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In Ouyang Lie’s opinion, the unforeseen change in the auxiliary battlefront was most likely related to Xiang Shan. It wasn’t as if this had never happened before. Xiang Shan had secretly snuck into a Great Domain Battlefield and then suddenly attacked, killing a Territory Lord and causing a great chaos.

There were several peak Eighth Order masters like Xiang Shan from the Head Office Division. They didn’t belong to any Great Domain Battlefield, but they could appear at any time and give the Black Ink Clan a hard time.

Over the years, it was thanks to these peak Eighth Order masters that they were able to maintain the frontlines of the various domains at critical moments.

Without their assistance, at least two or three of the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields would have been lost.

But soon, Ouyang Lie shook his head, “That’s not right, even Big Head Xiang shouldn’t have such ability.”

From beginning to end, the news of the four Territory Lords’ deaths had spread, and there were only a total of five Territory Lords on the battlefront. It seemed like they were about to capture all of them.

He had worked with Xiang Shan for many years, so he was well aware of Xiang Shan’s abilities and didn’t believe that Xiang Shan had the strength to kill four Territory Lords in a row. Even if he had the help of other Eighth Order Territory Lords, this was still an impossible task.

As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of the fifth Territory Lord falling rang out.

Ouyang Lie was stunned for a moment before grinning widely. Great, now that the Territory Lord on the other side had been completely wiped out, that auxiliary battlefront should be completely taken down by the Mysterious Nether Army.

“The Regiment Commander is back?” Fei Yong Ze suddenly glanced at Wei Junyang.

Xiang Shan didn’t have such great ability, but that didn’t mean that no one in this world could not accomplish this feat. In the entire Human Race Eighth Order, there was only one person who could do this!

Mysterious Nether Army's Regiment Commander Yang Kai!

The last time he had appeared in the Mysterious Nether Territory, he had killed three Territory Lords by himself. This time, with the help of the Human Race’s Eighth Order, it was not impossible to kill five.

These words stunned all the Eighth Order masters present.

The Regiment Commander had returned?

Wasn’t the Regiment Commander trapped in the Yearning Territory? How did she return?

Over there, millions of Black Ink Clan troops had sealed off the Domain Gate and there were also many Territory Lords guarding it. No matter how strong Yang Kai was, he probably wouldn’t be able to break out of this encirclement.

Immediately, someone asked anxiously, “Senior Brother Wei, has the Regiment Commander really returned?”

Wei Junyang nodded slightly, “Yes, the Regiment Commander has returned. He is also in charge of the auxiliary battlefront.”

“No wonder!” Everyone suddenly understood. They had thought that it was Xiang Shan who was killing the enemy, but now it seemed that it wasn’t Xiang Shan but Yang Kai.

“How did he come back? Did he kill his way out in the Yearning Territory?” Ouyang Lie was confused. When he heard that Yang Kai had been trapped in the Yearning Territory, he had been quite worried. After all, the Black Ink Clan had deployed a massive force to seal off the Domain Gates. Yang Kai was responsible for rescuing the cultivators trapped in the Yearning Territory, so there must have been a lot of constraints. Ouyang Lie had been afraid that he would show mercy and want to live and die with the trapped cultivators, but who would have thought that he would have already returned?

This was quite strange.

Moreover, this time, the Mysterious Nether Territory's war had begun because news of Yang Kai being trapped in the Yearning Territory had spread, so the Black Ink Clan was fearless.

Did the Black Ink Clan not know that Yang Kai had escaped?

Ouyang Lie was confused.

It wasn’t just him, the other Eighth Order masters also thought of this, all of them puzzled.

Wei Junyang shook his head and said, “I don’t know how the Regiment Commander managed to escape, everyone may ask him themselves later.”

Saying so, he looked into the depths of the void and saw that the five Territory Lords had fallen. The auxiliary battlefront that had been in a deadlock for several decades had opened up a gap. This time, the Human Race would definitely be able to eradicate the Black Ink Clan there.

For the Mysterious Nether Territory, this was a great victory, enough to inspire them.

The Human Race was currently lacking such a victory. After dozens of years of endless battles, whether it was the higher-ups or the various troops, all of them were mentally and physically exhausted, but there was not much good news from the various battlefields, making it impossible for them to win.

But now, there was hope!

At the same time, many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were also looking in the direction of the auxiliary battlefront. When they heard the news of the fifth Territory Lord’s death, all of the Territory Lords wore resentful expressions.

For so many years, the Black Ink Clan had always held the upper hand in the Mysterious Nether Battlefield and had not suffered any losses, but ever since Yang Kai entered the Mysterious Nether Battlefield, the Black Ink Clan had suffered two consecutive losses.

The first time, he had killed three Territory Lords, and this time, five of them had died, but even now, the Black Ink Clan still didn’t know what had happened to their side.

“Sir Territory Lord!” A Feudal Lord hurriedly came up to greet him with a panicked look on his face. It was the one who had been sent by Six Arms to inquire about the news. With the help of the Ink Nest, news of the entire Mysterious Nether Territory could be quickly spread.

The Feudal Lord hurried over to Six Arms and Six Arms asked in deep voice, “What’s the situation over there? Is Xiang Shan here?”

The Feudal Lord’s face showed a hint of fear as he reported, “It wasn’t Xiang Shan, it was that human named Yang Kai who appeared. One of the Feudal Lords saw him suddenly rush out and killed several Territory Lords.”

“What?” The Territory Lords were shocked.

Six Arms also wore a solemn expression, “Yang Kai? Did they see him clearly?”

The Feudal Lord replied, “The news from the other side said so.”

“Impossible,” One of the Territory Lords shook his head firmly, “On the Yearning Territory's side, Mo Na Ye sent word that Yang Kai is still trapped in the Yearning Territory and hasn’t shown any signs of movement, so how could he appear here?”

