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In the Black Ink Clan’s main camp, inside a majestic meeting hall.

Many Territory Lords gathered together with solemn expressions.

Over the past thirty years, the Black Ink Clan of the Mysterious Nether Territory had been having a difficult time. Compared to the other Domain Battlefields, the losses on the Mysterious Nether Territory’s side were too great. Compared with other large-scale battlefields, the damage here in the Mysterious Nether Territory is too great. Almost 30% was consumed.

It had to be known that the Black Ink Clan now occupied many great domains and had abundant resources. They had incubated the Ink Nest, which was difficult to calculate, and bred the Black Ink Clan. This number was extremely terrifying, and all the Black Ink Clans that were born would be sent to various battlefields like the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Currently, there were more than a dozen Domain Battlefields between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan. Under normal circumstances, the Black Ink Clan that were sent over would be evenly distributed among these Domain Battlefields, but the Mysterious Nether Territory was in a tight situation and the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy casualties, so naturally, more were sent over.

This was one thing, but the main point was that twenty or thirty of the Territory Lords had already died. This was the greatest loss the Black Ink Clan had suffered.

All of this was because of one person!

In No-Return Pass' side, the Royal Lord repeatedly sent a message to reprimand him, causing Six Arms to lose all face. But what could he do? He also wanted to kill Yang Kai, but Yang Kai was cunning, and his strength was terrifying. How could he kill him?

There was even a time when Six Arms had almost been killed by Yang Kai. At that time, Six Arms had also used himself as bait to lure Yang Kai into attacking.

Sure enough, Yang Kai made his move. The lightning strike was so powerful that Six Arms couldn’t even defend himself. If it weren’t for Mo Na Ye and the others saving him in time, Six Arms would have been killed by Yang Kai’s spear.

Having personally experienced the fear of death, Six Arms was extremely fearful of Yang Kai.

Now, the two-year deadline was getting closer.

Within a month, the Human Race would definitely launch another invasion, and when that happened, another Territory Lord would suffer.

At this moment, all the Territory Lords in the hall had gathered to discuss how to deal with Yang Kai’s sneak attack.

However, after Six Arms' inquiry, the hall fell silent.

Over the past thirty years, this scene had appeared many times. Every time the Human Race’s army invaded, Six Arms would gather to discuss countermeasures, but each time they failed.

Looking down at the silent Territory Lords, Six Arms' anger soared, “Are we really going to let him continue acting so arrogantly? He’s only an Eighth Order, do you really think you can’t handle him?”

The group of Territory Lords remained silent. If there really was a way, the situation in Mysterious Nether Territory wouldn’t have been so bad all these years.

Over the years, in order to deal with Yang Kai, the Territory Lords had racked their brains and tried all kinds of methods, but they couldn’t restrict his movements. No matter how many methods they used, it was useless.

One of the Territory Lords pondered and said, “If we want to deal with Yang Kai, I’m afraid it will only be possible if the Royal Lord himself takes action. Although our Territory Lords aren’t weak, if he wants to escape, there’s nothing we can do.”

Many Territory Lords, especially Mo Na Ye, nodded in agreement.

All these years, he had led the other four Territory Lords to do nothing but stare at Yang Kai and block him several times, but so what? That guy had fled right under his nose.

It had to be said that this Space Divine Ability was truly too disgusting and was the best way to escape.

“The Royal Lord is in charge of guarding the No-Return Pass. This is a matter of great importance, how can he take action so easily?” A Territory Lord shook his head.

On the No-Return Pass' side, almost all of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had been set up there, and that was the foundation of the current Black Ink Clan. If the Royal Lord wasn’t there and some Human Race powerhouse were to destroy the Ink Nest, the Black Ink Clan would become a rootless tree or water without a source.

Right now, the Black Ink Clan only had one Royal Lord left, so the situation was indeed quite awkward, but the Territory Lords were also somewhat relieved. Fortunately, the Royal Lord had stayed behind to guard the No-Return Pass, otherwise he would have died in the Spatial Territory.

The battle in the Spatial Territory had been too intense, with almost all of the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters dead, along with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords.

Thinking about that battle, the Territory Lords felt their scalps go numb. Sometimes, even they were moved by the ruthlessness of the Human Race.

Six Arms coldly snorted, “It’s impossible for the Royal Lord to act, so everyone should think of another way.”

In his heart, he felt it was a pity. If the Royal Lord really took action, taking down Yang Kai shouldn’t be a problem. No matter how good this person was at escaping, as long as the Royal Lord targeted the Mysterious Nether Army, he wouldn’t need to worry about Yang Kai not coming to their aid.

The Territory Lords remained silent.

Six Arms was furious, “Is there really nothing we can do? That Yang Kai is only an Eighth Order now, yet he’s already so powerful. If we let him break through to the Ninth Order in the future, what will happen?”

Six Arms' roar echoed throughout the hall, causing the Territory Lords to look at each other silently.

Mo Na Ye suddenly said, “If Sir Six Arms is worried about this person advancing to the Ninth Order, there’s no need.”

Six Arms looked over with a gloomy expression, “What do you mean?”

Mo Na Ye said, “According to the information I obtained from some Black Ink Disciple, it is impossible for this Yang Kai to advance to the Ninth Order. The Human Race’s advancement is different from my Black Ink Clan’s. Each of them seems to have their own limits, and their future achievements were determined the moment they broke through to Open Heaven.”

