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“Where’s Brother Ouyang? He’s the most familiar with the Regiment Commander, so he knows the Soul Shattering Spike the best.” Chen Yuan turned his head and immediately saw Ouyang Lie standing in the corner, politely saying, “Brother Ouyang, you’re here…”

“Go away, I don’t know anything, don’t ask me!” Ouyang Lie turned around and left.

Chen Yuan scratched his head, not knowing how he had offended Ouyang Lie.

After a fierce battle, Mysterious Nether Territory once again fell silent, but whether it was the Black Ink Clan or the Human Race, both knew that this silence was only temporary, the calm before the storm.

While the Human Race’s army was diligently recovering themselves, the morale of the Black Ink Clan’s forces was declining.

Three more Territory Lords had fallen, but the killer had escaped without a trace. Six Arms was furious, and Mo Na Ye was unwilling, but so what?

His original plan was to gather the strength of five Territory Lords to kill Yang Kai, but now it seemed that this method was completely useless. That guy’s ability to escape was top-notch, and he simply didn’t want to face them head-on, giving Mo Na Ye no chance to display his full strength.

This was the biggest headache. Since leaving the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had never encountered such a disgusting and terrifying enemy.

But no matter what, facing the current situation, the Black Ink Clan had no way to deal with it.

The only thing they could rejoice about was that on the Human Race’s side, there was only one Yang Kai! If there were a few more Human Race masters like this, the Black Ink Clan would be in a terrible situation.

Although Xiang Shan was strong, the Territory Lords were not too afraid of him. Xiang Shan’s strength was something they could see the limit, while Yang Kai’s strength was unfathomable.

Two years later, Yang Kai came out of seclusion again and gathered all the Eighth Order masters to discuss the dispatch of troops. In fact, there was nothing much to discuss. The Human Race had gained an advantage during the last battle, so all they needed to do was follow the same path as before.

Presumably, the Black Ink Clan had no way to deal with this. After all, when the Human Race’s army attacked, they had no choice but to resist. As long as the Black Ink Clan could only resist, Yang Kai would have a chance to kill them.

As long as it was useful, it didn’t matter.

After making some arrangements, the various Eighth Order masters left.

On the other hand, before Ouyang Lie left, he looked at Yang Kai with a bitter expression, as if he was a wronged wife, causing Yang Kai to be quite puzzled.

The Human Race army attacked again. Although they had suffered some losses in the last great battle, in the past two years, the Star Boundary’s Military Recruitment Division had also replenished their forces. Yang Kai had also transferred a hundred thousand people from the rear army, so this time, the Mysterious Nether Army was even more powerful than last time.

When the Black Ink Clan received this news, all of the Territory Lords wore solemn expressions.

Last time, when the Human Race army attacked, three Territory Lords had died, but this time, it was unknown how many would die.

However, although the Territory Lords weren’t confident in taking down Yang Kai, they had still come up with some methods to deal with him.

After all, there were more Territory Lords than Eighth Order, not to mention that there were also several other Territory Lords who had come to help.

Half a day later, a great battle broke out as the two armies clashed in the void.

This time, the Human Race didn’t hide anything and immediately summoned the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. After two years of accumulation, the Mysterious Nether Army had the capital to squander the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

One small sun after another erupted in the sky. Although the Black Ink Clan had the absolute advantage in terms of military strength, in this battle, they were actually the ones being suppressed. Countless Black Ink Clan fell under this dazzling light, and many of their battle line were defeated.

The entire Mysterious Nether Army had long since received orders to advance and retreat in an orderly fashion, so none of the Battleships pursued blindly. No matter how great their advantage was, they would still maintain their position.

In the midst of this fierce battle, Yang Kai, who was hiding in the shadows, was like a predator hunting for prey, searching for his target.

This time, the Black Ink Clan had obviously become smarter, unlike last time when the Territory Lords was alone. The Territory Lords obviously knew that once a Territory Lord was alone, they would definitely become Yang Kai’s targets.

This time, all the Territory Lords were grouped into groups of three or even four, each of them taking care of the other, making it much more difficult for Yang Kai to launch a sneak attack.

After searching for a long time, Yang Kai finally decided to act.

He was targeting the group of three Territory Lords, while the two Eighth Order Human Race masters were fighting them. These two Eighth Order Human Race masters had already used five Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, but even so, they were only able to weaken their opponent’s strength slightly and not gain any benefits.

Fortunately, the Territory Lords didn’t dare to use their full strength, just like in the previous battle, all of the Territory Lords had spared some effort to defend against an unknown sneak attack.

As such, although the two Eighth Order Human Race masters were having a difficult battle, they were still able to maintain the situation.

When the weak Soul Power fluctuations appeared, the two Eighth Order Human Race masters, who had long been prepared, immediately activated their killer moves and charged towards their opponent.

The three Territory Lords had always been on their guard, but now they all wore bitter expressions, unable to figure out why they were so unlucky. There were so many Territory Lords on the battlefield, but Yang Kai had targeted them.

Before they could even react, their Soul felt as if it had been torn apart and was in extreme pain, obviously having been hit.

