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Yang Kai nodded slightly, “We can’t just rest here forever. It’s been two years since the last great battle, and although everyone’s injuries haven’t fully recovered, I don’t think the Black Ink Clan will be any better. No one will take advantage of anyone.”

Ouyang Lie immediately became excited, “This old master will be the vanguard!”

Wei Junyang, on the other hand, was somewhat hesitant, “Sir, the battle here in the Mysterious Nether Territory was quite intense, so it’s rare for us to have a few days of rest. If we were to start another war, I’m afraid the soldiers won’t be able to hold on.”

If a Black Ink Clan master was seriously injured, they would need to enter the Ink Nest to recuperate. If a Human Race master was injured, although it wouldn’t be so troublesome, it wouldn’t be easy to recover.

For example, Ouyang Lie’s injuries from two years ago had yet to fully heal.

Ouyang Lie glanced at him, “What’s there to be afraid of? Yang Boy is right, our side isn’t having a good time, the Black Ink Clan isn’t having a good time either, neither of us is taking advantage of the other. What’s more, things are different now, we still have more Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.”

Over the past two years, the Artifact Refiners from the Mysterious Nether Army had refined a number of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. Although there weren’t many of them, it was still enough to handle a battle. With the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in hand, the pressure on the Human Race would be greatly reduced.

Wei Junyang shook his head, “It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s just…” He looked up at Yang Kai, “Does Sir have any thoughts?”

Although he didn’t quite agree with the Human Race initiating a war, he still decided to listen to Yang Kai’s plan.

Yang Kai said, “The Black Ink Clan’s forces are powerful, in comparison, my Human Race is quite weak. These past few years, it has been the Black Ink Clan who has taken the initiative to attack, while my Human Race has been forced to passively defend. This is also understandable. If were were to launch an offensive strike. The Human Race doesn’t have this ability right now, and neither do I or anyone else here.”

Kong Cheng De pondered for a moment before asking, “Sir means…”

Yang Kai said, “I want the main force of the Mysterious Nether Army to launch a campaign to divert the attention of the Black Ink Clan’s army.” He raised his hand and pointed towards a certain spot on the Void Chart, “I will infiltrate this place and assist the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs here to kill the Territory Lord here and take down this battlefront.”

Ouyang Lie smiled happily, “Just like last time?”

Yang Kai nodded.

The last time Yang Kai had secretly attacked, the results had been great. Not only had the five Territory Lords been killed, but the Black Ink Clan army on the auxiliary front had also been defeated and fled, suffering heavy losses.

The Mysterious Nether Territory's auxiliary battlefront wasn’t limited to just that one area. There were also several other areas that Yang Kai had obviously targeted.

Kong Cheng De and Wei Junyang glanced at each other before the former smiled wryly and said, “Sir has been in secluded cultivation for the past two years, so I’m afraid you don’t know about the situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory. It’s my fault for forgetting to report this matter to Sir.”

“What?” Yang Kai looked at him in confusion.

Kong Cheng De said, “The last time Sir attacked, after the Black Ink Clan suffered a great loss, they had completely given up on the several auxiliary battlefronts. All of the Black Ink Clan’s armies have retreated, even the Ink Nest has been moved away.”

Yang Kai was stunned.

He had been preparing to continue attacking the several auxiliary battlefronts, but he hadn’t expected that after suffering a loss, the Black Ink Clan would immediately withdraw from this battlefront.

What the hell?

“Six Arms is quite decisive!” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

This situation was expected. If Yang Kai really wanted to go to the auxiliary battlefronts several times to cause trouble, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to defend themselves, and it was only a matter of time before they retreated. However, the Black Ink Clan’s refusal to give him a chance was quite infuriating.

However, doing so would be beneficial to the Human Race. The Black Ink Clan no longer had auxiliary battlefront, so the Mysterious Nether Army only needed to guard against the main forces of the Black Ink Clan and no longer needed to be distracted.

Kong Cheng De pondered for a moment before asking, “Does Sir intend to kill the Territory Lords?”

Yang Kai nodded, “The number of Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords is much higher than our Human Race’s Eighth Order. Although we killed a group of them before, it was still difficult to close the gap between the two races’ high-level combat strength… En, in fact, this gap may never be closed, it’s up to us. Only by killing a few more Territory Lords can we reduce the pressure on our Human Race. I want those Territory Lords to tremble in fear!”

The Eighth Order masters looked at each other, secretly sighing at the hot-bloodedness of this young man. Although these old Eighth Order masters weren’t afraid of fighting to the death with the Black Ink Clan, compared to Yang Kai, they were still lacking some vitality.

Perhaps this was also the reason why the Head Office Division wanted Yang Kai to become the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army. On one hand, Yang Kai’s personal strength was tyrannical, but on the other hand, it was also because the Head Office Division wanted to see some changes. The various Regiment Commanders were all old and serious people.

Kong Cheng De said, “If Sir’s intentions are as such, then there is no need to hesitate. The army will press forward and lead the Black Ink Clan into battle. The Eighth Order Garrison Chief will be entangled with the Territory Lord, so Sir can wait for an opportunity to kill them.”

There was also someone who worriedly said, “The Mysterious Nether Army prioritized defense mainly because there was a gap in strength between them, so they had to rely on various arrangements to defend against the enemy. If we were to attack rashly without reinforcements, it might not be a good thing.”

On the Ink Battlefield, the Human Race had also focused on defense in the early years, because the Human Race could rely on the various mountain passes to defend themselves. The same was true for the Mysterious Nether Army. Although there weren’t any impregnable mountain passes they could use, they could still make some arrangements in advance.