Six Arms pondered for a moment before nodding, “I’ve heard a bit about this matter. What, is the limit of Yang Kai Eighth Order Open Heaven?”

Mo Na Ye nodded and said, “That’s right, I heard from those Black Ink Disciple that Yang Kai had broken through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven. Originally, his limit was only the Seventh Order, but after consuming some World Fruit, he manage to increase his limit to Eighth Order. However, this is already his limit, so it’s impossible for him to break through to the Ninth Order.”

The Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds for so many years, so the number of Black Ink Disciples that had been turned was naturally not small. This was especially true for the hunters who would accidentally run into the Black Ink Clan masters. Under normal circumstances, their lives would not be in danger, and the Black Ink Clan liked to turn them into Black Ink Disciple to serve them.

Some of the Human Race’s intelligence was spread out just like that.

Yang Kai was now a great threat to the entire Mysterious Nether Territory’s Black Ink Clan, so Mo Na Ye would naturally try to find out more about him. Yang Kai’s reputation among the Human Race had also spread far and wide, so his breakthrough to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage and consumption of the World Fruit was not a big secret.

It was not surprising that Mo Na yE had been able to learn about this.

Hearing Mo Na Ye say this, many Territory Lords showed a gratified look.

In fact, it wasn’t just Six Arms who was worried about Yang Kai advancing to the Ninth Order. The other Territory Lords were also worried. This guy was already so brave at the Eighth Order. If he really broke through to the Ninth Order, even a Royal Lord would find it difficult to defeat him. If that really happened, how would the Black Ink Clan survive?

These Territory Lords were all afraid of being killed by Yang Kai.

One of the Territory Lords said, “That’s not absolute. I heard that the Human Race has a way to break through their shackles. As long as you take the Open Heaven Pill from the Universe Furnace, you can break through your limits.”

Mo Na Ye nodded and said, “There is such a saying, but that so-called Universe Furnace is a supreme treasure of the world. It is ethereal and cannot be found, so no one knows when it will appear. Moreover, even if this Universe Furnace appears, how can we allow the Human Race to seize its treasure? The Open Heaven Pill produced by the Universe Furnace is useless to us, but we can't just let the Human Race seized it.”

All the Territory Lords nodded slightly.

If that Universe Furnace really appeared, it would definitely cause a bloody storm. No matter what price the Black Ink Clan paid, they would not allow the Human Race to obtain it.

Six Arms knocked on the armrest of his chair and said, “Let’s not talk about this for now, everyone should think of a way to contain Yang Kai. Two years deadline are almost up, and the Human Race will surely invade again. You don’t want another Territory Lord or two to die, right?”

As soon as he said this, many Territory Lords’ expressions changed.

Although there were many Territory Lords present, who knew if they would be the unlucky one?

However, if they were to find a way to suppress Yang Kai, they really wouldn’t be able to…

Just as the Territory Lords were at a loss, one of the Feudal Lords suddenly rushed in and said with a bewildered expression, “Sirs, there is something wrong with the Human Race.”

Many Territory Lords’ expressions changed as one of them hurriedly asked, “The Human Race is attacking?”

“Why are the human race moving so early this time? There should still be some time.”

“The Human Race is hateful, I don’t think we should target Yang Kai. If he can kill a Territory Lord, can’t we kill an Eighth Order?”

The group of Territory Lords all shouted at the same time, causing Six Arms to fly into a rage. Speaking of which, he felt quite aggrieved. In the other Domain Battlefields, the Black Ink Clan basically had the initiative. They could attack and retreat as they pleased, but now the Mysterious Nether Territory situation had turned the other way around, when had the Black Ink Clan ever been worried about the Human Race’s invasion?

Saying it out loud would be a disgrace.

Looking at the various Territory Lords under his command, Six Arms suddenly felt a little tired as he looked towards the Feudal Lord who had sent the message and asked, “Is the Human Race really attacking?”

The Feudal Lord replied, “The Human Race army showed no signs of mobilizing, but there was someone coming from there, and one of the scouts reported that this person… is suspected to be Yang Kai.”

The Territory Lords were all shocked.

Mo Na Ye asked anxiously, “Alone?”

The Feudal Lord nodded, “There is only one person.”

What is the Human Race up to? What is Yang Kai up to? For a moment, Mo Na Ye couldn’t understand the situation. No matter how strong Yang Kai was, coming here alone is too arrogant. This guy was so cunning, he shouldn’t have done something so stupid.

Six Arms obviously thought of this as well and frowned for a moment before ordering, “Continue probing. If anything happens, report immediately.”


The Feudal Lord accepted the order and left.

Not long after, a series of messages were sent over from the scouts outside, further confirming the situation.

The Human Race’s army had indeed not attacked, but there were signs of large-scale mobilization. This was normal, as the Human Race would attack once every two years, so the Black Ink Clan was already used to this.

There was indeed only one person from the Human Race, and that person was none other than Yang Kai, who the Territory Lords feared.

Moreover, he seemed to have intentionally exposed his whereabouts. Along the way, he didn’t try to conceal himself at all, and his speed wasn’t fast either. There were even some Black Ink Clan scouts who were closely observing him, but he didn’t have any intention of killing them.

This made the other Territory Lords even more confused.

What was this person trying to do?


Doing things like this was too arrogant.


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