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This was the new impression the Territory Lords had of Yang Kai.

The strong usually cared about their face, and even Territory Lords cared about their own face, not to mention the Human Race. So, when Yang Kai howled like this, the Territory Lords couldn’t help feeling like their horizons had been broadened.

Six Arms’ expression became ugly as he said, “The Human Race and Black Ink Clan have a deep enmity with each other, it’s impossible for them to coexist in this world. How do you propose peace?”

He had a feeling that this guy was up to something, so although Six Arms felt that it was impossible for the two races to come to an agreement, he still wanted to ask about it.

Yang Kai stopped talking and smiled, “I just said that this peace negotiation is not a real peace treaty. It is only limited to the Eighth Order Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.”

Six Arms thoughtfull said, “You mean…”

“It’s very simple. In the future, regardless of whether it’s a big battle or a small one, your Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord cannot interfere. My Human Race’s Eighth Order will also remain motionless.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Territory Lords burst into an uproar. Even the Territory Lords who had been hiding in the nearby black ink cloud and concealing their auras were shocked and accidentally exposed themselves.

“Really?” One of the Territory Lords asked excitedly.

Six Arms couldn’t help glaring at the Territory Lord, causing him to quickly shut up.

However, Six Arms didn’t blame him. To be honest, when Yang Kai said those words, even he was moved.

However, he warned himself that this was definitely a scheme of the Human Race and he couldn’t easily believe it. The cunning of the Human Race was something they had all experienced before.

Six Arms stared deeply into Yang Kai’s eyes, as if he wanted to see into the depths of his heart, and asked, “What do you mean?”

Yang Kai replied, “The literal meaning.”

Six Arms didn’t say anything. He couldn’t understand what was going on, so he turned his eyes towards Mo Na Ye and saw that Mo Na Ye was also frowning deeply.

Yang Kai said, “There is no need for everyone to have any doubts. I have come here today to sincerely negotiate peace with all of you, and I feel that this matter is a good thing for the Black Ink Clan. Over the past few years, there have been thirty Territory Lords who have died under my hands, right? If everyone agrees to negotiate peace, I will not act again in the future. Of course, the premise is that you and the other Territory Lords act obediently.”

The Territory Lords immediately wore ugly expressions.

The death of thirty Territory Lords in the entire Mysterious Nether Territory was a great humiliation to them. Now that Yang Kai had exposed this scar in front of them, it was truly infuriating.

But this was the truth, there was no way to refute it.

Seeing the Territory Lords remain silent, Yang Kai’s smile slowly faded and his tone became gloomy, “What? I came here alone to negotiate peace with all of you with sincerity, a great concession to the Black Ink Clan. Are you still not satisfied, forcing me to kill more?”

Saying so, he took out his Azure Dragon Spear and arrogantly declared, “Good, since that’s the case, let’s see what happens next. In the next two years, I’ll kill one or two Territory Lords at a time, I’ll see if you can stop me!”

As soon as he took out his Azure Dragon Spear, the Territory Lords also became nervous, all of them releasing their auras as they secretly activated their Ink Force, causing the peaceful situation to become tense.

Six Arms was startled, no longer having any thoughts of killing Yang Kai. He quickly raised his hand and said, “Please don’t be angry!”

Yang Kai didn’t hold back and pointed his spear towards him, saying in a low voice, “Agree or disagree, it's up to you!”

Six Arms was one of the top Innate Territory Lords, and he was also the head of the Mysterious Nether Territory’s Black Ink Clan. Why was he being pointed at by an Eighth Order human race?

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s proposal being too tempting, he would have already given the order to attack.

He looked at Yang Kai solemnly and said, “Your Excellency’s words are truly tempting, but this matter of peace negotiations is simply unimaginable. We cannot believe it.”

“Why not?”

Six Arms said, “It’s just as Your Excellency said, in the future, the Human Race’s Eighth Order and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord won’t be able to join the fight. It will be extremely beneficial to my Black Ink Clan, but what about your Human Race?”

This was the thing he couldn’t figure out the most. In the current situation, the Black Ink Clan was undoubtedly at a disadvantage. Every two years there would be a great battle, and most of the Territory Lords would fall. After thirty years, every time there was a great battle, the Territory Lords would feel uneasy, fearing that they would be targeted by Yang Kai.

However, if he could make an agreement with the Human Race to not send the Eighth Order master out, it would be extremely beneficial to the Black Ink Clan, but what could the Human Race obtain?

What is the Human Race doing if there is no benefits? Six Arms weren’t so naive as to believe that Yang Kai was considering the Black Ink Clan’s interests at all times. The two sides were sworn enemies, so it made no sense.

Yang Kai frowned, “What does my Human Race’s benefits have to do with you? Why ask so many questions?”

Six Arms said solemnly, “If Your Excellency can’t give us a satisfactory answer, we can only think that this is a scheme of the Human Race. We may have to keep Your Excellency here today.”

“Do you think you’re worthy?” Yang Kai sneered as he stared around arrogantly.

Six Arms shouted, “Since you’re here to negotiate peace, show us your sincerity. Do you really think our Territory Lord is afraid of you?”

