a Royal Lord in the future!

All of this depended on the hard work and growth of these geniuses.

Taking advantage of the fact that he still had some deterrence towards the Territory Lords, he naturally had to make arrangements.

As such, the Eighth Order masters of Mysterious Nether Army was convinced by him, and many Eighth Order masters felt ashamed. They could only see that the current Mysterious Nether Army was like the sun in the sky, and every time they fought, the Black Ink Clan would be unable to raise their heads, while the Territory Lords were all in a panic.

However, very few people could see that the current advantage of the Mysterious Nether Army was nothing more than a reflection of the moon in the water. As time passed, the advantage of the Human Race would slowly fade away and eventually disappear.

When this matter was reported to the Head Office Division, the Head Office Division quickly responded and agreed to the arrangements of the Mysterious Nether Army, even deliberately turning the Mysterious Nether Territory into a test site.

However, before Yang Kai went to negotiate a treaty, the Mysterious Nether Army had already made preparations to launch an all-out attack. Once the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord took action, the Mysterious Nether Army would definitely send out an army.

Yang Kai’s negotiation went extremely smoothly, and the Territory Lords did not take advantage of the moment when he was alone to kill him.

Yang Kai’s calmness made it impossible for them to succeed in killing him, and the matter of treaty had also greatly tempted the Territory Lords. In this way, Yang Kai could naturally return safely.

Hearing Yang Kai say that the matter was settled, Ouyang Lie’s face was filled with disbelief as he shouted, “Are the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords so gutless?”

Wei Junyang smiled, “It’s not that they doesn’t have guts, they're probably afraid of being killed.” [MSN: isn't that the same thing? lol]

In thirty years, thirty Territory Lords had died because of Yang Kai, so who wouldn’t be afraid?

Only Yang Kai’s arrival had such an effect. If it were anyone else, even if it was Xiang Shan, the Territory Lords would have swarmed him.

If he didn’t have that kind of deterrent force, he would only be courting death if he went alone.

“Then in the future, won’t we have nothing to do here in the Mysterious Nether Territory?” An Eighth Order master frowned. This was not something fun.

Ouyang Lie rolled his eyes and said, “We can go support the other Great Domain battlefields.”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible,” Yang Kai shook his head, “Although the matter of treaty has been settled, the Mysterious Nether Territory still needs an Eighth Order master's deterrence. Firstly, if we don’t have enough Eighth Order deterrence force, it’s hard to guarantee that the Black Ink Clan won’t go back on their word. The Black Ink Clan cannot be trusted lightly. Although they agree to the peace treaty, if they can find an opportunity to seriously injure my Human Race’s army, they will definitely take the risk to act. Secondly, I intend to build ten Human Race bases in the Mysterious Nether Territory, so I need everyone to go over and oversee them.”

“Base?” An Eighth Order asked curiously.

Yang Kai said, “Since we’re going to train our soldiers, the large scale army’s fighting style is no longer suitable. In the future, the confrontation between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan's soldiers in the Mysterious Nether Territory will probably be focused on small-scale conflicts. The Mysterious Nether Territory is very large, so we’ll be building a human race bases everywhere so that it’ll be easier for them to rest and heal.”

Hearing his words, all the Eighth Order masters understood what was going on. Wei Junyang nodded and said, “That’s right, these bases can provide some degree of protection to the Human Race’s soldiers.”

“That’s right. Training soldiers is one thing, but we need to minimize our losses.”

Ten bases could encompass the entire Mysterious Nether Territory. Even if one base had three Eighth Order masters, it would need thirty of them.

Because of this, the Eighth Order master on Mysterious Nether Army couldn’t easily withdraw, and as for Ouyang Lie’s request to support the other Great Domain Battlefields, it was simply a fantasy.

“Sir is quite thoughtful,” Wei Junyang nodded.

“If none of you have any objections, then let’s begin immediately. You can discuss the ten bases together, there’s no need to ask me.”

The Eighth Order masters glanced at each other, none of them having any objections.

They were already used to Yang Kai handing over the matter of Mysterious Nether Army's arrangement to them. Over the years, Wei Junyang, Kong Cheng De, and the others were basically the ones in charge. Yang Kai was only in charge of a general direction and didn’t care about anything else.

Soon, the Mysterious Nether Army began moving.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were dismantled and sent out into the void in units of two or three garrison.

The Black Ink Clan immediately received the news and sent out scouts to investigate. Six Arms and the others were shocked to discover that the Human Race had established one base after another in the Mysterious Nether Territory. Each base had several Eighth Order auras.

Although Yang Kai had taken the initiative to discuss the peace treaty, the Territory Lords didn’t dare to fully believe him. No one could guarantee that this wasn’t a scheme of the Human Race.

However, this didn’t stop them from sending out some of their forces to investigate.

Several days later, near a Human Race base that was being built, a group of thousands of Black Ink Clan cultivators appeared and began investigating.

However, their whereabouts were soon exposed, leading to the Human Race’s small teams pursuing them. Although they had suffered heavy casualties, they had not been completely wiped out.

In the next few months, the Black Ink Clan had carried out this kind of test many times. Although they were hunted down by the Human Race each time, the Eighth Order Human Race masters showed no signs of attacking. They had indeed fulfilled their promise!


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