Fortunately, the three Territory Lords were on their guard, and although the injuries to their Souls were unbearable, the three Territory Lords still instinctively retreated. However, at this moment, the two Eighth Order Human Race masters had already joined forces to kill one of the Territory Lords.

Yang Kai appeared at the same time and swept his Azure Dragon Spear towards the other two Territory Lords.

This time, he almost instantly sent out three Soul Shattering Spike. The pain of his Soul being torn apart was even worse than before, making him feel like his entire body was about to explode.

The power of this spear had not been fully unleashed.

With the two Territory Lords working together, they broke through his blockade and escaped in the blink of an eye. By the time Yang Kai wanted to stop them, it was already too late.

He couldn’t help admiring the decisiveness of these Territory Lords.

Without any regret, he decisively turned around and charged towards the Territory Lord who had been stopped.

Three against one, and their opponent was a Territory Lord with an injured Soul, the result was obvious.

A few breaths later, the Territory Lord was killed by an Eighth Order Human Race master.

At the same time, the sound of war drums rang out as the Human Race army slowly retreated.

On the other hand, Mo Na Ye had already led the other four Territory Lords over. Although Mo Na Ye and the other five Territory Lords had returned empty-handed last time, this time they were still responsible for keeping an eye on Yang Kai. They hadn’t participated in the previous battle, but once Yang Kai appeared, their only mission was to kill him. Whether they succeeded or not, they had to ensure that Yang Kai didn’t act recklessly.

Previously, Yang Kai had also sensed their auras, which was why he didn’t try to stop the two injured Territory Lords. Otherwise, with his strength, there was still hope for one of them to survive.

The Black Ink Clan continued to pursue, the two races’ soldiers killing each other in the void as blood rained down. It wasn’t until the Mysterious Nether Army retreated to the frontline camp that the Black Ink Clan reluctantly withdrew.

From a distance, the eyes of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords almost spewed fire, wanting nothing more than to rush over, but the Human Race’s forces had multiplied, so the Black Ink Clan could only retreat helplessly.

The result of this battle was unsatisfactory. Although they had killed many Black Ink Clans, only one of their Territory Lords had been killed. It had to be said that although the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords’ method of dealing with Yang Kai’s sneak attack could not completely guarantee their own safety, it could greatly reduce their casualties.

Just like this time, although Yang Kai had used the Soul Shattering Spike to injure three Territory Lords, he could only kill one.

Compared to losing three Territory Lords like last time, this loss was somewhat acceptable to the Black Ink Clan.

Another round of healing.

Two years later, the Human Race’s army attacked for the third time.

Once or twice was one thing, but after the first time they took the initiative to attack, the Human Race’s army would attack almost every two years, and basically every time, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords would fall, sometimes one, sometimes two, and only a few would escape after being heavily injured by Yang Kai.

These two times, they had been lucky. With Mo Na Ye as their leader, the five Territory Lords who were responsible for keeping an eye on Yang Kai had happened to be nearby and had rushed over in an instant. Seeing that things were not looking good, Yang Kai didn’t try to kill them.

But most of the time, even if there were Mo Na Ye’s people watching Yang Kai, the Territory Lord who had been injured by the Soul Shattering Spike would not be able to escape death.

In just thirty years, the Human Race’s army had attacked more than a dozen times, so nearly twenty Territory Lords had fallen.

Counting the Territory Lords who had died at Yang Kai’s hands, just the Mysterious Nether Territory alone had killed thirty of the Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lords.

What a terrifying number.

The entire Mysterious Nether Territory had become the burial ground of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

The Territory Lords who is sleeping on the No-Return Pass to recuperate were most afraid of being sent to the Mysterious Nether Territory. Yang Kai’s name was also feared by countless Black Ink Clan masters.

It wasn’t that the Black Ink Clan had no way to change the situation.

The pattern of the Human Race’s invasion was very obvious, basically once every two years. The reason for this was because the Black Ink Clan had speculated that the Human Race army needed to be reorganized while Yang Kai himself needed to heal after using that strange method.

The Human Race’s army was nothing to fear, and the only one the Territory Lords were afraid of was Yang Kai. Therefore, after the Human Race withdrew several times, the Black Ink Clan pursued them relentlessly, wanting to take advantage of Yang Kai’s recovery to deal a heavy blow to the Human Race.

However, after so many years of preparation, the floating continent where the frontline camp was located had long since become impregnable. With these arrangements, the Human Race army was not completely helpless.

Especially now that the Human Race still had the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance to use, an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator with the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance might be able to kill an Innate Territory Lord.

If the Black Ink Clan wanted to take down the frontline base of the Mysterious Nether Army, it was no different from a fool’s dream.

Countless Territory Lords felt sullen and angry.

There were too many Territory Lords who had died because of Yang Kai, but they couldn’t do anything to him. They couldn’t defeat him, they couldn’t kill him, and it was as if the entire Mysterious Nether Territory had become his slaughterhouse. Every time he appeared, some Territory Lords would suffer, the only difference was whether one or two of them died.

The Black Ink Clan did have many Innate Territory Lords, many more than the Human Eighth Order, but they still couldn’t bear the consumption. If this continued, it wouldn’t be long before the Mysterious Nether Territory fell.


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