Yang Kai curled his lips, seemingly somewhat unwilling, but in the end he still said, “Fine, there’s no harm in telling you. The reason I want to negotiate peace with you is because I want to take care of many of my Human Race’s soldiers. Over the years, although my Human Race’s Eighth Order hasn’t suffered any casualties, many of the casualties below the Eighth Order have been caused by the battle between the Eighth Order and the Territory Lord. To you and the others, you don’t care how many Black Ink Clan soldiers die, but it’s different for my Human Race. All of the Human Race’s soldiers who died were loyal. If they really fought with the Black Ink Clan, if their strength was inferior, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but many of them died needlessly. You and the other Territory Lords have more numbers than my Human Race’s Eighth Order. During the war, the Eighth Order will go all out, so there’s not much to worry about. But, if the Human Race soldiers were to be swept into the battlefield, there is nothing they could do. If the Eighth Order and Territory Lord have a treaty to not join the fight, then this kind of thing will not happen again, so i am here today to negotiate peace with you, are you satisfied with this answer?”

The group of Territory Lords glanced at each other, somewhat believing Yang Kai’s words.

The main thing was that Yang Kai was telling the truth. Every time a battle between the Eighth Order and Territory Lord broke out, the two races soldiers will be swept into their battlefield. Under normal circumstances, those who were swept into such a high-end battlefield would have a slim chance of survival.

If the Black Ink Clan’s soldiers died, the Territory Lords didn’t care, but if the Human Race’s soldiers had died, the Eighth Order cultivators were quite upset, but in that situation, they couldn’t hold back.

Not to mention, there were more Territory Lords than Eighth Order. Most of the time, there would be Territory Lords who would join forces and slaughter their way into the Human Race’s army. At this time, even the Eighth Order master who is busy fighting the Territory Lord would have to rush over to help.

Six Arms’ brow wrinkled as he glanced over at Mo Na Ye, who nodded slightly.

Although this answer was somewhat suspicious, there was indeed a reason.

Six Arms asked, “Can you represent the Human Race?”

Yang Kai sneered, “What are you thinking? Of course I can’t represent the Human Race, but I am the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, so I’m here to represent the Mysterious Nether Army!”

Six Arms probed, “In other words, the scope of the peace treaty is limited to the Territory Lord and Eighth Order of the Mysterious Nether Territory?”


“The Human Race is cunning, how can I trust you?”

“I swear, do you believe me?” Yang Kai looked at Six Arms with a serious expression, “Trust is built on the basis of mutual understanding between the two sides. No matter what I say today, you won’t believe me, but since I came here alone, it shows my sincerity. In the future, the situation of Mysterious Nether Territory… just watch. From today on, my Eighth Order Human Race will not take the initiative to start a war in Mysterious Nether Territory. I hope you Territory Lords can also abide by the agreement. Of course, you can also not abide by it, but if anyone dares to attack, I will kill them. Don’t think that just because you’re hiding, nothing will happen to you. Even if you go to the No-Return Pass, I can still kill you!”

The Territory Lords’ expressions immediately became ugly, this was clearly a threat.

“That’s all I have to say. Farewell!” Yang Kai put away the Azure Dragon Spear and turned to leave, not caring if the Territory Lords agreed or not.

The group of Territory Lords stared at Six Arms in confusion.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai left the encirclement of the Territory Lords that Six Arms heaved a long sigh of relief, suddenly feeling a sense of exhaustion. Just now, he had almost been unable to restrain himself from ordering to attack Yang Kai. If he really did give the order, this so-called peace treaty would naturally not be upheld, and the Mysterious Nether Army would likely retaliate.

The reason why he didn’t give the order was because he wasn’t confident he could keep Yang Kai here. This guy had come here too calmly.

Six Arms was not the only Territory Lord who had let out a long sigh of relief. It had to be said that Yang Kai’s so-called peace treaty had moved many Territory Lords. If they could reach an agreement with the Human Race that an Eighth Order and Territory Lord level powerhouse would not join the battle, then they would have nothing to worry about in the future.

Over the past few years, every time the Human Race’s army attacked, they would always be on edge. No one knew which Territory Lord Yang Kai was targeting. Only when Yang Kai attacked would they be able to relax.

Seeing the expressions on the Territory Lords’ faces, Six Arms felt somewhat depressed. These Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory had been frightened by Yang Kai, so he turned to Mo Na Ye and asked, “What do you think?”

Mo Na Ye frowned and asked, “Does Sir Six Arms mean the peace treaty or…”

“Naturally, the peace treaty.”

“Good!” Mo Na Ye replied, “Although I don’t agree and I don’t think the Human Race will be so kind, if the Human Race can really abide by the agreement, it will be a good thing for us Territory Lords.”

Six Arms nodded slightly, “I think so too, I’m just afraid that the Human Race is harboring evil intentions and plotting something.”

Mo Na Ye smiled lightly and said, “Territory Lords is the most important person in the Mysterious Nether Territory. Yang Kai was willing to give up the opportunity to kill us to negotiate, so it’s not surprising that he has some kind of ulterior motive. I just feel that the reason he gave is not enough.”

“His reason for considering the Human Race’s soldiers?” Six Arms understood.

Mo Na Ye nodded and said, “En, although many of the Human Race’s soldiers died at the hands of the Territory Lord, for the sake of those human race, giving up on killing the Territory is foolish. Perhaps… there is something we haven’t considered.”


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Really is the black Ink clan that dumb or the fear of YK just completely cripple their logic.


Erik Bakker
Erik Bakker
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