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The Eighth Order master's heart was filled with joy as he succeed, but before he could rejoice, Yang Kai’s voice sounded in his ear. Looking up again, Yang Kai was already far away.

At the same time, several powerful auras rapidly approached.

This Eighth Order turned his head and saw the figures of five Territory Lords including Mo Na Ye. He couldn’t help jumping in fright and hurriedly fled in the opposite direction from Yang Kai.

Mo Na Ye and the others were obviously not interested in this Eighth Order, their only target was Yang Kai.

On the Mysterious Nether Territory’s side, too many Territory Lords had fallen because of Yang Kai. If this person didn’t die, which Territory Lord would feel at ease?

Moreover, Yang Kai had already used his killer move three times in a row, and three Territory Lords had died because of it, so he no longer had the strength to use it.

This was equivalent to a tiger that had its fangs pulled out, so how could Mo Na Ye and the other Territory Lords be afraid? This was a rare opportunity, if they couldn’t kill Yang Kai this time, who knew if there would be a next time.

Therefore, Mo Na Ye led the other four Territory Lords to pursue Yang Kai.

As they ran, they crossed the vast battlefield. From the battlefield behind them, the sound of the beating drums of the Human Race could be heard. The rhythm was clear and powerful, and it was unknown what kind of order they were issuing.

However, how could the five Territory Lords care about this? All five pairs of eyes stared at Yang Kai.

After chasing for a while, Mo Na Ye’s expression became ugly. He suddenly realized that even if Yang Kai had become a toothless tiger, they couldn’t do anything to him.

The main thing was that this guy was too fast and they couldn’t catch up to him, so they couldn’t kill him even if they wanted to.

When an Innate Territory Lord wanted to escape, an Eighth Order Open Heaven master is helpless to stop them. Similarly, if an Eighth Order master wanted to escape, the Territory Lords would have no good way to stop them.

This was also the reason why not many Eighth Order and Territory Lords had fallen on the battlefield over the past few decades. If the situation wasn’t too bad, no one would fight to the death.

Two years ago, two Eighth Order Human Race masters had died in battle, mainly because the Mysterious Nether Territory was about to fall and they had no choice but to fight to the death. If they had not fought to the death, the casualties of the Human Race’s soldiers would have been even greater, and the Mysterious Nether Territory would likely have been in danger.

Right now, Mo Na Ye had fallen into such an awkward situation. With the five Territory Lords working together, there was indeed a chance they could kill Yang Kai, but the key was that the other party didn’t even try to fight them and simply fled.

This caused Mo Na Ye to have nowhere to vent his anger. This time, he was the one who had provided Six Arms with the strategy, so Six Arms were quite cooperative. However, three Territory Lords had died because of this, so if they didn’t gain anything, Six Arms would definitely become angry.

He wasn’t afraid of Six Arms, but now that he was under his command, he might be targeted in the future.

Helpless, he could only raise his hand and take out an extremely small ink nest, roughly the size of his palm. This kind of ink nest had yet to fully hatch, so it naturally didn’t have the ability to nurture the Black Ink Clan, but if it was only used for communication, so it wouldn’t matter.

This was only a Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest, used for communication, so it was not too high-grade.

Mo Na Ye’s Divine Sense surged as he used the Ink Nest in his hand to send a message.

Since he couldn’t pursue him, he could only ask for help.

A short while later, from the Black Ink Clan’s main camp on a Universe World, three of the Territory Lords who had stayed behind to guard the camp flew into the sky.

Mo Na Ye’s heart was filled with depression as he made all kinds of arrangements, but Yang Kai, who was fleeing in front of him, was extremely relaxed. Although using the Soul Shattering Spike gave him a headache, he was already used to this kind of thing, so it didn’t affect him much. At most, his strength would be slightly reduced.

For the time being, he couldn’t use the Soul Shattering Spike, so he couldn’t be bothered to tangle with the Territory Lords. The main reason he wanted to escape was to lure these five Territory Lords away.

According to the original plan, the Human Race army should withdraw at this moment. There weren’t many Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, and once they were exhausted, the Human Race army that took the initiative to attack would not be a match for the Black Ink Clan. He had already heard the sound of the war drum to retreat.

Without five Territory Lords, it would be easier for the army to retreat.

In fact, if he wanted to, he could use his Space Principle to escape from the pursuers behind him. So what if the five Territory Lords had locked onto him?

Back then, even the Royal Lords couldn’t do anything to him, let alone the five Territory Lords.

Since he could escape at any time, Yang Kai naturally had nothing to fear, so he simply let them follow behind him.

After a while, Yang Kai suddenly felt something and looked up, vaguely sensing a powerful aura approaching him.

His heart skipped a beat. There was an obstruction up ahead.

He quickly turned around.

However, a moment later, another Territory Lord appeared in front of him.

He turned again.

After two hours, Yang Kai suddenly stopped in mid-air and turned around.

Mo Na Ye was overjoyed. He had not wasted his efforts in sending a message to the Territory Lords on the main camp to help him, so Yang Kai had nowhere to run.

'Let’s see how you die now.'

From afar, the Territory Lords’ auras locked onto Yang Kai like chains. If he dared to act rashly, he would suffer a violent storm.

As the distance between them shortened, Mo Na Ye could faintly see Yang Kai’s figure.

