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On the floating continent where the front line’s main camp was located, a murderous aura filled the air. Although no direct order had been issued yet, the various troops all felt a sense of oppression.

This was the smell of a great battle.

After fighting with the Black Ink Clan for so many years, many of the Human Race’s soldiers had a keen perception of the outbreak of war. Many times, they had their own judgments about the arrival of war.

On the floating continent at the front line, the Human Race army was preparing for war.

Inside the palace, Yang Kai watched as Yu Rumeng’s team left, heading towards the gathering point of the garrison's.

They are not many reminders, there was nothing to worry about. All the women were now at the Seventh Order Open Heaven and were riding on the Battleship Bi Xi had transformed into. In terms of safety, they were much higher than the other Human Race soldiers.

With the invasion of foreign enemies, every human race was contributing their strength, so even if Yu Rumeng and the others were his family, they couldn’t escape unscathed.

Especially now that he was the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, he had to set an example.

Watching the figures of Yu Rumeng and the others gradually disappear into the distance, Yang Kai’s figure also flashed and disappeared from his original position. The main force was the catalyst, so his actions were extremely important. He hoped that this time he could return with a full harvest.

In the void, the Human Race’s forces began to gather, with the Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators patrolling back and forth.

Soon, the void was filled with densely packed Battleships, each of them a massive fleet.

On a huge Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Ouyang Lie stood on the deck, staring into the void, his expression cold and his fighting spirit soaring. As the Central Army sent a message, Ouyang Lie pointed and shouted, “Fight!”

On the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, there was a battle drum he had specially made. As Ouyang Lie’s only disciple, Gong Lian held a drum stick and personally struck it.

Even in the void, when the drumbeat fell, there was an exciting shocking sound one after another, invigorating the spirit of the army.

The vanguard attacked!

Ouyang Lie loved to fight, so almost every time the Mysterious Nether Army moved out, he was the vanguard.

Following closely behind the vanguard’s forces, one garrison after another began to move out. From the left and the right, Kong Cheng De took command of the Central Army.

The originally noisy floating continent was now completely empty, with only a few cultivators who were unfamiliar with the battlefield or who weren’t very strong staying behind to offer their sincere blessings to the army.

When the Human Race’s army moved out, the Black Ink Clan quickly noticed.

This couldn’t be helped. This time, the main force of the Mysterious Nether Army’s front line was nearly four hundred thousand soldiers. If the Small Stone Race was included, there were at least a million of them. With such a large scale army, as long as the Black Ink Clan wasn’t blind, they would be able to spy on them.

The Black Ink Clan scouts who were out scouting for information were all surprised and quickly reported back.

The main camp of the Black Ink Clan was located on a different floating continent from the front line of the Human Race. The main camp of the Black Ink Clan had several Universe Worlds, one of which was originally located here, while the other Universe Worlds had been moved here by the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

The Black Ink Clan needed the Ink Nest, so these Universe Worlds were indispensable. These Universe Worlds now all had more or less a number of Ink Nest, especially a few Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, which were even larger than the other Ink Nests.

Currently, all of these Ink Nest's masters were healing their injuries.

The intelligence from the frontline scouts arrived one after another and soon arrived in Six Arms' hands. When he learned that the Human Race’s frontline army had actually come here, Six Arms was obviously shocked.

This was something that had never happened before. On the Mysterious Nether Territory’s side, ever since he began taking charge, the Human Race had basically been on the defensive. Occasionally, they would attack, but this was the first time they had launched such a large-scale attack.

What did the Human Race want to do?

Six Arms couldn’t see through it, causing him to feel somewhat depressed.

In fact, for the past two years, Six Arms had been feeling quite frustrated because of that Yang Kai fellow.

Because of this person, eleven Territory Lords on the Mysterious Nether Territory's side had already died, but the key was that with this person here, the Black Ink Clan’s masters wouldn’t dare act rashly. [MSN: Not sure why it's eleven. Did i miss something?]

In the past, the Black Ink Clan had taken the absolute initiative to fight and retreat as they pleased, so the Human Race had no way to deal with them.

The number of Territory Lords was greater than the number of Eighth Order ones, this was the Black Ink Clan’s confidence.

But now?

So what if there were a lot of Territory Lords? Six Arms didn’t dare act rashly, afraid that Yang Kai would suddenly jump out from somewhere. Even Six Arms didn’t have the confidence to resist such a sinister method. If he is accidentally caught by him, the best case would be severe injury, and the worst case would be death.

Because of this, Six Arms cursed Mo Na Ye to death. If it weren’t for this fellow sending him the wrong information, causing him to misunderstand that Yang Kai was trapped in the Yearning Territory, how could he have lost five Territory Lords two years ago?

On the other hand, Mo Na Ye’s reply was that Yang Kai was definitely in the Yearning Territory and could not escape.

What was the result?

Over there, the millions of troops and nine Territory Lords had searched through the entire Yearning Territory, but they still couldn’t find any trace of Yang Kai. It was unknown when he had left the Yearning Territory.

If it weren’t for the Royal Lord’s orders, Mo Na Ye would still be wasting his time in the Yearning Territory.

Thinking of this, Six Arms couldn’t wait to skin Mo Na Ye alive. On the battlefield, information was too important. A single wrong piece of information could lead to the destruction of a million soldiers and the death of several Territory Lords.

Just as he was thinking this, Mo Na Ye rushed into the hall and said, “Sir Six Arms, the Human Race’s army has attacked.”

Obviously, he had also obtained some information.

Six Arms glanced at him coldly and said, “I know.”