The other Territory Lords also felt that this was impossible. Even if Yang Kai was able to kill his way out of the Yearning Territory, it would not be enough time for him to return to the Mysterious Nether Territory. Everyone felt that the information from the auxiliary battlefront was wrong.

“Investigate again! Also, send a message to the Yearning Territory to ask about the situation over at Mo Na Ye’s side.” Although Six Arms man didn’t believe it, this matter was too important, so he had to act cautiously.

The Feudal Lord received the order and hurriedly flew towards the Black Ink Clan’s base camp. Over there, there was a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest that could communicate with the outside world.

“Sir, how about I go take a look personally?” One of the Territory Lords asked.

Six Arms pondered for a moment before shaking his head and saying, “There’s no need, that place… has already fallen into enemy hands. It’s useless to go there now, it’s more likely you’ll fall into the Human Race’s ambush. Go back and rest.”

He turned his head to look around and saw that there were two Territory Lords whose auras were in chaos and they were obviously seriously injured. He sighed lightly in his heart. These two probably wouldn’t be able to participate in the battle any time soon, they could only return to the No-Return Pass to heal their injuries.

He didn’t know if the No-Return Pass would be able to transfer some Territory Lords to this place. Recently, the Mysterious Nether Territory’s Territory Lord had suffered quite a few losses. If there were any more casualties, it would be impossible to maintain the suppression on the Human Race.

At the same time, he felt a faint sense of unease. The auxiliary battlefront… had Yang Kai really returned? But that shouldn’t be the case.

At this moment, Yang Kai had led four Eighth Order Human Race masters and tens of thousands of soldiers in pursuit, while Chen Yuan and the others were fighting madly.

It had been a few dozen years, no, several hundred years since the Human Race’s great army had been able to kill the enemy easily.

In the past, every time they fought, their opponents would always be powerful Innate Territory Lord masters.

But now, all five of the Territory Lords here had been killed, and there were no more Black Ink Clan masters who could restrain them. Under their unstoppable slaughter, no one in the Black Ink Clan could stop them, not even their Feudal Lords.

Along the way, the Black Ink Clan’s million strong army suffered countless casualties and soon arrived at the Black Ink Clan’s camp, where the Black Ink Clan occupied a universe world. On top of the universe world, there were dozens of Feudal Lord-level Ink Nests scattered about.

In just the time it took for an incense stick to burn, these dozens of Ink Nests had been completely destroyed and a lot of resources had been seized. Although the quality of these materials wasn’t good, they were still plentiful.

Half a day later, the battle came to an end, and the Black Ink Clan was nowhere to be seen. The Human Race army chasing after them let out a thunderous cheer.

After several dozen years, the Black Ink Clan in the auxiliary battlefront had finally been wiped out. This meant that in the future, the Human Race would no longer need to deploy their forces in this direction and would instead send more forces to the main battlefield.

Cleaning up the battlefield and collecting the corpses of the fallen soldiers, everything proceeded in an orderly manner.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to leave, instead leading Chen Yuan and the other Eighth Order masters to lie in ambush on a floating continent. He didn’t know if the Black Ink Clan would send people here to inquire about the situation, he was just taking precautions.

If a Territory Lord came to investigate the situation, it would be an unexpected harvest.

Unfortunately, after waiting for a long time, there was still no movement, so Yang Kai didn’t have the heart to wait any longer and immediately ordered his troops to return to the camp while Chen Yuan and the others received their orders.

Leaving the aftermath to Chen Yuan and the others, Yang Kai flew alone to the frontline camp.

Inside the camp, many Eighth Order masters were waiting for him. Seeing him appear, they all cupped their fists and greeted him. Yang Kai responded to each of them one by one, seeing that most of them were injured, especially Ouyang Lie and several other Eighth Order masters. Their injuries were obviously not light, so he couldn’t help asking, “Why aren’t you all healing?”

Ouyang Lie grinned and said, “Old Wei said you came back, but no one really believed him. We just wanted to see for ourselves.”

It wasn’t that they didn’t trust Wei Junyang, but this matter was simply too bizarre.

On the Mysterious Nether Territory’s side, the Black Ink Clan dared to stir up trouble this time because they wanted to take advantage of Yang Kai being trapped in the Yearning Territory to heavily injure the Mysterious Nether Army, but who would have thought that their intelligence would be wrong and they would be used by the Mysterious Nether Army instead? This was simply shooting themselves in the foot.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Everyone has worked hard in this battle, please heal your injuries.”

Everyone quickly dispersed.

Yang Kai also wanted to leave but was stopped by Wei Junyang, “Sir don't have to be in a hurry to leave.”

“What's the matter?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Wei Junyang said, “Although we won a great victory this time, my Mysterious Nether Army also suffered some casualties. Sir is the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, so it is only right for you to coordinate with the entire army and obtain information about the Mysterious Nether Army so that you can deal with the next battle.”

Yang Kai immediately felt a headache coming on, “There’s no need for that, just you and Senior Brother Kong will do.”

Wei Junyang shook his head, “Brother Kong and I are just assisting Sir. After all, the Mysterious Nether Army is still under Sir’s control.”

Yang Kai sincerely said, “I trust my two Senior Brothers.”

“This isn’t about trust…”

Before Wei Junyang could say anything else, Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped him, “Senior Brother Wei, my injuries are serious and I urgently need to recuperate. I’ll have to trouble you and Senior Brother Kong for military affairs.”

Wei Junyang sized up Yang Kai from head to toe, a look of ridicule appearing on his face.

Yang Kai said seriously, “It's an internal injury. My Divine Soul is currently unstable and my head is experiencing splitting headache.”


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