Looking into the distance, their eyes met. Mo Na Ye’s eyes were filled with fire, but there was also a look of joy on his face, as if he was about to succeed. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s expression was calm.

He opened his mouth, but Mo Na Ye didn’t hear what he was saying, only vaguely guessing that he was calling him an idiot…

Immediately, he saw Yang Kai raise his hands and a yellow and blue light began to flow.

Mo Na Ye suddenly had a bad feeling and shouted, “Kill him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his Qi surged and condensed into a powerful and pure Secret Technique that shot towards Yang Kai.

Many Territory Lords beside him also attacked.

In an instant, the world was turned upside down.

However, Mo Na’er’s heart skipped a beat because the moment they attacked, the yellow and blue colors suddenly transformed into pure white light. Under this white light, the auras of these Territory Lords that had been locked onto Yang Kai were cut off one after another, and soon after, they lost Yang Kai’s aura.

When the dust settled, the eight Territory Lords gathered together, but there were still traces of Yang Kai's figure in front of them, and a faint fluctuation of Space Force still lingering in the air.

Looking at each other, Mo Na Ye looked like a concubine who had lost their family.

By the time Yang Kai returned to the frontline camp, the Human Race’s army had already retreated. Because it was a large-scale retreat, even if the Black Ink Clan pursued them relentlessly, they would not gain any advantage.

On the other hand, with the Human Race not caring about their losses, and with the help of countless Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, the Black Ink Clan suffered many casualties.

Seeing Yang Kai appear, the group of Eighth Order masters quickly came forward and cupped their fists.

Yang Kai looked around and found that none of the Eighth Order masters were missing, but most of them were still injured. Nodding slightly, he said, “All of the injured Eighth Order go heal your injury. For the time being, we won’t be engaging in any battle. Command the Artifact Refiners in the army to refine the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.”

“Yes!” Everyone nodded.

Yang Kai waved his hand, “Go, I’m going to heal my injuries.”

Saying so, he walked straight towards his palace.

Leaving behind a group of Eighth Order masters who were still somewhat dissatisfied.

Having defended the Mysterious Nether Territory for decades, this battle could be said to be the most satisfying, and it was also the first time the Human Race had launched a large-scale attack.

In the past, there had always been battles that lasted for dozens of days or even half a year, but in this battle, from the beginning of the battle with the Black Ink Clan until the entire army retreated, only half a day had passed. It could be said that this battle was as fast as lightning and as fast as the wind, but the results were extremely great.

Just the Territory Lord alone have three casualties, and the Black Ink Clan below the Territory Lord-level had suffered at least a million casualties. Although most of them were cannon fodder, some of them were even Feudal Lords. [MSN: I think it's more important to kill the Feudal Lord now since they can advance to Royal Lord level.]

Although there were some casualties on the side of the Mysterious Nether Army, compared to the gains, they were negligible.

All of this was thanks to the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Taking the initiative to attack without any reinforcements was extremely dangerous for the Human Race’s army. In the past, the Human Race had always relied on various arrangements to resist the Black Ink Clan’s attacks, but the method of war had continued to extend the path of the Ink Battlefield. It wasn’t that the Eighth Order masters didn’t want to take the initiative to attack, it was just that they didn’t have the capital or courage to do so.

However, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had made up for this shortcoming.

Controlling the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance at all costs had greatly suppressed the Black Ink Clan’s army. In this battle alone, the entire Mysterious Nether Army had used up all the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance they had accumulated over the past two years.

This only lasted for half a day.

If the Human Race army didn’t retreat in time, without the suppression of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, their losses would definitely increase.

Compared to the gains of the Human Race’s army, the three Territory Lords were the biggest gains this time. No matter how many of the Black Ink Clan’s armies died, if the Territory Lords didn’t die, it would be useless. The Territory Lords were the top forces of the Black Ink Clan. If one day they were able to exterminate all of the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords on this Mysterious Nether Territory, no matter how many of the Black Ink Clan’s armies there were, they wouldn’t amount to anything.

“The Regiment Commander is young and promising. With a single Soul Shattering Spike, that Territory Lord immediately withered. With a single slash, that Territory Lord was decapitated like a melon.” Chen Yuan recalled the scene of the previous battle and his blood still boiled.

Two years ago, he had killed a Territory Lord with Yang Kai’s help, and now, in this great battle, he had killed another one.

“Yes, the Soul Shattering Spike is the best weapon against a Territory Lord. After the Territory Lord who fought with me was hit by the Soul Shattering Spike, about thirty percent of his strength was lost. He wanted to escape, but the Regiment Commander arrived in time and stopped him.”

“The Regiment Commander is brave and unparalleled, he is also able to escape safely from five Territory Lords. Truly admirable.”

The group of Eighth Order masters chattered like children who had never seen the world before, singing praises of the world.

It wasn’t that they wanted to brag, but after Yang Kai’s arrival, the dire situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory had suddenly opened up, so they had no choice but to accept this.

“The Soul Shattering Spike is so powerful, I wonder if we can cultivate it?” Someone asked.

If this thing could be popularized, it would be equivalent to a contribution to the world. In the future, when dealing with Territory Lords, they could easily kill them with a Soul Shattering Spike.

“I’ve heard that this technique requires the use of a special artifact, and the price to use it is too high. Both sides will have to endure the pain of their Soul being torn apart, so it’s not suitable for common use.”


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