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In the void, Yang Kai leisurely flew towards the Black Ink Clan’s main camp.

Along the way, there were many Black Ink Clan scouts, but none of them could hide from him.

He really wasn’t afraid of exposing himself because he hadn’t come here to kill anyone, but rather to discuss some matters with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords.

Over the past thirty years, he had taken the initiative to attack more than a dozen times and killed twenty or thirty Territory Lords. This was more than enough time for him to implement his plan.

Looking towards the depths of the void, he could vaguely see a few Universe Worlds in front of the Black Ink Clan’s main camp. How could he not want to exterminate these Black Ink Clan? However, not to mention how long it would take to do so, even if he really killed all the Black Ink Clans in the Mysterious Nether Territory, so what?

Perhaps the suffering of the Human Race could be somewhat alleviated, but it couldn’t solve the root of the problem. All of their efforts were useless.

As long as Black Ink was alive, he would be able to continuously nurture the Black Ink Clan and even create the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

If he wanted to solve the root of the problem, he could only go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and kill Black Ink!

Eighth Order wasn’t enough, only Ninth Order was possible.

A single person’s strength was useless. The future of the Human Race depended on the unity of the younger generation.

More and more Black Ink Clan scouts appeared around him, and there were even a number of Black Ink Clan soldiers moving about, but because of his reputation, none of them dared to get too close.

Yang Kai continued forward.

The Black Ink Clan’s main camp was already in chaos. Yang Kai’s sudden appearance alone was strange. Some Territory Lords felt that this was a scheme of the Human Race and that Yang Kai was just a bait to attract their attention. Many Human Race masters must be lying in ambush somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to deliver a fatal blow.

There were also some Territory Lords who were clamoring for a rare opportunity. The most important thing right now was to gather all of the Black Ink Clan’s strength and kill Yang Kai on the way. As long as they could kill him, the morale of the entire Mysterious Nether Territory’s Human Race army would be shaken, and when the Black Ink Clan’s army arrived, the Human Race would be vulnerable.

The clamor continued and Six Arms couldn’t help shouting, “Shut up!”

The chaotic quarrels suddenly stopped.

Six Arms glanced around with a gloomy expression, feeling somewhat embarrassed. An Eighth Order Human Race cultivator had caused so many Territory Lords of the Mysterious Nether Territory to panic.

Although he also knew that this was because many Territory Lords had been killed by him, the performance of his subordinates still disappointed him.

After glancing around for a moment, Six Arms' gaze finally landed on Mo Na Ye and he asked, “Mo Na Ye, what do you think the Human Race is doing?”

Although Six Arms and Mo Na Ye hadn’t been on good terms these past few years, Six Arms had to admit that Mo Na Ye’s strength had attracted Six Arms’s attention.

Mo Na Ye heard this and said, “The Human Race may not be interested in fighting.”

The group of Territory Lords were speechless. These words were simply nonsense, what was the meaning of this?

Six Arms' face was also ashen. He had lowered himself to ask for Mo Na Ye’s opinion, but he hadn’t expected the other party to give such an answer.

Fortunately, Mo Na Ye quickly continued, “The Human Race army showed signs of mobilization, but they didn’t send out any troops. The scouts also didn’t discover any traces of the other Human Race’s Eighth Order operations, which means that Yang Kai really came alone. He didn’t conceal his tracks, so I think he didn’t come here to start a war with us. Perhaps… he wants to discuss something with us?”

“Discuss what?” Six Arms raised his brow.

Mo Na Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Yang Kai is very strong and courageous, and most importantly… his ability to escape is outstanding. He probably thinks that even if he came alone, we wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.”

When he said this last sentence, Mo Na Ye felt a little ashamed, but this was the truth. Over the years, he had led the four Territory Lords to chase after Yang Kai countless times, and there had been many times when they had blocked his path, but none of them had been able to stop him.

“So what do you think he’s here to discuss with us?”

Mo Na Ye replied, “That’s what I’m thinking, whether it’s true or not, Sir Six Arms will decide.”

Six Arms nodded slightly. To be honest, he also felt this way, otherwise, there was no way he could explain Yang Kai’s strange actions.

However, the Black Ink Clan now had a deep blood feud. Every time a great war broke out, blood would flow like rivers, so what could Yang Kai come here to discuss?

After a moment of silence, Six Arms said, “Since that’s the case, let’s go see him.”

He immediately called out to nearly ten Territory Lords, “Follow me, the other Territory Lords… conceal yourselves and listen to my orders!”

If possible, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to kill Yang Kai. If he could kill this guy, it wouldn’t take long for the Mysterious Nether Territory to settle down.

The Territory Lords complied.

In the void, Yang Kai continued to move forward at a leisurely pace. Along the way, he was already very close to the Black Ink Clan’s main camp when he suddenly looked up and saw ten figures with powerful auras rushing out from a Universe WOrld in front of him. The leader was none other than Six Arms.

Not only that, Yang Kai also keenly noticed that there were more Territory Lords hiding in the nearby black ink clouds.

He had already anticipated this situation, so he simply smiled and continued forward without any fear.