The loss in the Yearning Territory had caused Mo Na Ye to hate Yang Kai deeply. After confirming that Yang Kai had left the Yearning Territory, he had immediately sent a message to the Royal Lord to request permission to transfer to the Mysterious Nether Territory and vowed to kill Yang Kai to redeem himself.

The Territory Lord of the Mysterious Nether Territory had suffered a great loss and needed to be replenished, so the Royal Lord naturally agreed.

As such, Mo Na Ye led the other Territory Lords and some of the Black Ink Clan’s armies to the Mysterious Nether Territory a year ago to replenish their forces.

For the past year, Mo Na Ye had repeatedly requested to fight, but he had always been suppressed by Six Arms, causing Mo Na Ye to feel dissatisfied with him.

However, Six Arms were the one in charge one the Mysterious Nether Territory, so even if he was dissatisfied, there was nothing he could do.

Today, after learning that the Human Race’s army had actually taken the initiative to attack, Mo Na Ye was extremely excited and felt that he finally had a chance to take revenge.

Yang Kai was indeed powerful, and Mo Na Ye had to admit that six Territory Lords from the Yearning Territory had died because of him, but it was because of this that he regarded Yang Kai as the greatest enemy of the Black Ink Clan. As long as he could kill Yang Kai, the other Eighth Order masters were nothing to fear.

Moreover, he felt that he had found a way to deal with Yang Kai.

“Since the Human Race army has already attacked, Yang Kai will definitely appear. This is a good opportunity to kill him,” Mo Na Ye said excitedly.

Six Arms coldly snorted, “This person’s strength is incredible, his movements are strange, and his methods are bizarre. Do you have the ability to kill him?”

Mo Na Ye shook his head, “I alone won’t do, I need help.”

Six Arms was surprised. He was dissatisfied with Mo Na Ye because the last time he had received a misinformation, the Territory Lords on his side had suffered heavy losses. However, from Mo Na Ye’s words, it seemed he was willing to deal with Yang Kai. This was something he was quite happy to hear.

Thinking about it, this Mo Na Ye was even more arrogant than him. If he didn’t want to wash away his shame, why would he come to the Mysterious Nether Territory to listen to his orders? With his strength, he was more than capable of overseeing a terrisory and presiding over its war.

After a moment of silence, Six Arms lowered his tone and asked, “Do you have any ideas?”

Mo Na Ye replied, “There is a way, but it will depend on whether or not Sir Six Arms is willing to give it up a few flesh.”

“Let’s hear it,” Six Arms asked. The biggest problem in the Mysterious Nether Territory was Yang Kai. If they could really deal with him, it would be a once and for all solution.

Mo Na Ye said, “I’m sure Sir Six Arms knows that Yang Kai has some kind of strange method to deal with the enemy using his Soul. This method is so powerful that even Innate Territory Lords like us would find it difficult to guard against it. This time, the Human Race’s army has taken the initiative to attack, so he will definitely hide and wait for an opportunity to strike. This way, my Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords will be on edge. In a great battle, if they have such scruples, it will be difficult for them to display their full strength.”

“That’s right!” Six Arms nodded. When he received the news just now, the one he was most worried about was Yang Kai. He didn’t even need to send anyone to investigate, he knew that they definitely wouldn’t be able to find Yang Kai’s whereabouts. Just as Mo Na Ye had said, this guy would definitely hide in the shadows and find an opportunity to kill him!

With such a fellow here, which of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords wouldn’t be worried? It could be said that he alone was enough to greatly suppress the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s higher-ups.

“However, his methods aren’t without cost. According to the various pieces of information I’ve obtained, he can only use them three times in a short period of time, and after three times, he won’t be able to use them again. Moreover, he will likely suffer some damage to himself. The Human Race has a saying; the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Since he wants to secretly attack the Territory Lord, all we need to do is give him a chance to attack, and he won’t miss it! Once he makes a move, he won’t be able to hide his tracks anymore. When the time comes, I’ll lead several Territory Lords to attack him. So what if he’s strong?”

Six Arms' eyes lit up when he heard this and glanced over at Mo Na Ye, “Yang Kai is the mantis, are you the oriole?”

Mo Na Ye nodded, “Only then will we have a chance to capture him.”

“Then who will be the cicada?”

“That will have to depend on Sir Six Arms' arrangements.”

Six Arms pondered for a moment. It had to be said that this Mo Na Ye fellow was quite smart. This was indeed a way to deal with Yang Kai, but if he really did so, he would have to be mentally prepared to lose the Territory Lord. Once Yang Kai succeeded, the Territory Lord who was targeted would most likely die.

No wonder Mo Na Ye had asked him if he was willing to give up a flesh.

What was there to be unwilling about? As long as they could kill Yang Kai, what did losing a Territory Lord matter? One had to know that almost twenty Territory Lords had died because of this guy.

If he could use the life of a Territory Lord in exchange for eradicating Yang Kai, Six Arms would be extremely willing.

Seemingly seeing through his thoughts, Mo Na Ye continued, “Sir Six Arms, one cicada is not enough to act as bait.”


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Lord Sunyata
Lord Sunyata
May 15, 2023

A flesh is all it takes for Yank Kai to appear and disappear.


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Sadiq Shaikh
May 01, 2023

bruh Yang Kai will just run away even your Royal Lord couldn't keep him and 3 territory lords died right under his nose what makes you think you can kill him let alone capture him XD


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Sin Nombre
Mar 09, 2023

Poor people don't know that when he can't fight he runs like the devil


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Rudiansyah R
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When you think your enemy have a fix limit, then there's where you fucked up

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