These arrangements could greatly compensate for the weakness in combat strength and effectively repel the Black Ink Clan’s attacks.

Kong Cheng De said, “This isn’t a big deal, taking the initiative to attack does have its drawbacks, but now that the Mysterious Nether Army has the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, if we disregard consumption, the Black Ink Clan may not be able to gain any advantage in the short term. Of course, it’s hard to say in the long term.”

Yang Kai asked, “Senior Brother Kong estimated that with the help of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, how long can the Mysterious Nether Army last?”

Kong Cheng De pondered for a moment before replying, “Half a day!”

After two years of refining, they were only able to persist for half a day, which was understandable. After all, refining the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was not easy, but activating it was extremely simple. Finding an opportunity to do so was a matter of time.

Yang Kai understood and said, “If that’s the case, once the war begins, the Human Race must withdraw in half a day or else they will be powerless to resist.”

“If it weren’t for the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance restricting the Black Ink Clan, the loss of the Mysterious Nether Army would have been enormous.”

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded.

Looking at the Void Chart, he remained silent.

The Eighth Order masters silently waited while Ouyang Lie constantly signaled to Yang Kai with his eyes, his face filled with encouragement, as if he wanted to let this little brat do as he pleased.

After a long time, Yang Kai suddenly raised his head and shouted, “Relay my orders, unless a battle is fought, the frontline camp must remain on guard. Everyone else, use the various garrisons as a unit and attack in three days, forcing the Black Ink Clan’s army to come and fight. After fighting with the Black Ink Clan’s army, retreat six hours later, and each of the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs will find an opportunity to join the battle. Don’t try to kill the enemy, just try to delay them!”

“Yes!” The Eighth Order masters received their orders. Some were excited, some were worried, and some wore indifferent expressions.

If the military order was given, the main forces of the Mysterious Nether Army could be said to have all been mobilized. This was something that had never happened in the past several dozen years. If the Black Ink Clan were to learn of this risk beforehand, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The Black Ink Clan only needed to divide their forces and cut off their retreat to severely wound the Mysterious Nether Army.

It wasn’t that Yang Kai didn’t understand this point, but if he wanted to kill the Territory Lord, how could he not take some risks? He needed to defeat the Black Ink Clan of Mysterious Nether Territory in the shortest time possible so that they would fear him.

These words weren’t just empty words, he really was prepared to do so.

Yang Kai then turned to Kong Cheng De and said, “Senior Brother Kong, the rear of the army is under your command.”

Kong Cheng De nodded, “Rest assured Sir, this Kong will do his best.”

“Prepare yourselves!” Yang Kai waved his hand.

The group of Eighth Order masters quickly dispersed.

Ouyang Lie followed behind Yang Kai and walked out of the hall. Yang Kai turned around and asked, “Does Sir Ouyang need something?”

Ouyang Lie glanced around before pulling Yang Kai’s arm to a remote corner.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If someone who didn’t know what was going on found out about this sneaky appearance, they wouldn’t even know what he and Ouyang Lie were plotting.

“Sir Ouyang, if you have something to say, just say it.” Yang Kai was still preparing to return to the palace to instruct Yu Rumeng and the others on some matters, so he didn’t have the time to chat with him.

Ouyang Lie smiled, “Junior Brother, we’ve known each other for many years, how does Senior Brother treat you?”

When there is nothing for him to do, he would call him Yang Boy, when he need him for something, he would call him Junior Brother…

Yang Kai thought for a moment before replying, “I saved Senior Brother’s life!”

Ouyang Lie’s expression froze. There was nothing wrong with these words. Back then, he had been separated from the Human Race’s army and had been stranded outside the No-Return Pass, surrounded with a group of remnant soldiers. It was Yang Kai who had led him and a group of Human Race into the Spatial Territory from the No-Return Pass.

In truth, Yang Kai had saved his life before.

Ouyang Lie nodded, “That’s right, in other words, we have a life and death friendship.”

How could this be understood as such?

Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to refute him.

Ouyang Lie smiled happily, “Since that’s the case, Junior Brother must take good care of Senior Brother.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help glancing at him, “I didn’t expect Senior Brother to be so afraid of death!”

Ouyang Lie was stunned for a moment before cursing, “Bullshit, this old master has fought on the battlefield for so many years, when have I ever been afraid of death?”

“Then what does Senior Brother mean?”

Ouyang Lie cursed, “Chen Yuan that dog, ever since he retreated from the auxiliary battlefront, he’s been showing off, saying that he cut off the head of an Innate Territory Lord with a single sword strike. Others may not know what kind of strength that dog has, but how could I not know? If it was a one-on-one fight, this old master would even use one hand to fight him, i would be able to beat him up that even his disciple won't be able to recognize him. It’s all thanks to Junior Brother’s help that he was able to kill a Territory Lord.”

At this point, Ouyang Lie put on a smile and said, “Junior Brother, good things don’t fall into the hands of outsiders. Speaking of which, we’re also a family, and we’ve all served in the Great Evolution Army before. When you were injured, Gong Lian and I even took care of you. This time, you’re going to kill the Territory Lord. Later, I’ll find a Territory Lord and try my best to entangle him, so you can sneak over and give him a blow to the head. This… you understand?”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and quickly nodded, “I understand, I understand.”

Ouyang Lie was overjoyed, “So we agreed?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Senior Brother, I can only promise to do my best. Senior Brother also knows that the situation on the battlefield is constantly changing, and I can’t act too often…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Ouyang Lie said, “Understood, Senior Brother understands. Then, I’ll leave everything to you!”

After cupping his fists to Yang Kai, he turned around and flew away.

Yang Kai stared at his back and thought to himself, ‘What do you understand?’


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