On the other side, Six Arms looked at Yang Kai as he calmly walked over, his heart filled with admiration. This human… was truly daring. If it was him, he wouldn’t have dared to act like this. Taking the initiative to step into the enemy’s encirclement was the same as courting death.

The distance between them quickly shortened until a certain moment later, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and smiled at Six Arms.

Six Arms almost couldn't help giving orders to kill him.

Yang Kai’s current position was simply too good for the Black Ink Clan. The surrounding Territory Lords had surrounded him from all directions, and many of them were ready to attack him at any moment.

Under such circumstances, even if Yang Kai was proficient in Space Principle, he might not be able to escape unscathed, right?

Kill or not?

At this moment, Six Arms' heart began to race.

However, before he could make a decision, Yang Kai chuckled, “Six Arms, since I dared to come here alone, I naturally have the confidence to escape. Although you and the other Territory Lords have many people, it’s impossible for you to kill me. At most, you can seriously injure me.”

Six Arms' face was gloomy, but he didn’t say anything. The other Territory Lords also wore ugly expressions, feeling that Yang Kai was too arrogant.

If it were any other Eighth Order cultivator, the Territory Lords would definitely scoff at these words, but since Yang Kai had said so, they had no choice but to take him seriously. This guy wasn’t stupid. If he didn’t have the confidence, how could he dare come here alone and take the initiative to step into the encirclement of the Territory Lords?

Yang Kai continued, “If I don’t die, all you’ll be waiting for is a blunt knife cutting your flesh. Every time we fight, I’ll kill one or two of them. How many Territory Lords does your Black Ink Clan have to slaughter?”

Beside Six Arms, a Territory Lord shouted angrily, “Yang Kai, don’t act so arrogantly! Since you dare come here today, don’t even think about leaving!”

Yang Kai turned his head and looked him up and down before saying lightly, “I remember you. Ten years ago, you managed to escape from my hands. Have you recovered?”

The Territory Lord suddenly choked and couldn’t speak, subconsciously touching his waist where a wound had yet to heal.

Recalling the scene ten years ago when he had escaped from Yang Kai’s hands, he still had some lingering fears. At that time, he had been lucky and Mo Na Ye and the others had come to his rescue, forcing Yang Kai to give up.

Yang Kai’s tone suddenly became cold, “If we fight again, I’ll kill you first.”

The Territory Lord’s expression changed drastically as his eyes filled with terror, and he couldn’t help taking two steps back as the surrounding gazes fell upon him, causing him to feel so ashamed that he wanted nothing more than to crawl into a void crack.

Although he was ashamed, he didn’t dare to speak again. If he was really targeted by Yang Kai on the battlefield, he wasn’t confident he could escape.

The Mysterious Nether Territory… was a bit dangerous, so he wanted to go back to the No-Return Pass to recuperate.

“Enough!” Six Arms coldly snorted, his expression ugly.

Yang Kai had come alone, but not only did he not act like he was treading on thin ice, he was even more imposing than before. With just a few words, his subordinate Territory Lord didn’t dare to say anything, causing Six Arms to become enraged.

How could the Human Race produce such a monster!

He stared deeply at Yang Kai and asked, “Your Excellency, you didn’t come here to fight with us, right?”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, like a spring breeze, “Of course not. I came here this time mainly to negotiate peace with everyone.”

“Negotiate peace?” Six Arms and the Territory Lords were stunned.

Everyone had guessed that Yang Kai had come here alone for some purpose, but no one had expected him to say such a thing.

Peace negotiation? What peace negotiation?

The Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had tens of millions of blood feuds, is this Human Race's brain turning into dog's brain. It was impossible for them to coexist peacefully. Only when one side was completely wiped out would the war between the two races come to an end. At this time, someone actually came to negotiate peace with them?

The Territory Lords almost thought they had heard wrongly and looked at each other, subconsciously thinking that this was some kind of scheme by the Human Race.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, said seriously, “That’s right, peace negotiation. Of course, it’s not a real peace negotiation, it’s just for the level of Territory Lord and Eighth Order.”

He sighed heavily and said with a look of frustration, “My Human Race has suffered for so many years. We have suffered countless casualties and lost the 3000 Worlds. Now, we are trapped in more than a dozen Domain Battlefields, struggling to resist the attacks of the Black Ink Clan. Forget about the other Domain Battlefields, just the Mysterious Nether Territory alone has suffered heavy casualties. In that great war, blood and corpses piled up like a mountain, countless soldiers rushed forward to defend against your attacks, blood spraying the void, and soul breaking the battlefield. My Human Race has suffered too much.”

Hearing his sorrowful cries, Six Arms’ face turned red, while the other Territory Lords all wore unnatural expressions.

Frick your bullshit. Forget about the other Domain Battlefields, but on the Mysterious Nether Territory’s side, could the Human Race suffer more than the Black Ink Clan?

Indeed, in every battle, the Human Race suffered some casualties, but compared to the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race’s casualties were not even worth mentioning, right? The number of troops sent from outside had been reduced by about thirty percent in Mysterious Nether Territory.

During that battle, millions of Black Ink Clan had died.

Not only that, since Yang Kai arrived in the Mysterious Nether Territory, there had been twenty or thirty Territory Lords who had died!

Why was this guy lying through his teeth?


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